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Folding Shopping Cart with Swiveling Wheels and Dual Storage Baskets

This shopping cart is perfect for urban and city living, day-to-day grocery runs, laundry pickup, or everyday hauling.

Overall Rating:
424 Reviews
Item No: 46027915
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Key Features

● Foldable Design: This shopping cart can be easily folded, which is very convenient for you to carry and transport. When you are not in need, you can folded it up and it doesn't take up much space.
● High-Quality Material: It is made of premium heavy-duty metal, which is very durable and stable. And with the high-quality paint, it is difficult to get rusty. Because of these features, this cart can be used for a long period of time. Really save your time and money.
● 4 Durable Wheels: With the universal front wheels and large rubber rear wheels, the beach cart is easy to maneuver on sidewalks, streets, through store aisles, or even on grass. It makes it much easier for you to transport large loads and heavy items.
● Large Cargo Area: It is designed with enough storage space, it also includes the extra back basket, which allows you to keep your purse, jacket, umbrella, diaper bag or other personal items right in front of you for easy access secure storage.
● Multifunctional Use: This lightweight and sturdy folding utility cart is a good choice for urban and city living, day-to-day grocery runs, laundry pickup, or everyday hauling. It saves much energy and makes it more convenient for your daily life.


    This shopping cart is perfect for urban and city living, day-to-day grocery runs, laundry pickup, or everyday hauling.


    The basket can be folded for your convenience and easy storage. It is simple in design while complex in function so that you can use it anywhere. Constructed of sturdy metal, it is durable for years of use. This shopping cart features an ergonomic handle, universal front wheels, and large rubber rear wheels, making mobility easier and more smoothly.


    If you are looking for such a shopping cart, don't hesitate to bring one home now!


    • Brand new and high quality
    • Folding design for easy storage
    • Made of premium metal, sturdy and durable
    • Ergonomic handle, universal front wheels, and large rubber rear wheels
    • Transport large loads and heavy items with greater ease
    • Great for grocery, laundry, and more
    • Assembly required
    • Color: Black/Silver
    • Main material: Steel + rubber
    • Overall size (fully extended): 24.5" x 24.0" x 40" (L x W x H)
    • Folded dimension: 44.5" x 24.0" x 8.7" (L x W x H)
    • Net weight: Approx 13 lbs
    • Weight capacity: Approx 88 lbs
    • Package includes: 
    • 1 x shopping cart
    • 1 x instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Groceries and laundry


My mom recently had hip surgery and now, about 4 months later, is starting to move around well without her walker. She's not driving anymore so she's frustrated that she hasn't been able to make her own trips to the grocery store across the street... until now!
She was so excited when I gave this to her that she spent 2 hours the next day just wandering up and down the aisles of HEB getting everything she wanted at her own pace.
The only reason I give it four-stars is because, when it is empty, you can't put any weight on the handle. Since it's located behind the back wheels there is no support. Don't rely on it to hold you up like a walker but, after you get some milk and soup cans in the basket, it should be more steady.


Wasn't sure what to expect when I received it but after taking it out of the box and its packaging I was pleasantly surprised at the structural quality and flawless finish. I love the double wheels in the front and basket in the back. It was easy to assemble, took under 4 minutes. Just slide in the rear axle and press the wheels to pop into place. Same with the front wheels but no axle. The price was great too! I would buy it again.


Lightweight and made very well. Good product


It overall works well. When folded and you move it on it's wheels the smaller wheels turn randomly on rough surfaces.


This cart is what I needed to bring groceries from my car to my apartment I live on the top floor of my building. Only thing I would change is the handle.. it’s made of plastic which feels cheap, instead of a comfortable material. Other than that, it’s a decent cart






Does not fold flat with the wheels on


I need a cart to unload groceries and carry garbage out to dumpster, this cart is wonderful. It maneuvers very well in my small condo. I haven’t tried to fold, I just slip it into the spare room ready to roll. I have RA and back problems so I’m unable to lift heavy items. This has solved my problems.
I would recommend


Ideal for groceries. Justr watch the weight limit and pull it backwards thru snow and on grass.


Bought for mom who is 89 years old and she loves it. ! It's easy to fold and store, she uses it for her laundry. And she loves the extra rack to hold her soap and other things.. With the extra inner liner her clothes stay in and stay clean.! Everything is in its place.! Well worth the cost.!


Exactly what I needed


Very Sturdy.


This is great! It does exactly what i bought it for - to load from car, then take items into house - all in one trip. Swivel front wheels makes it easy to manuver.


I recently moved to a new house. It's only 3 blocks from the grocery store. This cart allows me to walk to the store and easily bring a week's worth of food home. I get my exercise, a little fresh air and the necessities thanks to this shopping cart.


It’s working so far on clean cleared sidewalks, not so great in snow. Use it in store also helpful, then I don’t buy more than I can carry. Also was hoping handle was softer but the rubber like sleeve is good for grip.


roll easy . holds plenty


Very versatile and easy to use. Now I need to order a pad for it


Big, sturdy cart. Just needs some cardboard on the bottom, as holes are large. Moves easily. A pleasure to use


it came to my front door I love that and it also came fast.


Perfect design looks good and very comfortable to wear. Size wize and length sleeve perfectly professionally design. Thank you shipping in time.


This is so easy to assemble. I did it in about five minutes and it’s super durable and can hold a lot to take it to the grocery store every weekend.


I was shocked how easy the cart was to assemble!! It maneuvers superbly! I gave it a 4star rating because I haven't used it on the street yet. The true test of its durability will be when I actually take it to the market.


It's maneuverable and has big capacity.


This cart is sturdy, easy to handle and steer. This is the best and has a second carrying space in the back for drinks etc. or lightweight items. It is long lasting.


Saving my back as I unload groceries, boxes, briefcase, lunch pack, & more..makes this handy tool well worth its price. I have a walk from my parking place to our front door and unless you have steps to maneuver, it works great. A friend recommended this style after using it at the beach...or a park picnic with a walk to your destination. Thanks. Works just right...if you know how to pack a bag, you can pack this, too.


Got this for my dad and he loves it. It was easy to put together and it works really well.


Cannot say enough nice things about this cart. Great value, well made, would buy again (tho I am not sure if I will every need to do so).


Love this product. Use it at my job. I’ve bought three. Very pleased! Very strong and durable.


It looks good but that's about all. Not very easy to maneuver. The wheels also get very dirty and mark up my wood floors (which I could buy one that does not get so dirty--is it the material of the wheels?


Great little cart for carrying my groceries from underground parking to my door. I recommend it. Folds easily.


The front wheels do not steer that well. However, I typically have the cart tilted on its rear wheels when transporting items and it work perfect. If you plan to use this item as a sort of shopping cart it might be a bit clumsy to maneuver.


The older I get it harder it is to being items in. So I use mine to bring in items. Bags of groceries, stuff from the car in one trip. Love it.


The ease of assembling was a snap and I can out maneuver all those old store carts. I'm in and out of the store with all my goodies! Everyone needs to get one of these they are Awesome!!!! Thanks. Billie Ozment


Bought this for my mother to cart is large but easy to maneuver. It folds easily.






So excited, excellent design


Was looking for a cart large enough to handle my wash when I have extras like blankets. This works very well.
I think it is definitely worth what I paid.






Doesn't turn as good as it should. Front wheels aren't that great also they have to be a certain way to fold up.


I really don't like the front Wheels, not to go to maneuver.


I bought this for my mom and she loves how much space it has and how easy it is to use


The wheels on this cart do not swivel unless you fight with it and turn and turn and etc. My mistake was not purchasing a cart that had the "climb the steps" type of wheels. It's too late for me to return this cart as I wasn't using it as soon as I got it. Not recommended.


Needs heavy duty wheels on front , better maneuvering.


Very sturdy and handles easily. It can hold a lot. Would recommend it to anyone considering buying one.


food shopping . Love the front rotating wheels .


Bought this item for myself because with health issues this was a good way to get groceries, carry my laundry and anything else heavy to carry. Works great!!! Came early and we’ll packaged. Easy to put wheels on.


We bought this cart for our 92 year old mother. I didn't realize how big it was, but that is not a complaint! I'm very happy with the size because I can see that it's going to easily carry her groceries, and it looks like she will only have to make 1 trip from the car to her apt. While it is very sturdy, it's very easy to maneuver, and folds easily too. The front wheels need to be turned inwards to properly fold it up, but I don't see that being a problem. I love the smaller basket, which will be perfect for her to put her purse in. We are giving it to her for her birthday, and I know she's going to love it!! I highly recommend this handy cart!!


I love the height of the handle and that it has a place to put my personal things. Large enough to hold packages. Fold easily and very easy to store. Also, light enough to lift.
The front wheels are small and it is easy to turn the cart but the small wheels make it difficult to maneuver over bumpy uneven areas. Overall, I would give this item 4 1/2 stars.


Helps with laundry and groceries


i highly recommend this product.




I like the fact that it was easy to assemble and is heavier than the cart I returned which had a defect. I would highly recommend buying this cart as it is large enough to carry all your groceries. It also has a second basket which can be used for fragile items.


Good Cart






I wanted a good cart with wheels large enough to be east to get up a step. This cart proved to me it was up to the job!


This is a sturdy cart. I like the fact that the front wheels turn 360°. That makes it so easy to turn, especially when you are carrying heavier items. The thing l don't like is that the front wheels must be turned exactly right in order for the cart to close properly. Other than that I'm happy with it.


He loves it!


I fold my basket (when ever I have finished shopping, loading and unloading my car, general move of items around). The folded basket gets hung on the door until I need it next time


He loves it!


Each year I have to purchase another carrier for all of my work and paperwork but this time I may have met my match




Love everything about this cart. Easy to assemble, easy to fold up and easy to maneuver! I'm so glad I bought this. Works perfectly to take things up and down the elevator from underground garage to condominium.
Highly recommend!!


To bring bagged groceries in from the car and to take garbage out to the dumpster and carries alot.


Works as described!


Exactly what I need


Perfect fit in car trunk- side to side. Rolls easily and holds everything I need to transport.


I like the size and the fact it has 2 baskets. I can put my purse or eggs in the smaller basket. It holds a lot of groceries. However, I bought it mainly because it said the wheels could go through grass. Well, it doesn’t very well. I have to lean it back and roll it on the back wheels. If it’s a heavier load, it makes it more difficult. If I could roll it on all four in the grass, I would have given it 5 stars. I decided to keep it instead of looking for another.


Works very well! But…
I wish I read before buying it that can only holds 88lbs.


I bought the cart to carry my photography equipment in it when I walk for long distances.


Nice. Very solid. Easy to assemble, and folds up when not in use.


Easy to assemble just add wheels rolls nice seem sturdy and well built


I generally use a walker as a mobility aid. I can put several sacks of groceries in my cart and it can aid me in walking as well as carry my items to my apartment.


It is probably a good product, but it was way too big for my little car.


Great cart Wonderful for fairs and festivals. Kind of a pain to fold and store because you have to take off the large wheels, but overall it is sturdy and wonderful.


I got this because I moved to an upstairs apt. right across the street from Ralph's! This is strong and sturdy, REALLY sturdy. Well worth the price!


Easy assembly, have used to bring in groceries, take laundry to machine, luggage out to car for travel.


Easy to put together and sturdy for my folks to maneuver plus helps for balance




This product is perfect for groceries. Makes it so easy to load and unload . Perfect for older individuals and easy to put together and fold.


It's a very nice cart but it's bigger than I thought it would be and luckily that allowed it to hold more items so I didn't return it.
One person found this very helpful


Does the job


It works well overall, but the grip sucks. They used cheap plastic material that doesn’t provide much support to your hand as you’re pulling or pushing the cart. They should’ve used some sort of cushion material something for support. Definitely not worth the full price simply because of the handle. Otherwise, it works well. It’s spacious and convenient.


The cart will tip over if you put anything into the small basket n the back. It must be weighted down in the front first. Turning it is awful, the wheels are cheap and a hard plastic and do not turn when you need them to. Not the best for what I needed it for. Downtown living and grocery shopping.


Use this all the time! It is a God Send! Well-made and sturdy.


If you’re looking for a good sized (large) wheeled cart…look no further! So well made, easy to assemble and sturdy as can be…highly recommend


used it just a couple of times it does not manuver on uneven paths but does on smooth paths the wheels broke off after 2nd use it was not able to repair would not recommend this at all


This initially seemed a great buy. Capacity was wonderful, it assembled easily, it has held up now quite a while. However, right off, I found the front wheel placement and pivoting made turning the cart left, right, or 180* next to impossible.
We have kept it anyway, but now have reached the point of being too frustrated by its mobility.
I am looking for another, similar size, wider wheels that won’t catch in the decorative holes in our doormat, and turns easily.


Makes laundry and groceries go smooth


Was a gift to an elderly friend with back issues. She was so happy with it after buying a few other brand models.


Fácil de armar y utilizar


I like how it holds all my groceries


Well made all assembled just snap in the wheels and go,room for laundry detergent also.


We have been living out of a one room Hotel for 6 months, due to a house fire. Laundry room is down the long hall and on 2nd floor, plus Have to use the elevator. This carries all my laundry and detergent, etc. My husband used to have to make 6 trips carrying our groceries from the parking lot. Now he makes one trip. The only problem I have once in awhile, are the front wheels don't swivel easy. Easily resolved by simply pulling handle to lift front wheels to swivel and you're on your way again.


I purchased this for an elderly friend for shopping, etc.. She couldn't be more pleased and finds a use for it almost every day. What a great price!


This product was easy to assemble. Came exactly as described. It is wide and deep. Perfect for when we go to laundry and grocery shopping. The little rack in the back is really good for putting smaller items.


Larger capacity than my old cart. A little difficult to fold because of the pivoting front wheels. Doesn't seem like it will hold up to hauling groceries up my steps for very long but will wait and see. I like the extra basket on the back but the wires are too far apart to hold small items.


A perfect cart as a replacement of the old cart.


Love this cart, for its size and sturdiness. Able to carry heavy load and still easy to manever on carpet


This shop cart is not big to carry after fold, it is really good.




Very simple to put together, light weight, and easy to haul things in..


So easy to assemble and fold up, rolls great. Love the large basket!


My husband has to bring his tools with him to work on our boat at the shipyard. Using this cart he only has to make one trip and he has everything he needs.


I bought this for my mom. She loves it... She loves how it holds so much. She takes it everywhere. Now I gotta get her a liner


Good quality cart!


It was easy to assemble and felt very secure. I can get around town. It was more pricey than I usually buy but worth it.


Wheels are wobbly and hard to direct.


I bought this for my father-in-law ( widowed , almost 80 years old and determined to be independent) help him get his groceries from the car to the kitchen. He Absolutely LOVES IT!!!!!






This will work perfectly for when I go shopping. The size is just what I was looking for. And I am sure the extra pocket in the back will help a lot.


Gave this to my parents as a gift due to them moving to a condo and is very convenient; just the right size and my dad enjoys using it and also very easy to assemble.


Living in the city has its limits if you don’t have a vehicle. I usually walk to the grocery store to purchase some items and whatnot and this chart can hold a lot! Beware though it has its limitations, it doesn’t handle uneven surfaces well( if you are not careful, you will trip and topple over) but other than that this thing has become a necessity when I am making my grocery store run.


Handle height is ideal.


It is a good size but does need a liner if you go shopping, if items are nit contained, some coukd slip


can carry a lot of stuff


This was given as a gift and was greately appreciated.


At the food pantry, we give this cart to people who lack transportation to get their food home. They get between 50 and 100 pounds of food, in general, and it all fits in the cart. The clients keep the carts and bring them back next time; the fact that we see the carts coming back time after time tells me that they are sturdy and long lasting. They've also made recent improvements that make the cart much easier to assemble. I highly recommend this cart and will continue to buy it myself.


We love that it' so easy to transport all our groceries and random heavy items now! It's PERFECT and easy to USE for our senior living lifestyle.


I purchased this to get the groceries from the car to the house. I wanted it big enough for one trip. It is certainly big enough for that and then some. Look at the measurements to be it is the size you want. It will not fit in the trunk of our car. It is very sturdy and is built very well.


Having moved into an apartment several months ago, I needed a laundry cart that could hold clothing, detergents, dryer sheets and be easy to manage into an elevator.


I liked the size of the wheels


To get food home . I had accident that keep me from driving for nine !month. It was a low be safer for me.


Other carts are switching to foam handles and really toxic smelling parts. This cart sticks with the older time-tested plastic handle that almost all brands used in the past.


Use cart to bring in stuff from the car. Handy with my recent move. The only thing that’s annoying is when it’s empty it “bucks” and is a little hard to maneuver.


It was definitely big enough, but I don’t think it’s as strong as the one I purchased before I don’t think it’s going to last that long




I a Preschool and the children put their lunch boxes in the basket and then take them out to the lunch tables.


Love it cause I don’t have to depend on the store to have my car clean. It’s pretty big and the handle is high where I don’t have to bend over.


Have used it four times. Each and every time have to work on finding the "sweet spot" to get the darn thing folded.


everything was fine just what I needed.


Good size to carry needed goods
Front wheels not functioning good when transition to diff levels


I mostly use this cart to ţransfer items from my car after shopping trips. It is so easy to use. The clever double front wheels are ingenious, allowing me to turn on a dime very smoothly and easily The cart's capacity is very large. I can get the contents of a fully loaded grocery cart into this basket and in to the house in one trip. The smaller basket is great for keeping delicate items from being crushed. This is a heavy-duty cart constructed of excellent materials. I would guess it is twice as strong as the other carts I have owned. It was so easy to assemble! I just had to pop the wheels on. NO sweat and no tools required. I love this cart and recommend it highly!


This is a great cart with lots of room and easy to use in smaller places and very nice.


I took this cart on vacation, it is so spacious, we were able to easily transport our luggage from car to room. Then took it to get supplies, it held 5 bags of groceries and easily pulled over the rough dirt path back to our condo. I used it to take our beach gear down to the shore and it deftly maneuvered over the rocky, uneven trail to the beach. It's very sturdy and well made. I did my homework and looked at every other option before ordering this one and I'm glad I did!


This is a very nice cart! The size is good, nice and large, large enough to handle several shopping bags which is good. My pet peeve: although having the front wheels swivel makes it easier to steer, it makes the cart harder to fold up.


I use this cart to walk to and from the store and run errands with. It's great for pedestrian and handles uneven pavement and wide* stairs well. It maneuvered the sidewalk between my house and the grocery store (about 15 mins) very well both empty and with contents. The wheels are very sturdy and the front wheels are big enough that they don't hinder maneuvering or cause the cart to tip. Overall I like the 360 feature on the front wheels but they're not very good with sharp turns.


Large size is nice. Front wheels sometimes go astray.


The reason for loss of one star: small items can fall through the large grid other than that this is a terrific shopping cart which I look forward to using for many years. I particularly like the small tandem basket for my purse or other fragile items i.e. fruit.


Just got this yesterday. Love it already. Sturdier than I expected. Wheels excellently. Wheels were easy to install. Spacious enough for a decent amount of food shopping. It is very easy to fold as well.


So easy to assemble. Just pop the wheels on, and that is it. Good sturdy product, and I like the added bin in the back of the cart. Very satisfied with the product.


Best purchase ever when living in an apartment building!!




Excellent product for you getting groceries up in an elevator to apartment and use for laundry too


I really like the capacity of this cart. It folds well. I thought the two front wheels would make it a lot easier to turn, but sometimes they get in the wrong position and I have to "work it" to get them straightened out. The purse section is handy, although my backpack purse doesn't quite fit.


Purchased this to bring in my groceries from the car. I was buying most of my groceries through curbside orders long before the pandemic and will continue to do so. I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia; my husband has a bad back. Using this cart we can pile all my sacks into it and bring them in all at once. Yes, we need exercise, but we prefer to do it other ways. I also purchased the line for the cart, but have not used it yet.


I am concerned about the amount of wt. it is rated for. With my last grocery load, the wheel axel was bending causing the wheels to bend inward. What is the cart weighted for?


It was all put together. Folds well, easy to maneuver. Can carry luggage, groceries and more easily. Dual front wheels.


I use this for many things bringing groceries in. Taking laundry to my laundry room and back specially towels. The only thing I have a problem with is the front wheels don’t turn or adjust to a different height and you have to lift it up stairs. The back wheels are not made for stairs luckily I only have 3 steps to go up and down but I have a tendency to fall so I take great care with the stairs. Otherwise


Well built


I use it for groceries and other large bulky items that need to go from my car to the apartment.


Easy to assemble


Happy I ordered this. I use it every week to bring the groceries in. One trip and I'm done. It's sturdy and holds a lot even heavy items. Very happy with this item.


I live in a senior bldg and use it to carry my groceries to my apt. It's nice and big and allows me to take everything in one trip.


Gave it to my daughter and she is very pleased with it - they moved to a new apartment and it is easy to maneuver for them for groceries and all other shopping items. A good purchase and a great gift.


It took a very short time to put this cart together as it was easy to assemble. After I had used this cart, I new it would it be would be safer to have a liner. This company was a jewel. Not only shipping ouo the lining, but giving a phone number to walk me the the instigation!!! I use it on a basis as I don’t drive. This fantastic cart can loaded with up to 15 - 12pk cartons of sodas!!!


I love my cart. It's everything I wanted expected and wanted.


Just what I needed


Shipping takes forever, plus a couple of shipping errors by FedEx I finally got it.


God I love this cart. I have back issues so this is essential for grocery shopping. I plow down the sidewalk with this baby and can fit all kinds of groceries in it. I recommend getting a liner, otherwise you might have something fall through. It also doesn't fold up and roll, which is a pretty big set back. The maneuverability is pretty good, until the front wheels get stuck, then it's kind of a pain to straighten out. And boy do those dead stops destroy shins! If they fixed it so that you could wheel this with ease when folded up, this would easily be 5 stars.


I use the cart to move groceries and other products from my truck to my apt.


This cart has great capacity. I use it to take out garbage and recycling, for transporting laundry to the laundry room, and to bring my groceries in from the car. This cart has been invaluable to me since I have had surgery. I would highly recommend it. It's well made and very reasonably priced.


It needs to be a little heavier. Until you load items in the cart It’s kind of hard to control - it’s tips over easy.


Great product




I liked it could hold a 3 cases of water and a lot of groceries.


What’s not to like? It’s easy to fold, holds a lot of packages and makes it so easy to transfer packages to and from the car. I really like that it has a smaller attached basket big enough for a purse or smaller packages.It is rather long . It only fits in my small suv if I fold a back seat down.


Packaged well. Easy assembly. Nice size. Bought to use as a rolling laundry hamper for college student in an apartment. Attached a laundry bag with velcro tabs that allow bag to be removed and washed along with the clothes. The back of the cart can store laundry materials. Great for carting to the laundry facility. Also can use as a grocery cart when necessary.


Absolutely love it. I can carry my purse in the basket and groceries on the cart.


One of the best carts. It much larger than I thought. I use it to carry my groceries. And this one holds everything. Would def buy again if the need arises.


I love this cart! I did alot of research before I bought this. This was the clear winner. I use it to get groceries in from the car, move stuff from one room to the other, move just about anything! I'm disabled and it allows me to do more for myself. The swivel wheels in front are important and great. The only thing that I don't like is the handle. It is skimpy and the handle cover slides around so that you can't keep a grip. That can be solved by cutting plumbing pipe insulation over it. Pool noodles will work if you can find them skinny enough. I have gotten others to buy this cart to help make things easier for them at work and they love it!


Eady to put together and easy to use .


I like everything about it I use it for my grocerys


The cart easily assembles, has smooth yet durable wheels and plentiful room. The rear basket adds


Big and very sturdy.


I love every thing about it except for the wheels in the front. It's hard to maneuver it. It's like they lock up at times. I just end up pulling it behind me. It holds plenty of groceries & my laundry basket. It was easy to assembly & folds very easily. Other than the front wheel problem for me it is awesome. This could me not being able to push it correctly


The shipping took quite a while longer than expected, but it wasn't like I was waiting for months. Maybe a month and a half or so in total wait between order and delivery. I am a teeny 5'7" and have Fibromyalgia, yet I could assemble this entirely by myself with no tools and the instructions are concerningly minimal, but all you need and very easy to follow. I am very happy with mine so far! I plan to use my cart to walk a couple miles to the grocery store and back, since I don't drive and my husband isn't always able to go to the store in the car. We are both chronically ill and my partner has an autoimmune disease and weakened immune system, so I am trying to get out more and help with more of the out of the house errands he used to be more able to do. I'll try to update as soon as I unfold and use it once or twice!


It helps me be more independent, I can bring my groceries into the house with one trip


Bigger than I thought


Nice sturdy cart,good that the front wheels turn,way better than the last one i had.


Love this item and is a lifesaver ! Easy to maneuver and easy to fold and store. Highly recommend.


Does the job as a laundry basket!


Perfect size for laundry or groceries and a place for a purse or backpack. Should have gotten this earlier.


Was nice but when you fold it sometimes the wheels get in the way. But other than that great cart


Worth every penny. Hands down the best trolley I've ever owned. The price seemed a bit much for me usually, but I have it a shot and couldn't be happier. The wheels literally just click on... Super easy to install. I also thought that this was going to be heavier than it is. Very light considering the payload this thing can carry. Having the extra basket in the front is great! No knee knocking, and I'm just shy of 6 feet , and my wife considerably shorter than I am also has no problem with the basket. She actually loves having it there for her personal hand bag... Nice and safe!


I like that its easy to fold and put in my trunk of my car. What I didnt like when the wheels hit a crack or a rock


It's pretty cool


First, the customer service was amazing. I had a problem with the wheels. Nina stayed with me, offering several options and finally sent me a new cart.


Easy cart to use. I store it on the car back seat using a towel for easy sliding which prevents seat scuffing.


A great purchase.


I love this cart. It has more room and is more sturdy than my last one. It is very easy to fold and assemble.


I bought this to help me, (a handicap senior citizen) bring groceries in from the car. I have found this cart helpful. It is not as maneuverable as I would like. It doesn’t turn well and seems to hang up on going in a straight line.


Had it only a few months, and one of the front wheel assemblies fell apart! Contacting the seller to see if I can get replacement


Truly a wonderful cart for every task I've needed! A perfect buy!


This was purchased for a friend who was limited with physical conditions when it came to shopping for groceries. She is very happy with her gift.


It is big and holds a lot of items.


Way better than any others I've owned


Sturdy cart. No trouble putting wheels on. Pleased with purchase.


This replaced the same item that was 11 years old.... perfect as I can walk to the market and then easily bring packages back to the apartment.


Easy fit into vehicle to avoid public shopping cart use. I’ll save a ton on disinfecting wipes!


Big cart, easy to fold and assemble.


Thank you so much! I had an issue with my shipping and the seller was very very quick to respond and they were so helpful. Thank you so much! The cart itself is awesome! It's bigger than I thought but I don't mind it! More room


Great product. Sturdy and easy to use.


To carry groceries from the car to the apartment. It is a significant distance from the parking garage to the apartment. I tend to shop at Costco and Trader Joe’s once a month. Thus we have a lot of groceries to carry at one time.


The front swivel wheels make it super easy to maneuver.


Liked everything about it no down side. All comfortable, smooth and totally easy


The smaller front wheels sometimes jam if they aren't positioned right when the cart is loaded.


Its build very good.


The turning wheels make all the difference from other shopping carts. Well constructed and convenient.




Nice cart, little heavy


I have had MANY Landry cart and this is by far the best !!!!


Good size


This cart was very easy to assemble. It's really big and perfect for my shopping day. Everything fits in! I love the extra basket part. My purse and drinks and other stuff fits great.


Purchased this for a resident with mobility issues. He has used this consistently. Helps with his balance as well.


I use it for work and home.


So far just put it together and put it away. I'm impressed by the swivel wheels in front and the large wheels in the back. It is very sturdy and well made.


Seems well made and sturdy.


Bought this for my sister. She loves it.


I use the cart mostly for laundry since I use a laundromat in my apartment building. I have the liner attached and there's a cover for the top. This was easy to put on the cart and is securely attached. I don't remember any additional assembly .I get a lot of questions about where I got it.


I love the cart I've had a few over the last 15 years. But for some reason the front wheels on this cart I bought the front wheels lock up and won't pivot like they are suppose too. I've tried to send msgs to the seller but I never hear back from them.


It works pretty good, the wheels stuck for a very brief moment a couple times.


After several weeks of use, I decided to write a review. I bought this for my father to do his laundry in his apartment building. He been using regularly and loves it!


After shopping around this one looked the best for the price...we are very happy with it, I carry a five-gallon water bottle 40 Lbs + more groceries on top with ease.Rater capacity 88 Lbs seems to be true and manovers well.


I bought this for my daughter and she loves it


This was a gift for a friend who lives in a FL condo and seems like a worthwhile investment. The cart folds well enough to fit in the car. It’s really decrease the number of trips from the car to the condo. The big basin is great for filling up with groceries however that said, it’s ideal for flat surfaces and where there’s elevators available. Trying to lift it up any stairs is a pain because I usually fill it as much as I can so I only have to do one car trip (so perhaps just a me problem). If you live in an apartment/condo where there’s no elevators I’d try a cart with a smaller basin that’s not too awkward lugging upstairs.


I bought this cart for my Mother, She's Happy, There for I'M HAPPY! !


My old laundry cart lasted me a good 16 years. Arguably it still had some life in it (so I donated it to charity) but the wheels were starting to get tricky to maneuver. So, I treated myself to this bad boy and the fabric liner that is sold separately.Not only is it easier to push in any direction, the extra basket at the back has proved more useful than I imagined. I really like having all my laundry supplies at the ready and it gives me more room for the wash. Even with the main cart emptied it stays steady with a heavy detergent bottle, stain treatment, fabric softener, freshener beads and dryer sheets in the back basket. No tipping issues to contend with is a definite plus. It also folds up compactly and easily fits at the back of my coat closet.I largely have groceries delivered but I would absolutely use this to do a big shop, if I needed to.


Its little heavy but very useful


I bought this product for my wife and she uses it every time we go shopping. Excellent product and super easy to assemble.


We use this cart to bring our groceries up to our 3d floor apartment. We're able to carry a 2 weeks supply of food in one trip! It saves steps as well as time. Don't know why we struggled lugging bags as long as we did. Folds up flat enough to slide into the trunk between grocery trips.


I really like it never leave home without it best money spent.


I actually gave this item to my daughter, it was a little too big for my use. I have a grocer just downstairs in my apartment complex. I needed something a little smaller for my use. I did reorder another one, smaller, yet through the same vendor.


This cart is perfect for taking groceries and other items from the car trunk to the house and inside.


Ford well for delivering amazon prime and Whole Foods


Such a great help for my husband and me. We have stairs to climb and with the basket not only do we make less trips it’s less stress on our backs. Both of us are seniors and he is disabled.


Love the additional compartment hatch! It’s easy to maneuver and easy to fold.


The cart is definitely a Plus in getting your load safety home. It's durable and sturdy. Great for shopping. Company GoPlus really appreciate the customer and scores high with me regarding customer satisfaction.


Excellent product , came 6 days before, easy to assemble.Mom enjoyed it .


Highly recommend for any seniors/elderly loved ones or anyone of any age love with mine..purchased 1 for me & my mom & she LOVES hers :-) for unloading her groceries!


Not easily maneuverable. I live off of an alleyway that’s gravel, very hard to get it moving. It’s fine on paved surfaces.


It was great I like it alot it's easy to use


Easy to assemble with limited effort. Perfect size for my 85 year old mother who can open abnd fold it back with one hand.


My girlfriend loves it. Nice size also


Very easy to assemble, but I especially like the maneuverability.


Good capacity, pretty durable. No plate on the base, so small stuff falls through. Nice it has the smaller basket in the back. Good maneuverability.


One of the smaller wheels doesn't swivel easily making it difficult to change directions. Otherwise I love it. It works well, except for the wheel, as a grocery cart as well as a laundry cart.


Lots of room to pack plenty inside, like that it folds away. Don't like that you can't wheel it around when folded (as when going to the store): the wheels interfere with each other. Surprised it wasn't tested for this & designed to be transported easily when collapsed.


Grandma uses this to bring her laundry to the laundry room in her apartment building. Very durable, great size, easy to maneuver, really excellent product and SO GLAD the front wheels turn!


Its big and I love it. Everyone should get one. Even if you just use around the house. I use it for laundry and groceries.




Double wheels make this a heavy duty choice.


Carries a nice amount of packages and the extra basket on top wa a gear place to put my eggs a bread


I use this cart for everything. Laundry, the laundry basket fits perfectly on top. I have a bad back and can't carry heavy items. Heavy duty and larger than the cheaper smaller carts. This cart can take the weight really well. I take garbage bags out to the dumpster. I made a board for the top to haul boxes, etc. It has held up really well. Recommend it highly


Gave this as a gift to my daughter who lives in a high-rise to haul groceries from lower level parking. Works great, the neighbors are jealous!


This is a very generous cart. The assembly, including reading instructions, less than 10 minutes. It seems to be well constructed and rolls easily.


Me agrada mucho lo recomiendo es grande facil de de ensamblar y cómodo estoy muy satisfecha Gracias


wonderful tohave it is worth it!!


As advertised, the cart was easy to assemble and works great!


A lot more sturdy than I was expecting


Like this product very much, the only draw back is folding it. The front wheels have to be maneuvered just right in order to fold it.


I live in a walking city and use the cart for the farm market and grocery store. It is light and easy to use and close up again for storage. Doesn’t maneuver as well as I would like but decent value


It was easily put together and quickly put to use. Spacious and yet easy to maneuver even when full.


Holds a lot, easy to roll. It is large, so you must have the space to store it I’ll put it in your vehicle


I bought this for my 83yr. Old mother....She loves it, the cart is very easy for her to fold up and to maneuver around. She uses it to help her bring in her groceries and stuff. I highly recommend this cart...




This cart is extremely easy to fold and unfold, easy to push or pull. Very large amount of space to put all your groceries and a good size basket to put your purse. When you recieve the basket, take out the rubber wheels the stink, put them outside for a day or two. They are easy to snap the wheels on.


It’s easy to assemble and to fold and store.



I bought this for seniors to use at the complex I run so they don't have to carry their garbage all the way to the dumpster. It is great.. in addition to being easy to wheel out, it has a good capacity for holding things and it gives them something a little more sturdy to hold onto as they walk. It's not heavy or hard for them to open.


We bought this as a gift for a friend who needed it for moving groceries and laundry. She loves it!


This is a perfect product for my needs. We live in an apartment with an underground garage so it is very inconvenient for hauling groceries from the garage to the apartment. The cart solves that problem very nicely. When not in use we fold it up and keep it in a clothes closet.


We love how large it is and the added pocket in back, but the front wheels are a problem when using it and when folding it. They get wonky and turn sideways keeping me from pushing it and again in closing it as flat as it should be.


Love this fold away cart! It is sturdy, extra large and holds a large amount of groceries. Its also easy to fold up and down and easy to store - doesn't take much space to store.


The basket is easy to open, close and store. I like how much the basket can carry. The tires aren't suitable for going up multiple stairs with a heavy load. With a lighter load, they're fine.


Let's begin with assembly - a cinch. No tools, just slide in the bar and click on the wheels. Size - can hold as much as you can possibly buy in one shipping trip. Extra basket for small items and purse etc. makes it even better. Maneuverability - handles turns with ease. I've had several shopping carts, and this one beats them all.


Easy to assemble. Easy to fold and store. Just moved from a home to a condo on a high floor and it's been a life saver when doing groceries or carrying other things.


It was simple to put the wheels on. The cart was heavier than I expected & have to put it in my back seat when I’m going to use it. It also doesn’t quite fold totally flat but close enough. I use it mainly to take my groceries from my parking lot up to my apartment. I can just take one trip because it has such depth and that’s what I was looking for. Also, even when full of groceries, the cart is easy to maneuver.


Everything easy for a senior.


Nice to have 2 compartments. This cart was larger than we expected but we manage to fill it. Rolls well and fairly sturdy. Good value.


I use this product to bring home my groceries from my local store. The cart handles very well on the uneven street pavement. It does have issues with gravel so use the large rear wheels to get over that and it does really well.


This cart was recommended to me by my son. I live on the 4th floor of a downtown apartment in Phoenix az and needed something for groceries. This fit the bill to a tee. It is sturdy and folds up nicely. Very happy with my purchase!


I like it! This cart can haul much more than my old, smaller cart.


Love this cart. Serves its purpose!I would recommend this cart to anyone.


Super easy to put together!


This an excellent large shopping cart!!!! It has large capacity, very easy to maneuver ( we don’t have any stair so I don’t know how it works for stairs), easy to fold and assembly took us only 4-5 minutes. I have this cart for 3-4 weeks so I can not judge the durability, but I can’t go without it any more. I need to get one for my parents as well.


The shopping cart is big enough for most of my needs and moves smoothly on smooth surfaces. The only issue is maneuvering over the uneven sidewalks of New York City. Often one piece of cement is slightly higher than the prior piece of cement and the shopping cart hits the new raised piece of cement and stops. Because one doesn't necessarily notice the raised cement, one continues to push the cart which then proceeds to fall to the ground. and can cause one to fall on top of the cart. I'd love to give the shopping cart a 5 star rating, but this slight flaw in the front wheels prevents me from doing so.


I use it to transfer groceries, etc, in and out of my car,


I really like this cart. It is extra large. Easily assembled and easy to collapse and store in my vehicle. I purchased this particularly for the wheels. I haven’t used it in snow and slush yet but I think it will be perfect. Happy Shopping


Perfect works great


Only complaint is front wheels are hard to get lined up and rolling, sometimes.


Worth of spending money


It is what I have had in the past. Excellent cart.


This item is easy to fold. I love everything about it.


Exelente producto


This cart is well built and very durable. I use it to haul large orders of groceries on sometimes uneven surfaces and up flights of stairs. It has been incredibly helpful.


Great way to bring in all my groceries from the front porch after they have been delivered. Easy to put it together.


Highly recommended.


We downsized 2 years ago. Our last home we entered through the garage right into the pantry off the kitchen. Great. Now we have a smaller home and we still enter through the garage but the kitchen is on the other side of the house. After a few trips walking back and forth unloading groceries I found this cart. Pull into the garage pull the cart out and load it up with my groceries and wheel her to the kitchen. It holds everything. Maneuvering on all 4's the front wheels seem to block when I push forward. But lean back on the back wheels its fine. No more multi trips back and forth to the car to get groceries in the house. Love this cart.


Great product! :)


This was bought as a gift for a young couple just moved into a third floor walk up. Reports are that it has been handy for transporting groceries and laundry.


I live in an apartment and have to carry groceries a ways between my parking spot and my apartment. I just keep this cart in my car (easily folded and standing on the floor of my back seat), so that it's always with me after I shop. It fits much more than I had expected in the front and rear baskets. It seem extremely sturdy and maneuvers easily.


This cart was everything as advertised. Super satisfied!


Pros - Perfect for farmers mkt and carrying other groceries up through elevator. Very stable regardless of weight of groceries and almost effortless to use. Lots of room.Cons - slightly heavy for a small person to lift when needed. Small wheels must be aligned perfectly to fold and they sometimes “stick” like a bad grocery cart.Pros certainly outweigh cons.


So convenient! Can move a lot of merchandise in one trip!!


use this for hauling laundry. sturdy,holds quit a bit and still moves easily.worth every penny.


I do not know how I got along without this cart! I use it for taking the garbage out, bringing groceries in, hauling dirty clothes to laundry, etc.


I love everything about this cart! It's very sturdy and so easy to assemble, just snap the wheels on ( literally) If you're in the market for a car, get this one you won't regret it!


only drawback is the cost of return is more expensive than than the product


My 80yo mom loves this cart! She says that it is sturdy and roomy enough to fit all of her purchases. The extra bin in the front is perfect for holder her purse and other small items. She can easily fold it up as well. Hopefully she will be able to put a lot of miles on it!


I have bought several carts and they are great( I wish they had different dimensions to select from as the public bus system is changing to narrower buses)


Holds a lot.


I love this car. I live in a fourth floor and I don’t like to do 4 or five rounds when I do my grocery. I keep this car in my car and when I go for my grocery I take everything up in one round.


No regrets so far. I bought two other carts and ended up throwing out only after couple of uses bit had this one for over a month and happy with my purchase.


cart missing part. price refunded


It's a great size and the extra basket on the back comes in handy. the liner thats available is perfect and keeps everything neat and covered.


Excellent for laundry and shopping.


It works well, and can accommodate a reasonable amount of items. I just carry it whenever there's stairs. One particular problem you might encounter is that the spaces on the box grid may be large enough for small items to fit into and fall from the cart.


Looked at several of these and my mother bought this one for groceries from parking lot to her apartment. It was perfect and she loves it. Bought a second one for driveway to kitchen when shopping at one of those places that don't give you bags. It is great for that purpose. Folds up easily and we just leave it on back of wife's Nautilus. Have had no problems with sturdiness. We can cram it full and it goes through house with no problems. My mother puts 40lb kitty litter boxes in hers with no issues. Highly recommend. They both like the back basket to hold a purse and crush able items.


So easy to use


The larger size is great for shopping and trips to the laundry but getting used to the rotating front wheels takes a bit; sometimes it feels like the cart has a mind of its own and decides which way it wants to go.


This was definitely a jumbo cart. I purchased this because liked the little basket in the back but I failed to pay attention to the actual size. It ended up working out for me because my other cart is very small and not very practical for most shopping. It was easy to attach the wheels, and it's easy to maneuver. Glad I bought it.


It was just what I was looking for


easy access use it for a lot of things


i got this to go grocery shopping while my mother was recovering from knee surgery. it was easy to assemble and big enough to tote 4 bags of groceries easily. it is even strong enough to carry a couple of small cases of water.


Love it. Perfect for apartment living.


I bought this for my grandmother who recently moved on her own, she uses it to bring things inside and loves it!


Exactly what I needed. Well constructed. Easy to use; folds for storage. Sturdy, but not bulky or heavy. Works well on carpeted and uncarpeted surfaces.


I needed a new shopping cart to go to the local Farmer's Market. Because I sometimes shop for our household and my daughters, I can purchase a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. This basket is terrific. It folds easily and fits in our sedan's trunk. It opens with a quick snap and maneuvers easily because the front wheel sweval. It holds a lot of food and has a small rear compartment to hold delicate items, like strawberries and peaches. Happy I bought it.


My daughter love it




Lox’s my cart size great


Hauling groceries from our car to our apt, it holds a lot and it folds up easily for storage


I bought this for my dad to use at the assisted living facility he moved into. He has some gait issues and I was wanting to avoid anything he had to pull. This has been perfect. He can fit his laundry soap in the back and clothes in the front. He actually puts his laundry basket in the basket. Lol.


easy to assemble, folds easily, and can hold a lot of items.


Great product!


This cart is very nice and sturdy. The picture just as it was describe.


Our former cart lost a wheel and could not be repaired. This cart came and it is very roomy. It works well. The wheels can get stuck on uneven asphalt, but we have learned not to drive over those spots and it has been very good.


Easy to turn. Wheels I. From allow 360 movement.


easy to assemble, good sturdy cart!


Nice and Sturdy and lightweight.


It is a very nice cart!


I use the basket to bring my groceries to my apartment after I go shopping. I also use the cart to take my laundry up to the second floor laundry room.


i was satisfied with the product but i didnt like the fact that ups delivered it


I bought this for my older sister she uses this now instead of a walker to get groceries and do her laundry. The xtra basket is perfect for her purse and drink. I bought the liner so her things can’t fall out, she loves it. Very durable.


Living in the city has its nuances and having a durable shopping cart helps to ease simple tasks


I love the basket attached


It was purchased for our daughter who lives in a NYC high rise. She uses it for transporting groceries. Loves it!!


This cart is my second one. The first one lasted four years. Made well and need to just put the wheels on. I would recommend.


Perfect for apartment living to get groceries from the car to the apartment in one trip! Light but sturdy!


I use a cane to walk so trying to tilt a 2 wheel cart and walk with it was difficult for me. I love this 4 wheel cart - so easy to move and maintain my balance. Even better, the jumbo size means that I make only 1 trip instead of the 2 trips I was making with my old "normal size" cart. I love the separate small section where I can place things like eggs (or even my purse). I'm very pleased with this purchase. And several people at my independent care section of the continuing care facility where I live have asked me where I found it.


So far, so good. Just used to bring in 2-24pk of bottled water, a 20lb bag of rice and 3 containers of laundry detergent. The cart held up well with no problems. The only thing I don't like is the cheap plastic covering on the handle. But it is solidly made. No complaints here.


Because of coronavirus we try to make.a lot of stops on the day we go shopping. Instead of making a lot of trips carrying things in the house, we load the cart & in 1 trip. The little basket is perfect for plants or things like tomatoes.


Holds everything. I especially like the basket in back. Wheels work fine.


Too hard to steer due to front wheels too small & unresponsive to normal steering.


This product was a gift for my mother so she doesn’t have to Handel shared carts at the store. She loves it, it’s light weight and sturdy !


Great size! I was looking for a larger tote cart for grocery shopping and carting larger/heavy items like cases of water, tp, laundry detergent etc. the slats are perfect so medium sized items don’t fall through. Great for city life and carting laundry as well. The small basket at the handle area is great for items to keep handy, but if you only fill that it will tip. The maneuverable steering feet are great. It’s sometimes hard to push over large bumps or doorways, but you get used to maneuvering that. It folds down so small and is light weight by itself. Totally recommend for any city dweller or anyone else that needs to cart things on the regular. Would be great for elderly, lake people, handy men...just anyone that needs to schlep items from place to place. It really holds a lot!!!


Pros:- Easy to assemble- Pretty easy to maneuver- SturdyCons:- After a bit of use, a couple of the side rungs started to fall out but were easily replaceable. After a few more months of heavy use (I've had it for just over a year) A LOT of the rungs started to fall out. I wasn't able to find them so now there are just gaping holes in the side.


It took some time to learn how to maneuver. The front wheels can turn sideways, stopping the cart from going anywhere. It's just a minor annoyance until you learn how to balance the cart with heavy items in it. It works very well after you get used to it. For light loads, there is no problem. I was pleasantly surprised at how light the cart is yet is able to hold and transport heavy items. Assembly consists of snapping the wheels in place; no tools are necessary! I would definitely recommend this to friends and family.


Asssembly was easy, well made product.


I ordered this item to help transport groceries and other items from the parking area of my apartment complex, to my apartment, so I wouldn't have to struggle, as I am single and live alone. The cart is very sturdy and holds a LOT of stuff. As mentioned in other reviews, the wheels are similar to stroller wheels and can be tricky to maneuver at times. When folding for storage you have to make sure the wheels are just so, snuggled together, or the clamp won't latch and won't hold it secure. The wheel situation is my only complaint.




I liked how big it was and the extra space on the side. I haven't used it yet because i bought it for when i move to senior high rise living.


Love this cart.easy to maneuver. Carrie's a lot of groceries.


Good quality was easy to put together just had to add the wheels great product


I love it. It’s bigger than I thought. Sturdy.


Came faster then I thought it would've. Easy to assemble. Bigger then I thought.


Gidt 4 my Sis upstairs Apt. She loves it


I live in NYC - this thing is a life saver! It’s my grocery getter, laundry hamper (no washer/ dryer in apt), and occasionally wagon with pillows for my Chihuahua with a bad leg.Trust me, if you’re looking for a cart- get it.


Makes city living alot easier. I use it for laundry, love the little basket it the back


This cart is so cool. Hardly any assembly.Just snap on two wheels and you are ready to go. I put a microwave in it to take to our Senior Center for Mexican Train Dominos Day!Fits perfectly and sturdy. It folds up easily and quickly! You can’t go wrong with this purchase!


I ordered this for my sister to assist her bringing things upstairs in her apartment building. She absolutely loves it. She has commented about the basket in the back being so handy and doesn’t interfere with the steps when going up or down. She’s able to hold onto the stair rail and pull it up easily. It was a little on the pricey side compared to others but it seems it was worth it.


Best cart I’ve ever bought, honestly! Pop on wheels and go it’s that simple.


This was a great cart. Lasted a solid two years. The front wheels allowed for easy manuverability and it stowed away easily as well. Started giving out a little bit after a year and a half, but even then it lasted well. The only reason it broke is because we went to the supermarket during this corona lockdown and super stocked up on supplies. The cart must have been full of at least 100lbs of food and it's just not rated for that. Then we walked it home, which was a good 40 blocks. In conclusion, it worked well for around 2 years and only gave out because we put more in it then it was rated to handle. Overall 5/5


Love my card have a month ago roll so nice need to get the ex large next time


Wow, this is a BIG shopping cart. You might even say JUMBO! Seriously large, compared to other carts I've seen. And it still collapses so you can tuck it away in your closet. Great buy!


Quick delivery. Easy assembly! The only complaint I have so far is that the maneuverability isn’t great. The front wheel tends to track off to the left or right rather than tracking where I’m pushing. It may be something I need to tweak but other than that, it’s exact what I wanted for trips to the laundry or trips to the grocery store!


This is a nice roomy cart. The installation was simple and it maneuvers with much ease!


Great piece, light weight put holds a lot..


Works well for what I need


Great item use it all the time


I love this cart, especially the extra compartment in the back for holding your pocketbook, bottled water, etc when walking in the door. Have a tiny bit of trouble maneuvering it sometimes because of the way it is constructed, but that is mainly on grass surfaces, but thankfully not on concrete or hard floors.


Was able to put together and use in 5 minutes.


Was able to put together and use in 5 minutes.


I bought this for a gift for my neighbor and she says it’s the best gift she ever had in her whole life! The nice thing about this product is that the front wheels swivel so it makes maneuverability turning corners very easy!


Bought This Cart for shopping purpose and laundry . i need something big to carry my weekly shopping from super market and carry heavy load of unwashed dirty clothes. it's easy to use and this cart can be fold up to save space. when it folded up it didn't take alot of space. and it's also lightweight and really sturdy can hold up to 75 lbs without any problems. One thing you do have to take care is this is made from metal so any water damage might get it rust so i recommend keep it dry as possible. i don't recommend use it during raining if it does get wet make sure wipe off .and put some oil in the wheel bearing to make it run smoothly.


Bigger then expected but, I love that part about it. I love it and will continue to use it for groceries and for when I need to pick up packages in our mail room.


I purchased this cart to use at a local farmers market. I purchase bottled milk and its heavy to carry. The cart saves my back and holds all the goods I purchase. I love the small basket on the back as it holds my purse and any small items that I want to protect.


Love the cart. The only thing to be careful of is, rolling over uneven sidewalks the front wheels can get stuck and the cart can tip over.


This makes getting groceries to my second floor apt so much easier!!! I use it for everything and it’s easy to maneuver. It folds up a little weird but it works! I’d highly recommended


Very large and love the extra space attached to the cart, however I was not able to attach one of the large wheels cause the middle button would not push in to securely attach. I asked the makers to just send me a replacement wheel instead of returning the whole cart- can’t imagine how I would be able to repackage the item!!!


This is a great shopping cart. We use it for every grocery shopping trip. Saves going back and forth to the car to carry groceries up the stairs and into the house.


Very large and love the extra space attached to the cart, however I was not able to attach one of the large wheels cause the middle button would not push in to securely attach. I asked the makers to just send me a replacement wheel instead of returning the whole cart- can’t imagine how I would be able to repackage the item!!!


This makes getting groceries to my second floor apt so much easier!!! I use it for everything and it’s easy to maneuver. It folds up a little weird but it works! I’d highly recommended


I love this product as it’s easy to maneuver and can hold a great deal




The cart came basically assembled. The wheels were the only things that needed assembling and they were easy to put on. The cart is very sturdy and is a nice size. I love the basket in the back. It will be used for laundry days and food shopping.


Love it. I need to fix a couple of stacking bins so i can put plastic bags of groceries in the bins.


I have what I wanted. Works wonderfully when it rains. Clothes stay dry.


I love it. Is big and seems more sturdy


I love it. Is big and seems more sturdy


Great cart, but equally great customer support. One of the wheels it came with was defective, but customer support quickly sent a replacement wheel to me. Very pleased.


Large enough to hold groceries or guitar with accessories. Front wheels do not maneuver all that well, but pulling works well. Others complained about having to open the cart to wheel it around, but I find this to be an advantage when storing it - the wheels keep the cart from rolling away from the wall where the cart is propped.




Great cart I’m a senior citizen.. and I use it daily. Anytime I have to bring groceries or go shopping I can use it to wheel it back-and-forth to my apartment and I don’t have to carry my packages ..


Great cart I’m a senior citizen.. and I use it daily. Anytime I have to bring groceries or go shopping I can use it to wheel it back-and-forth to my apartment and I don’t have to carry my packages ..


Very strong. Nice wheels.


Easy to assemble, light and holds more than you think it will. A great buy for apartment dwellers and walkers!


It's larger than I expected.


This Cart Jumbo Double Basket is amazing. I can put a lot of my grocery and it is very easy to handle. Excellent purchase and excellent price too. The quality is also very good. Love it.


really a great value for this item.


Very nice cart. I bought this for my mother in law to transport groceries from her car to her condo. She loves it.




Bought this item for my 90 year old relative who has moved to assisted living. It allows him to easily transport laundry & detergent to the laundry room. It also is great for bringing in groceries from the car. The height of the handlebars is high enough that he doesn't have to stoop over to push the cart. Great way to allow his independence while at the same time being cautious about balance. Thank you!


I finally broke down and purchased this cart because I live in a condo building and needed something to get groceries from the car to the unit.I was looking for something a little bigger and selected this one. I am very pleased with this cart. I have loaded it up pretty substantially and it has performed flawlessly.Assembly was extremely simple and only took a couple of minutes.Front wheels don't turn as easily as I would like but I just tilt it back and maneuver it where I need to go.I would definitely purchase this unit again if I had a do over.


It’s strong and light weight, bought it for my mother and she love it.


A bit large but works for me to bring groceries etc. from garage into kitchen.


I love this cart! I can do my kind of grocery shopping easily! I use the accordian reusable shopping bags with the rods in the sleeves and they balance on this cart perfectly! I would recommend buying a liner due to the large holes on the bottom and sides. The handle is also made of a plastic material. It is comfortable, but I would have liked a different material such as rubber like the wheels. It holds by purse perfectly and has plenty of room next to it. I love using this at the self checkout. I feel so prepared and people have often complimented me on it! Very handy and highly recommend!FYI, may want to watch purse straps or bag straps as they could fall out of the holes and catch the wheels or drape on the ground. Hope this helps!


I bought this for my mom as Christmas gift and she loves it.


I bought this for my mom as Christmas gift and she loves it.


Overall this cart has been very helpful. The balance of weight is a bit tricky. It’s also awkward to move up & down steps.


Love it


Very pleased with it


Add a piece of cardboard in bottom to keep bags from slipping thru the grated bottom! Did this with last cart and WISH they made the bottom more of a solid piece so grocery items don’t hang thru the grated bottom, but nobody makes what I want with a solid bottom. Cardboard is perfect! Rolls easily, folds away nicely and the added shelf holds a purse, drink and room to spare.


My mother in law has knee problems. She uses this to grocery shop and loves it. Said that she is going to purchase one for her elderly sister also


the front swivel wheels are a little unwieldly, but the convenience of using the cart out weighs the slight problem.


This cart has made the transfer of groceries into the house a breeze, among other tasks that need wheels. Apparently someone else liked it so much that they stole it, so this is my second cart. Love it!


Easy to assemble and to fold and easy to use. I Love it




When grocery shopping, it’s a necessity if you live in a multi floor apartment with an elevator. Folds easily to store in car trunk. Eliminates many trips lugging bags of groceries.


Great Item


Easy to use


Great size and so nice to use!! Even had my brother buy my mom one!!


This is the best folding cart I've ever had. I've had a few since I've lived in a high rise building for years, a cart like this is a necessity for transporting groceries, gifts, etc. The assembly was SUPER EASY. Insert rod and snap on back wheels. Then snap on the front wheels. Done!The wheels appear extremely durable and the build of the cart is strong. The cover on the main handle is super cheap and crappy, but that's very minor.The only other thing is when folding, sometimes you have to use your hands to tuck in the front wheels properly so they dont prevent the back wheels from rolling while folded (which you still want the back wheels to roll while folded bc it makes it easier to transport the cart when not in use).But overall the above to gripes are no big deal. Great cart overall 5 stars!


Easy to fold and unfold. Hokds what I need it for.


Hard to steer


This cart is exactly what I wanted for hauling large loads of groceries. It folds easily and quite compact, but is HUGE and will hold so much! It's a little hard to pull along when it's closed, but you just have to get it at the right angle and it's fine. I'm really impressed with the size! Hoping it holds up to being pulled upstairs! Exactly what I wanted - do not hesitate on this cart!


I really love the cart, it will hold a full grocery store cart's worth of shopping! Only a couple of minor issues. It doesn't turn as easily as I'd like and the cover over the handle slips and slides more than I like.


I love it




Very useful


Very pleased! Very easy to put together and use!


Great cart for unloading groceries from the car, especially when your apartment is a little distance from parking. Also great for taking multiple loads of laundry to the laundry area. My back is so glad I bought this cart!


My wife, son and I use this cart all the time and we're all content with it. I recommend it to anyone looking for great value for great price.


The only issue sometimes is with getting the little wheels to align. My disabled sister in law uses this to take her laundry to the laundry room in her complex as well as to carry the groceries. Works great.


Great to get groceries up to my apartment. Fits well folded in the backseat or trunk. Front wheels have a bit of trouble manuerving when fully loaded, but as you can see in the picture, can hold a heavy amount!


Spacious buggy. Has great wheels and extra basket it spacious as well.


I bought this for my 94 yr old father to be able to get his groceries from the car to the house easily and in one trip. It met all his needs. Easy to use.


Love it! Great transaction


Is a nice one, but the wheels in the front don’t move so smith to turn, but overall is good!!


holds a lot. un wieldy. great once you get going


I like this shopping cart. It's easy to fold and put away. The only "complaint" is the cheap plastic where you push the cart.


bought for a friend. she loves it.


Great for groceries


Wheel sticks some


The cart has incredible capacity and you can even put a few cases of soda in the back section.


One of the best things that happened to me !


wonderful and just the right size


I like the size of it, that I can bring groceries from my car up to my apartment easily. However, it is pretty difficult to fold. The front wheels sometimes get stuck when you are trying to turn. Overall I really like the cart though!


Wish I had bought the liner for it the holes are very large


The measurements in the description had the two baskets added together, therefore the cart is actually too small for my needs. I wish it was bigger because it is very nice.


It has been able to handle some pretty hefty loads with ease. The only downside I see is that it’s a bit heavy to load and unload to and from my car, as I’m 75 years old. But I’m so grateful that I bought it, as it makes the long trip from my parking space to my apartment less exhausting.


The cart is nice and big. I also bought the insert in case it was raining when I got my groceries. A whole week's groceries only take up about half of it. Very satisfied with purchase.


I bought this cart to store my finishing equipment to lakes. It works great! Rolls easy and the wheel do not get stuck. It is a great buy and I have recommended to my fishing friends.


This shopping cart holds more than what it looks. It far exceeds my expectations for the price I paid. I LOVE this cart! It is sooo saving my back when I carry groceries from the trunk to the kitchen. It all comes in one trip without cutting my hands and killing my back. Wish I would have bought this years ago.


I bought this for a friend of mine because she needed one to carry her groceries from her car to her house. This has allowed her to make one trip instead of several trips. She likes the swivel wheels in front and I am considering getting this cart for myself. I have a cart but it doesn't have the swivel wheels and can be hard to maneuver in some places.


Parents liked it. Works as intended


I’m pretty happy with this cart. I did way too much research and compared a lot of different ones before I decide to buy it. The price is a bit higher than I wanted to pay, but I really wanted the wheels that turned. They don’t maneuver great, but I think I’ll get better at it the more I use it, it’s just a little sticky if that makes sense. Putting the cart together was super easy, but the instructions were almost useless and it took my brain way too long to figure out a really simple part. I love love love the little basket in from of the larger one, I’m using this mainly for laundry - so I’m able to put detergent and such in there. Overall, happy with this purchase.


Love this cart, it will fall over if you load up the smaller additional cart under the handle. The wheels don’t straighten out on their own, you must tilt the cart backward, lifting the front wheels, and jiggle them into place. Great cart though!! I use mine at least twice a week and I really load it up.


I'm a Stroke victim, at first it was a little hard for me to maneuver.


Maneuver the front wheels gently when pushing-- If you push too quickly, the wheels will zig-zag and twirl the cart around.


This is for shopping with my mother. You need to keep in mind the balance of the items that you put into it. So far, after using it three times it is great. We will see how it holds up in the winter months, however.


Great product


Great cart, just what I needed. Easy to maneuver.


Used for shopping and laundry


This cart is awesome .. Nice and roomy you could fit so much in it .. my favorite feature is that it’s so maneuverable .. at this point in my life with arthritis that is the most important thing to me it keeps me independent .


Great product - easy assembly, easy fold . Front wheels catch some on uneven surfaces but I was testing it to it’s max


I notice that it is a little bit hard for my mom to carry all the shopping stuff from the supermarket to the car, from the car to our home. I think this folding shopping cart might able to solve this issue and save her energy. This folding shopping cart have enough space to add all her shopping stuff. Roller can easy to move around. Overall, she love it.


Love the cart!


This cart saves us multiple trips between garage and kitchen after our shopping trips... should have purchased this years ago! We were able to assemble it easily and it folds away for convenient storage between trips.


Zero complaints. Very easy to assemble. Large basket was perfect for our shopping adventures.


Great so far after 1 month


I ordered this cart for my granddaughter whose garage is unattached to her townhome and for myself with a garage on ground level and a condo on the second floor. It saves trips to cart purchases and supplies from the car to the home. It is easy to roll on curbs and over door jambs. We both love it.


Does roll as smooth as I wanted but overall nice product


Perfect for grocery shopping


This is a great Cart!!! Very sturdy and nicely made!!!!! Deff worth every penny!!!!


Worth every penny!


I'm so pleased that I can put soda 12 packs, detergent bottles and canned goods on the bottom of the cart, and have lots of room for soft foods like bread and fresh produce.


Easy to load and unload. I use this to take supplies to my sister in assisted living. I also use it to take my art supplies on location. Will find more uses as I think of them.


Nice product


My mom loves this cart for her laundry


Meets my needs. Saves many trips


Super easy to assemble, just need to slide the wheels on. Folds up super easy for storing. Works best on smooth surfaces, it handles smoothly. The front wheels struggle on gravel and on bumpy curb cuts. Have to be extra careful when maneuvering on those surfaces as the wheel will get stuck and the cart stops. Sometimes I tilt it back onto the larger rear wheels to get passed uneven surfaces, but that isn't always an option; depends on how the cart is loaded, and sometimes tilting the cart can make the contents spill. I dont much care for the plastic tubing that covers the handle. It slides back and forth which makes it tricky to push the cart with one hand.It works well to transport items and saves me from having to carry the things.


The basket serves my needs well. Its major deficency is that it is not very sturdy.


I love this cart! I use it for shopping and toting laundry. The wheels took all of five minutes to snap on. Easiest assembly job ever! My only qualm with this cart; the front wheels don’t always go in the direction I need them to. After a few pushes and pulls though, the wheels work.Other than that, this cart really goes the distance over uneven surfaces and grassy, muddy areas. The compartment in the back of the cart comes in very handy for anything extra I may need to tote.Overall, I am pleased with my purchase!


i had a 3' opening built into the railing of my deck so that i could unload my truck without going up and down the stairs. now i load the groceries directly into the cart on the deck. the back pocket works great for half-gallons of milk and juice bottles. the wheels of the cart easily cross over the threshold and i go directly to the fridge to unload the dairy, meat and produce. this is soooo much easier than when i had to make all those trips back and forth to haul all the heavy bags in by hand. the cart is light, even when full, so the dreaded job is now done in one easy trip.


Like the convenience of having this. I am able to move my groceries from the car to the house so easily, for one thing.


It is great, easy to use. makes life easier.


Well made and very sturdy. Front wheels are a little cranky. Have to fiddle with them to fold flat and doesn't roll well on carpets. But I love that it's going to last for years.


Great for moving groceries to apartment and other stuff for Seniors. Going to buy clips so can hang from shopping cart while shopping.


It is a great cart. The only problem is I ordered red and black came.


It works well. I particularly like when it is folded it stands straight by itself. The extra basket is great for handbags, egg cartons, canned goods, etc.


Quite large.


We have used this several time to bring groceries up to our apartment. It is very sturdy, holds quite a lot, and is easy to maneuver. We are very happy with this purchase!


This was a perfect gift for my cleaning lady! She has told me numerous times since I gave it to her how wonderful it is.


The cart is large enough to hold all my shopping and the basket on the back holds my purse - I live in an apartment on the second floor and the large basket helps to make my trip one time.


My mother loved it !


Perfect for my mother


Easy to assemble and quite a bit more heavy duty than expected. Looking forward to the first trip to the beach with it carrying my stuff instead of me. Tube fits nicely on top.


I love the size. Much bigger than I thought it would be. Easy assembly.


As a senior couple using walkers, this utility cart has been so wonderful. We use it to and from the car, outside buildings and inside our home to move things. (laundry, books, dishes, etc.) Very well made. We keep it in our carport for easy access to the car.


Regular size shopping cart thought it was bigger but it’s ok. Swivels so takes some getting use to.


I moved into an apartment. I'm 63. I LOVE this cart!. Worth every penny! Sturdy and holds alot!


Really like the cart - large capacity! Sometimes the front wheels don’t turn properly but usually not difficult to get it moving again.


Great product, just what I needed to get groceries from my car to the house.


It is very useful living in a condo.


My parents are older and they use it to unload groceries from the car into the house. Easy to maneuver and lightweight!


The local supermarkets (thru city health inspectors) have banned dogs, even service dogs, from riding in the child seat of shopping carts. This shopping cart is a perfect alternative.


Great product! Works wonderfully!


Very roomy cart, however, wheels are very difficult to maneuver and we find ourselves pulling it from the front rather than pushing it by handle. Does not steer too well. It is spacious, though.


I really like this cart, extremely easy to assemble, very smooth glide, folds easily. The very best cart that I have ever used....LOVE IT!


Light weight and makes getting groceries from the car to my house. Very durable and easy to push. It also provides a lot of space


love cart easy assembly and storage. The size is great for any usage.


Bought for my mom to have heavy duty cart and she loves it


Easy to put together


I really love this cart. Plenty of room. Easy set up. Exactly as describe.


Easy to assemble. Folds very compactly. Doesn't appear to be very handling with kid gloves. Use it to haul primarily groceries up an elevator. Would probably buy again.


The comfort handle slips. Even so, it holds a lot without spills & handles easily once you get the hang of keeping the front wheels in line by backing up a bit to straighten them when needed.


Plenty of room. Easy to move. Ideal for farmers markets.


When my old shopping cart finally gave up the ghost and shed a wheel after 5 years of continuous use, I carefully checked out a replacement. My first very pleasant surprise was how very very easily this one assembled. pop on the front wheels, thread the rod through the back and press on the back wheels and you're done! No tools needed, no blood sweat and tears. Took me longer to open the box than it did to put this together!It is incredibly maneuverable, went up my stairs with a full load with ease, and with the basket on the back holds more than my old one. I took a micrometer to the bars and supports and compared it to the one that had been in service for so long and this one has the same component thickness as the old one - another pleasant surprise. I'm nt 100% sure how to fold it correctly without the wheels getting the way, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. Well made, well packed, I'm pretty sure I'll get much use out of it and wit the wheels being one piece, I doubt that I'll have the tire shredding issue that did in my old one.


The basket works great. It holds a lot and heavy items as well.


Easy to assemble, snap, snap, push, push. front goes where needs to go


Love the extra basket for small items or purse. Front wheels sometimes hang up when going from turn to straight, don't castor quite right. Would buy again.


good for groceries


Arrived promptly and easy to assemble. It big, light, and firmly assembled. Big rear wheels help a lot with maneuverability.


Got this for my elderly mom and it works great!


Very sturdy


originally I thought this product was missing the 2 front wheels & rated it that way, but a more thorough search of the box it came in and I found the 2 wheels.. very easy to assemble which for me was a great thing since I have arthritis in my hands although I will say you need a lot of strength to fold it & that's the only downfall for me..


Works just fine, and carries a significant load. Have had no issues with it whatsoever.


I use this to bring my groceries in and it holds a lot...more than others I have owned. Couldn't be without one. It holds a lot of weight (laundry soap, water bottles, wine bottles all at once) but I wrecked mine with 10 4L bottles of water and 2 cases of water bottles. Be sensible on the amount of weight it takes. It's meant for groceries.


Very sturdy. I use it to carry in groceries from the car to the kitchen and it works great for that purpose. It folds up easy, I just love it.


This cart can handle a lot of things! It’s definitely sturdy but maybe just a bit bigger than I thought.


well made


like manuverability


I love everything about this cart°It's built well, handles turns and maneuvers smoothly and easily. I use my cart for laundry, groceries, etc. I never leave home without it...even use inside my home to move heavy items etc. I've told my friends/ family to get one! Best investment ever!! I'd give it 10 stars if available!!


easy to assemble and helpful for those living in city settings where carrying groceries up to your apartment is hard. love it!


Get for larger item such as kitty litter and such


I bought 2 of these carts a year ago to keep in our cars, when we moved from our house of 27 years to apartment living. I had to go back and write a review to tell you we just love them!! They are strong, sturdy and you can really pack things in when transferring things from our car to the apartment--groceries, luggage, packages, etc etc. Couldn't be happier with a product!


Liked the product as described packaged well arrived quickly


Great for grocery shopping. It will hold a whole package of 40 8 ounce bottles of water. It is also easy to maneuver.


I love this cart. Its easy to fold n maneuver. Its light weight which is great. Folds easially to go in my car .. It truly has saved my back transporting heavy groceries n laundry to the laundrymat.. LOVE IT!!!!


I purchased this cart for my elderly parents so they could take their groceries into the house without carrying heavy bags and putting strain on them. They love it!


Very nice and large cart. Super easy to just snap on the wheels. The wheels are rubberized and will cruise over any terrain. The jumbo is VERY big and I wonder about dragging it on the bus. It has the back cubby hole for holding stuff you need. It is foldable for storing. I also bought a rainproof liner. Watch the product, I was lucky to get mine on sale. Definitely worth it.


Every one can order one


She has some mobility issues and this has made food shopping and bring the groceries into her apartment a game changer.


Bought for my 91 year young mother. Nice quality!


Smooth and easy to install.


Omg I love my cart the size is perfectIt feel real sturdy. And wow it folds up for real easy storage. I would definitely recommend.Just perfect.


Dislike the revolving front wheels. Otherwise this cart is wonderful.


This cart has big capacity to carry items in one trip instead of several trips. I like the extra mini basket to carry small items. It can go over rough terrain and bumps with ease.


I ordered this for our RV so I could walk to the laundry. I wanted to make sure it was big enough and I tried to visualize the size. When it came I was surprised. It was huge! I am very happy with it. It holds 2 loads of laundry. It rolls right through the rv door. Easy to put together. Just snap the wheels on. Easy to fold up and lift into RV basement. No problems at all.


Should have purchased this years ago! As descrbed


The cart seems very sturdy and was so easy to put together


Simple to put together. A nice cart.


Very happy love the second basket


Sturdy and stable. Does exactly what we want


It comes assembled just snap on the wheels, large enough for all my chores shopping, laundry etc, very sturdy I am very pleased with this purchaseSincerely, M Caldwell-Hall


This is so helpful when I need to take groceries to my moms 3rd floor apartment.


I must apologize to the seller my son didn't see the front wheel and the bar at first but the cart works well thank you


I like it didn't need any tool to assemble. Only needed to snap on wheels and done. I got exactly what I wanted. Strong, durable, rust resistant, large and spacious, the additional small basket welded expertly near to handle bar, double front rotating wheels and well constructed! I use to go to dumpster and load basket for laundry. I'm truly satisfied with this very vital purchase. Glad I found this. Thx for having what I needed.


This is an excellent cart; bigger than I expected; think I could have gotten by with the smaller but I can make use of this one just the same. It's so pretty and sturdy!


I was impressed with this cart as it is wide and deep enough to hold 2 full brown bags of groceries with space on top to spare. It folds and has a small attachment to keep it folded. It also has 2 front wheels that swivel which helps on uneven surfaces if you don't want to lift the front off the ground. In addition to the main space, there is a small basket on the rear that holds your purse or a small package close to you. It was money well spent.


Perfect in every way and just what I needed. Its held up very well, my only regret is that I didn't order it a sooner.


Easy to assemble


Spacious when open but minimized footprint when collapsed. We have been using our cart for 6 months, walking it a mile to Costco and back and it is perfect for that! The vendor is also very responsive and helpful :)


Great for big weekly shopping. So much room for big bulky items. Holds a lot with the extra space for my purse and fragile items. I love it.


Purchased for my elderly mother. She loves it! Very good quality especially wheel function.


We needed a cart to bring groceries from the car to the house. This works perfectly.


Bought this for my 93 year old mom who wanted a cart with plenty of room and an extra basket to hold her purse. This fits all her groceries making it easy for her to bring all her groceries from her car to her apartment in one trip.


Mom loves this. Great for elderly shopping


It came 2 days early. It's extremely sturdy. I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!


happy with it


Great durable product. Many uses.


I use it for carrying groceries in from the car. It is large enough. Like the extra basket for bread and eggs. The front wheels want to turn in different directions, but it rolls in one direction really good.


It’s a very handy tool for one person who walks from apartment to public places such as grocery stores and great for carrying items for convention centers.


Got it for my elderly mother for hauling groceries from the car to the house. She loves it and I love knowing she's not going to trip and fall while carrying heavy bags anymore.


I live near two grocery stores. And,I don't drive. This cart more than serves my needs!


Larger than I expected, but measurements are correct. It is jumbo, my dad loved it as he is using for groceries and laundry. Very sturdy, and jumbo! I also bought an inner liner.


Excellent item. Possibly a little heavy for a senior to lift. But overall, I walk to the market & this is wonderful. Too big to put in cart, it must be used as the actual shopping cart. I have problems with smaller grocery items falling through. If intended to use for shopping, I would recommend the liner. Generally, I pull, tilted on back wheels, to save the front wheels and only use them for maneuverability. I used it for a whole thanksgiving dinner shopping and had no problems.


Pros: convenient; good size; holds a lot of weight; lightweight; easy to fold and store. Cons: front wheels don't always go where you want them to go; doesn't handle well uneven ground at all. Would I purchase it again? Yes.


I bought this to replace an old cart. I love the jumbo size and the new second basket. This cart is much nicer than my old one with fixed front wheels. It’s perfect.




I walk to the store and now I can purchase larger loads and not have to make three trips or more in a week. The cart is easy to handle and I have no problems with steps or bumps.


Great buy! The price is eh, but you are paying for the quality you are getting. Very easy to assemble, easy to fit anywhere, the material could be stronger, but still great !


Love it! I live on the 2nd floor so when I cone home with a trunkful and no one is home, this cart is great! Just put the bags in and away you go!


The only reason I give it 4 stars and not 5 is when you fold it up the front wheels need to be physically put in the right position for it to fold right.


I bought this cart for my elderly father, but instead we swapped my smaller one for his because he found it heavy. It is a good size cart! It was easy to assemble. Great price.


Purchased as a birthday gift for friend who loved it. Easy to put together as well as operate. Very big! Would purchase again.


I like the size, ease of assembly. Sometimes the front wheels are hard to get to make a turn, but it is sturdy and makes it much easier for me to get multiple bags transferred from car to home. I do wish they made a liner to use in bad weather. It is a large size and liners I have seen were not large enough.


I recently moved into a 3rd-floor apartment and needed a cart to carry my groceries from my car to the elevator. This cart fits the bill. It's sturdy and has an extra basket for more bags. It folds up and opens easily and is easily stashed in the trunk, at the ready for any task. I can't speak to the durability factor yet, as I've only had it for a couple of months. There was no assembly required... another plus!


I just moved from a home, where I parked in my driveway, to a condo where my assigned parking spot it as far from the building's entrance as it could be. As soon as I learned where my parking spot was, I ordered this shopping cart. I have a bad back and this product has saved me. I had first ordered a different one and it was too small so I returned it. This cart is large and holds an amazing amount of grocery bags or other items. Everything fits in just one trip. The extra basket is perfect for my purse, my beverage, or eggs. It opens and closes easily and the swivel wheels in the front assist with steering. I can't say enough about this product. It hasn't moved my parking spot any closer to the entrance, but it sure has made it tolerable.


Good quality!


I get a lot of queries from other people in my building because they like the cart and want one.


Sturdy materials, good design, and solid construction make this cart a winner. I have only one complaint and it may not matter for most people. Under load, it is nearly impossible to push the cart through grass because the front swivel wheels won't cooperate, tending to turn sideways and act like chock blocks instead of wheels. Fixed front wheels would fare better there. That said, the front swivel wheels are a big plus on solid surfaces, and on grass all you need do is pull the cart along on its back wheels with the front wheels in the air. The extra rear basket is a huge plus. Folding action is smooth and nearly effortless. You can load this cart with insane weight and it still operates perfectly, due to its robust construction.


So worth the money ! The only parts that need installing are the wheels and axle, and pop on very easy


Great sonfar!


This is heavier than I thought, but folds easily and rolls nicely. Very happy.


Super Shopping Cart with plenty of room. Fully rotating front wheels. Easy to maneuver.


Very easy to use and folds away to store


Sturdy with plenty of room for all your shopping needs. Love this cart!


I purchased this as a surprise for my dad. He regularly walks to the grocery store and I wanted to get him something to hold his bags. This product is great! Its much bigger than I expected and it held a week worth of groceries. It has held up really nicely so far. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to carry a lot if things.


Live on 2nd floor of a condominium with a choice of stairs or a single, slow elevator. This cart is perfect - can hold a full load of groceries in one trip. Took less than 5 minutes to assemble. Highly recommend.


I use thia to carry groceries from the car. I can get most of my haul in 1 load. This basket is huge. Think bigger than a laundry basket. And the little basket in the back comes in handy for bread or your drink or personal items. Easy to assemble and good quality.


Awesome, roomy, sturdy.


I got this for my daughter who lives on the 2nd floor of an apartment building. It makes me nervous when she comes home from the grocery store and has to make multiple trips (since she works 2nd shift). She absolutely loves this cart and says it hold everthing, has a space for her purse and rolls smoothly.


quality is good. very easy to use.


love this! has made life so much easier. the large wheels make stair climbing very manageable!


LOVE IT! This jumbo cart is very sturdy, but very easy to move even with a heavy load in it. Rolls right over uneven concrete and up curbs without having to turn it around to pull.


I like the size and weight. Dislikes: The wheels do not swivel at times like they should. The cart is tricky to collapse. But, overall this cart meets my needs.


I live in a condo and this makes carrying groceries (or anything else) a breeze. I can load it and keep putting stuff into it and it handles all my groceries at once. It folds so I can put it in the car, but mostly I leave it at home and just run in to get it when I get back from the store. It is also handy for laundry, especially if you live where you have to do laundry somewhere else, like another floor. I have found it to be very sturdy.


I needed an "old lady cart" and this is perfect the little rear basket makes it much more useable


Love it


To get my groceries out of car, and take to my apartment.


This is an excellent cart. My primary use of it is to cart my laundry between the garage and the clothesline. You may want to line it with something like a large plastic garbage bag, as small items like socks will fall out as you're rolling along. That's not a big deal, though, and it's really nice to have around the back yard.


Mother likes it, but doesn't use it as much as she could.


I like the turning front wheels makes turns a lot easier then my last one. Great helper if you live in a condo. With a elevator.


This has come in so handy for so many things. Especially the groceries. Can hold two 24 packs of water plus tons of bags of groceries. Best buy I've made in awhile. Easy to fold, turn, and put together.


I like this cart and it was very easy to put together. And it is roomy and will hold a lot of groceries. However, when I loaded it down with about 70 lbs of cat litter and canned cat food, it was difficult to maneuver. But since, most groceries don't weigh that much, I would heartily recommend it.


Plenty of space with this cart, which is a plus for grocery shopping. Sturdy and easy to push.


Simple easy to use.


Great product....makes life easier!!


Perfect for my needs. Front wheels aren’t always straight which makes it hard to push sometimes. Weight in baskets seems to help.