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Maybe life does not always come with passions and surprises, but furniture could make it happen!
Maybe the furniture you bought is only what it is, but Costway could make it more and beyond!

Regardless of the home and lifestyle you desire, we follow our brand philosophy to always get your back with a little more delights and fresh inspirations, including but not limited to the furniture itself. From space-refreshing to life-delighting, Costway walks you through the way!


We describe home as “Versatile”

As home is expected to be more versatile today fulfilling every aspect of our lives, Costway never stops taking challenges and insists on exploring the possibilities behind every piece of furniture — to delight your home by redefining not only homeware but the meaning of living. Think about the scenario of being constantly amazed by your familiar space interior.

We describe home as “Versatile”
Versatile Living Pathfinder


Versatile Living Pathfinder

Costway stands between versatile living and the pain points of our home lovers. One of the tries we did starts by observing they feeling bored with their years-used sofa, we developed a new idea following the eco-friendly concept, allowing them to keep the sofas however refreshed with varieties of new slipcover selections. We bring versatile living to reality and will keep going.

Absolutely Solid

Trust keeps us always by your side

We combine our enthusiasm for furniture with innovational spirits, thriving on serving any customer on any occasions of home life. Accompanying is not just saying, we dedicate ourselves to delight your home by staying beside you throughout different stages of life, with a wide variety of homeware available.

Always by your side
ntimate Service and Home Connection


Intimate Service and Home Connection

Costway expects to build intimate home connections with you, and fast delivery is just the beginning. We look forward to every diverse home service, delighting and accompany-ing you with constant surprises and continuous satisfaction.

We Care and We Share

We Care and We Share

Costway profoundly cares about people and the community, with the principle of reaching everyone with a sense of delight. Through collaboration and funding, we’re working hard to strengthen volunteerism, provide relief to the need and support charitable works to dozens of communities throughout Canada. Home of delights exists and we are proving!

We Care and We Share
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