Mini Portable Electric Ice Maker Machine with Ice Scoop

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Key Features

● Quickly Ice Making and Large Making Capacity: This ice maker can make up to 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes in as little as 6 minutes and can make up to 26.5 lbs. of ice cubes per day with its 2.2-liter water reservoir. Just keep the water tank filled, and it will be able to meet a full day's supply of ice.
● Easy Operation Interface and Optional Ice Size: The interface is simple to use and features smart indicators that remind you when the ice basket is full and when the water needs to be refilled. It also allows you to choose from 2 different sizes of ice cubes: small and large.
● Energy-Efficient and Environmental Protection: Any unused ice will melt back into the reservoir and be recycled into fresh water, making this a waste-free product. The R600a refrigerant is non-toxic and non-destructive to the ozone layer. This will protect the environment and provide you with ice cubes safe for your health.
● Portable Compact Size and Low Noise Running: This ice maker is 9.5" x 14" x 13" in size and 17.5lbs in weight. With a quiet compressor that requires low energy to cool and its space-saving design, this ice maker will be a great addition to your bar or countertop. It runs at a mellow and efficient 115 watts with a quiet cooling function.
● Detachable Ice Basket and Convenient Ice Scoop: The ice basket can be easily removed to take the ice cubes out. It stores up to 1.5 lbs. of ice at a time. Be sure to use your ice shortly after making it, or store it in a freezer for later use so it doesn't melt.
Note: To enjoy the ice at its freshest, please use up ice in the basket or put it in the fridge to avoid melting around.

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ColorBlack/Green /Red /White /Silver/Navy
Voltage / Frequency115 V / 60 Hz
Operating cycle6-13 min
Ice making capacity per cycle9 pcs
Weight of each ice7-9 g
Ice shapeBullet
Ice capacity26.5 lbs / 24 h
Water tank capacity0.58 gal
Ice basket capacity1.5 lbs
RefrigerantR600a 2.25 oz/0.14
Product size9.5" x 14.0" x 13" (L x W x H)
Net weight17.5 lbs
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Mini Portable Electric Ice Maker Machine with Ice Scoop Mini Portable Electric Ice Maker Machine with Ice Scoop Mini Portable Electric Ice Maker Machine with Ice Scoop Mini Portable Electric Ice Maker Machine with Ice Scoop


  • -Equipped with a powerful compressor and 9 evaporator columns
  • -With a 2.2 L water tank, 9 ice cubes will be made within 6-13 minutes
  • -Can make up to 26 lbs of ice in 24 hours
  • -The giant ice storage capacity of 1.5lbs Intelligent function with ice-full indicator and water shortage indicator
  • -The water level mark suggests the right water height and ensures regular use
  • -Evaporator column of the nickel-plated surface with R600a refrigerant
  • -Automatic shut-off function when ice basket is full
  • -Transparent viewing window, removable ice basket, and ice scoop
  • -Clear control panel, easy to use
  • -Transparent windows provide an excellent view to look inside
  • -Round and smooth ice, don't hurt the mouth
  • -Hollow Design for better use Big and small sizes available for different use
  • -Can cool drinks, and food and make fruits smoothies and more
  • -Helpful for medical treatment and first aid Portable and compact, easy to carry
  • -A wide range of personal and commercial use 55 DB low operating noise
  • -Food grade material ensures the safety and healthy ETL certified and FDA certified


482 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • R

    Makes ice quickly


    I’ve been using this product for a little more than two years. It produces a reasonable amount of ice within 15 or 20 minutes. They advertise the first few cubes in nine minutes, which is probably true, but what are you going to do with nine little cubes. The product is quite heavy and substantial. I got the brushed stainless steel finished model, and it is very attractive on my countertop. I have had zero difficulty with this unit and I use it on an almost daily basis.

  • S

    Ice Maker


    This ice machine is beautiful well made works fabulous and for the price is a great deal better then Walmsrt I must say.I will be purchasing more items from this company well worth the investment.

  • G

    Love it


    Love the Ice Maker Machine

  • R

    Sat for 2+ years, works great!


    I bought this as a Xmas gift for my sister in 2020 and ended up not giving it to her because she bought a more expensive one for herself. It sat in my garage until this month. I moved and found the box while unpacking. I plugged it in, and it works great. It's fast, easy to use, and easy to keep clean. I use it every day.

  • T



    Items are easy to find. Quick response from seller.


  • Q:
    I received this ice maker as a door prize a my companies Christmas party (12-2-22) I cannot get it to work. The pump will not pull water from the reservoir. Any suggestions or can you direct me to someone who can assist?
  • Q:
    Is your counter top ice cube maker made in the USA?
    The country of origin is China. The brand is Costway.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    My countertop ice maker, EP22769, has a problem with the on/off function. When I press the power on button it just continues to flash, same thing happens when I try to turn it off. It takes multiple attempts and pulling the plug in and out to get things to work. Why is this happening and how can It be fixed?
  • Q:
    how long is the cord on this ice maker
    Without the plug, the length of the power cord is about 70 inches.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Wonder why is says''full'' when the ice compartment isn't full.
    There are two sensors on both sides of the basket,please make sure the sensors are not covered by the basket.You can adjust the basket and then try it again..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Why it instantly trips the GFCI button on outlets before the plug is even fully inserted into the outlet.
    As for the item showsGFCI, it because the electric current for your electricity leaking protection switch is too small. But when you start the item, the current will be over than the limitation current of the switch.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    What can I do if it stops making ice?
    Unplug it, shake it gently, don't add water, let it sit for a few hours and try again.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Wanted to know how we are to clean the tank of the icemaker.
    You can use a diluted liquid of water and vinegar to scrub the surface of the water tank..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    There are suppose to be small ice and large ice all it makes is large ice the small does not work.
    This item can not make ice cubes in different size. .
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    The machine doesn't keep the ice froze, even the large cube melt within minutes of putting it in a cold water drink.
    Ice melting because the machine itself does not have cold preservation function.Please kindly take out the ice in time and put it in the refrigerator after making finished,otherwise it will melt easily, especially at high ambient temperature.
    Costway representative
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