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  • 48 lbs Stainless Self-Clean Ice Maker with LCD Display - Gallery View 1 of 13
  • 48 lbs Stainless Self-Clean Ice Maker with LCD Display - Gallery View 2 of 13
  • 48 lbs Stainless Self-Clean Ice Maker with LCD Display - Gallery View 3 of 13
  • 48 lbs Stainless Self-Clean Ice Maker with LCD Display - Gallery View 4 of 13
  • 48 lbs Stainless Self-Clean Ice Maker with LCD Display - Gallery View 5 of 13
  • 48 lbs Stainless Self-Clean Ice Maker with LCD Display - Gallery View 6 of 13
  • 48 lbs Stainless Self-Clean Ice Maker with LCD Display - Gallery View 7 of 13
  • 48 lbs Stainless Self-Clean Ice Maker with LCD Display - Gallery View 8 of 13
  • 48 lbs Stainless Self-Clean Ice Maker with LCD Display - Gallery View 9 of 13
  • 48 lbs Stainless Self-Clean Ice Maker with LCD Display - Gallery View 10 of 13
  • 48 lbs Stainless Self-Clean Ice Maker with LCD Display - Gallery View 11 of 13
  • 48 lbs Stainless Self-Clean Ice Maker with LCD Display - Gallery View 12 of 13
  • 48 lbs Stainless Self-Clean Ice Maker with LCD Display - Gallery View 13 of 13
48 lbs Stainless Self-Clean Ice Maker with LCD Display

48 lbs Stainless Self-Clean Ice Maker with LCD Display

This is the portable ice maker machine which will make many more ice cubes according to your need.

Overall Rating:
72 Reviews
Item No: 97083251
valentine day,love deal,best gift for every honey
CAD $329.00

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Key Features

● Fast and Efficient Ice-Making: The electric ice maker machine adopts a superior compressor to ensure efficient ice production and lower power consumption. Producing 24 crystal clear ice cubes per operation cycle and making up to 48 lbs in 24 hrs, the ice maker provides a square ice cube of high hardness. Also, the machine runs without much noise which will not disturb you and your family.
● Intelligent LCD Display Panel: The ice machine will quickly respond to your every tap of the corresponding button on the operation area. The warning symbol on the display area will remind you in time when there is a lack of water or the ice basket is full, so as to reduce mistakes and protect the device itself to prolong the life span. Besides, you can set ice-making time as you want.
● Durable Material and Convenient Accessories: Made of high-quality stainless steel, the ice maker achieves a perfect combination of a long-lasting glossy surface and excellent durability. Besides, the machine comes with a removable basket and ice scoop to help you transfer ice cubes to your drink more conveniently.
● Easy to Use and Clean: With detailed instruction and automatic design, it is easy for you to use the ice maker. All you need to do is adding water, starting the machine, and taking the ice out. The self-cleaning function makes it convenient to keep the interior clean thereby saving you more time and energy.
● Compact Design and Wide Applications: The compact ice maker will take minimal countertop area while bringing practical functions to you. Whether for business usage from coffee shop to bar and restaurant to KTV or residential usage in home kitchen and parties, the portable and powerful ice maker will meet your demands perfectly.
● Note: Long press the "TIMER" button to start self-cleaning function Press the "ON/OFF" button for more than 5 seconds to start ice harvest process and melt ice cubes.


    -Powerful compressor for fast ice making and lower power consumption

    -Per cycle makes 24 square ice cubes and 48 lbs of ice per day

    -R600a refrigerant for strong cooling capacity for better ice cube

    -Intelligent LCD display, clear and user-friendly, easy to control

    -Allow you to set ice making time, run automatically

    -Stainless steel body for delicate surface and durable usage

    -Removable basket and ice scoop provide a great convenience

    -Transparent window for visible observation

    -Lightweight and compact design for convenient portability and easy storage

    -Ideal for home kitchen, party, KTV, bar, coffee shop

    • Color: Silver
    • Main material: Stainless steel
    • Power: 115 v / 60 Hz
    • Ice making current: 1.6 a
    • Ice harvest current: 2.6 a
    • Refrigerant: R600a, 1.13 oz / 32 g
    • Ice production: 48 lbs / 24h
    • Ice basket capacity: 2.4 l
    • Operating cycle: 13-25 mins
    • Dimension: 15" x 11.5" x 14" (L x W x H)
    • Net weight: 23.5 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Ice maker machine
    • 1 x Ice scoop
    • 1 x Ice basket
    • 1 x User manual
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Easy to use


I've been using this for maybe 3 months now, and I have a britta filter on my water faucet. So I only use "britta filtered water" My ice maker is leaving nasty residue now. The ice is fine at first. But I'm constantly having to clean it out. It gets nasty! Not sure if I blame this or my britta. I'm thinking it may be my britta..


The ice storage feels very small. You would need to let it run and make sure you were refilling the small water tank that feeds the ice maker. Makes good ice solid ice. If you are going to have more than a few people over, I don't think this would work for providing ice. I bought a larger one and it's storage is 33lbs. and it makes 100lbs. a day. It runs off of a 5 gallon jug or water faucet hook up. This way you don't have to fill it and it keeps making the ice.


So far no issues. Have made alot of ice. I prefer this over ice maker in fridge just because eventually ice tastes like the supply hose. This you just fill with external water. Shuts off automatically when no water or not used in few


Exactly as advertised. Cleaned it up and started making ice. Works great. Cheaper than replacing the ice maker in fridge. Will pay for itself in about 60 days as we were buying bags of ice every other day.


Very easy to use Doesn’t take up space. Love it. Just pour water in and turn on. Makes ice very quickly.


Works great and very fast!


So far so good. It took awhile for it to get here but happy with my purchase so far. It really puts out the ice in cubes.


How is this supposed to be self cleaning when the instructions have you cleaning it by hand? Lies.


I bought another one on here and returned it because it was so loud, much louder than our dishwasher! This one produces beautiful ice cubes that are NOT sopping wet and it does it quickly and quietly.


Great product looked aat others this was best mech of all


Is able to keep up with grandkids using tons of ice. Great product


Clear ice wow!!!!


Very good item


The ice tastes amazing. I had a previous ice maker that made white ice, but this ice is crystal clear and tastes so much better. I used bottled water on both machines.


As advertised, value, performance for the low price


Colin has a lot of great multiple features such as setting a timer, the thickness of the ice cubes oh, it has a large water Reservoir so you don't have to fill it all the time. Very happy with it


I bought this for my living room, it looks very good.And it is easy to use.


I bought this for my husband, it looks very good.And it is easy to use.


At this point nothing, and my family is very happy with it !!!


Very fast Machine actually gave me Ice in 9 minutes and a fresh tray of ice averaging 2 minutes! It’s very fast and will keep producing Ice as long as you don’t run out of water… this machine will handle a large amount of guests…! Highly recommended…!


Great value for the money


So handy to have all that ice outside.


Easy to setup and operates. Bought for my self and one for my sister-in-law. Her's was leaking from the bottom. Shipped back for a replacement and the new one was shipped out the same day.


I love this machine! It produces and is easy to use. We take it in our travel trailer too.


I had a problem with my ice maker. I called the company's representatives in the US. They were extremely understanding of my problem, polite, helpful and very professional. Costway was great and stood behind their warranty and shipped me a new replacement machine. Costway and their support representatives were five stars!


Have only had for a few weeks but so far so good. I just make a few batches and freeze in bags. Makes it pretty fast. I like the little cubes it makes!


All around works as advertised, just keep chugging away making ice


This is awesome! We no longer have to keep a dozen ice trays in our freezer taking up valuable freezer space.


Easy to use, easy to clean. Makes ice fast.


I wanted a ice machine to make plenty of ice for ice chest while camping. This machine does that, I also like that I can put plenty of water in it so I don’t have to be close to refill it so often. It’s not noisy at all and worth the price.


We take this product to horse shows so we have ice.


I love that you can adjust the thickness of the ice cubes! Very easy to use too.


I love how this works and understand that things like this are tested before shipped. However it arrived dirty and had to be fully cleaned before use. There was black chunks at the bottom by the drain. Gross.


I purchased this as a gift so I can't comment on performance. The person who received it is happy with it. I can comment on the Company, they are very responsive to questions and anxious to see that you are satisfied with their product.


Great product! Makes lots of ice quickly. I’m very impressed


Love it. It makes plenty of ice


An every day ice maker


Easy to use


This is the forth ice machine I've purchased for my home bar since 2000, I must say this is the very best home ice make ever. This ended the nightly schobling over who took all the Ice.


This may seem a little pricey but the last one we owned was extremely loud all the time. This is loud when it drops but not while it is making ice. The ice is crystal clear and we have well water, no water softener. The ice is actually pretty in a glass with water since they are so clear. We would buy this again.


Does what it supposed to alittle slow making ice but overall works


Like everything about this ice maker works perfect


Makes ice quick and square cubes just like hotel ice.


Great ice maker. Quite and produces a good amount of ice


I've gone through a lot. Time will tell.


Well worth it


Makes plenty of ice. Best portable I've owned. Ice is clear and solid. It lasts


Easy to use.


Very easy to use. Other reviews were very helpful when choosing this item,


Our new refrigerator's ice maker continued to freeze up and so we purchased this machine. It works perfectly! Highly recommend the Costway product.


Purchased this machine for a friend after reading all of the reviews. It works very well and is very easy to use. Makes little noise (except when ice drops but that's expected) and produces a lot of ice quickly. It also looks nice on the counter! You can also put it away easily when not using it and pull it out for parties. My friend had some leaking from the machine when turning it off, so I contacted customer service and they were extremely responsive and polite! They apologized for the defect and sent a new machine immediately. Did not have to mail back the first one -- no hassle! Will definitely be buying more Costway products!!!


I am extremely happy with this product. It was a little more expensive than my previous one but it is well worth it. I would recommend this to anyone that wants a sturdy, well made fast ice cube maker.


The ice maker worked great for us and I used mostly filtered water when filling it. We moved and while in a temporary place for about a month, I used the tap water which had excessive amounts of calcium in it. After several weeks, the jets started to clog and there was a buildup of white sediment int he tank - it was pretty bad.I first drained the entire unit and then wiped up all the residue I could from the overflow reservoir below the ice tray - clean it as best you can while its empty - in my case, I pulled up caked layers of sediment - when I said bad, it was really bad. You can use lemon juice / water mixture to help cut any hardened calcium on the walls, but it will mostly clean itself in the next step. There will still be water elsewhere in the unit after it drains - it will get cleaned up during the next step also. Make sure you put the plug and drain cap back on.To clean the jets and get it to perform like new again, I used half a bottle (approx 3 oz total) of pure lemon juice in the water fill reservoir with about 2/3 gallon of distilled water - enough to fill and empty the reservoir twice. I used all the lemon juice up front and then just filled the reservoir with distilled water. I ran that until about empty, dumping the ice as i went, and then another fill of only distilled water, make and dump ice until empty.. Use the full gallon if you think it needs it, but after about 2 fill/empty cycles, the ice was lemon-juice free and the system was fairly clean - the jets had unclogged during the first few ice cycles - pretty amazing.When its done, you may find more residue in the bottom of the overflow reservoir again - this came from that excess water inside the unit that didn't drain. Just drain, clean it out, and then you should be good to go after that.A nice, natural, and safe way to clean your ice maker - perhaps some lemon water to boot!!


The ice maker works really well. It is fairly simple to figure out. Directions are vague about the fiters. Search Youtube and a quick short video describes where they are at.


This machine works great. It actually makes more ice than I need but that is fine with me.


Love this ice machine! Really cranks out the ice and love the size of the cubes.


Great little ice maker... Works like a charm


UPDATE!!After using this for several months, it came time to clean the machine. The instructions indicate the machine COMES APART for easy cleaning. IT DOES NOT COME APART!! Impossible to clean!!! This thing is essentially disposable!!————————————-We have been using this everyday for several months. This is one of the best things we’ve purchased in years. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll like this thing.


After looking at tons of ice maker reviews and article. I was set on the Whynter icm-200ls but than found out this is the same machine for half the price. It makes the smoothest homemade ice cream ever. I was using a kitchen aid ice cream bowl and it can’t even compare. There are barely any ice crystals with this machine not to mention you can get firm ice cream without needing to freeze the finished product. Also with the built In Compressor, there’s no pre chill the bowl. I highly recommend this ice cream maker.


works great


Cubes are a bit small.


As advertised, no issues yet.


Makes ice fast


It's about the size and weight of a medicine ball. Sounds like a hotel ice machine kinda familiar background noise if you visit hotels a lot. that It definitely cranks out the ice! Lots of ice!


This little machine makes a lot of ice! I've been putting the basket of ice it makes into the freezer, and the machine can keep up with as much ice as I need or more.The machine itself does not hold a lot of ice, but it will make as much ice as you need.The ice cubes are clear, and the process is fun to watch.well worth the price.


Makes ice quick just wish the ice basket was bigger


Faust and easy to use


We could not be more pleased! Excellent product.


I got this because the ice maker in my fridge went out during the pandemic. Clearly I'm not having a service person in to fix it now, so this is the substitute.This unit does a good job of quickly producing ice in reasonable volume. In a couple hours I can refill the bin in my freezer and it lasts me two days.I learned a few things in the reviews here that were very helpful. First, start with cold water. I use water from my fridge. Second, the ice is soft when it's first produced. It needs to go in the freezer for 30 minutes or so to fully set. Third, play with the time for each batch. The documentation sucks, but basically if you hit "+" it adds a minute to the cycles. The default cycle made cubes that were a bit hollow in my climate. After a little experimentation mine works best at +4 minutes. Last, if the unit gets too warm it'll make crappy ice. There's a thermostat reading on the display at the beginning of each cycle. Watch it. If it climbs too high find a spot with more ventilation.


Drain plugs leaks. Have to use plumbers tape any time you drain it. I’ve had it two weeks and it’s froze over twice. Had to turn power off and let it defrost but other than that it works good.


We love this ice maker for our RV. Makes perfect ice. I was amazed at how quiet this was when making ice. The timer function is a nice touch so you can have it run for a few batches and stop. Makes ice every 20-25 minutes.