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  • 1500 W Electric Portable Remote Infrared Heater
  • 1500 W Electric Portable Remote Infrared Heater
  • 1500 W Electric Portable Remote Infrared Heater
  • 1500 W Electric Portable Remote Infrared Heater
  • 1500 W Electric Portable Remote Infrared Heater
  • 1500 W Electric Portable Remote Infrared Heater
  • 1500 W Electric Portable Remote Infrared Heater
  • 1500 W Electric Portable Remote Infrared Heater
  • 1500 W Electric Portable Remote Infrared Heater
  • 1500 W Electric Portable Remote Infrared Heater
  • 1500 W Electric Portable Remote Infrared Heater
1500 W Electric Portable Remote Infrared Heater

1500 W Electric Portable Remote Infrared Heater

Wherever you are and no matter how cold the season, this infrared heating system can help keep you warm and toasty.

Overall Rating:
52 Reviews
Item No: 81479506

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Key Features

● Highly Energy Efficient: Using this electric infrared heater, you will feel warm and cozy but don’t waste high cost. The practical portable device will enable you to enjoy a comfortable feeling while being surrounded by warm environment.
Clean Working Method: This infrared space heater uses electricity rather than chemical fuels or toxins to heat the entire room. It is so environmental friendly and clean. Besides, it is also without any smell and provide you a clean environment.
● Remote Control Design: It is convenient for you operate and adjust this electric infrared quartz space heater with remote control even though you are not close to it. And it has timing function.
● Four Durable Wheels: With four long lasting wheels, this electric infrared space heater can be easily moved and carried to any place you want. They also offer strong support to the whole heater.
● Safety Use: This electric infrared heater has overheated protection and falling prevention switch. The filter screen of the air inlet can filter air and ensure safety. The infrared heater is clean as well as environmental friendly and helps you save heating bills.


    Wherever you are and no matter how cold the season, this infrared heating system can help keep you warm and toasty.


    Featured 3 of our quartz infrared elements and a remote control, this high-quality, highly-efficient portable device will ensure that you are comfortable for hours while saving you heating bills. And it is savings settings that will heat to 86 ℉. It is easy to move with its gliding casters from room to room. You will love the warmth you get with this infrared quartz heater. You should keep combustible material, such as furniture, pillows, bedding, papers, clothes, and curtains at least 3 feet(0.9m) away from the front of the heater's sides and rear.


    If you are looking for an infrared heater, do noy miss this one.


    • Brand new and high quality
    • Electronic temperature controller
    • With remote control
    • LED display for easy monitoring
    • Overheat cut off and tip over protection system
    • Color: Black
    • Voltage rating:120 v 60 HZ
    • Power for high mode: 1500 w
    • Power: variable to maintain 86°F
    • Unit weight: 18.1 lbs
    • Unit size:11" x 14" x 15.5"(W x D x H)
    • Package include:
    • 1 x Infrared zone heating system
    • 1 x Remote control
    • 1 x Instruction
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Great heater, for the price.


I works wonderful


Open it for about half an hour to an hour, and the temperature in the room will feel warmer. It’s very useful in winter.


To heat my house.


It keeps my room cozy


Theses are great heaters for small areas. My husband uses them in his garage when temps drop. My Mom uses them in her bedroom or her bathroom to take off the chill


This is a great heater. We use only electric heaters in our house in the winter unless it gets real cold, then we use propane. We think this heater will do the job without using the propane. I haven't had the chance to test it yet against freezing weather. It looks so nice and really puts out the heat. And the price is great too. Some heaters just like it cost hundreds of dollars. Great purchase!


This heater came well packaged. The directions were simple to understand. Once I turned it on it didn't take very long at all to feel comfortable and it maintained the temperature I set it on. The remote control feature is a joy! Ive had this type of heater before and paid well over what I paid for this one and in my opinion this one is every bit as good as the last one.


It got much colder than last year really quick. The heaters in our home were not enough. All local stores were sold out of all decent heaters. We ordered this on Wednesday and had it by Friday delivered to our front door. You could tell a huge difference within about 10 minutes. It really heats up your home quickly. Our home went from about 53 degrees to 68 within an hour. The best thing about this heater is that it is not hot on top or around it. It is only hot at the fence looking part.


works like a charm and is trouble free --and quite


This heater is really useful in the winter time. It is better if there is a remote control. Generally thumb up!


Eliminated the need for other space heater. Kept the area comfortable. I keep it at 71 and that's good.


I really like the look, as well as the size. Also puts out nice heat. I bought the second one because I liked it so well.


this heater remote control is very good and easy. And heater is very quickly to be warmer. And it’s easy to use it. And it’s safe for kid


Very cute space heater, size is mini enough to put into my small office area. Has remote control, very convenient for me to control the heat outside of my office. Heating process is fast. Love it


This heater is great, it is very practical in the cold winter, the key is that it is also equipped with a remote control, you can use the remote control to adjust the temperature in bed, it is great, The filter is also very easy to clean. Strongly recommended to everyone.


very good heat and performance


My bedroom is the coldest room in the house in the winter and I need an extra source of heat. I bought this infrared heater to replace a ceramic space heater . . . primarily because the fan on the ceramic heater is kind of loud and would sometimes disturb my sleep. The fan on this Costway heater is much quieter, but it does still make a noise - just an fyi if you're a light sleeper like I am. However, I'm still loving this heater thus far - the most surprising thing is the way it heats. With the ceramic heater my walk-in closet was still freezing unless I kept the closet door open, this infrared heater heats the closet as well even with the louvered door closed.




This heater worked really well and it's light weight. I used it for a medium size room. It looks great in any setting while warming the room nicely.


Bought it for our Daughter for her son in his bedroom. He loves the extra heat in his room


Heats up the room quickly without making your skin dry. Air feels better.




Great room heater.


This electric space heater did great job of heating up my living room, it’s about 450 sq ft, it heat up in 10 minutes, sometime I move it to my office. The blower gives humming noise, but it’s not loud. I had two stories house, it cost me a lot electric bill to keep up the whole house warm by turn on the central heater in the house. Thee are wheels on the bottom of the heater, it’s so easy to move it around. We use it everyday now, it’s been over a month. It works great, no problem so far. It save me a lot the money. Great heater.




This is a good product for the area I needed it for. It's small, does not make noise, and my room feels very pleasant. I thank for allowing me to find this heater.


Nice heater easy to use so far happy with the unit


A little small for price but otherwise great


We use this heater almost ever day and it works super well, I would buy this again.




We have central heating system in the house, but we live with parents. It is early winter, during the day It will be fine without turning central heating on, but night time, the temperature dropped down to near 40, I am so cold, they will turn it on but at lower temperature because the dryness causing by heat. So I got this heater to put in my room, to maintain my room temperature around 68 all the time. I am satisfied with it. The rest of house staying at parent’s comfortable zone, and my room is always nice and warm with this heater. No more argument, no more fighting about the temperature. This heater has 1500watt, since it works as supplement to my central heating system, it will be able to maintain my room at my desired temperature at no matter of time. It is lightweight with wheels, so you don’t have to lift it to move around, It comes with remote control as well, it is very easy to operate. I only used at night time mostly, so I wont be able to tell the difference on my electric bill with or without it so far.


Works good


It is a nice heater and the size is perfect for my space. There is a digital temp display and you can adjust the temp with the remote, very convenient and easy to operate. Worth to buy, the price is very reasonable.


This little gem of a heater has kept me warm all winter. It can heat up my whole downstairs for a small amount of electricity. Haven't had to use the propane heater since I bought it. It's also very handsomely made out of wood and easy to move around. This is a good find.


Warms up the room great. Love the fact it has a eco button. The only thing I can not figure out is how to change the temperature on the eco setting.


It does the job


It's light weight and does give efficient heat when needed


The heater came with a remote that did not work, even replacing the batteries did not help. I was happy to receive another remote that works. I would buy another heater from this company. When found out that I had a problem stay in contact and solve it right away.The heater is nice. Took along time just to heat up my bedroom. Did work find for a small bedroom I have in the back that was less than 1800sq. ft.I would buy this heater again for a small room. Cool to the touch. Only the front is hot.


I like it good enough for one room simple remote easy to lift and size nice


This is a well built and excellent space heater that blows very hot air. Do not let it's small size fool you, this is a powerful heater that will heat a room that is 120 sq. ft. (10' X 12') with 8' ceilings. It automatically cools itself (so as not to overheat) and it toggles on and off according to the room temperature that you set. It has a thick electric cord to protect against electrical shortages, is easy to program, and it looks good. I would highly recommend this product for heating small rooms


If the temp is below 30 degrees,will not heat my 350 sq ft shop above 50-55 degrees.and it is insulated with r22 insulation and steel siding.


Perfect for our home and for our rent house!


Arrived earlier than expected Love it makes the den comfie


Arrived earlier than expectedLove it makes the den comfie


Just what I needed


Works well!


Expected unit to be larger but quiet operation more than made up for size great heater for the price.


We have been very pleased with the unit


i bought this to heat specific areas in my apartment rather than the wholde unit so the fact that it does not match the specifications really does not bother me that much. It is a nice unit and i really like the timer function


Love it


Just right to supplement heat on cold days