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  • 110V Portable Cooling Evaporative Fan with 3-Speed and 8H Timer Function
  • 110V Portable Cooling Evaporative Fan with 3-Speed and 8H Timer Function
  • 110V Portable Cooling Evaporative Fan with 3-Speed and 8H Timer Function
  • 110V Portable Cooling Evaporative Fan with 3-Speed and 8H Timer Function
  • 110V Portable Cooling Evaporative Fan with 3-Speed and 8H Timer Function
  • 110V Portable Cooling Evaporative Fan with 3-Speed and 8H Timer Function
  • 110V Portable Cooling Evaporative Fan with 3-Speed and 8H Timer Function
  • 110V Portable Cooling Evaporative Fan with 3-Speed and 8H Timer Function
  • 110V Portable Cooling Evaporative Fan with 3-Speed and 8H Timer Function
  • 110V Portable Cooling Evaporative Fan with 3-Speed and 8H Timer Function
  • 110V Portable Cooling Evaporative Fan with 3-Speed and 8H Timer Function
  • 110V Portable Cooling Evaporative Fan with 3-Speed and 8H Timer Function
110V Portable Cooling Evaporative Fan with 3-Speed and 8H Timer Function

110V Portable Cooling Evaporative Fan with 3-Speed and 8H Timer Function

The mini air cooler can perfectly meet your demands which can help you find a cool area on a hot summer day

Overall Rating:
164 Reviews
Item No: 09453827

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EP23430 EP23430 EP23430 EP23430
Key Features

● Adjustable Speed: Three-speed air cooler could meet your different needs and be applied on various occasions. You could enjoy low speed when you are in sleeping and medium speed in relaxing, as well as high speed in scorching summer.
● Cool Humidify: Adopt ice crystal refrigeration and air humidifying technology, can cut down the temperature from the air vent and raise relative humidity, prevent air drying.
● Deliver Wind at Wide Angle: Swing the blades automatically, deliver wind at a horizontal wide angle. Also can swing the blades vertically manually, select the direction discretionarily.
● Timing Function: 8-hour timing function makes the air cooler stop automatically after you set the performance time. Then you could fall asleep securely.
● Large-capacity Water Tank and Universal Wheels: 6 L large-capacity water tank prevents you from adding water continuously. And you could freely move the air cooler from room to room for its wheels.


    The mini air cooler can perfectly meet your demands which can help you find a cool area on a hot summer day


    Adopting ice crystal refrigeration and air humidifying technology can cut down the temperature from the air vents while raising relative humidity and preventing air drying. Featuring a large capacity water tank of up to 6L, it can continuously provide cooler air without frequently adding water. The sensible panel with remote control is easy and convenient for you to operate and control. Besides, the wind speed is 3-level adjustable to satisfy your various needs and reach optimum comfort. And the 8hrs timing function offers more convenience for your sleeping and working time. In addition, the side handles and casters at the bottom contribute to easy portability, which is easy to carry up and move. What’s more, the simple but elegant style is easy to match your decoration style, adding much elegance to your space!


    If you ae looking for an air cooled like this, let's buy it now!


    • Large capacity water tank up to 6L for continuous cooling
    • 3-level adjustable wind speed to reach your optimum comfort
    • Normal, natural and sleep modes to meet your various needs
    • 8 hours timing function for convenience during sleeping or working time
    • Ideal to raise relative humidity and prevent air drying
    • Included 2 ice boxes for cooler experience
    • Side handle and caster at bottom for easy portability
    • Simple but elegant outlook to add much elegance to your space
    • Easy to clean and maintain new
    • Color: Black + White
    • Dimension: 24.5" x 14.5" x 12"
    • Weight: 8 lbs
    • Power: 75 W
    • Voltage: 110 V / 60 HZ
    • Water tank capacity: 6 L
    • Timing: 8 hours
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Air cooler
    • 2 x Box of ice crystal
    • 1 x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


It can’t cool a tiny bedroom by itself. With a window unit and floor oscillator, it’s ok but it’s not great quality and seems dated. There are cheaper fans that cool a room and use less energy


Works great for a single person with the air blowing directly on them. Ice bottles only last maybe an hour in the extreme heat we have in the Central valley California. I don't recommend it if you live in a place where there is extremely high heat.


The product was not as strong as advertised. Does very little to cool a single room. You must be right near it to feel the cool air. Very misleading.


Awesome for my home office. It's so quiet and does cool down the room


I live in CA but in the mountains. The heat is worse at night than during the day. I’m not paying to run my central AC all day. This portable AC (although it gets humid at times) has saved me at night. I can’t sleep if I’m hot. I add ice to the water container which keeps the water cold longer. I sleep like a baby. I’ve notice that my rabbit comes and posts right under the AC too. The speeds are great, the fan swings, it has an ANION feature which helps overall. You can use the swamp feature or simply use it as a large personal fan. Definitely worth the purchase. I wanted another one for the living room but now they are all sold out. I’ll wait… but I will be getting another one!




It's not only an air conditioner that blows cold air, it's also a humidifier, it's a regular electric fan, and it's all three in one. It's easy to move and the wind is very good. The key is that there is no noise, will not affect my quiet sleep. Very good indeed, recommend buy!!


Only thing i dont like, it uses lots of water.


The Costway Evaporative Air cooler really does a great job of cooling an upstairs bedroom. The cooler is quiet & easy to operate. Love all the extra features like auto turn off, remote etc.


Good for the summer


This product is not meant to cool a whole room. Rather used right next to you at your bedside or chair. Don’t expect it to cool your room that’s not the purpose of it but I feel like it’s saving me a lot on energy on really hot humid days or evenings as it has a light energy used with a nice fan to cool your body from head to toe, not majorly but just enough to bring some good comfort, And it can run for eight hours and a timer. You can also put ice in it for extra coolness there are two ice blocks that comes with it.


Very quiet perfect next to your bed


For a single room it definitely cools things down a little bit,


This thing is powerful and it works as it is designed to! Also, the customer service provided by the company who sells this item is stellar five star customer service they are not only quick to respond they went above and beyond to resolve my issue!! Absolutely recommend this product!!


The power to cool is low, this thing will only cool a closet a very small one at that keep your money in your account don't buy. this.




Should have taken the advice from one of the reviewers, A very Expensive Fan. To be able to feel some cool air, énfasis in cool air, I put ice water in tank, plus the frozen ice pack. Wala, the machine stars to beep, that is running out of water. Very annoying when your trying to sleep.


The good, the ice tray on top is very effective I think better cooling than ones that take ice on bottom,the unit in general is super quiet ..almost not sure if it’s on quiet..
Huge plus if you or someone in your house has noise issues but and now the not so good …the beeper on the machine when you turn it on is ridiculously loud and sure to wake up whom ever you were trying not to disturb. The fan is so quiet on all three speeds it could use one more speed higher.. Also always get the extended warranty with any of these type of coolers because if they tip over it can be game over… Having said all that I have it quietly cooling me right now and despite everything I’m pretty happy with it.


This item is a lot smaller than the photos show but regardless of its size, it is okay for direct cooling comfort. It's not going to cool larger size rooms and it's not designed to work inside of an enclosed room because of the humidity it puts out. Air flow is okay which I can feel from at least 8 to 10 feet away.


It works OK. It does not have much fan power. If the fan power was more powerful than I think it would cool better.


I use the Costway evaportive cooler in my outside enclosed bird aviary. Because it is over 100 degrees in the summer, I have to change the water bottle every hour to two hours. I do not use the water bottles that came with the unit, as they melt in ten minutes. Instead, I freeze 16.9 ounce water bottles, and they fit perfectly and last much longer. I make sure not to fill the bottles completely, and I freeze them with the neck down. That way, if the ice expands too much, I can push the bottom of the bottle in a little and make them fit. It has made a huge difference in the temperature of my aviary, which is 12 x 12 feet. My birds had stopped eating because of the heat, but now they are back to normal! If the cooler works this well in an outdoor aviary, I can only imagine how well it would cool a normal size room in a house.


We have had 3 different evaporative coolers. First one didn't cool the whole room. The second one was MUCH more expensive. It was difficult to move, hard to fill and very difficult to clean the filters. This one was LESS expensive than both others AND it does the best job of cooling a room. It is easy to fill and move around and a fill lasts 8 hours. Costway is excellent!!!


The main issue I had with this product was that one of the wheels would not screw into the base properly. It kept falling out. I returned the item.


I don't always go by what the reviews say when purchasing because what works for some may not work for others. However, I should have gone with my gut instincts. When I see the word "oscillating" I think of moving back and forth, I didn't see any. The air comes out cool but the only way you can truly feel it, is unless you're sitting on the floor right next to it. I didn't even waste time using it while sleeping and it did nothing for my son's room. It was just a waste and I do plan on returning it.


I wanted to rewrite my review because I didn’t follow the instructions and now I feel cool air circulating but I’m in a 500 square room but if I put it close enough I can feel it and it does cool.


Great backup to have.


Thought I’d give it a try, it’s not very cold, smaller then I expected, runs out of water too quickly and the ice packs last maybe 2 hours. Okay If you’re sitting in front of it. Okay in the short term but I’d invest in a widow ac.


The weather suddenly hot, feeling that the fan is not enough to cool down. I bought the same brand of air conditioner as my home fan, Costway. I feel the electrical appliances of this brand are of good quality and have many functions. This air conditioning is more suitable for small room use, the feeling covers an area of small, and can move flexibly, very convenient


Honesty I had this for only 1 day and it doesn't keep the room cool at all so I'm returning it and when I walk in my room I still feel the heat and the ice pack it come with only last for 3 to 4h what is this heat this cooler fan will not cut it I rather have a standing air conditioner because it is way to hot for a cooler fan


Appearance material: still very strong, there are reels to push mute effect: Small sound, will not affect rest, power size: power comparison of several hundred watts Small, power saving Cooling Thermal effect: Cooling is very good, similar to general air conditioners


my room is not too big, so it works good for my room.
It comes with remote and easy to adjust the different wind modes and speeds.
For this price, I will recommend


Product didn't work in our Wisconsin weather the way we expected, husband says we don't have the humidity that some other states have,but it was a great product otherwise, thank you for doing what you do!


Inspired by my coworker and getting air cooler for the first time!! I wanted to have some airflow in my small work space at home and couldn't stand my old loud window AC. The aircooler was a perfect option for me. I used it with cold water during the day, cooled down the room perfectly well . Easy set up, no leaking and not a lot of noise.


I bought this last summer in the middle of a heat wave in the PNW that lasted way too long without AC. This little thing plus other fans around the apartment helped make the hot days slightly more bearable. Keep in mind, for this to work you need to put cold water and the frozen blocks to help "cool" the air but it is NOT an air conditioner. With it pointed directly at me in my office I wasn't melting.
Within a couple months of use it started spitting out water through the front leaving a puddle on the ground if I wanted to use the "cooling" option.


I got this because I do not have AC in my house.


Very nice


No hela mucho pero para tener algo de aire es genial


I now have 2 of theses coolers in my home. One for upstairs and one for downstairs. Be aware that these are not air conditioners, but evaporative coolers and it works just as described. After having such great luck with my first one I decided to buy another for the upstairs. I live in the midwest where it gets very hot and humid in the summer. I use this in conjunction with my AC and it has really helped bring my electricity costs down. It has been easy to use and to keep clean. I especially like the durable filter as it is not paper and has lasted at least 2 years. I would highly recommend this product as it is reliable and works as described.


I have to use a flashlight to see the water level!


I bought this for my husband, it looks very good.And it is easy to use.


This item is more than nice


I use this in my 10x12 (120 sqft) office. I have central AC, however typically I do not keep the house as cool as I like (72°) because it is expensive to cool 2500 + sqft all day every day. I set the thermostat to 77. If you maintain the ice/water every 3-4 hours minimum, it definitely will cool the room an additional 10 degrees. For best results I load the entire tank with ice and allow it to melt and evaporate. If you use just water is less effective.


I liked it it works just fine


It works like an air conditioner




This is great to keep small areas cool. Amazing product and highly recommend it.


I’m from Portland and we’ve seen record highs out here in the 100° to 115° range and it’s only June (our hottest days are usually later in August). Most households in the Pacific Northwest don’t have air conditioners and our neighbors up north in Seattle is the least air conditioned major city in the country. Ive never used an evaporative cooler before and I bought this because air conditioner units were sold out everywhere. I didn’t have high expectations for this, but I was surprised at how effective it is. I filled the reservoir halfway with ice cubes and filled the rest with water while the ice packs were in the freezer and this cooler made it much more bearable. I like that there’s a setting to move the blades automatically so that you get a cool breeze of air that moves. It definitely doesn’t cool and entire room as air conditioning would, but it helps in a small space like in my apartment. This is definitely a true life saver in extreme temperatures for those who don’t have access to air conditioners.


I used it for my office and it works great


User guide not a hundred percent understandable, I had questions, but product cools the room I needed it to.


I would call Thai a cooling fan, as it does cool the air blowing directly on you, but not necessarily cool the room off


This device was so simple and user friendly. It comes with complete instructions and fully assembled with just the wheels to add on. The remote feature makes it convenient since I used it in the bedroom I do not have to get up to switch on or off. No loud and unnecessary noises so it can be used anywhere around the apartment.


It cools really well and very efficiently. Great for the price will definitely buy again


Pretty darn good for a small room. Just got this yesterday. Living room was a lot for it to handle but the bedroom is nice and cool! Didn’t feel muggy or humid at all. Instructions aren’t great but all you really do is put the wheels on and fill with water and ice.


Works great, I love it! I love AZ and it's too hot to even sit outside for brief periods! With this filled with refrigerated water and the ice packs used that are included, I can sit outside comfortably


This little evaporative cooler is so much better than I expected. With solid chunks of ice and cold water, the cooling is better than the portable A/C set to 62 deg. That is the truth. I do not feel humidity coming from it, and I live in So FL where it is 99% humidity every day in the summer. I would be suffering without this cooler.And I have to say, Costway's customer service is top-notch. A company I will seek out for future purchases. Everything about this purchase is a "DO" and DO again! Great functions in Anion air purifying with filter, 3 fan speeds, "natural air-flow" - with cooling on or off, Remote control super convenient. No stars for warmth because I use it for cooling which is 4.5 stars. Rolls smoothly and easily. I will be able to plug this in and use outside while I pa


This 3 in 1 cooler is great. We have added this to the guest room. We fill the ice canisters with water and also add some water in the cooler. It is so much efficient that way and is perfect for a medium sized room.


This cooler does well in the small room we have it in. I like the remote so I don't have to get up to adjust the controls. The wheels make it easy to move around and the handles built into the body make it easy to lift as well.




Absolutely amazing product, too much better than AC. you can keep the open window and turn on the perfect device. YOu will get fresh and cool air same time. Don't hesitate to buy the item. It really works perfectly.


works great for my little living room area. Amd has a cool remote control so if im watching a show and need some cool air dont even have to get up.


This was really easy to set up and within minutes my whole room was cool. So glad I bought this right before summer.


Very easy to use.


This product works as advertised. This product is value for your money.


This product works great in an auto garage.


This is an Amazing item, and so much better because of its size. The SUPER SMALL Imitations are a waste of time. I bought 2 and sent back the Same day. This on the other hand looks Amazing, Professional and is Lightweight, I purchased for my 80 year old mom whose air conditioning went out.


Works for what we needed is mobile if need to put in a different room


The evaporative cooler is much more affordable and doesn't cost as much in electric bills compared to air conditioner. It is also very easy to maneuver around as it has four wheels that can be locked into a position. It comes with a remote control which I think is very important since I don't have to get up to control stuff. There are different modes but I mostly use sleep mode at night and so far it's been great and much cooler than just a fan. Overall I'm satisfied with the purchase.


This thing PUMPS!


this works great, everything about it works perfectly and the cool feature is great too. 5/5


This product is amazing. It is easy to handle and move. The functions of this product is great. The Cooler Mode is incredible for hot days.


Summer is here,3 in a pair of multi-function, air-conditioning, fan, fresh air, equipped with remote control, simple programming, simple switch, with wheels, easy to move, living room, room, effortless, it is worth having


Works really good in small rooms to medium size rooms. Was happy with it.


I like it, it works great


serves its purpose right!


Muy bien lástima que no te dicen si puedes comprar respuestos para poner las cajitas azules que congelan


Note that this is not an air conditioner, it is an evaporative cooler, or swamp cooler as they are better known. Because the principle on which they work, evaporating water, these do not work well in areas of higher humidity. So if you live in a more humid environment, do not consider using any form of evaporative cooling, it just will not work for you. If you live in a dry location then these are certainly worth considering.This unit is fairly small and will certainly not cool a whole house a large room, but it works fine in a smaller room, and even better if you have it near you where it will give you more localized cooling. The unit works well and on the high fan setting does a reasonable job of cooling the small room I have it in. Filled with water I get about 3 hours of cooling before needing to add more water. For me it provides about 20 degrees of cooling, making a 100 degree day more tolerable. Do not use the little ice blocks that come with the unit. Since evaporateive coolers require the evaporation of water, the cooler the water the harder it is to evaporate and the less effective cooling you will receive, the unit will work best if you use room temperature water.Remember that this is an evaporative cooler and not an AC unit, it will only work well for you if you live in a low humidity environment. If you live in a dry place and you just want a little bit of extra localized cooling, this is not a bad unit to try.


I live in the state of Florida where humidity can be a bit much. I have a front office that get sun in the morning hours where I work. I purchased this unit for that room. All I can say is WOW, I was so amazed how it cooled the room immediately within about 1/2 hour. The room is much more enjoyable to work out of now that I purchased this, it was the answer I was looking for in comfort.


Now this little thing works. Had it in my huge living room and it cooled it down in 20 minutes. Freeze the bottles add water and you are good to go


The portable air cooler arrived as expected. It was easy to assemble. It worked perfectly as advertised. One suggestion to manufacturer, please provide the Yeti ice packs 1 lb to each order and you get 6 Stars. The Yeti ice packs would make it worth paying the extra price. It’s like buying a portable AC. The Yeti ice packs are exactly the same size and length but are 50 times colder and last longer. Let me be very clear, it is not a portable AC unit. It is a air cooler which uses water cooled air from the ice pack to cool down the temperature in the room. It serves it’s purpose as a air cooler for my home office.


Pretty darn good for a small room. Just got this yesterday. Living room was a lot for it to handle but the bedroom is nice and cool! Didn’t feel muggy or humid at all. Instructions aren’t great but all you really do is put the wheels on and fill with water and ice.


I bought the Costway Evaporative Cooler because, with Covid-19, we now have two computers going in our office nearly all day long. We live in Phoenix, where we get 110 degree days on a regular basis during the summer months. This cooler keeps our 15' x 15' office very comfortable.The features I like best include: the fan/cooling button; the timer and the swing. Would buy again in a heartbeat.


Nice and quiet. Don't expect it works like an air conditioner, but the minor cool air coming out keeps me cool enough to work from home during hot weather days.


This machine has done a nice job of cooling me on my patio in extreme summer heat/humidity this summer. It's important to note that the machine does not cool the ENTIRE patio space; however, it certainly does cool the body it's pointed at. :). I bought and use two machines: one for me, one for another body. The water and ice and ice pack make all the difference as a better option over the oscillating fan I normally use, giving me cool air rather than hot air. Well worth the purchase!


This ac is pretty cool. It’s light weight and easy to use. It cools down a room in less the 20 mins. Say good bye to sweaty hot nights.


Great at keeping me cool while sleeping.


It is good I’m using it for my bedroom andYou can move it any place you wantWith one icebags you can have four hours Cold airAnd I’m using ice in the water it’s perfect


Great unit. Works as it was made for. Just bought the Air Cooler EP23430 and give it a five star rating. The unit arrived two days early. Thanks.


COSTWAY has proven to be a formidable company and a company that cares about bettering their product and ensuring customers are fully satisfied. I will say that even with a little hiccup not only was the situation resolved it was solved beyond expectations. Great company, even better customer service.


Cost effective, works good with ice pack or not but colder with ice pack. Shipping and delivery was fast. Love the remote access. Love joe you can move the United with ease.


Excellent customer service!The seller answers questions almost immediately! Produces a light cool breeze. It’s nowhere near the cooling power of an air conditioner, as expected, but it might take the edge off while also giving the air some moisture.I recommend this product for drier climates.Energy efficient!


It is not an Air Conditioner but spits put cool air. Decent size and works as described.


This blower makes the sun room much more bearable. We have ceding fans and they just weren’t enough.


Easy Assembly, Blush Pink color I wasn’t expecting that


I recently got this and I read the reviews. I was not expecting an A.C just something that can keep me cool while I sleep. This does the job so far. As you can see in my picture I have it directly on my bed. I did not put the casters on because I have it set ontop of my dresser and don't want it to roll off. I put ice in the water compartment along with cold water and freeze the pack that it comes with. I also put a few drops of essential oils in the water compartment. So far I love it.


The room I just rented has no windows and cannot be equipped with any air conditioners that require a drain. It will be very hot at 70 * F, but it has reached 85 * F two days ago! Fortunately, this cooling fan arrived in time! Feel it saved my life! It can be placed indoors and filled with ice water. It can be used for one night. It is no worse than the air conditioner. The throat area will not feel dry the next day!


Cooled a 12 X 15 room in minutes.


I like this product and I use it on this hot summer day


Summer is almost here and is been super hot pass few days and i work in a restaurant that got no AC unit.. This cooling Fan really helps in the pass few days and it works great. Love it.


I really like the portability and functionality of this. Humidifier, fan and cooler all in one. The water fills on the side and comes with 2 ice packs for the air cooler part. I don't have to use the window unit in my bedroom quiet as often when I have this running which is nice saving me some money.


Easy to assemble. Good air output, gets a little cooler with waiting for the panels to soak water. Remote works great with 2AA batteries. Very quiet. Can set the timer to alarm when up to 5hours running. Good little cooler.


Wow.... what a masterpiece I got as a Gift. Such an amazing little air conditioner for my temple room. Came with multi speed control. Space for ice to put to make air more colder. Can't wait to use with ice when it's get more hotter. Quality great. I would like to buy myself too for my another bedroom.....


Really simple even I could figure this out while the guys we're at work an it was cold when they got home because this thing works great really love it works as good as it was described!!


Great cooling fan! Made me really cooled off after the ice kicked in. Could be a little less expensive but I will love it when the summer months come in Las Vegas! Would recommend to anyone who loves being cold and is usually hot like me.


This cooling fan is easy to use, various controlling modes from strength to timer, and easy to move thanks to the canisters. The power of wind can be changed and if ice added, it blows even cooler. I like the energy saving part because it doesn't use compressor to work like AC. The noise is low for all three modes, even when I was sleep.


It arrived fast and works good now.there are 3 modes and 3 different speeds, that works for me.I always feel hot in the summer even I turn on the ac, but I do not want to turn down because my kids feel cold so I want to buy another one for myself.the air comes fast when I turn it on and it also can be as a humidifier and fan .how deluxe is it, and the price it worth .


I love this little cooler, especially when I put ice in the water bucket to make the breeze colder. It is easy to move. it operates with 3 different speeds, and has a remote control!I got it for my working room as I need to work from home these days. I highly recommend buying one as long as you live where the air is dry humidity is high, somewhere like Texas area!


I absolutely love this product. It really does work and with very little cost to run and maintain. Barely a dent on my electricity bills! I use it in my home office, Just keep a window open if you're using it in a room, it can get stuffy otherwise. The most useful thing about this is how easy it is to just move around and use it anywhere. it’s like having an AC but I can use it anywhere. It doesn’t cool as much as an AC but the portability and convenience justify it. There’s no installation needed, just plug it into a socket wherever you take, and it just works! I have carpets in my home so moving it on the carpet was a little difficult. The ice tray allows you that extra bit of chill if you want it!


i was expecting more power


Product has easy assembly for wheels. Easy instructions for use. Works well in small spaces . Shopped, shipped and received in three days.


know saying any product is the best is a pretty bold statement but I can confidently say this is the best I've used as far as looks, feaures, versatility and price. It also does not have the problematic pet peeves I find in fans. The fan is quiet compared to how much power it is putting out. The fan is a sleek modern looking black and is hard plastic but doesn't look plasticky. I love the versatility of this tower fan as it can be used for many different purposes. This the best fan I have ever used!


This air cooler is amazing, it cools down my house and is very quiet. Very good buy


This product is great with its variety of features and its very easy to use. The only important part to remember is to make sure to put the wheels on correctly


This is really kewl, I got it set up in my office. It doesn't just work alone, I have fans as well, but for it's part I love the color and the functionality of it. Placed it right in a corner, plus it wasn't bad when it comes to how much sound it makes and I found it fits in great as a ficture of my office. Love it all year around of course more for summer then winter, but it still looks great! Shalom. P.S. My only critic is how it stands! The first time it was filled with water on my desk and tipped over was an utter nightmare!!! Really! Shalom.


Small, portable inexpensive.


I use this in my bedroom on the 3rd floor to assist in cooling my home down. It brings the temp down a few degrees and is actually pretty cost effective.


I purchased this because the room that my studio is in used to be a garage and was converted into a bedroom/studio. Even though it has AC in it and cools it, because it is the furthest away from the AC unit, it does not cool like the rest of our home. I love this thing and it puts off a good amount of cool air with or without the ice box crystal in it. The only complaint that I would have, would be that you can't find the replacement ice box crystal things. I searched everywhere and was not able to find them. Other than that, it is a great product!


I have an RV that I wanted to cool off on hot days. This item is perfect for the job. It's not A/C but certainly does put out cool air. And is very quiet. The water reservoir is easy to fill (takes approx 1gallon) I would reccomend this item to anyone wanting a small swamp cooler. And it comes with a remote.


I am giving 5 stars due to the excellent customer service. I had an issue with a unit I purchased, and they responded to my e-mail immediately and were more than satisfactory in resolving my issue. The unit I purchased is the smaller one, it is not large enough for anything but a small room, but it seemed to cool well in a smaller area until I had an issue with water spraying out. But again, they were prompt and accommodating in resolving the issue with me. I also had purchased a larger unit for a slightly larger room, and that continues to work well with no issues.


I keep it at my night stand and it blows pretty cold air on my face which is mostly enough to help me sleeping. It is not going to drop the temperature of the room by 10 degrees or more like AC but works for me as a single person....




Purchased as a gift for relative. Relative stated it really helped cool down room. Was able to sleep better during the recent heat wave.


Keep in mind this is NOT an air conditioner (like a wall unit). It will cool down a small area but it will not cool down the whole house. I just moved to a warmer dryer area of California close to Ojai, CA. I am in a rental home with no air conditioning and now that summer is here, I needed something to help me cool down. It feels like a nice cooled fan. It helps to add the ice packs to the water area and turn on the "Cool/Humid" button. I also like that I can roll it around to different areas of my house to help cool me down. I feel like it is worth the money and cheaper than a lot of other coolers.


Love it!!!


It blows cold air when using the ice boxes provided. I keep one in the freezer, and rotate them every 5 hours or so. Enough time to refreeze. I also put slushy water in the tank to help.Even with all that, it’s still hard to keep our upstairs 10x12 bedroom cool all day, but it’s still much cooler than without it.Only complaint are the instructions. Not only are they completely unclear, but they aren’t even for this mode. I have no idea what the “Anion” button does, and there is only a on/off cool setting- not three levels like the instructions suggest. Luckily it’s pretty easy to use anyway.Even on high, it’s very quiet and soothing.Others have suggested it leaks... haven’t had any leaks at all, and we have been running it non-stop for a week straight... haven’t turned it off even once, and it functions perfectly.You can feel the temp difference as soon as I add the fresh ice box to the top tank too.Definitely worth the buy.


Hard to see water level


Easy to use and cools down the rooms effectively.


You will be happy about it, if do not expect it cools the room. These machine types do not have compressors and consequently do not cool the environment.I am using it at night in front of my bed, so I do not need to keep the ceiling AC on all night. When I use small ice cubes in its tank in addition to its ice crystal in the chamber above, it really cools.And a WONDERFUL customer service.


Easy set up and fits right I the corner


Great product for cooling


good value for item


I ordered this to help cool my room in the summer months and as it works great, the filter can lead to a smell if not cleaned and dried every week or so. Quality can also be a little better for the price the plastic feels cheap.


The ice packs do not last very long. Need to change out about every hour. It meets the need for a small area.


I purchased this product mainly to add moisture into a room. Works fine. It will take the room (size 20x25') temp down 4 or 5 degrees when the ice packs are used. Good buy


It really cools the air and I use it with another fan. Really like it and it's quiet too.


Works as described, lightweight and portable.It comes with ice pack and cools pretty well. It uses the same amount of electricity as a fan.


Works as advertised


Perfect addition to a struggling air conditioner or a Room that you can't get quite down to a comfortable temperature. We have a small office with several computers that produce a lot of heat and it's on the 14th floor so we stay warmer than the lower offices. But this little air cooler was just what we needed to get some releif. It cannot cool down the whole office by itself but it blows fast cold air on its recipients and it feels so good compared to the stagnant air.We fill it with ice until no more ice fits and then fill with water. It immediately lows cold air that circulates the whole office.


This works well in my Granddaughters attic room. A lot cooler than it was up there. Thank you.


This product is fantastic. It works very well. Although it's not air conditioning, but it can cools my room down quickly. It can also be used as a humidifier. The quality is good and the price is good. With it I believe this summer will be better.


this cooler is great for a small room. If you put ice in it. It makes the air fabulous. It cools the air enough to be comfortable.


Very solid mini AC unit. I enjoy using this because of its portability. I can bring it with me anywhere if I think it is going to be unbearably hot and will have some much needed cool air. I overheat very easily so this is a great product for me. 5 stars.


It does its job fantastic as it claimed it is supposed to do and adjustable speed is very useful!


Summer is coming soon ,I use it in the garage. It is quite big .When doing things in the garage, it makes it nicer as its now cooler in there. The fan is strong,I can feel it from one side of garage to other.It goes for about 8 hours on low before a little gurgle because it is low on water. Great machine though!


This is the best purchases I have made for my family. It's very easy to use and Would highly recommend!


It does a very good job of cooling. Only improvement I could think of is to put a thermostat on it so that it can automatically turn on at a specified temperature or put timer on it so that it can automatically turn on at a given time. If they added the thermostat and timer then the unit would be 100% self operating. Since this unit doesn't have a thermostat or a timer it still human. Very nice.


Works very well especially with the water cooling instead of just the fan, almost too cold with the ice packs. Remember this is for dry not humid locations. Perfect for ColoradoVery quiet, easy to use. Haven’t used the timer function so can’t comment to that. Bad thing is directions suck so don’t really know what all the functions or buttons are for. Doesn’t really matter. Pour in water, watch the water level!! push the power button, cool off. Another nice thing , it has a swing function so it doesn’t have to blow in just one spot


Love this product


AC broke and these little portables did their job during the summer. Thank you.


So far this appliance is great for small room , I haven’t test it as aircooler


Love it! For humidifier just press on and cool and it does the trick!


Works great


I have never used a unit like this before but I wanted something for my bedroom so that I wouldn’t freeze everyone else in the house at night. I really love this! It’s quiet and it keeps my room comfortable at night. I would definitely recommend.


I needed


Absolutely the best thing I have bought this year


Does what it promises...


I like it


Purchased this for my sister who lives in a very hot area. She loves it.


Easy set up




Excellent quality cooler for an average size room. It keeps me nice and cool in my hot New Mexico apartment before the swamp coolers are turned on every spring!


Like this smart a/c, easy to operate and had good result.


This was the best purchase is made! I’m a college student and buying an a/c is so expensive. I only needed this in my room and it works super well when it’s a full tank of water, including the ice crystals and full blast of cool. i noticed that the price is rising up so get yours before they get expensive !


Very great unit. Cools everything down quicky even without ice pack. Directions are easy to read but wish for better pictures. This unit has a washable filter and awesome buttons for custom uses. Will recommend!