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Mini Portable Electric Ice Maker Machine with Ice Scoop

The ice maker machine can produce ice cubes within 6-13minutes, providing enough ice for you to make smoothies, ice cream and seafood.

Overall Rating:
469 Reviews
Item No: 28601374
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Key Features

● Quickly Ice Making and Large Making Capacity: This ice maker can make up to 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes in as little as 6 minutes and can make up to 26.5 lbs. of ice cubes per day with its 2.2-liter water reservoir. Just keep the water tank filled, and it will be able to meet a full day's supply of ice.
● Easy Operation Interface and Optional Ice Size: The interface is simple to use and features smart indicators that remind you when the ice basket is full and when the water needs to be refilled. It also allows you to choose from 2 different sizes of ice cubes: small and large.
● Energy-Efficient and Environmental Protection: Any unused ice will melt back into the reservoir and be recycled into fresh water, making this a waste-free product. The R134a refrigerant is non-toxic and non-destructive to the ozone layer. This will protect the environment and provide you with ice cubes safe for your health.
● Portable Compact Size and Low Noise Running: This ice maker is 9.5" x 14" x 13" in size and 17.5lbs in weight. With a quiet compressor that requires low energy to cool and its space-saving design, this ice maker will be a great addition to your bar or countertop. It runs at a mellow and efficient 115 watts with a quiet cooling function.
● Detachable Ice Basket and Convenient Ice Scoop: The ice basket can be easily removed to take the ice cubes out. It stores up to 1.5 lbs. of ice at a time. Be sure to use your ice shortly after making it, or store it in a freezer for later use so it doesn't melt.


    The ice maker machine can produce ice cubes within 6-13minutes, providing enough ice for you to make smoothies, ice cream and seafood.


    Moreover, you can also add the ice produced to your juice and beers. With a clear and simple control panel, it is easy and convenient to use this machine. You need several steps, and good ice is there for you. You can make plenty of ice cubes in advance, especially before a gathering. The innovative design helps you know the condition of ice making. When the ice bucket is complete, you'll be alerted to remove them so more ice could be created. In a word, the ice maker gives you not just the most efficient ice cubes but also the freshest.


    If you are looking for such an electric ice maker, do not hesitate to buy it. It can cool your life in the hot summer.


    • Equipped with a powerful compressor and 9 evaporator columns
    • With a 2.2 L water tank, 9 ice cubes will be made within 6-13 minutes
    • Can make up to 26 lbs ice in 24 hours
    • The giant ice storage capacity of 1.5lbs Intelligent function with ice-full indicator and water shortage indicator
    • The water level mark suggests the right water height and ensures regular use
    • Evaporator column of the nickel-plated surface with R134a refrigerant
    • Automatic shut-off function when ice basket full
    • Transparent viewing window, removable ice basket and ice scoop
    • Clear control panel, easy to use
    • Transparent windows provide an excellent view to look inside
    • Round and smooth ice, don't hurt mouth
    • Hollow Design for better use Big and small size available for different use
    • Can cool drinks, food and make fruits smoothies and more
    • Helpful for medical treatment and first aid Portable and compact, easy to carry
    • A wide range of personal and commercial use 55 DB low operating noise
    • Food grade material ensures the safety and healthy ETL certified and FDA certified
    • Material: ABS
    • Color: Black/Green/Red/Yellow/Silver
    • Voltage / Frequency: 115 V / 60 Hz
    • Operating cycle: 6-13 min
    • Ice making capacity per cycle: 9 pcs
    • Weight of each ice: 7-9 g
    • Ice shape: Bullet
    • Ice capacity: 26.5 lbs / 24 h
    • Water tank capacity: 0.58 gal
    • Ice basket capacity: 1.5 lbs
    • Refrigerant: R134a 2.25oz/0.14
    • Product size: 10" x 14.0" x 13" (L x W x H)
    • Net weight: 17.5 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Black ice maker
    • 1 x Ice scoop
    • 1 x User manual
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


This is a nice idea, however, several drawbacks: the ice comes out VERY wet. And the basket isn't very cold, so it continues to melt, making the ice freeze together into one giant glob so you can't use it if you are saving it for later. The entire inside should be at 30 or below to keep the ice frozen and drip the water back, then you could put the ice directly into a large freezer and not have it melt together. I tried 'drying' them off as suggested, but still, by the time I got a few dried off, the others had melted again.
The entire inside of the machine should be at freezing temperature.


The teal color is exactly what I wanted to match our outdoor kitchen!! It’s beautiful!! It makes tons of ice and we’ve had zero issues with it. We leave it outside in our outdoor kitchen setup and it doesn’t have any issues keeping up in hot weather. Yes, cubes you don’t use will slowly melt and that water will be cycled back through to make new cubes. Typically when I open our lid, it’s overflowing with cubes! We love it and the pretty color is an added bonus.




Love ice? You need this handy ice maker. It makes ice like every 6 minutes! Great for everyday or parties. I would highly recommend this small yet powerful ice maker!


This Non-mainstream company icemaker shares the same exact design as an igloo and Frigidaire.
This being an offbrand revealed a quality issue that I received an icemaker that was dead on arrival with leaking oil from the compressor.
The only thing I can applaud is the return acceptance was allowed immediately. That’s the only good thing I can say. This ice maker is attractive ONLY as a paperweight.


Perfect for what was needed!!! Love it!!


I had this ice maker for 5 years. The only noise I hear is the ice dropping into the bin. The trouble I have with it right now is the electronic eye to tell the machine when to make more ice isn't working. If I hold the on/off button down for 10 seconds, the machine will make more ice. I would definitely buy another.


Have had ours for a year, and wintered on the Texas Coast in an RV. Best thing ever! Little RV fridge can’t make enough ice for our use so we ran this every morning, filled our large water bottles with ice, and packed some ice up in containers in the RV freezer. If we ran out mid day we’d just make some more in a few minutes and were good to go. We both drank more water with ice as did our Chihuahua. We could waste ice, we could share ice with neighbors, we had an absolute embarrassment of ice! Making potato salad or hard boiled eggs and needing a bowl of ice? Got it covered. No more buying bags of ice and throwing out half of it because there’s no space to store it! In an RV space is everything, but this ice maker has earned its place in my mini kitchen! Really, just the best thing ever!


We bought this 2 years ago. My roomate loves ice and he ran it 24/7 all year for two years. It seems to have stopped now, but I think we diffinitely got our money's worth for 2 years of continuous service. If I can figure out if it is clogged as the motor is working, it may keep on working. First trouble in 2 years. Will buy another one if it is time to do so. Love this little ice maker!


Love the ice maker and color


Love it


To noisy


It worked great until it stopped. I used it maybe three times a week or less for a few hours, I kept it clean, I only used spring water to make ice. It broke in less than one year and a half. Do not buy this ice maker.


I really don’t write many reviews. My first purchase within A month it stopped working. I reached out to the company they replaced it which was very nice. That was in June 2000 they replaced it.
But since I moved it was not used for some time. I started using it maybe another six months and it died!!! Do not buy


It delivers ice in minutes which is fantastic 4 me as I drink a lot of water. I use water from my Zero Water pitcher that I keep in my frig. Ice has Great taste! Very unique, fun way the machine produces ice too.


keeps me in ice all day long


Pretty quiet and easy to use. Make sure you have a container to download ice into because it makes small batches rather quickly.


It works but mine started leaking so I stopped using it I will have to take a look at it


My granddaughter loves her ice. Makes new batch every 10 minutes, she uses it daily and has never let her down.




This is an excellent ice maker for the price. We absolutely love it.


We really enjoy the ice maker. We live in a RV and it is the perfect addition to our kitchen.


I purchased this ice maker in June 2020. As of December 2021, it no longer works. It operated continuously during this time, except for two months during winter 2020/21. It always operated with ample clearance around the fan. Yesterday I noticed a strong odor of an electric motor burning, so I checked the machine— the fan wasn’t working and the machine was burning hot. I unplugged to let cool down, plugged back in 10 minutes later, and the fan still didn’t work. I gave it a jostle, and it worked for about 20 minutes, then stopped and began to heat up. If this had happened at night or when we weren’t home, I believe it could have started a fire. VERY UNSETTLING!


Very quiet. Should have ordered it sooner


Pretty noisy and I was surprised they recommend emptying and cleaning it every 24 hours to prevent bacteria. But it makes ice fast and looks pretty good. Also arrived pretty quickly which is a plus these days.


Very easy to use perfect for my boyfriend and I


Purchased 15 months ago. This brand lasted longer than most. I'm on the 5th counter top ice maker. In general if you get over a year you've got one of the better ones. Easy to use, easy to clean. Don't plan on having it forever but it makes good soft bullet ice till it errors out.


Very unhappy with the product. Ice machine should hold ice, not melted ice.


The cubes are small until it has time to cool off inside. It’s great for making bags of ice for the freezer. It can’t keep up with 3 people having drinks.


The product did not work good.


I waited awhile to write this review because I wanted to see if the machine held up. It sits uder the awning of my deck and provides all the summer ice I need. A very good buy!


Love it! Saves me money on bagged ice!


Works great! Just use good tasting water!


Small but efficient .... Recommend getting warranty on any countertop ice maker this is my third brand and lasted longest 3 years.


This is a fast ice maker, we are using it in our RV. Only have had this for 3 weeks so we shall see how it does in then long term, but so far so good. Like the size of the ice and how quickly it make it.


My fridge at my last two rentals have been the same and had no ice maker. I use a lot of ice throughout the day and thought I could get by with a bunch of ice trays. Not only did they take up too much room in the freezer, I couldn’t keep up. This ice machine makes enough ice each time I go to scoop some out and replenishes by the time I come back for more. I wish I had bought this sooner!


To make ice. Very good


Made ice for a day & a half & it worked GREAT !!


I love this icemaker. I makes a full large glass of ice in no time!


Good deal.


It was perfect, I live alone. Now I have ice any time I need it. No bad flavor. I just love it. Very satisfying


I was worried at first by the small size but best thing ever!!!


I absolutely LOVE this ice maker! Super easy to use, and makes really nice ice cubes so f-a-s-t!! We took this in our camper this past week and enjoyed having cool, refreshing ice cold water and drinks! So happy we decided to purchase this! A++


Once again thank you, I won this as a giveaway and i love this so much been Texas the heat is no joke


The Perfect Ice Machine! Quiet and Efficient.. Very please with this purchase.


We have a different brand in Florida which we like better and I cannot remember the brand it is !


I Love it came on time very little noise only when ice is falling down the only noise I here!


I am obsessed with this ice maker! I can now enjoy ice cold drinks doing this hot summer


I would recommend it


I love having this on my countertop for easy ice access whenever I need it. It's a little loud but love it anyway!


Perfect for our motorhome,


so easy n fast


This is an awesome invention. I use a lot of ice in my house and my ice maker gave out on my older fridge. I also am on a well and do not drink my well water.


Works very well and quickly. The only thing I don’t like about it, is when you are done making ice, the machine cannot empty itself completely. When they’re still enough water to make another load or two, it cannot suck water into the intake, so you have to drain it and wipe up all the water to make sure that you don’t get mold.


Love this..Great price, great ice machine. Two sizes ice have ice quickly..


Like the front panel controls. Unit is quiet and produces a good amount of ice in a short period of time.Using machine at home and in my camper. Easy to use controls.


Works great. A little noisier than our first one


Good product and works well... just makes a lot of noises and has a fan that is constantly on..


A perfect addition to my kitchen


This works great and is easy to use. The noise level is a bit louder than I thought it would be, but only when filling and dumping the ice and you kind of tune it out after awhile.


It makes ice like the texture of ice you get at Sonic. It makes it fast enough to accommodate a large group


Works as advertised. Simple to use


Kind of loud


Works better than expected


Great in the camper!


I love my new ice machine. Living aboard a boat makes ice a luxury. I am enjoying this easy to use luxury to the fullest everyday. No smell or any difficulties what so ever. I've had it for a month plus and couldn't live with out it now. Ice water every day !♥️


Just fill with water and press power. Love it I always have ice.


Great addition to our camper.


This product works as advertised. This machine would work great for camping.


I love this product. I use it all the time. Makes ice cubes quickly and they taste like nice clear water. I would highly recommend this product.


We are ice tea drinkers and it helps keep up when we have company


My husband loves lots of ice, which can be difficult when we are on the road in our our RV. This ice maker is small enough to fit in one side of the kitchen sink while we're on the road, and makes ice cubes within about 7 minutes when you plug it in. Super easy to use, and very quiet. My sister in law saw ours, and ordered one for her friend's boat. Definitely happy with this purchase!!


I bought this product because my small freezer is always full!


Are use it all the time. I love it!


I’m in love with this machine!


It does not keep ice frozen. Cubes must be moved to freezer if you want to save them.


Product used at work. Absolutely love it. Just the right size


Works great and makes sooooo much ice! I’d say it’s not too loud except when the ice dumps. The dog comes running for a cube when he hears it. :-)


The ice maker is great. Makes ice quickly! Just make sure to let it set on the counter a few hours before the first use to ensure max performance.


My parents build their dream home, but without an ice maker in their fridge! This little machine has made their lives so much easier.. no more running to the store for ice, or waiting for a small tray of a dozen cubes to freeze. Plus, the color is adorable.. however, it's a shade or 2 darker than advertised. Still looks amazing though.


ice cubes


Love it! Works perfect for what I want.


Just add water to the bottom of the unit and turn it on. Makes ice quickly and has 2 settings for ice cubes - either small or large, love it!


So far so good!


Love this ice maker has saved me a bundle


Love this ice maker has saved me a bundle


This is super easy to use and makes a lot of ice in a short amount of time. This is perfect for a basic household ice maker.


I bought this because my roommate loves ice and we didn't have an ice maker built into our fridge. So after using ice trays which is time-consuming I got this as our housewarming gift and it has been amazing! It's a little loud but the ice you get is really nice and can be eaten with ease just like sonic ice.


Was a gift. They use it slot.


Really great countertop ice maker. It’s very silent and super easy to set up


Great for making ice in little time when your ice maker in your fridge does not work


Really like this product to make ice. The only thing is that the ice melts a little to fast so have to make sure you get it out of the bucket fast and put it in the freezer before it melts. But other wise it’s really nice to make ice and easy to use


Very quick at making ice. The sensors for knowing when water needs to be added are not accurate.


It works great, chugs along for hours, has a large water well so we’re not refilling all the time. We like the cube size.


Perfection. Small ice setting drops every 4 min. Just perfect.


I love this thing! The ice dropping at first seems kinda loud but you get used to it. A bit bigger than I expected but still love it.


Excellent product


got for my friend birthday and we started to laugh because the ice was so little but three days later he turn it back on did wings and boom bigger ice start rolling out this is a must have.


When the ice machine went out on our fridge, we spent almost a year buying ice at the grocery store until we invested in a table top unit, this thing cranks put ice pretty quickly. The ice cubes are fairly small and have holes in them, so they melt relatively quickly in a drink. Nothing to worry about there because in a matter of minutes, there will be more! The basket into which the ice dumps is pretty small, so you need to empty it into your freezer bin frequently.


Not sure what warmth has to do with an ice makers. I think I have sold about 5 of these ice makers to friends in RV parks. We sold our old one because of size and weight. This little ice make is like the “little engine that could”. We used non stop for 30 days out side in our Rv holding compartment. As far as noise, you do hear the ice drop. No actual running noise. No need for direction because it was self explanatory. But directions do come with it.Note to buyers: this unit is not a freezer. It will not keep your ice cold. We made the ice, which is soft ice. Then put in our drinks etc. if you want to fill up coolers you will need to bag the ice and let the ice finish the freezing process. We did this everyday by filling a bag in Rv freezer then the next day put in our coolers for 8 hours travels. This was super convenient because most times the closest store with ice could be a hour away.I can’t tell you how much energy it used because we were in parks that included electric.Nice small unit that makes ice fast. Super happy with my purchase.


ICE ALL OF THE TIME, WHENEVEDR I NEED IT:) didn't get my puppy's red dress, it never came:)


This machine has already paid for itself. Very easy to use. I wish it was insulated a little more so the ice wouldn’t melt so quick.


I am extremely happy with this ice maker. Makes ice really quick. And with just me and my friends living at home it’s the perfect amount. It’s a little louder than I expected. But nothing crazy. I love it.


Great little ice maker. Love the red color


So far, so good. Works fast. Last two icemakers have died around one year mark. Hoping this lasts longer.


I like the amount of ice that it puts out. Its easy to use. I use it at home and there is only one of me so it works great.


Very easy to use. Takes about half an hour to get to appropriate cube size. I use in RV and it keeps up and has extra for ice chest.


Nice that it makes Ice. no thinking twice, keeps away the mice


My boyfriend loves it more than me, and that’s just what life is now I guess.


I am very happy with this Ice maker! Works great!


It make ice fast , looks like the one I had before BUT make ice faster


When we set up the ice maker it worked ok for a few days only making 1/2 the ice it was supposed to each batch and then quite working all together. I emailed customer service looking for help and they replied signing a few house and helped me trouble shoot the situation. Unfortunately we couldn’t get it working so they sent a replacement and it works AMAZING well and is very quiet!


Ive been using this ice maker for a few months now and am very pleased with its operation and ease of use. Makes plenty of ice wuickly and doesnt take up much counterspace. Runs quietly. Well-made. Worth the price. I'd recommend this unit to anyone.


Works exactly has stated, easy to store when not using.


this little miracle has been working non-stop for the whole summer on my kitchen counter, no issues so far


Undergoing kitchen remodel - lucky this little ice maker came to the rescue. Cranks out plenty of ice. It's a little noisy, and a little startling when it drops ice - but it's worth it.


So far so good.1) Let it sit idle for 3 hours before plugging in. No exceptions. This allows the Freon to settle. Plugging in too soon can cause it to burn out.2) Clean and dry the unit.3) Plug in and fill water to fill line inside.4) Watch it make the first couple of batches.5) Throw the first batch or two of ice away (cleans out lines).6) If ice isn’t used right away, it’ll melt into water area and be reused.7) Refill water as needed. Don’t pass the fill line.This machine makes “warm ice”, which melts quickly, so if you need to store ice for a party, place any ice it produces into your freezer using freezer bags or zip-lock bags. Otherwise just use it in drinks during the day.


Love the speed and level of "softness" of the ice - it's a perfect supplement to our fridge ice maker and awesome for parties!


First day didn’t read very good second they were great


My only complaint is the first batch or two of ice are very drippy. Once it gets rolling tho, it works great and pretty fast.




Works just fine! Nice to have it in the kitchen or outside, especially when we need extra ice!


It made great ice for about 5 weeks and then died. 1 week past the return date. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!


I like The ice maker very much. Works well.


This machine is fantastic! Not noisy, makes ice quickly, smaller than I wanted but keeps up better than my old one did! Wonderful. I would buy it again.


Best purchase I’ve done all year


I use this for this ice fan I have. I don't know if that's what you call it.Air conditioners are too much for me. Now I have lots of ice to stay cool.


This ice maker is a lifesaver. I live in a apt and don’t have an ice maker line for my fridge. We make ice every few days and just put in the ice box in freezer. It’s super fast and easy.


Had never hears of this type product, untill a freidn got one. This compact quiet and stylish


I LOVE this ice maker! It has a very clean anf sleek look. It's incredibly easy to operate and clean. It's very quiet. The only time you need it is when it's dumping ice into the tray. It's perfect for those that need an ice maker that is fairly compact and doesn't need a ton of ice. One full basket of ice will fill a large to go cup and it takes about 6 to 10 minutes for another tray.


Had another unit that took up to an hour to start making useable ice, this unit had useable ice in less than half that time, do suggest using cold water to start it up, EASY to use and color an styling is nice.


Nice ice maker


We live this product especially my husband .We never had enough ice when company over. We live this machine!❤️


I got this for father's day for my husband. HE LOVES IT. Small or large cubes and the tray holds enough. It is so wonderful. Not very quiet, but I didn't expect it to be. He thanks me for it all the time. As much ice as he wants, all the time. I highly recommend.


I like the option to have small and larger sized cubes and it doesn't take long for this to start cranking them out. The basket is a little small but you have to remember the unit is not a commercial and a counter top unit. It would take a while to make enough ice to fill a cooler but that's not it's billed to be. As a house ice machine, it's perfect.The thing I like the most is that if you leave a cup of ice water sitting for an hour or so, the ice is soft and easily chewable without chatter your teeth. The ice still keeps it's form so it isn't so soft that it falls apart. Overall, perfect for us.


we use the ice maker in our biergarten and it's great




I love this Ice makes! It’s awesome!


This product works as described. Convenient and easy to use. We love the portability.


So far so good. Received in a timely manner. Attractive appliance. Worked right off the bat without any issues.


countertop size, easy to use, just add water!


how did I live without this for so long. My husband and I love this. Makes ice quick and the perfect size cubes. It does not keep the ice it has made cold so you need to keep an eye on the tray.


We live in an RV and the ice maker in the frig died!! It’s a big ordeal to replace so I bought this to try. Love it!! It makes perfect ice when ever I need it. It does take some time but I just fill it with water, turn it on and watch a movie. I have a bag full by the time my movies over. I keep two bags full in my freezer at all times.The only cons are the size and weight. It wouldn’t be a problem in my house but with limit room in our RV I can’t keep it on the counter. I bought a small cart with wheels to keep it on and it’s perfect.We’ve had it for several weeks and have made ice almost daily, no problems at all. Highly recommend!!


Great size, doesn't take up much room. Perfect for hot summer days when the frighted just cannot keep up. My husband LOVES this little lifesaver. We never run out of ice anymore. No more trips to the store for a bag of ice that will melt before we use it all.


We love this ice machine! Perfect size for our pool house!


Love it. Keeps me with ice all the time. One thing you gotta know is it's not fast. The first 3ish drops are worthless as the cooling prong things are getting colder. After that the basket fills up about every hour. It's not like a Keurig for ice. It's for storing


Very easy to use. Great for the price. Can be a little noisy at times.


We love this thing… We take it with us camping and it’s so nice to have ice for drinks and what not. It’s makes ice pretty fast.


Superb product works like a charm! 10/10


Ordered this ice maker recently for the bar area in my house. It was easy to prep and works as advertised. I chose the large cube setting and it's very consistent. Depending on the temperature of your home the ice will melt but the water just gets reused again to make more cubes. The ice tends to be a bit porous and does melt pretty quickly, FYI. Finally, the unit does kick out a bit of heat but it's never been too hot and shouldn't be a bother. I wouldn't have it near your wine collection or items are sensitive to heat. Ultimately, it ended up in the kitchen versus the bar but they are very close. Overall, very pleased with my purchase so far.


Ice cubes are made rapidly .. used rapidly also .. excess is put into gallon storage bags in freezer .. don't know how we managed without this device.Highly recommend it if you are in need of ice frequently and quickly.


Bought this for our cabin that has a small refrigerator freezer. This allows us to make the ice as needed. Noise level is not bad but noticeable if used in the living area.


•We use our ice maker at least 3 times a week.•The only noise is the cubes dropping, and it’s not very loud.•It does not keep the ice cold/frozen in the machine.•Our freezer was not set cold enough, so the cubes (which we dump into an ice keeper container) stuck together.I recommend this product.• read all directions, especially where the “Fill Line” is.


I am so in love with this ice maker. It works easily and makes ice quickly. Ice is wet so sticks together once put in freezer - it has given us a good use for the ice pick that sat in a drawer forever. Customer service was excellent even though there were delays in shipping through no fault of their own.


This ice maker is fantastic. When I first received it it did have a very strong metallic smell and the first batch of ice had a very metallic taste as well. I recommend tossing the first couple of batches so the machine can do its thing. I use this daily and have no problems


Produces at a good rate. Must watch or cubes will melt/stick together. No flavor...this is an ice maker. To drain, it is a little hard to remove plug...suggest pushing from inside after start to remove from bottom. Makes better cubes than the brand my friend bought.


So far i love my ice machine. I do use bottle water. I like that they are hollow bullet shape. And small & large sizes


Extra ice during hot weather


This has been a wonderful purchase! To care for it, I run it at least once a week. I empty out the reservoir and then I dry inside with paper towels, and leave the lid open till completely dry. This way all parts dry completely before I close it and leave for next time I use it. Truly cannot complain. Noise level is great and the ice makes rather quickly. Truly love it!


I’ve been cracking ice trays for to long. This ice maker is amazing. One of the best kitchen investment. Helps with filling the cooler up and keeping drinks cool at parties. Fast & Quiet. Buy this thing NOW


Whenever i need ice i got ice.Its a little noisy but its not that loud.


In love with this machine. I dont kkow why I didnt geg it before. Can not live without. Im so gjad I bought this.


I love this, it makes ice quickly, and we have cocktails daily, and we have plenty of ice, easy to use


I really like it, works good


Best camping trip with ice cold cocktails! This ice maker works great. We are able to make plenty of ice while camping we didn't buy any for our coolers.


We bought this for my parents almost 2 years ago. They have a residential fridge that makes ice but we live in Florida and their fridge doesn't produce enough ice to keep up. So this is a supplemental ice machine for them. They continue to rave about it. With the exception of 2 or 3 months when it's too cold to need ice, they use it daily and it works beautifully still.It's been especially handy now. My mom has cancer and is going through chemo. The filtration system for their refrigerator isn't adequate enough for her to use the water and ice dispenser due to her current health situation. She has to drink bottled water. Thanks to this machine, she also has the safer ice that she now requires. She uses bottled water and pours it into this to make her ice, while my dad uses what the fridge makes.This little machine is a workhorse and we'll continue to recommend it.


Wish I had 2 of these. I love the addition to my kitchen. Makes ice sickly. Able to fill ice containers er in freezer very quickly. We bag it for travelIt’s a great product and the red color is Gorgeous.


I absolutely love this ice maker. I’ve only had this machine for 24 hours but I’ve been able to make a full bin of ice to put in my deep freezer in the first day. I use this to make my protein shakes twice a day and my energy drinks and so far the ice is great. It make a great quality protein shake with just two scoops of large ice (the scoop that is provided with the machine). As for the noise when the house is quiet at night I can hear it when standing in the kitchen but other then that you cannot hear the ice maker. So far with a family of six it’s making plenty of ice as long as you make ice as you use it. You have to move the ice to the freezer/deep freezer or it will melt. I definitely recommend this machine for the price and color options.


Love this!! Bought for my mom whom craves ice. She hasn’t had complaints.It does sound like the dishwasher is running but not too loud. Makes great ice! Very satisfied with the purchase.


I love ice with my water. I drink much more water when I have ice on it. This little machine does its job.


 Great product. Easy to use. Makes ice withing 6minutes. Pretty impressive


Excellent choice. I love the color. User friendly. Arrived on time.


This little machine is amazing! It actually makes ice in minutes! So happy with this purchase. I had 3 gallon ziplock bags full less than 24 hours. Our ice machine on our refrigerator broke so we were buying ice from the store. It gets quite expensive plus hoping most of it doesn’t melt on the way home. I figured why not try this ice machine out and so happy I did. Very satisfied!


Love it just makes some noises that If ur not used to will scare u. Love it though great buy


Cost is a little high but it does do the job. The ice doesn’t stay cold. When the ice isn’t used, It melts and creates new ice. Just an endless cycle, it does stop when ice is full. Nice product.


I love it... makes ice so fast


Our RV and boat have small refirgerators, freezers, so this easy to use, quick to make ice, quiet icemaker is AWAESOME! A lifesaver!


I love this ice machine. Its very easy to use. The noise is not bad.


I can't say enough about this product, it makes the perfect ice cubes. The ice maker in fridge quit working so I decided to buy this and it was one of the best purchases I have made. The only complaint I have is, is that the water holder tank is kind of small so you have to refill it quite a bit. There's a faint taste with the ice but barely noticeable. 10/10 recommend


our other one went out after 2 years so needed another one. this one works better and makes faster. the cubes are larger also. I would highly recommend this brand. price was right too! saves us a lot of money on buying ice


I only use alkaline filtered water for this machine. No more wasted space in my freezer! Constantly makes ice, and the money ill be saving on bags of ice is an understatement.


Love it! Makes ice fast and easy to use and clean!


Quick ice maker


Works great love it!!


It works great! Makes ice fast and very easy to use. I should have bought one sooner.


My refridgerator ice maker has died twice and I refuse to buy a new fridge so instead of buying bagged ice I opted for this ice maker. It was well packaged and the instructions were simple to follow (plug in, add water/turn on). During the second time I made ice it got stuck - the "add water" light came on and the machine continually tried to expel ice but there wasn't any. I unplugged it, plugged it back in and it's been fine ever since. I'm pretty sure it will pay for itself in no time!


Good reliable I give it a good thumbs up .


This is exactly what I needed. I’ve had this for a few months now and It makes ice very quickly. After the ice is made it’s dropped in a removable basket and if the ice melts any it drips into the water reservoir and is reused again to make more ice cubes. It’s efficient and I like how it has the option to make 2 different sizes of ice. Perfect for what I was looking for.


Was a great gift


Second one I’ve bought. First one lasted 5 years


Great buy and fast shipping!


Excellent ice maker! Produces plenty of ice easily & quickly!


I got this as a gift for my mom and she uses it everyday. Even I've used it when I want my drink to be even colder.


Really pleased with this unit, makes Ice very quickly and I love the way the ice cubes are formed.


Both ice makers on our Samsung fridge stopped working....Did not want the expense to fix them. Bought the ice maker and it is amazing makes the first ice in six minutes and definitely will make at least 25 lbs a day....


I originally received this as a gift in December, 2017, and it has the name Stakol on it instead of Costway, but it is the same ice maker. I left it running on my counter-top almost 24/7. It is extremely noisy, but my kitchen is kind of out-of-the-way so it wasn't a problem. I never had any problem cleaning it or with anything jamming up. It ran perfectly until the fan motor burned out in January 2020.


Love my ice maker!


Works great just plug it in when ready to use again.


Woo Hoo, love this ice machine! It makes ice so fast!!!


Not bad ice maker really works well


Works great and looks cute on my counter.


We bought this for our motor home and it has been one of the best things we have bought


It sits on the kitchen counter and makes ice pretty quick. I took the basket out and just let the whole water reservoir fill up with ice. My only problem is getting the rest of the family to add water when they take out ice. We go through about a gallon of water a day so I guess that's 8 pounds which it has no trouble making.


This ice maker is easy to use and makes ice quickly. Ice cubes are a little small, but it works well.


Makes ice really fast, greasy little unit!


We love this little ice make. Put it in our travel trailer. When we get set up we plug it in and ice is ready in about 10 minutes. We liked it so much we bought one as a gift for my brother and his family for their camper.


Great Product is exactly what it says it is.. Wonderful gift.


Awesome ice maker! No more lugging bags of ice from the store.


Easy to use, no problems so far.


This is a great ice maker.. the only thing is I wish the ice was cubed and not round.


It makes ice fast, worth the money.Doesnt hold very much ice, but makes it pretty quickly


So far so goodI’ve had this ice maker for 6 monthsIt makes ice within 7-10 minutes depending on the size of iceThe ice tastes good




Got this for my brothers bar. Works very well!


My sister loves this item!


I love this ice machine.


makes ice really fast. easy to operate with only a couple buttons, small or large settings. love it, turn it on to use then off when i dont need ice. does well on power this way.


Worked for about a week then quit, I'm giving good feedback for the company's quick response! Great company to work with


Got for my daughters (2) they love them.


If only two or three are used together, it is still very good. If there are more people, it is not very suitable.But the appearance is small and cute.


We bought this when we had line issues getting water to the ice maker in the freezer. Truthfully, I did not have high hopes overall, but it has definitely proven itself. We've had it now for about 6 months and it's great. It takes about 15 minutes to make a batch o ice. It automatically scoops the ice into the basket, and starts again until the basket is full, or it runs out of water, whichever comes first.When it runs out of water, fill the bottom, and hit the on off button to restart and it is fine. The basket itself is situated over the water reservoir so if it melts, it simply gets reused. It came with an ice scoop and probably the ONLY complaint I have (and it is minor) is that there is no place to store the scoop other than the basket or on top. In the basket, it takes up room, and on top, well..., it's hanging out on top. Other than that, I absolutely love it.


Love this machine. Been living in our camper for 9 months while we build and use it daily most of the time all day.


Great little icemaker.


Awesome ice


No one likes to run out of ice during the hot summer months when you’ve got a house full of guests. We got this for my in-laws and they had it running this whole summer. Needles to say it works great (They love it!) and never ran out of ice.Tips:1) Soon as the bucket is full, transfer the ice to 1 gal ziplock bags and put in the freezer.2) To make sure ice is constantly being made, keep water level high.3. Make sure you clean out the machine at least once a week if your running it constantly.4. Best ice is made with filtered water


Must clean weekly or a scum forms on walls. It quit after a year but was replaced by the maker after the first replacement was unusable since the oil had run out. This one works well. We had insurance.


It is easy to use, quick, and efficient! Love this ice maker and highly recommend it!!


Love this cute ice machine! Works great!


Works great!


Very convenient and very fast


Bought this for our camper and tried out at home first.I did not realize the ice would melt if not used or emptied. Overall, we like it.


Love it had it 2 months hope keeps on working


Love this ice maker. It is fast and efficient. I'm so glad we bought it.


I love how fast it makes ice


It works great even at over 100 in my motorhome. I like it so far. I run it 24 hours a day. To keep cool.i


Dont have one in my fridge and most of the time i dont need ice but then there are times like the other day when it was over 90 out for several days and I was happy to be able to make iced coffee in the mornings. And i had company come over and i was happy to be able to offer cocktails. You need ice for cocktails. I make some and put it in a bag and put it in the freezer and shut it off till i need it again. or leave it running when company is coming since it seems to make enough to keep up with demand. Most of the time its off but im always happy I have it.


Have noticed that when I set this unit up each time I need it, I have to start and stop the cycle 1 to 3 times before it will start producing ice. Once it does though, it puts out a batch every 7 minutes. I purchased to take in RV so we would always have ice on hand. Will use on first trip next week. So far I have been very pleased with the ice produced.


Best purchase made! Bought to use while camping on the travel trailer. It’s very efficient and quickly produce ice cubes. It is a bit heavy and takes up a bit of counter space but it’s worth it. We’ve save plenty of money not having to buy ice constantly.


Does what it says


Great value for the price.


Love this product


It works beautifully. Makes ice in 5 minutes


I love my ice maker it quite and fast.It is easy to use and makes great ice no funny smell or taste. Love it!!


Easy set up. Worked fast.


Like how compact it is too sit on countertop. Easy to use, quiet, and makes large ice in about 10 minutes. We use it for a day each week to fill up ice basket in freezer. Love the look of it, wife's favorite color.


Keeps me in nice sized ice cubes all day..I love it


I was looking for an ice maker for this summer all the time, the little machine is finer than before I bought, customer service is friendly, quick response to resolve my problem!


Very pleased with the ice maker, easy to use, makes ice quickly and quietly...haven’t had it for long, but hopefully it will be reliable over the long run...takes a bit of space on the counter (it is an ice maker)...but it will fit anywhere...comes in a variety of colors, I chose red, goes with the kitchen well...


I love my ice maker It’s perfect for my counter and now I always have ice. Just perfect product


I was SICK of not having ice at work (especially last summer in LA, it was HOT), so I finally put my foot down and pushed for approval to purchase a cheap portable ice machine just for our group. Once we received the unit, I simply cleaned it, filled it up with some drinking water, let it sit a while (so coolant can settle), and turned it on. It immediately started churning out ice pretty damn quickly, and the cubes are of good size and quality (not brittle, but dense). My group/team is constantly grabbing ice from this machine, much more often than I am! Slowly, other groups began to learn of our ice machine and would come begging for access to our precious (yet fairly plentiful) resource, which put us in a position we would exploit to the fullest! Joking aside, ice was in obviously high demand, so our company finally bought a large and much more expensive all-in-one water dispenser/ice machine. It ended up not performing as well as this little thing!... after about 12pm (when the ice runs out), people start making their way over to this little guy to request some ice. Simply hilarious....It has been about 1.5 years since we bought this, and it has been running pretty much continuously and with frequent use, except at night and on weekends. We leave a pitcher next to the ice maker, and as a rule, anyone who grabs ice must check the water level after use, and replenish with water via the pitcher if low. Always use the the ice scoop to prevent contamination or dirt from getting in the system (i.e. scooping the ice with your cup or hands). Rinse it out once in a while (in our case every month or two, since its always indoors and we try to keep it sanitary).I highly recommend this item, and I will probably end up getting one for home as well. Hope this helps others who are hesitant to purchase due to quality, throughput, and/or consistency concerns (and are planning to use indoors). Cheers!


Bought this for my mother and she loves it. Going to have to get one for my house now that I don't have an ice maker in my fridge.


makes ice quickly great for our camper no more lugging ice or buying ice


It is great


Easy to use


Works fast. Our ice maker in the fridge quit so this makes more ice faster than our fridge would have anyways. I use filtered water from the fridge to fill instead of faucet water.


Produces ice quickly.


Thank you guys


Makes ice fast and is so quite!


We do not have a freezer, so this was our only way to get ice. We ran it every day for 6 months and loved it! It just broke down. The ice started melting immediately after it dropped and we cannot fix the issue. I would suggest this little machine to anyone using it as a secondary method of ice. Does a great job. Just not for everyday use.We talked to customer service and they were super accommodating and nice. Good experience overall.


I’ve had this for 6 months and we love it! Never had any problems with it, it’s very sleek looking and easy to use


A little noisy


Great for making ice when on camping trips worked out very wellDoes not take up to much space makes ice quickly.


Noisy. But doesn’t stop me from nearly 24/7 use. We love ice and I’m an ice eater. Gotta say, this makes the best chewing ice ! Not hard on your teeth but crusty enough to satisfy. We use it all the time in this house.


I love the ice maker.


Fantastic little machine that makes great tube ice in minutes! It would be perfect except the way the ice accumulates in one side of the tray, making the machine think that “the ice tray is full” so it stops making more ice until you intervene by moving the ice stack to balance them out On the tray.


they make a grate tool that works


There’s a few negative reviews on here. I can only assume all the complaints are linked in someway to user error. Thus product works amazing! We went through so many bag of ice at parties in our house, so we bought this thing. The firdge ice machine couldn’t keep up with us, the gas station trips were getting to be too often. This Costway ice machine though, it surpassed us. We had to drink our drinks faster and invite more people to our parties just to keep up with the costway. All in all I’d say it’s probably the best investment I’ve ever made!


After my company went cheap and removed our ice machine, my Hubby bought me this. It nestles nicely in a corner, is relatively quiet (ice sounds like some marbles were dropped), and I NEVER run out of ice!I would definitely buy this product again.


My niece loves it she uses it everyday


Makes the perfect amount of ice for family gatherings. Quick and easy set up.


Bought for my mom....she loves it


it worked as it was supposed to, so happy with the purchase


Great for bar area


It’s a little noisy, but it does make decent ice. On the counter, hums all the time!


Starting to get noisy but makes ice quickly


Bought this for my boyfriend's christmas present. It's something he wouldn't have thought to get, but he ended up loving it! No more filling ice trays! And the ice is ready in like 6 minutes, can't beat it!


The best gift I gave this year, the recipient loved it!! Some pro's and con's to note for anyone who is deciding on this product...Pro: 2 sizes of cubes, they are the donut shaped cubes so they are really great for mixed drinks and everyday use.Con: It doesn't make the ice as quickly as depicted. The water reservoir is small so to make a lot of ice it is an all day experience.Pro: It is a quiet machine, only thing you really hear is the ice being dropped.Con: Once the ice is dropped, you want to get it into the freezer. Your new ice will begin to melt together and become one big cube if you leave it go too long.It definitely deserves 4 stars, we love the machine!! If you need a ton of ice, begin early or use backup methods. ENJOY!!


Works as described, and expected. No problems, which is a far cry from our refridge ice maker!!


Easy to use and cube are made really fast


This is a handy little product to have if you don’t have an ice maker in your refrigerator. The only thing I didn’t like about this product is that it doesn’t seem to get cold enough to keep the ice completely frozen, so when I transfer the ice to my freezer, it seems to refreeze in one big clump of ice


I know we'd all like to have an ice machine that makes 25 lbs of ice in an hour but who would want to pay the cost? This little machine works just fine and the price point is perfect. Can't beat it!


Got this for Christmas. Best gift ever!!!! I love my ice machine. Run it all the time and haven’t had any issues. Super easy to setup and ice makes in about 6 minutes. If you love to eat ice like I do this is the best.


Love It !!!


I bought this for my 87 year old father. There was no way to get a water line to his fridge for an ice maker so when I found out these counter top units were available I thought this would make a perfect Christmas gift for him. After unboxing the unit I cleaned according to the directions, filled it with water and in a matter if minutes it made the first batch of ice. He has ad it almost two months now and it is still working great. Now he can have iced tea instead of just tea.


Makes ice quickly. Great little ice maker. I live in an RV which has a refrigerator that does not have an ice maker. this ice maker was the answer to my problem. Works great and is worth every penny I paid for ti.


Totally satisfied with the ice maker it was a gift to my cousin, she loves it also, I was amazed when I it in action, best purchase I could have ever made, I will be ordering another one soon


I feel in love with my aunts ice maker - so I had to get one as well. We recently purchased a new fridge, and was adamant on NOT getting an ice maker put in it. I am so happy we didn't. I've had too many issues in the past dealing with my fridges leaking due to ice makers. If that is you, than you need to buy this! It does take up a bit of counter space, but it is easy to use and clean. There is a stopper under the base that allows you to drain and clean the equipment. Ice is made super fast; I think it's about every 8 minutes. I love how you can choose small or larger ice cubes. This has been a wonderful investment.


love how fast the ice is made


I love ice. Ice is better than the drink it comes in. We were going through a bag every two days. Bought this and now my husband has the cubes out of the fridge and I always have Chewy ice. Best decision every and it is portable so we can use it by the pool. CAN'T wait for summer.


Only takes about 11 minutes to make ice. Cubes are smaller than I expected. Learned by trial that as soon as ice is made, you need to remove it and put it in a bag in the freezer. I’m using bottled water. Love the color and convenience. Comes with ice scoop. Good product for the money


My husband loved it! Great Christmas gift! Super easy to use! Ice comes out fast


This icemaker has worked perfectly, but I have only used it 3 times. It is relatively quiet and produces ice in 10 to 12 minutes. So far it is a very good icemaker. I also put the ice in the freezer after 2 to 3 cycles.




I've had this nearly a year; working 8 hrs+/day, 5 days/wk. I fill it with tap water and I've only run a cleaning fluid through it once in 11 months. The fan noise is relatively quiet- no problem with phone conferences or conversations. You can hear ice dropping but despite it being beside me under my desk on a stand, I usually don't notice it. The first batch of ice is small but occurs within 4 min; every batch after the cubes are full size. The tray is entirely full within 1.5 hrs. I wish it had an auto-off function, but in every other respect - it's perfect.


Excelente para fiestas en casa


works very well


Our refrigerator's ice maker was difficult to use, so we started using the Costway ice maker instead. We just make ice as needed and place it into a handy plastic box in our freezer to use when needed. Unit is easy to load with water and stops automatically when the ice bin is full. Noise level is very tolerable. We're quite pleased with our purchase.


The quality and sizes of the ice is a plus! My friends and family loved it!


Bought for my mom and aunt. They love it!


Have been using this for a month now and has been working well. Ice comes out true to size and is very silent. I purchased the warranty just in case but it is a well working machine.


We love the ice maker. It is quiet and very fast. We use a lot of ice and it is exactly what we need!!


Works fine just thought the ice cubes would be a little bigger. The ice maker will come in handy for camping where there is no ice.


Pros: This ice maker is easy to set-up and use. It makes ice very quickly. Cons: Noisy


Pros: This ice maker is easy to set-up and use. It makes ice very quickly.Cons: Noisy


So far so good. Love it.


Bought as a gift for family member. I thought it made crushed ice but she is happy with it and it works well.


Works well


Was a gift


I like the small ice cubes


Very nice ice maker.


From everything I read on the available options this seemed like the best choice.<br /><br />It produces ice quickly and is reasonably quiet. I wish was that the container holding the ice was temperature controlled to keep ice frozen. But like that when it melts it goes into the reservoir to be remade into ice. (This feature was available on any similar models, too.)<br /><br />You are supposed to drain and change excess water daily.<br /><br />The drain stopper isnt not great quality and when I pull it sometimes the stopper doesnt come with the plug.


From everything I read on the available options this seemed like the best choice.It produces ice quickly and is reasonably quiet. I wish was that the container holding the ice was temperature controlled to keep ice frozen. But like that when it melts it goes into the reservoir to be remade into ice. (This feature was available on any similar models, too.)You are supposed to drain and change excess water daily.The drain stopper isnt not great quality and when I pull it sometimes the stopper doesnt come with the plug.


Using it


Nice ice maker, makes lots of ice but it is very noisy.


This one works good I’m happy with my purchase


I never had an ice maker before, so, i did not know what to expect, i read good and bad reviews, and decided to buy. First it arrived on time, it had some scratches on the lid, dont know if it was a retured item, but everything else looked fine, i followed instructions and made the first batch of ice, it took aout one hour to fill basket, ice was melting as it was made, but common sense tells me machine still warm and i continued, after awhile it was making good ice, i guess i had wait for inside of machine to get cold enough. Noise its there but acceptable, not loud, machine looks nice and price is good.


We love our ice machine being full-time rvers there was no ice maker in this refrigerator so this worked out just fine makes good ice and keeps on making it.


Love it. It works wonderfully, my husband loves it.


Love the two sizes of ice. I like the small & hubby likes the large cubes. This little machine works well.


This ice maker works great , always fresh ice on demand , better than I thought love it I make 10 lbs a week cause that's about as much as we use .


Ice maker came today. Very easy to set up and get started. So far it's works beautifully. I would give it 5 stars, but it is very noisy. But since it won't be running all the time, I can live with it.


We have always purchased bags of ice when we are in Florida - This machine provides us with more than enough ice for the day - Highly recommend


Is easy to set up and use. It’s not as large as I thought it would be so takes twice as long to get as much ice as a previous one I owned. Main reason for no 5 star is it is noisy.


Daily use.


Using it in our camper because the refrigerator has no ice maker. This is a perfect fit and quality seems as expected. This unit makes more ice than we need. We bought the retro-green color.


Very good easy to use


Love it


I love this product. Got it because I loved my moms so much. I have ice all day long and this helps me drink more water because I like it real cold. Nice to have ice ready for cold drinks when guest arrive. Red is awesome!


Working 24/7, fill water twice a day, this is my second one. Makes multiple drinks per night We looked to party. Great machine.


I absolutely love this ice maker. Unfortunately the freezer in our RV isn't the greatest but with this machine, I have no trouble keeping up on our ice demand. The main thing to remember when you first get it, is to let the unit sit for the 3 hours prior to using.


We are using the ice maker in our travel trailer since our freezer has limited space and is not big enough to hold ice trays. We have tried it out and it works just as described. We are impressed with how quickly it makes ice and will be perfect in our trailer.


Purchased for upstairs morning kitchen and late night drinks. Could not be more satisfied. Makes a little noise but handling those stairs in old age makes noise the sound of music.


Works well, just as was noted


I read many of the reviews before buying and I agree, it makes wet ice and freezes together in the freezer. However, I think it's still convenient to be able to have ice at your disposal. I've used it about a month now and use it two or three times a week. When done, I drain all the water out and lift the lid so that it can air dry.


Works good and it produces ice real fast.


Works as advertised and can't beat the quality at this price point!


We love our ice maker! Very efficient, and not very noisy at all. Perfect ice cube size, and we like that we can chose from the small or larger size.


I am very satisfied with this product. It works exactly as described and produces ice quickly. I definitely recommend this item.


This is a great ice machine. It makes great ice like crazy. It out does our refrigerator ice maker. It makes little round cubes with a hole in the middle.


Since we have little room in our freezer and the refrigerator does not have a ice maker feature, this fits perfectly on our counter.


I love it, works like it supposed to. I would buy this again


Love this ice maker. I use it everyday because the ice maker in my fridge gave out. So far it works perfectly


Followed instructions and was chewing on clean cold ice in a few hours. Can make enough in an afternoon to not need to make anymore ice for a few days. 10/10 would freeze frozen water in again


Love love this. Works perfectly on our camping trips


Was not impressed at first, yet makes perfect ice...must purchase the 8 lb bags, and store within the freezer. Very happy after week 2 and continue as the quality of ice (bagged) is great when needed. Store 4 to 5 bags at a time.


This little machine really pumps out the ice, I’m happy with my purchase


Does the job very well. It was a little noisy but otherwise perfect for table top service.Makes only 9 cubes at a time, that was the large size, which measures about 1 inch in size.


Machine preformed as advertised. A new load of ice cubes every 6 minutes. At a house where ice coffees are extremely popular and important, this is the best appliance to serve that need.


I'm afraid to jinx it, but I love this machine. It doesn't make a large amount of ice but enough for two of us for lake weekends. We use quality water and either use or drain it every 24 hours. Draining is easy and it's a small amount o f water. I know the reviews don't lead me to believe it will last long, but if I had to buy every two years it would be worth the trouble it has saved us in a remote cabin.


It doesn’t take up a lot of space and makes ice really good. Friends had one on their RV. Mine in my refrigerator has been out for a awhile and it was going to cost to much to be replaced or fixed, was always buying great I just fill up gallon freezer bags and put them in the freezer and use themWhen I need ice , no running to town to get ice all the time, love it!


 I Bought this ice maker back in June 2018, it has been working with no problems. the reason why I purchased this is is because the ice machine in our refrigerator does not work. And needed an alternative, so I purchased this unit and It has been doing its job and it works as advertised. I would recommend this appliance. It is a workhorse in the kitchen, and we can save money on buying ice.


This thing rocks! I have a basement bar with a beer fridge, but if you need ice for a mixed drink and you don't want to run upstairs to the freezer, you need this. It's possessed! It just keeps banging out ice cubes. It fills swiftly, so if you aren't using the ice it catches up to you fast. I have found that I can use a Ziploc freezer bag to store excess ice in the beer fridge on a short term basis. In all, very pleased with the product. We'll see how durable it is over the long haul...


Bought add a gift and my dad loves it.


Just started using it and love it


Love this thing


Haven’t turned it off yet. It is great for quick ice.


Best bar addition ever! Makes ice fast and makes a lot more than expected on a single pitcher of water.


The best... 5-stars


Makes a lot of ice. I use it at work. The con, you have to empty the ice bucket every 90 minutes. I can fill the resivore and have plenty of ice for two days. Just remember this is an ice maker, not a freezer. The ice will melt if you don’t empty it.


The size of the ice maker is nice, but still a little larger than I thought it would be. Makes small or large ice cubes. I've only tested the small. Takes a little more time than I originally expected, as it makes a very small batch in 6 minutes, enough for one person. FYI - Had to wait a couple hours after unboxing to allow coolant to settle before using.


Love it! We use it while camping.


I love the Ice machine since I don't have an Ice maker in my refrig. it is easy to use & to keep clean.


We are loving our Ice machine. It’s a great ice maker for the price and we haven’t had one issue with it . It fits nicely on our counter top and doesn’t require to much space . With the hot temperatures in Northern Nevada , it’s nice not to run to the store for ice .


Wish I would have bought this sooner! Absolutely love it. Works well, never run out of ice again! ??


Works fast and very quiet


Very loud! It does make ice and reasonably fast.Follow up: Except for the noise level, this is an outstanding icemaker. I put foam soundproofing where I could and this helps to make the noise tolerable. I love that the ice bucket is in the same place as the water fill. This means when the ice in the bucket melts a little the water goes into making more ice....instead of constantly needing draining and requiring a lot of "add water" (like my old icemaker).If this company worked on the noise level, they would have the best icemaker on the market!


Works just as it says. We use it in our travel trailer. Need to empty ice to freezer as basket gets full. So far so good.


Really works great, I haven't bought a bag of ice since I got it and i go through a lot of ice since try to go to beach twice or more per week.


Love it exactly what I wanted


Very pleased with the unit. Makes ice quickly.


My icemaker in my fridge broke. This little machine puts out quite of bit of ice- I think they say 26 lbs, but I would guess maybe 5-10. Of course, you have to constantly empty the catch and it only holds about a gallon of ice. You have to constantly refill the water reservoir. However, I make the ice and freeze batches. It is a good back-up for parties. Works well.


We have this in our camper and it is wonderful! Makes plenty of ice for us each weekend!


easy to set up and makes ice like it should


NIce Igloo knockoff but without the metal sides. So far the item is functioning as intended and I like the black color. Hopefully the parts are of good quality and last a long time.


This thing makes ice quickly and is quiet while running.


Love It...I use it daily. Best thing I bought this year. Makes lots of ice, in little time.


Perfect for the backyard camping out works amazing


Works wonderfully. Had it a few weeks and could not be happier about how much ice such a small inexpensive machine makes. I have a huge concern. Because it recycles the melted ice, anything that gets in the ice bin gets everywhere in the machine. There really isn't a great way to clean it. I am going to try a spray bottle of star-san. Just be aware that if you are camping and grubby hands get in the bin, there is no simple way to sanitize. (I believe all these countertop machines work the same way)


The color, design, and amount of ice produced were impressive. The machine is relatively quiet to run. The ice cubes come in two sizes, small and large. We choose the large size because even those are about half the size of what we used. The cubes are bullet shaped with a hole up the middle, making the ice is soft. This makes them great for crunching but not lasting long in room temperature drinks. The ice is produced and dumped into a waiting bin with an automatic shut-off when full. There is also an "add water" light to let you know when you need to add more water. I have to add that after the ice is made and added to the bin, there is nothing to prevent them from melting, bummer, the ice begins to melt.


Makes ice quick. I don’t see any difference between large and small cubes. Good for the money


This works really good. It's easy to use. The size of the cubes are perfect if you use the large setting. It makes the cubes in just a few minutes. The only thing that would be better is if it made more than it does each cycle.


For day to day needs this is an efficient, quick and excellent option. Works well, easy to operate.


Boy, is this popular in my little office. The four other people I work with LOVE it. It is working well so far, and I bought it in April 2018. The drain plug occasionally sticks and has to be pushed out, but 9ther than that, no problems so far.


I get plenty of ice for me


Bought this for my mom and she loves it! Lives in a small apt with little counter space and no ice maker.


Love this ice machine! It makes ice about every 7 minutes until basket is full. It’s a little noisy but it is a good machine. Very happy with this purchase.


Made ice quickly, very happy with product!!


It's okay. Not what I was hoping and just returned to buy a bigger machine. Good customer service, however, be prepared to lose out on $19 for returned shipping.


After constantly buying ice at the store I decided to buy this portable ice maker. I love it!!!! Ice all the time and it's so easy to use.


This does fine, it makes ice of both sizes, the only issue is, it makes them both no matter what you select. It keeps up with me, I'm the only one using it.


very noisy but does the job! :)


Works really well. Good size ice cubes and really fast production.


I love this ice maker! We use it to supplement the ice maker in our fridge, which does not work as well as we wish it would. We even take this ice maker camping in our 5th wheel during the spring summer and fall. It usually keeps up with the two of us quite well. The ice comes out in a really nice shape too.... kind of oval with a hole in the middle.


This ice maker did exactly what I needed to compliment my refrigerator ice maker. I usually start the machine when I get up and on one filling of the water chamber, by lunch I will have approximately 2 1/2 gallon bags of ice.


Makes ice fast


Very cute on the counter, and it miraculously does what it promises. I've never owned one of these before, but my new fridge has a lousy and very, very tiny ice maker. That was something I never thought to look at. Anyway, I needed lots of ice after knee replacement surgery, and this filled the bill. It's strange to get used to. You can't leave it unattended, because the ice in the basket will melt, and then it just makes it into ice again in an endless loop. But it's very efficient, and so far no problems, though I can't imagine taking it camping. These things are the rage of the RV parks. My guess is you'd have to leave your gasoline generator behind. All in all a good thing.


Bought this for our home away from home. We have a RV on a secondary lot on a local lake. While the RV has a freezer and we could buy ice and put it in coolers, it will be so much nicer to be able to make ice anytime when we have friends and family over. Made a few batches already and they come out great!


Makes ice quickly


I really love the color, ease of use and the size of cubes it makes. Have it set on large as it seems to work best on that. Love my ice maker!


This has been great. Have been using this for several months at work for the office. It’s used all day during the week. The ice is a soft ice and it’s great for both drinks and chewing. Even though it might not last as long as solid ice, the machine makes it so quickly that we have no problem at all keeping our drinks cold.


This machine works tirelessly over 16 hours a day and never falters. It is fantastic. My husband and I had surgery over the past two months and it has provided all the ice for our Polartec Ice therapy machine. It is efficient and works without a hitch. It is easy to use and has light prompts to let you know when to empty the ice or add water. Another plus is that we do not have an ice maker on our refrigerator due to the fact that we are on well water and our water is not chlorinated. We fill this machine with bottled water and it is wonderful for ice for drinks. This would be a great product to take on vacation or camping or anywhere you need ice. Love this product and can't say enough.


We have been using our ice maker a couple of months or more now and haven't had any problems. I have only used the small size ice cubes and appreciate the functions. After I'm done using it I always tip it up and make sure all water is out of it. Then I prop open the lid a bit so the entire inside can completely dry without having the lid open enough to collect dust. I leave it this way for a couple of days or more until I'm sure there is no moisture left inside.I transfer the ice to our frig which will dispense ice. This way I can use filtered water using our Berkey water filter and not have the cost of replacing the filter in the frig. We use the Berkey daily anyway. I like knowing we will never run out of ice and will have enough if unexpected company drop in.




Got this for my mom as a gift-she does contract jobs in her retirement and travels all over to them and now lives exclusively in her RV. She drinks a ton of iced tea and when she's visiting our house, even with an automatic ice maker, we run out every day! She says she just loves this thing. It makes lots of ice quickly and it's easy to use. This is the smallest and lightest that I could find. She's 65 and she did not have any problems handling it and it fit on her counter in the limited space she had.


Got it for my husband for Christmas. We both love it. Small and compact, but puts out ice quickly. Will be handy also for camping!


Works great, only had it for less than a month and we use it about once a week so haven't had any issues.Easy to operate, good quality product, clean look and makes lots of ice.


Works well. Makes lots of ice. No problems. Recommend this unit and shipper


Gift for daughter-in-law, she loved it!


Excellent. Makes ice FAST. I used distilled water, so taste is excellent.No problems. Those who report issues with the full indicator, make sure the ice basket is properly seated. If at an angle it interfered with the infrared beam. Simply make sure the ice basket it properly seated..


This machine definitely cranks out the ice, but it comes out wet. Recommend bagging & refreezing before adding to your ice cube bin.


I bought this for my son and he loves it..


Kept the party going. Very good product.


Great item.... use it all the time


It make white ice not clear ice. That would be my only criticism so far. Otherwise it’s working fine and keeps a small amount of ice ready and available. I’ve only used it for less than a month.


Wow, this thing makes ice fast!!!


It cranks out ice, Love it!


I purchased two of these (at different times) as gifts and both recipients love them. One has been in use since Oct '17 (3 months) and the other for only 2 weeks. If anything changes I'll update.


The speed you receive ice is awesome. From plug in and water add, we had ice in 8 minutes.Could not be happier.


I love the way the ice crunches. It only makes 9 bullet shaped “cubes” per batch, but it makes a lot of ice quickly. The only thing I would change is the drain plug. It doesn’t stay out of the way when draining and splatters water when draining.


There are many brands of countertop ice makers out there. This model achieves everything it claims. Be sure to have some gallon freezer bags handy and fill them as you go. I find I can make 14/15 lbs in a 12 hour period. LOVE IT !!


It is awesome. Bought for someone whose refrigerator doesn't have an ice maker. Perfect gift!!!


This thing cranks our ice very fast! I have it in my office and I love it. I hope the moving parts inside will last as I didn’t purchase the warranty.


I'm really impressed with this product. It's small and compact (perfect for any size bar). It makes ice fast at two different sizes and is enough for several good sized drinks. When the bucket gets low, it makes another batch of ice immediately. We love it!!


Just love it. Makes ice really fast. Great for glass or plastic tumblers, thermal cups, and just to eat. Everyone loves it. And, cost less than buying a new ice maker for the refrigerator freezer.


Works great new. I have only had it a short time. Bought the extended warranty so I will see how it works over the long haul


Good product, but make sure to clean it well before using, and throw away the first several batches of ice, or you might get sick using the first batch of ice made.


Works very well, and as advertised. Price is good too!


Very convenient. We have this out to our off the grid camp. Runs off a Honda 2000 Watt generator. No issues thus far.


Love it! Use in on our camping trips. Makes great beverage ice.


Works great for camping!


Works better than I thought it would and my daughter came from California and it made enough iceThe ice is colder and thicker than the igloo I had




This unit works well for what it is. My refrigerator ice maker stopped working again, so I got this. Won't replace the in-door ice machine, but if you use ice regularly, this thing makes ice.


I got this for my RV to save on buying ice. Works great and was surprised at how fast it produces ice. You will make back the cost of it very quickly considering the cost of a bag of ice at camp ground stores.


Enjoy and appreciate this ice maker. It works well, is small, and the ice is great!


I read the reviews before purchasing this model and feel I made a great purchase. Love the sizes of the ice cubes. If I want a soft ice cube I use the ice as soon as it's made; if I want longer lasting ice, I freeze the ice first. The size of the cubes fit easily into all my thermoses. The quality of the cubes made with water from home makes up with the minor inconvenience of "making" the cubes vs purchasing bags from a store.The machine is very quiet and light enough to load in and out of the camper. The drain plug is easily accessible, the machine easy to use. Love this machine!


Works great. Convenient and so easy to use.


Love this ice maker! Works great and you can have in in less than 6 minutes!


Best investment so far. Life saving for our travel trailer. Used it every day. You have to bag ice rather quick because it will begin to melt. Not meant to store your ice.


Awesome appliance. Works well and is compact enough to not take up a lot of space on my counter. Produces a good amount of ice in a reasonable amount of time. Would buy again.


Works Great,makes plenty of ice for me, my drinks too.


This works like a charm. Starts to make ice immediately. Use this to replace the icemaker in the fridge that kept freezing up and finally broke.


Great icemaker, makes plenty of ice for me, my drinks too.


My husband and I just moved into a new home and we do not have an ice maker in the refrigerator. I am obsessed with chewing ice, so my husband bought this for me for an early birthday present! I have only tried to make the small size ice cubes, but it works great! You do need to remove the ice somewhat quickly so that it doesn't melt when it first starts to make ice, but once it has made a few batches, the ice will be fine in the ice maker for a little while. I spend a couple hours making ice on Sunday's and fill a couple of bags to put in my freezer for the week. The ice Maker makes the most perfectly textured ice cubes! They are super soft and easy to chew, which is my favorite part. It is also perfect for my 21 month old son to chew, since he loves to eat ice, as well.


Works as described. Each batch is only a little ice but the cycles are quick (about 12 min for large cubes) and you can make several batches before refilling the water reservoir.


This works like a charm. Starts to make ice immediately. Use this to replace the icemaker in the fridge that kept freezing up and finally broke.


This is the 4th one I have bought. One in each house, and this one was for my granddaughter. She really likes it.


Works great and fast.


Works just like they said it would


I love my ice maker! the only complaint I have is that it does not fill itself with water




This is perfect for me. It works so well


I have a small freezer so this saves me space for other things. It works great and fills my container much quicker than the freezer does.


Excellent product at a good price- no water lines or drains needed. very happy with it.


This is a great little machine.


love it!


This is a neat little machine and for the money it's great


We purchased this Ice Maker to take with us camping. Went for 2 weeks and with the heat and humidity we endured, we only had to buy 4 bags of ice. Our machine produced the rest to keep our cooler full and drinks cold. We made 3 gallon freezer bags a day, or more if I really kept track and didn't enjoy the outdoors. My husband said it was one of the best purchases I have made in a long time and it has already paid for itself.


Great convenience having my own icemaker. I choose the size cubes I want. Great for parties, family gatherings, and small get togethers. Compact size.


I should have paid more for an ice machine with a larger production capacity. This machine does evening it is supposed/said it should. I just didn't knew what my requirements were.




Perfect for a spare!!! Makes the ice fast


The perfect ice maker!




Thought ice would be larger, but I've found the large size is perfect. For best results, put cold water in the unit instead of room temperature. Be prepared for the 1st few cycles to not be as big or thick as the designed size. Take about 5 hours to fill an ice-cream bucket. Good for the value. Don't expect ice for a gathering readily made. Works best to store it up.. It doesn't make it that fast for constant use. Compared to a refrigerator IM, it is comparable bc it takes 90 mins to make one round of ~7 cubes and 24 hours to fill a bucket. These are smaller but same quality and time.


what I expected


I've been using this machine for over two months, and the black looks cool, and I don't have to worry about getting dirty. I'll recommend this to my friends.


Today , i have received the item ,it looks very beautiful and practical ,I can't wait to use it for our family .It's really great to buy this machine at this price. I'll leave a five-star rating.


I bought it as give for my mom, she loves the color of it, she was really happy about the item, generally speaking, i will do more shopping with ur guys.


Received it today, it looks stable .With the instruction , it’s easy to operate. Will use it at the party 3 days later, love it.