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These Terms of Use (“Terms”) are an agreement between you and Costway for your use service of Costway Plus+ membership. Please read these Terms carefully. Agreeing to these Terms indicates that you have read and accepted these Terms of Use. The actions mentioned above constitute the legal instrument that has the legally binding force on both sides.

1. Related definitions

1.1 Costway Plus+ membership: a VIP member service built for Costway registered users, providing exclusive premium benefits for more convenient, money-saving, and reliable customers' online shopping.

1.2 Costway individual registered users with good credits and consumption records are qualified to access Costway Plus+ membership, which includes a wide variety of exclusive services from Costway. In case of divergence of interpretation, all the actual Costway services provided shall prevail.

1.3 Phone Number and Email verification: The user joining Costway Plus membership must fill in a Phone Number and Email Address for account verification. Notice, for those who might register multiple Costway accounts with the same personal information, including phone number and name, ONLY ONE account would be allowed to access to Costway Plus+ membership program during the same period.

2. Confirmation of Service Agreement Terms on Costway.ca

2.1 As a paid service, Costway Plus+ membership requires payment before fulfilling the promise of exclusive services to member customers.

2.2 Costway reserves the right to accept or reject your membership application.

2.3 Membership fee is for one 12-month period from the date of enrollment of Costway Plus+ membership. Renewal fees are due no later than the last day of the month your membership expires. If not, all Program membership rights and privileges would be invalid one day after the membership expires.

2.4 Users who agreed to these Terms are considered accepting the Terms of Costway Plus+ membership service and the execution of these Terms. The member is responsible for all activity occurring on the website using their login credentials. Therefore, we highly suggest that members guard their login credentials carefully.

2.5 Only persons eighteen (18) years of age or older may register to become a Member of Costway Plus+.

2.6 Costway reserves the right to decide independently on terminating membership service and revoking user accounts, removing or editing website contents.

2.7 If you cancel or terminate the membership, we will return the total amount of the membership fee only in the situations that your account has not been used for any purchase or membership benefits after the latest payment of the membership program. Once membership is canceled or terminated, all the membership benefits would not be available.

2.8 After the successful purchase of your PLUS+ membership, we will read your IP data/equipment/authorization information to protect your Account Information Security.

3. Guidance for Membership Coupons

3.1 Introduction to Membership Coupons

Costway Plus+ Annual Membership offers various benefits to enhance your home and life. As a member, you will have access to exclusive membership coupons that can be used to enjoy discounts on your purchases.

3.1.1 Types of Membership Coupons

Super Coupon - C$40 X 1:
This coupon can be used on any item without any conditions. It also can be stacked with other coupons for additional savings.

Plus+ Only Coupon - 15% OFF X Unlimited Times Use
This coupon can be unlimited times used within membership year! It can be used on most items, excluding special offer products marked with the labels of clearance, flash sale, pre-sale, limited, etc. And last but not least, it also can be stacked with the Super Coupon to get even more savings.

3.1.2 Special Offer Products

Special offer products are items that are priced at the most competitive level during a specific period for Costway. These selected products are already at the lowest prices and are tagged with labels of clearance, flash sale, pre-sale, limited, etc. Points and regular coupons cannot be used on these products, and membership coupons cannot be used on special offer products either.

3.2 Example of Coupon Usage

3.2.1 How to use the C$40 Super Coupon?

The C$40 Super Coupon can be used in two ways:

a) Use alone:
The Super Coupon can be applied to any product, including special offer products, which are already at the best price. There is no time limit on using this coupon during the membership period.

b) Stack with other coupons:
The Super Coupon can be stacked with other coupons for additional savings. However, the scope of use depends on other coupons and product labels. For instance, if you use a Plus+ 15% off coupon and stack it with the C$40 Super Coupon to purchase a regular item on your first order, you can enjoy huge savings (15% off + extra C$40 off), but the above discount combination does not apply to special offer items. Please note that special offer products can only be used with the Super Coupon, and other coupons will not be accepted.

3.2.2 How do the 15% OFF coupons work?

The 15% OFF coupon can be used on regular products except for special offer products. You can use them alone or stack them with the C$40 Super Coupon for additional savings. However, if you want to purchase special offer products, only the Super Coupon will be valid for extra discount.

Please note that member discounts do not apply to taxes, shipping and handling charges or similar charges. Additionally, returns or exchanges using Membership Discount coupons may result in an adjustment to the refund amount.

4. Costway Plus+ membership benefits

4.1 Costway website shall prevail the specific membership benefits once joining the Costway Plus+ membership. Costway reserves the right to adjust whole or parts of membership benefits in its sole discretion for offering better service. Specific adjustment notices will be disclosed on the corresponding service page; you can check the updated membership benefits via the Costway member center.

4.2 Costway guarantees you the sitewide lowest prices to clearance and Plus+ members' exclusive products, which remain prices regardless of the effects of ongoing events. Extra coupons used would not be available to both clearance and plus+ members' exclusive products.

5. Membership use precautions

5.1 You certify that any personal information, including registration mobile phone number and email address you provide on Costway, is accurate, real, complete, valid, and legal. If your personal registration information has ever been updated, you are obligated to renew them in time. You are responsible for any consequence caused by your inaccurate, unreal, incomplete, invalid, and illegal personal information. Costway has the right to deny your membership or revoke your account in the situations mentioned above.

5.2 Costway Plus+ membership would not be available for customers who purchase products for resale. You could not use the membership for any commercial purpose, including resale, rent, or ship products to your customers or potential customers. An account with membership is only limited to one Executive Membership. Costway reserves the right to decide independently on denying your membership or revoking your account.

5.3 You agree that Costway has the right to send promotional information to you, including email, mobile phone text, phone call, and notification.

5.4 Any actions of your account should correspond with the laws of California State and Costway account use terms. When the movement of your account violates the laws mentioned above and terms, Costway has the rights to process your account, including (1) downgrade of member level, (2) deduct redeemable points, (3) freeze or revoking Costway account, (4) cancel orders, (5) suspend or stop service and orders, and (6) does not refund your membership fee with no compensation. It would help if you took all responsibility for any damage for Costway or any other relevant parties. From the perspective of fairness and reasonable, you should know that you would take full responsibility for all consequences of all actions and operations through your account.

5.5 All orders which unmet the unconditional coupons amounts but still used coupons, differences between orders and coupons shall not be returned.

6. Governing laws and its application

Costway has the rights to (1) occasionally update or revise this agreement, and relevant service rules, (2) suspend, cancel and revise the terms of this agreement. The revised agreement shall come into force and replace the original agreement after being posted on the Costway website. You should immediately terminate this agreement if you do not agree to the revised agreement and relevant rules. If you continue to use the Costway website service, you are indicated that you agree to the updated agreement. Costway advises you to read this agreement and other notifications of Costway. Any disputes arising by any contents or execution of this agreement should be solved through negotiation.

Agreement Effective Date: 10/24/2023



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