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  • 700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil-Filled Radiator Heater
  • 700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil-Filled Radiator Heater
  • 700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil-Filled Radiator Heater
  • 700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil-Filled Radiator Heater
  • 700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil-Filled Radiator Heater
  • 700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil-Filled Radiator Heater
  • 700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil-Filled Radiator Heater
  • 700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil-Filled Radiator Heater
  • 700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil-Filled Radiator Heater
  • 700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil-Filled Radiator Heater
  • 700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil-Filled Radiator Heater
  • 700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil-Filled Radiator Heater
  • 700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil-Filled Radiator Heater
  • 700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil-Filled Radiator Heater
  • 700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil-Filled Radiator Heater
  • 700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil-Filled Radiator Heater

700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil-Filled Radiator Heater

This electric oil-filled radiator can heat any room of the house with powerful performance, and you can get immediate relief from the cold in the shortest time.

Overall Rating:
132 Reviews
Item No: 85791364
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700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil Filled Radiator Heater 700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil Filled Radiator Heater
Key Features

● Simple Temperature Adjustable System: Comes with a simple-to-operate temperature adjustment knob to conveniently set your preferred and comfortable temperature, this 700W oil-filled heater can efficiently achieve a large area of uniform heating of the entire indoor space.
● Fast Heating and Maintenance Free: The heater has seven oil-filled fins that are permanently sealed with diathermic oil (never needs refilling), the unit’s heating elements heat the oil to deliver 360-degree convection hot air to quickly and effectively heat large and medium-sized rooms, and maintain continuous heat storage without loss.
● Multiple Safety Protection: Built with multiple safety features include flame-retardant shell material, sealed heating element, overheating and tip-over protection sensors for safer operating conditions, which could eliminate any risk of burning and accidents.
● Power Saving and Silent Operation: The oil-filled heater features user-friendly ECO mode that can adjust the room temperature and heat settings automatically to optimize energy consumption and save your energy cost. The noise of this heater is lower than 45 db, ensuring a quiet enough environment to work and sleep.
● Convenient and Portable Design: The heater is equipped with an easy-carry handle for easy movement, creating a warm environment for you and your family in the cold winter. Compact size makes the electric heater ideal for indoor use such as office, desk, bedroom, living room, anywhere as you need.


    This electric oil-filled radiator can heat any room of the house with powerful performance and provides warmth during cold times.


    This heater is adjustable at different temperatures according to your needs. Equipped with permanently sealed oil, this radiator heats your room highly efficiently. The built-in carry handle is convenient for moving between rooms, and its compact shape is ideal for storage. It is quiet and will never bother you when you fall asleep or focus on your work. I t is well known that heater is an incredible helper for cold resistance in winter, and this unique designed heater will help you go through this hard time easily.


    If you are looking for such a product, don't hesitate to buy it!


    • With mechanical control, you can adjust the temperature to meet your different needs
    • Portable design with a built-in handle offers convenience for moving
    • You can set a constant temperature when you feel comfortable at that time
    • Overheating protection system guarantees you and your family safety
    • The power indicator light reminds you that the heater is still turned on
    • Silent operation ensures it won't bother you from sleeping or working
    • Overall dimension: 5.5" x 12" x 14"
    • Product weight: 8.6 lbs
    • Fins width: 4"
    • Power supply: 120 V, 60 Hz
    • Power consumption: 700 W
    • Oil volume: 2.6 lbs
    • Heater type: Oil-filled
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x oil-filled radiator
    • 1 x instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


This little oil-filled heater is perfect tucked into the corner of my tiny basement bathroom, where it gets a bit nippy in the winter. Exiting from the small shower into chilly air is so uncomfortable that I open the door of the shower to grab a towel to dry off in its the still steam-filled space. No more. This itty-bitty radiator gets quite hot, and I turn the temperature dial only about a third of the way toward maximum. I keep the bathroom door closed at all times to prevent heat escape, so when the radiator heats the space to the desired temperature, it shuts off automatically and then turns back on when the temperature in the room goes down. This saves money and allows me to shower at a lower water temperature because I'm not shivering when I get into the shower. It just so happens that the radiator matches the color of the wall, so it almost looks like a fixture, and it's so small that I could find a place for it in a room that really has no free space left. This heater is wonderful for a small, confined space where I find a combination of convection and radiant heat is preferable to a heater that blows hot air. Very pleased with this purchase.


Heats the room nicely. Remember to close the door to keep heat in! Also, allow plenty of time for oil to heat up.


This is quite a bug zapper. I use these outside, under the eaves of my shed, because they are more effective than the Flotron models we had in the past. I have another model which looks similar to the LIBA, which quietly zaps mosquitos and small moths, which build up on the electrical grid. The LIBA is powerful. Could there some variation of voltage in these? Not all reviewers have the same experience. What I would say about ours is it is loud when a bug gets zapped, kind of like a small firecracker going off, and there is a pretty big blue spark. The grid stays fairly clear, just a few moths in it, but there are numerous small bug parts- wings and legs and so on This is literally blowing up some of the small bugs, likely because the electricity heats up the moisture in their bodies very quickly. I was out there tonight checking the grid and a small bug flew in and was caught in the grid- there were tiny arcs of electric on it for a second, and then POP!! It was gone, just gone. It didn't fall down into the collecting tray, it exploded. It happens a lot, and it's kind of fascinating. For our purposes, using it under the eaves of the shed eliminates a lot of mosquitoes from the yard, which is great. It would be hard to imagine using it indoors, because the zaps are so loud, they are kind of startling even when you're standing outside. It freaks the cats out. But it works. I'm not complaining, but the power really does seem kind of extreme, and makes me wonder if ours is putting out a little extra voltage, because I haven't ever seen a zapper actually explode bugs until now.


I use this in my well house in the winter to keep my well above freezing. The built-in temperature sensor is great, because it only flips the unit on when it gets too cold, which is saving me a ton of money. I've gone from $80 per month down to $30 per month in electricity charges.


Great size for moving from room to room. Works really well


Good quality and good service


Very good while it lasted. Used connected to a temperature regulator for reptile room, so ran off and on for 3 years. Then paint started peeling and one day the heater just stopped powering on.


this workds great, but one of the feet is plastic and made to cradle the hot metal surface of the heater- releasing plastic fumes into the air.. i made my own out of stone and prob solved.. this foot should be made of metal so that plastic isnt touching a surface thats too hot for my hands to touch.


Sucks electric with no regard. Horrible


Found it funny when I realized that I had purchased this already and didn't realize it. I don't even remember how the first one went to my in-laws. This unit is as quiet and effective as I hoped although it still makes the occasional noise. Once I started wearing hearing muffs when I turned on my previous fan heater, I realized things had to change and they changed for the better with this unit.


I bought this to heat my son's northern bedroom, which is under heated with the central heating. He really likes it. I've noticed that it seems to be more efficient than the space heaters with fans (which I originally had) and it certainly is a lot safer and quieter.


Just as described


I use it in my bedroom. It works very well. The price was very reasonable.


First time buyer of an oil-filled heater, so not sure what to expect. I almost sent it back but decided to give it another chance. I have it in my small office in my home. I guess because it doesn't have a fan, I really was ignorant of how it worked. You have to allow it to heat up & start to "radiate" the heat. I bought a "mini" size one & it really isn't effective in a larger sized room. My office is only 10' X 12' but after it heats up, the room is very comfortable. I keep the door closed. I also bought one for a much larger room but haven't really utilized it yet. I'm trying to keep my electric bill a little lower. I live in So Ca & our electricity costs a lot. I did a lot of investigating about these heaters & I suggest you do the same if you are considering a purchase.


This heater is perfect for my application. The size is great too. For immediate hot blowing air this is not the heater. But for good quiet heat for a small area this is great.


It does the job and is quiet, which is one of the reasons I picked this one. One BIG drawback is that after it has been on the "handle" becomes very hot to the touch, so you can't move it with your bare hands. Been using my foot (with shoe on). So, if you don't need to move it after you found a good location for it, it's a good buy.


Even in a small enclosed space, these heaters did not perform or even keep the room above 55 degrees. I am returning them, and would not buy again.


like it!


A great little heater


Size at image description was shown wrong - in reality, height is 14", depth 12'' (was switched at image) - so it did not fit in intended under deck place. It is more like small quite personal heater.


I bought this for our 5th wheel we live in in Washington State. Nice heat output. So far heater works very well. Seems safe and reliable. Turns of and on for temperature control and safety.


It does exactly what i bought it for, reliably and quietly keeps a large bathroom warm in winter. My only two quibbles are the host of warning stickers on the device and the shortness of the cord, more an issue of outlets in my bathroom than the actual cord length.


Great size for RV use


Exactly how espectedt


Our first floor master bathroom was always cold in the winter 8x8 all tile. Did a great job


It does exactly what i bought it for, reliably and quietly keeps a large bathroom warm in winter. My only two quibbles are the host of warning stickers on the device and the shortness of the cord, more an issue of outlets in my bathroom than the actual cord length.


Great for smaller bedroom or home office. Responds quickly when adjusting temp. Quite happy with my purchase.


I use this heater to keep my computer room warm, it does a good job without overheating the space.


Not very big, Perfect for a small space!


Exactly what I wanted. Works great in my office


This little thing cranks out the heat. I use this to keep the inside of a 5’x5’x6.5’ grow tent nice and cozy. Keeps the tent 75-80F constant, inside a 55-60F basement. This has run at 75% constantly for a week or more and does a great job. Turns off and on from an integrated thermostat and is very small considering the amount of heat it produces. I received a Costway brand.


I purchased this to heat my office which always seems cold. I found that it did not produce enough heat for the space I purchased it for. I found it to be completely silent, which was great, and for a smaller room it would be perfect. Costway was very pleasant to deal with when I asked to return the heater.


Nice design, small, warm, easy moving


Bought this for our daughter's room and it works great. Heats ut up very fast and keeps it comfortable.


It’s a great sturdy heater. Just check the dimensions so you’re not surprised by the size


This is perfect for our 26' motorhome. While it was below freezing at night, it kept our RV comfortable. We kept our gas central heater set at 55' as a back up and it never needed to come on since this little space heater did such a great job.


should cost $10 less


I’m using it to keep an enclosed space warm for my orchids during the winter. Has kept temps above 60s when nights have gotten to the mid 40s. You just have to play with the thermostat to find he best temp.


I purchased this radiator to add a little extra warmth in the kitchen. Which is kind of offset from the main heat in the home. I am pleasantly surprised by it's output! Does way more than I expected. Takes a little while to get up to a decent temperature, but once it's finished warming things up it stays that way... Would definitely recommend if you need just that little bit extra of extra heat. 5 stars so far


Works perfectly well to heat up a small space, like a small bedroom, or a bathroom. Commonsense prevails: you have to keep the door closed for heat to accumulate, but it is perfect. Add a timer, and you’ve got a bathroom that’s always warm when you need it.


I can recommend this product for small rooms only. Positives: Lightweight, produces enough heat for a small room, easy controls, easy to move without getting burnt, has lower stand/support, and the electric power chord is long enough to position appropriately in the room. Negatives: Too wide. Noteworthy: Read the direction in the operations manual before using.


This is a warm and quiet little heater for small spaces! Safe and ideal for kids bedroom. Power consumption being reasonable I was able to have one in each room.


This little heater is perfect for a small area or small room. It heats up quickly and stays warm. No annoying sounds or smells. Great product. I will buy again if/when I need another small heater.


Beats really good. Would buy another.


"Caution" do not let a toddlers near this when it on. Very very hot. Let it sit a few hours before using to allow oil to settle after unboxing.


Keeps my small bedroom (12x16) warm (65°f) when it was 4 degrees outside. I doubt this would be efficient for a larger room.


Compact but works very well and has a thermostat.


This little heater is great, our home office gets so chilly during the winter months, this compact little heater is perfect for us to take the chill out of the room.


After a couple days they are JUST PERFECT for what I wanted. Bought 2 and great if ya have pets or kids around and seem much safer than fan blown heaters. Can put close to wall and very convenient. Plenty of heat for my 12x8 bath and 12x14 bedroom. Seem solid.


Only issue is that it isn't totally silent. It will run silently and put out heat silently. But, when it is done heating and the unit is cooling off, the metal contracting causes somewhat noisy clicking/snapping/banging types of noises. I had intended to use this in my bedroom, but the noise was waking me up every couple hours.


I had a bigger oil-filled radiators and it threw off way too much heat and was just too big for my small bathroom.This unit fits perfectly and heats my bathroom so nicely.


Works perfect


It’s gray, it’s got gills and fins, and it maintains the room temp at a perfect 72F. What more can you ask for. Oh and half the wattage of it’s big brother.


This heater gets incredibly hot to the touch and gives off a smell that reminds me of burning plastic. I’m concerned about it being on carpet.


I jumped the gun on this little tiny thing I was shocked by its size but it really puts out the Heat my cat loves it the one I had before I had two buttons to meet up the 1500 only used one of them so this is a 700 watt it'll be perfect I'm glad for my purchase


I put this heater in my bathrooms. I makes it a nice, warm place. I like that it is efficient and portable and fits in a narrow space. Perfect to keep the chill out.


This is the second one of these I have bought. It works great to take the chill out of the air first thing in the morning. We use the second one to keep one of the bedrooms warm for somebody that thinks keeping the house at 70 is freezing. I have also use it in the garage to take the chill out of the air when working out there. I really do not know how well it would do in a large room, or as a primary heat source. But for our purposes it works great. I also like the adjustable heat setting. It takes a bit of use to find the spot that works best for you


I use this heater during the colder months in the utility room where my cat stays at night. She is always cold and needs extra heat. It works exceptionally well and really keeps the room warm. If the cat is happy, everyone is happy.


When it's around 40 degrees outside t's good enough to heat my 12x15 bedroom at a constant 65 or so... and that's turned up to about 2/3.It's been reliable this winter for sure. The only complaint is that the dial thermostat on it seems a bit useless set 1/3 or below, as if it's just not 'on' below that setting. Otherwise it's a good little heater that's small enough to put in the closet this spring and I'll use it in any room I need to keep from getting too chilly next year.Assembly of the base part seems a bit goofy, not really ideal, but it works.


This heater has been on nonstop since I got it (about 2 months ago). It keeps the chill off the room just as I wanted.


Not much to add to what’s already been said about this great little heater. Bought one in the fall for an great. Price went up over the winter, but I came back and bought two more after the price dropped back below $50.


I use this in my small travel trailer. I tried a couple small ceramic heaters but I found the fan noise disturbing for sleeping. So now I use the installed propane heater to warm the trailer up when I arrive then switch over to the small electric radiant heater. Easily keeps my trailer in the 50F range even when temperatures get into the 20s.


I just use this in a small bathroom in the winter to help keep the pipes warm. Using on the low setting it is hardly noticeable on the electric bill. Leave it running about 4 months at a time without turning off. Now on my 3rd season and still working like new.


love it and perfect for bedroom heat.


Bought this for our RV to keep it from freezing this winter. Does a great job. Size is perfect. Thinking about getting another one for my office.


I especially like how compact and lightweight it is. It’s easy to move around.


Nice chill chaser


The design is similar to the full size ones but it is much more compact, and that makes it look cute...


It's the perfect size for the room we use it in!


It is hard to believe this heater is only drawing 700 amps, as claimed. It is twice as hot as the recently purchased heater I just sent back. This one reads about 300 degrees verson 170 degrees for the other one. Nice and toasty.Only drawback is this is not suitable to use around small children.


The price even gets lower after 1 year, excellent product.


Went camping in November I was able to use this without using my propane. Had no issues with the 700 watt output.




i live in an apartment above a store. the building is around 100 years old and can be a little drafty at times. This heater helps to maintain a consistent heat without taxing the old electrical system. I actually have to turn it off sometimes because it gets a little to warm.i have it set out in the middle of my apartment and my cat likes to sleep right next to it. sometimes i join her.


Works perfect! Super super


When I opened the box I thought well that looks like a toy. I didn't realize they made them that small. Was gonna send it back but I thought I'd give it a try. I'm glad I did. I have it in the bedroom of my 5th wheel and I love it. It's perfect. Plenty of heat for small rooms. It doesn't smell its quieter than most heaters and the low wattage is a plus. I have no complaints.


I have used space heaters for years, thought these were clunky. It's perfect for use when I need to leave it on all night to keep my parrot's space warm. Even heat. Not loud. Feels a lot safer to me.


This heater is awesome. It was a lot smaller than I expected which was perfect. I don't have a large room so a bigger radiator heater was out of the question. I do not like the ceramic fan heaters because they constantly circulate the air while I'm sleeping which caused my throat and sinuses to dry out in the middle the night. This heater solved that problem and heated the room perfectly.


Perfect size for a bathroom or under a desk.


Great size for vintage camper to keep warm safely


Works perfect in our RV, perfect size and heats well.


For a very small heater works well. A disadvantage is in the design. There are no handles to lift heater to move it and the metal gets hot. This makes it awkward to move. Simple switch and dial to turn on and off.


It's small and convenient. Be aware that is good only for a small room. For example a bathroom.


fast shipping easy set up heats well in a small space


It smells very bad at the beginning. But after two weeks of use, I am 100% happy with it. I need a heater to warm my small office. I tried two fan heaters too, both of which were too loud. The Costway Oil Filled Radiator Heater is quiet, hot enough to warm up my office, portable, easy to hide it from others' attention. I now place it behind the desk against the wall.


Perfect for my small bathroom


So tiny. Works perfectly in a small bathroom.


The heater warms up in a few minutes and it gets so warm I usually turn it off after awhile. This heater is nice because lower risk of fire. This is the only heater allowed at the office building I work in.


Brought it for supplement to the central heating system in a small room. Does the job well but would be too small for a regular size ir big room.


“We love it!”


Still using this product 6 months later and it heats rooms well enough to how we want.


I almost didn't buy this product due to one of the reviews I read about the smell. I have several other larger oil heaters and haven't experienced a problem with them smelling. I did go ahead an order two for my bathrooms. I set one up in each bathroom. After they had been on for awhile I thought I smelled something burning. I discovered the smell was coming from the heater. After turning it off I checked the electrical cord. It was cold. Not the problem. My other heaters are used on medium setting and these I had set higher. I let the small heater cool then turned it on just to the middle of the dial. There has been no more smell plus my bathroom is now toastie warm. If you are having a problem with smell you might want to try reducing the temperature.


This product produces a massive amount of heat for the size. It warms my 13’x8’ mud room. What concerns me is a possible safety issue. I unplugged it to put down flooring and after half an hour I briefly stood it on top of a mini-fridge while I moved things around. I stood it on its feet, no part of the heater itself was in contact with the top of the fridge. You can see in the photo how the top of the fridge is melted from being in contact with the heater foot. This worried me because I installed linoleum floor. If the foot could melt the top of the fridge it might also melt linoleum. So the heater is now on a paving stone. Be careful with the heater. It’s powerful.


It does not put out much heat. I use it in my bathroom and it doesn't hardly take off the chill.


I used to have the larger one but after a few years of use it was done So I tried this more inexpensive smaller one and It works great! I just use it in my bedroom- For 2-3 hours before bedtime It warms it up quickly and Works fantastic!


This heater adds a little extra warm to a small bedroom in the winter when we turn down the main system. 700 watts so it does not blow circuits.


Works great


I get cold very easily, and so far, this works perfectly for the relatively small (guest bedroom-sized?) room I'm using it in. It definitely makes the room warmer, and I love that it does it without all the noise and blowing air of other heaters. It doesn't get below the 60s in my house though, so I have no idea how much this would help in places where it gets really cold. The only negatives are 1) the heated oil does smell, but I get used to it quickly and only notice if I leave the room and then come back (and this coming from someone who gets headaches from smells easily), and 2) it can't be easily moved while it's hot, though it's probably doable if you're careful. Overall the benefits definitely outweigh the drawbacks, and I'd recommend this for anyone looking for something quiet to heat up a relatively small/medium room.


Got this for my nephew for Christmas as his room was cold for some reason. Now his room is in normal temperature but he's not sleeping in his coat anymore LOL


Doesn't get super hot. Just warm. But what do you expect it's tiny


I bought this to keep an enclosed furnace closet above freezing in an unheated attic throughout winter. The non-electronic thermostat and lower 700W heat rating set at a low temp is perfect for keeping my closet at 43F during winter for a low electrical cost. There are plenty of good small digital heaters out there, but their temp settings are lost when the power goes off. This thing is simple and analog and perfect for keeping a small space above freezing throughout winter. Set it and forget it.


Solved my heating issue blower types fail to do the job and eat electricity ..this one is very economical


Great for smaller rooms


This works great!


Highly recommend!


Bought as a gift. Was appreciated and claims it's working well.


It’s so cute and small, and for a small room it’s a perfect size. It heats up the room not too hot, just a little over the room temperature.


Small and powerful


It works, but takes hours to heat my 60 square feet of space. Once heated it is nice.


great for small space


These are wonderful. We also bought extra large silicone countertop/baking mats for underneath the heaters (for peace of mind while sleeping). The url is for anyone interested. One thing I would have preferred different: I would have liked the cord to come out of the front of the heater, rather than from underneath. I know that heat rises, and the engineers that design these should know what they're doing - this seems to be standard. I just would have preferred the cord at the front further from the heat. Also, Costway Customer Service responded back quickly in narrowing down the ETA from a range of dates to the actual date of arrival.


Works great under my desk at home, but this little guy could not outpace the meat locker air conditioner in my office at work. Maybe it will work in a small office cranked all the way up with the door closed, I don't know. But having it right next to me at home works just fine.


Great little office heaters! When I opened the box I thought oh boy, this thing is small. But it works, it warms of the office just fine.


Handy size for keeping my little 6x 8 greenhouse warm for spring seedlings. Thank you!


Good little heater for small spaces. I used it to keep my orchids alive all winter in our outset window.


love it!


Quiet. Warm. Safe.


Love the steady heat in my large open bedroom family Room area and adorable size - just be careful to unplug it because once the easy rocket switch got bumped on and it was near fabric so now I always unplug to turn it off ...


So smol. This is the perfect size to heat up the small closet I keep my snakes it. I would say the dimensions were 15 x 11 x 5 in -ish. There's no read out on the product, but I use an Accurite to keep track.


fine little workhorse, keeps the bathroom warm.


Nice heater for bathroom.


Very small but does the job in my rv


This is a great little size heater and I like the safety factor of it. I will say that it doesn't get hot to the touch which is great if it does get knocked over. It doesn't really blow heat so it does take a while to heat up an area, for that reason I only gave it four stars.




Solved my heating issue blower types fail to do the job and eat electricity ..this one is very economical


Works well in a small space. Using it on a low setting in the winter in an exterior utility closet with a water softener.


works great.


We love this little heater. My daughter's room is very small and it keeps her room toasty at night without having to heat the rest of the house. Her room is about 8x12ft


Best little heater ever!


Smaller than you think. Pets, at least mine can knock it over so be careful.


I have several different units like this; it’s the best heating system around, once the oil heats up, it continues to emit a steady non dry heat supply, easy on the electric bill as well!


Very nice little heater unit - compact. Works great in a small office or room