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26lbs/24h Portable Countertop Ice Maker Machine with Scoop

The powerful countertop ice maker with self-cleaning function is the perfect choice for you in summer!

Overall Rating:
55 Reviews
Item No: 71539468

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Key Features

Efficient Ice Maker: Featuring with fast and efficient function, this portable ice maker machine only spends 8 minutes making 9 pcs delicious and chewable bullet-shaped ice, saving your time to make yummy food and drinks. And it can produce 26 lbs of ice each day to provide enough ice for you.
Simple Control Panel: Equipped with an easy control panel and transparent lid, this compact ice maker not only offers a self-cleaning function which offers great convenience for you but also allows you to check the progress.
Quiet Operation: Coming with 45 dB low noise operation, this electric ice making machine will not disturb your daily work and activity while achieving low consumption. And the evaporators are made of pure copper with plating which is highly efficient and durable.
Portable and Compact Design: Measuring 12" x 9" x 12" (L x W x H) in dimension, this countertop ice maker machine with 70" power cord is suitable for home, office, party, and bar, enjoying delicious food anywhere. And the portable and compact design allows you to carry and store with ease.
Sweet Accessories: This premium ice maker includes an ice scoop and a removable basket, allowing you to take out the ice easily. And the ETL certification ensures your safety. Also, non-slip foot pads provide strong stability.


    The powerful countertop ice maker with self-cleaning function is the perfect choice for you in summer!


    This countertop ice maker can produce 9 pcs of bullet-shaped ice in 8 minutes and up to 26 lbs ice in 24 hrs, greatly satisfying your daily ice requirements. The capacity of the water tank is 1.6 liter. And the simple control panel with a self-cleaning function provides great convenience. Designed with transparent lid, this portable ice maker allows you to view the progress easily. And it will not disturb you with 45 dB low noise. Featuring with portable yet compact design, this premium ice maker machine with ETL certification is perfect for home, office, party and bar.

    Note: The indicator light of the green one is green, others are red.


    If you are looking for this product, don't hesitate to place an order!


    • Produces 9 chewable bullet-shaped ice in 8 minutes for fast ice-making
    • Makes 26 lbs of ice each day, meeting your daily ice needs
    • Self cleaning function maker it convenient to clean and maintain
    • Simple control panel for easy operation
    • Food grade material, harmless to human body
    • Checks the progress and amount of ice easily with transparent lid
    • Will not disturb your entertainment with 45dB low noise operation
    • Convenient to carry and store with portable and compact design
    • Suitable for home, office, party and bar
    • Takes out the ice with ease thanks to included scoop and removable basket
    • ETL and UL certificated for safer use
    • Color: Silver/green/black/red
    • Material: ABS, cooper
    • Overall dimension: 12" x 9" x 12" (L x W x H)
    • Voltage: 120V/60 HZ
    • Capacity of water tank: 1.6 liter
    • Weight capacity of basket: 1.3 lbs
    • Operating cycle: 8 mins
    • Amount of ice per cycle: 9 pcs
    • Daily capacity: 26 lbs
    • Net weight: 17 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Countertop ice maker
    • 1 x Scoop
    • 1 x Ice basket
    • 1 x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


I got this as a replacement to the previous ice maker I had. It never produced hard, cold cubes, they were always just half frozen and watery. My last one I used for two years on a daily basis, sometimes all day. This one I've used about ten times because it didn't work well, and now it conked out on me- doesn't make ice and the lights just blink.


For the price of the product it's not worth it, it doesn't consistently produce ice you have to wait for the ice to build back up it's a slow process


We’ve had no problems in 7 months. Works fine. We produce ice daily. It’s a little noisy but nothing crazy


After about 8 months the ice maker started producing smaller and smaller cubes until it was making virtually nothing. It no longer works for reasons I cannot see. It still gets cold, but there doesn't appear to be water filling the tray any longer.


Love this ice machine. Makes ice very quicklyp


I love this ICE MAKER! Don't think it is made for a big family but works for my husband and me. It is slow and take awhile to make ice. I make 3 gallon bags of ice in about 4 hour.


It does make ice and fast the downfalls the machine does not stay at a cold enough temperature to keep the ice froze if left in there with out emptying the basket it melts as a result half of the ice is already melted when the basket gets full also the basket is too small


It's great. In a couple hours you have tons of ice bullets. They do tend to stick together when you transfer them to the freezer, much like when you buy bagged ice from a store. But a couple pokes from an ice pick or the back end of a butter knife, and you are good to go!


Back up ice maker


Great product


Highly suggest this product serves its purpose. 1 person installment was fairly easy. This has been tested against a 240lbs man and withheld with minimal damage to door. I initially bought this for safety of my young child who sleep walks.


Love the aqua color!


This is a simple ice make that is quick to produce ice. The price is reasonable and the color is good.


My favorite appliance!


Easy to use great little gadget


Super efficient & functional. I’ve had it for several days & it works like a champ. Haven’t had to clean it yet but am not foreseeing any issues. Matches nicely with my retro kitchen & is very quiet.


We did have an issue with the unit, but Costway's excellent customer service resolved the issue to our complete satisfaction


That it didn’t last two months . Was very quiet,good ice but quit working


Gift for daughters lake house


So far this thing is working great it does not keep your ice cold so you have to empty it and put the ice in the freezer or it just will let the ice melt and it’ll make me wanna check your icemaker sometimes the ice does not come off the tray and it won’t make more until you kick it off the tray make sure you stand this up and plug it in without it turned on run a few cycles of ice before using or consuming the ice so you’re not getting any antifreeze ice kinda noisy


i like this ice maker its very quiet n it does the job i want it to do. n does it well. love the color too aka Red had a good time yesterday making ice fits my counter fine n not big n cumbersome as some are. First time trying this type of ice maker. so far so good i do not abuse my kitchen items i read n follow the instructions to the letter. Maybe that is why this works so well. l learn . Good company too from what i see and i read all the reviews. that is what make me get this one.


Best purchase. Love my little ice maker. It’s cute and does the job perfectly. Definitely a win.


This this is beyond kool. It comes in so handy and is a great product. I would've changed a few things made the actual capacity larger and a little bit quieter but its def worth its weight in gold. Great for one or two adults.


Love it...makes ice quickly and easily


Easy to use easy to clean, ice is in bullet shaped cubes that fit easily into sports water bottles


Works great


It's easy to work the thickness of the ice is just rite.


Makes ice! If you need to make ice, this does the job, loudly.


Perfect for my small kitchen! Makes things of ice! So happy with this machine! I just wish it had a deeper basket to make more ice at a time but we have a sudden brand at work and it's the same way.


Makes ice very quickly which is small bullet ice, i am happy with purchase


Home & family . Works great


Works great. Only down side is it’s a little on the noisy side.


Makes the perfect ice in little to no time ! Barely takes up any space I love it !


Love this item. Easy to use and makes ice pretty quick. I have fresh ice everyday for my drinks no more freezer burnt bags of ice.


I purchased a few items at the same time and this is the one that I love the most. It is easy to use, quiet, kicks out a lot of ice in a short amount of time...and I love the color. The only minor thing that I don't like is that the ice is always dripping wet. I have not figured out a way to put the ice in the freezer bag without all of it sticking together. It's very minor though and I would buy this again and again!


The machine doesn't really turn off. The ice making light flashes constantly while not in use. I just unplug it when I'm done making the ice I need. Other than this, I've been very pleased with this purchase.


Nice ice machine and works great!! It would be nice if you could hook it up to a water line so you don't have to keep filling it.


Works great! Follow the directions and it's worked great so far! Doesn't hold the ice cold so you have to put the cubes in the freezer but makes them fast!


Great ice assist when partying, steady flow of ice when your refrigerator can not keep up. Looking forward to taking it out on the patio during the summer months for easy access. (If there is any drawback it would be the cubes are slightly smaller than I would like).


Works great! I wish it would keep the ice frozen, but other than that it works well. Sometimes it says it’s empty of water, but there is still water?


Very easy to use . its quiet. And it does make 9 bullet cubes in 8 minutes . I love it


It works great!!


for the home


A little loud but awesome. I love this machine camping. Can be a little loud but worth it.


It makes ice in 7 minutes, but never shuts off as long as it is plugged in. Once you unplug it then it stops making ice. Otherwise it just keeps making ice until the water runs out. But it still wont' shut off, it will just blink add water. There is also a clean button. I've pushed it, but I have not seen it do anything. So, what would need to be cleaned?


I love how efficient this ice maker is! Worked very quickly. Is fairly on the quiet side, although it does throw off some heat, it’s not a crazy amount and doesn’t affect the quality or quantity of the ice.


I love this machine,I have ice anytime I want and it makes nice size pieces because I chew ice constantly and had to run to the gas station everyday and spend like close to 3.00 for a 7 lb bag of ice.and of course while you are there you buy other stuff that you buy so I figure about 10.00 a day or two per month,this has already paid for itself and I have had it less than a week.Easy instructions,I would run it for a few batches maybe a whole day to get the plastic new taste out of it,but it really didnt bother me,I am just happy to have ice anytime i feel like it without having to make room in my freezer,waste extra money going to the gas station every other day,it is portable,doesnt take up much space and i have a small kitchen.very happy,good product,good price.


Good machine


Only had this a few days, but so far it works great. The box only has a tiny postage stamp-size warning saying to keep the shipping box upright - didn't notice it and turned the whole thing upside down trying to unbox BUT! after letting it sit for 24 hours, it worked fine. It isn't any noisier than an oven or microwave. I ran water and vinegar through for a full cycle first and aired it out to get rid of the plastic smell. It makes about 10 cubes every 10 minutes. So far so good! I dry it out with paper towels, leave the lid open, and unplug it to save energy when not in use. The photo shows it on a baker's rack.


This is a nice addition to my kitchen. It's easy to use and maintain. I really like it.


It was a gift he loves it


Makes ice every 8 mins. Full basket in about an hour. This is good enough for RVing to make ice for drinks , etc. We used 3 bottles of water to fill it and it took about 3 hrs until it was ready for more. By the time it was done. It had made 2 1/2 full baskets of ice. Can’t wait to use in out RV.


It works great. I don’t have to fill ice trays anymore! It’s easy to use and stops when it’s done. It stays cold enough to keep the ice solid enough until you can transfer to the freezer.


Love it! It is cranking out ice as expected. Simple to use. Let it run about 45 minutes and the basket fills up. I transferred ice to ice bags to stock up. Love the color and quality of the product.


Good product. Makes ice quickly. It seems to always be in the ice making mode because the ice bucket melts a little. Over all though, it’s fairly quiet and it does the job