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660 lbs Weight Platform Scale Digital Floor Folding Scale

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Key Features

● Folding and Portable Design: It is easy to take this digital scale anywhere and also convenient for your storage with the 90-degree folding design. It has an adjustable handle with a removable weighing plate. This scale can be put into your trunk and transported to your destination.
● Intelligent Weighing Machine: The lb/kg conversion button makes it easy to convert pounds into kilograms or vice versa, and the built-in sensor ensures its accuracy and precision. Moreover, this scale has a good weight capacity of a minimum of 4.40 lbs weight and a maximum of 660lbs weight and can store 7 unit prices.
● AC/DC Supply and Power Saving: This digital computing scale has an extra-long life rechargeable battery. It has over three months of standby time and 72 hours of continuous use when fully charged. You can plug the power cord into the AC or DC power supply if the battery has no power. Therefore, it is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use.
● Rustproof and Easy Cleaning Surface: This rustproof electronic scale is constructed by stainless iron and can be easily cleaned. It is super easy and convenient for owners to clean it with just a wet or dry cloth. It is suitable for warehouses, factories, supermarkets, and other wholesale markets.
● Adjustable Feet Design: Its four adjustable skid proof feet on the bottom parts are for easy movement and keeping the platform balance. Additionally, the wheelset would not hurt the floor or lawn. So, it is easy and convenient to deal with an uneven surface and whatever in the workplace or your home.

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ColorAs the picture shows
MaterialStainless iron, plastic
Product opening dimension16'' x 24'' x 32'' (L x W x H)
Product folding dimension16'' x 30'' x 7'' (L x W x H)
Min weight capacity4.40lb/2kg
Max weight capacity660 lb / 300 kg
Weighing Unit0.22oz/100g
Use timeFull energy can work continuouslyfor 72 hours
Power requirementTo use 4V battery, 110V power apply (included)
Net Weight19.5 lbs
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660 lbs Weight Platform Scale Digital Floor Folding Scale 660 lbs Weight Platform Scale Digital Floor Folding Scale 660 lbs Weight Platform Scale Digital Floor Folding Scale 660 lbs Weight Platform Scale Digital Floor Folding Scale 660 lbs Weight Platform Scale Digital Floor Folding Scale


  • -Easy to clean and rustproof stainless iron top
  • -90-degree folding design,convenient fortransport &storage
  • -Free unit conversion between kg&lb. under one button
  • -Three power supply: built-in battery, acpower supply, dc power supply
  • -Electricity-saving and long standby time, 72 hours of continuous use
  • -Highly accurate and 7 unit pricesmemorystorage
  • -Operation panel, LED green light & easy-to-operate keyboard
  • -Adjustable scale feet, easy to deal with the uneven surface
  • -Suitable for factories, warehouses, and other distribution centers


19 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • K

    Great value


    I’m Happy with this scale it is good quality and sturdy. Excellent value.

  • W

    Worth the Price


    Durable, easy to move. No need large space to stand.

  • M



    So far, it has been in normal use. The quality is acceptable. I am a fruit seller and it's really practical for me. I think it will be a great tool for sellers like me.

  • B

    Does it's job well.


    This arrived quickly. And since we have had it, has worked flawlessly. Good product. Exactly what i need.

  • M

    Good scale, but inaccurate measure of how big it is.


    While this is a good scale and will fulfill my needs. the picture where it shows multiple bags and boxes on it is a very inaccurate description.


  • Q:
    Weight reading is unstable
    Insufficient voltage or use of battery is prolonged ever after the warning alarm or too much humidity in surrounding. Please charge the batter for at least 10 hours or clean the mother PCB for drying. .
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    We're missing hardware.  Nothing to hold the screen on the post.
    The screw was screwed on the head of the item. Please check and install the screw between the head and connecting rod.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    There's no any weight on the screen
    It may be that the sensor and the meter head are not properly connected. Try connecting the connector again.
    Costway representative
    I have checker the connections and everything looks good. The Light are on but no number at all appear.
  • Q:
    Scale is not turning on with battery
    Maybe the storage battery is damaged, or the battery connection are not proper, please ensure the connections are  in good condition.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Is this water proof?
    The item is good for outside work and is water proof.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    How to recalibrate the scale?
    Prepare for Calibration.Turn on the scale and allow it to be stable. Input password-3658- using numeric keys. Press TARE key and input 1 , the total price window display show 0 . Now press TARE again. Wait unit the Total Price window show “--------“ Calibration 1.Put on the weight for calibration of at least half of the full capacity say 150 kg for 660lb ) ready. 2.Press TARE. 3.Input the value of the calibration weight in grams.for this 150kg example 33000) and press TARE key. 4.Input the maximum capacity value in grams ; for this example 66000 .Press TARE key. 5.Input 2 by number key. Press TARE Key 6.Now you can input the desired value of division 22 7.After input the value, press TARE key again .If the weight window show the number of the weight, that means calibrate successfully . Remove the weight; and switch OFF/ switch ON the scale once again for better performance.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Does not weigh correctly
    Maybe it is because the insufficient voltage or use of battery is prolonged ever after the warning alarm or too much humidity in surrounding. Please charge the batter for at least 10 hours or clean the mother PCB for drying..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Does it work with batteries or with alternating current?
    It work with alternating current charging mode. When the battery is fully charged, you can use the battery directly..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Can you tell us how to re-calibrate please? The manual does not provide instructions on how to... Thank you.
  • Q:
    Is there an instruction manual on operating the scale?
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