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Folding Shopping Basket Rolling Trolley with Adjustable Handle

This folding shopping cart help you carry a lot of bags conveniently when you come back from shopping trip.
Overall Rating:
261 Reviews
Item No: 20679483

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Key Features
  • Double Basket Design: This shopping cart includes a base basket and a side basket. And you can keep your purse, jacket, umbrella and other personal smaller items right in front of you for easy access and secure storage. Use the second and larger primary basket for bigger bulkier cargo.
  • Folding Design And Portable:Folding design makes the cart convenient to carry or store in the car trunk or under seats, or other tight places. Only 8.5lbs weight makes it portable and you can carry it for camping, shopping or anywhere you go.
  • Adjustable Height: The handle of this shopping cart can be adjusted from 35" to 37.5", which fits your different situation to use. There are two gears that you can adjust by yourself whenever you pull it or push it, which is convenient for you to meet right height.
  • High Quality Material And 4 Durable Wheels: This shopping cart is constructed with carbon tube that is very durable and has good rust resistance, which allows this cart last for a long period time. The 3'' plastic front wheel is a universal wheel, 360 degrees easy to rotate, while the 5'' foam rear wheel is easy to assemble and provides the cart more stable and sturdy.
  • Multifunctional Use: This cart can be used for an endless variety of situations such as shopping at farmers markets, flea markets, groceries, and malls. And you also can use it as a shopping cart, grocery cart, utility cart, folding cart, and overall exceptional cart on wheels.

    This folding shopping cart help you carry a lot of bags conveniently when you come back from shopping trip.


    The two basket design allows you to keep your purse, jacket, umbrella, diaper bag or other personal items right in front of you for easy access and secure storage. And with the adjustable handle, you can meet your satisfied height to use this cart. In addition, lightweight and folding features are easy for you to store and carry. Anyway, this sturdy folding utility cart is ideal for anyone on the go.


    It's perfect for urban and city living, day to day grocery runs, laundry pickup, or everyday hauling. Do not hesitate to buy it now!


    • Two basket design provides more space to put things for easy access and secure storage
    • Small basket for your purse, jacket, umbrella and other personal smaller items
    • Larger primary basket for bigger bulkier cargo
    • Constructed with heavy duty and durable carbon tube with good rust resistance
    • Lightweight and folding makes this cart easy to carry and store
    • The handle can be adjusted from 35" to 37.5" to meet right height
    • 3" plastic front wheels provide a sturdy and easily 360 degree rotation
    • 5" foam rear wheels let you handle any condition with ease
    • Multiple uses for an endless variety of situations
    • Easy assembly with no tools requirement
    • Easy to assess and clean
    • Perfect size for public transportation
    • Color: Black/Silver
    • Material: Carbon tube
    • Product dimensions: 17" x 19" x 35"/37.5" (L x W x H)
    • Large basket size: 14" x 12" x 18" (L x W x H)
    • Small basket size: 12" x 5" x 10.5" (L x W x H)
    • Adjustable height: 35" - 37.5"
    • Front wheel diameter: 3"
    • Rear wheel diameter: 5.5"
    • Net weight: 8.5 lbs
    • Max weight capacity: 44 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Shopping cart
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Moving items from car to home. Take different sized packages to post office. Was very easy to assemble in lest than 15 minutes. Easily stored inside car.


Laundry and grocery shopping


It’s very fragile and even under the weight allows the wheels keep coming off.


Cart is very small. Not very helpful for hauling groceries


Daughter loves it ..,all that Matters


Got it to transport crockpot and pans of food into work. It's a bout a 5-10 minute walk from where I park and this worked perfectly! Also very easy to assemble from the package and easy to fold up and store.


To small for shopping I had 3 stoke was looking for something stronger




My husband bought this for his mom so it will be easier getting her groceries in


It's ok but I need another one bigger for more laundry and geocery


This item is small and lightweight; it's not large or sturdy enough to carry a lot of groceries or heavy items like a gallon of milk and water.


Bought for my mom. Easy to assemble. At first she didn't like. But week later she loved it


This cart is lightweight, very easy to put together --- the wheels are all you have to add --- and the handle is easy to adjust. My 87 year old mom used it for her grocery shopping and it works beautifully and she can lift it it and out of her van. The big plus is that the front wheels rotate 360 degrees. Empty, you can spin it in a circle with one finger! It holds a lot, but I wouldn't lean heavily on it. It isn't a walker, but it pushes very easily and smoothly. Wish I'd bought her this years ago!


Love it , use it to carry laundry and heavy things around the house.


pretty happy with it so far, comes out of box ready to use, only complaint, the clamp to hold together is very hard to close, don't really need it, it stays closed well. wanted a small cart to put in car for market runs, easy and light, does the work, fits about 3 grocery bags


Keep in the trunk of my car for groceries. It's not very large but if I have heavy items like dog food or bottle water, it helps carry inside. Pretty easy to assemble.


I purchased for an older relative to move things around in her home because they are very frail. We have not used it outside the home or for grocery shopping, but it’s been a great helping tool for them at home and we are happy with how it’s held up, how it moves around, and that it is light-weight.


I ordered this as my parents are in Assisted Living and I always have several items for them when I go and there is a long distance to go in the building, so this was a perfect choice!!


Estoy muy conforme porque es liviano y se pliega sin dificultad


Back wheels like to fall off as im pulling it done the road... Wheels ar clicked in and they still fall off... When u have a bunch of groceries in the cart u will be pulling it down the road and the back tires fall off... Very annoying and I dumped a whole cart of ice tea because of the wheel that fell off... Once the wheel falls off i have to take every thing out of the Cart to fix it then put all grocerys back in real annoying I can tell it was made in china... Cheep cheep cheep... Get stuff made in our country the U.S.A. I glued the tires so they would not come off... But a customer should not have to do that... It should come sterdy enough where there is no maintance by the cusumer... Poor quality


This cart is the best. Lite weight n easy to maneuver


My wife loves it


this is not stand, when you close the car,they fall


I use it but it's way to small.


It looks like the bag included is too big for this cart


Very easy to use and nice just right for me not too small and not too big. The wheels move very well


Still in review?


Very sturdy. Folds easily for easy travel.


This little cart is the perfect size for my needs. I carry a portable oxygen concentrator and it is heavy for me. I also need a little support when I am walking. This works well for both. I even use it when I go to church. It folds up and slips under the pew.


I used for another cart that ended up getting stolen from me at A-1 Storage in San Diego, CA 92111. Let's catch the thief and mangle him to bits.


To bring in groceries, to move things in the house , to set up books in the house. It is easy to set it up., easy to navigate, very sturdy . I am glad. That I bought it.


I don’t know what the recommended weight limit is but my dogs crate which is probably three times the weight of the cart, fit and held it perfectly and I was able to bring it to my parking garage. Well worth the money.


Very handy - should have purchased a larger one


I came all assembled from Hebron, KY. Only 5000 people there. It folds as dual wheels fold in. I wrote a note to the company. We need more made in the USA.


Moved to apartment and use this cart to haul groceries and other packages from parking lot. One trip is all it takes.


Not so many trips to the car


Not so easy to maneuver.


This cart is so cute and so easy to put together


Love this light weight helper for getting items from my car to the house.


Just what I was looking for - the 9” back wheels make steps no problem. Very sturdy and well made.


Happy with this cart. Light and easy to


Too small


It's not those big shopping carts, but it is decent size and has worked great


It was a little smaller than I expected. But on the plus side, it is very sturdy.


Not heavy not too big


WAY SMALLER than I expected.... bought two, one for me and other for sister....It’s nice but smaller...


I wanted a small cart which this is. However, I wish it was alittle bigger to hold more items from grocery shopping. I still like it anyhow.


I purchased this cart to gather groceries in one trip. Currently living in a high rise apartment, this is the perfect cart to help carry groceries in one trip. Not a large cart that is hard to store when not using but big enough to carry a good deal of groceries. This cart is sure to have many uses as well. Recommend this cart if looking for a great priced cart to give you an extra hand.


Wife and I use it to bring packages fro trunk of car to pantry or closet. One of the best items we’ve purchased.


Easy to assemble, sturdiness excellent


Great for groceries


Bought it for my 81 year old aunt and is very easy for her to use!


Exactly as described. Exactly what I wanted.


I use this product for shopping at the Farmers Market. It is perfect for that.


The cart is light, easy to maneuver and holds a large volume of purchases. I particularly like the smaller section ideal for holding my purse


Hood for food shopping


Be warned this cart is much smaller than it appears. I bought it for my mother, who has trouble walking without support, as a grocery cart and the cart doesn't reach the equivalent height of a standard walker. It reaches more the height of a carry-on luggage handle. The basket doesn't hold very much in the way of groceries but the bottle basket is handy. Granted this is on me for not fully reviewing the dimensions. Size aside, it is sturdy and well constructed. Assembly consisted only of attaching the wheels, which was super easy. I would definitely purchase it again if it were available in a larger size.


slightly small but works great


No regrets on this product! I bought one to load my tools and my mother I in-law liked it so much she took it from me to shop for groceries! Very easy to maneuver. I will definitely buy another one!


love this cart. very sturdy and well made. i would buy this product again and recommend to others.




It is so useful for bringing in bags after shopping. Fits on the car easily. Handles well. A good buy.


Love it!


I love the look and maneuverability of the cart. I'm a tall person and I don't have to bend over to push it. I have one issue though. I bought two 24 packs of water and the back wheel came off. I snapped it back on but now I watch what the weight of what I buy when I shop. Otherwise, I love it.


All I've given 5 stars true. Wish I would've bought this months ago!


Item is very easy to put together, lightweight, and moves easy! A lot smaller than I was expecting. Fits maybe three single use plastic grocery bags from a super market or two reusable bags. My trunk is small but this fits perfectly in there!


I like it


I bought the shop cart for my mom in Colorado. She said that it helped her a lot. She's 80yrs old and was having some health issues at the same time. But it helped her to get in the house with out having to take out and put in a couple times trying to get in the house. Thanks for getting it to her early. and with easy assembly'.


I like the structure very sturdy...Looks bigger in picture...I would guess bigger would be more expensive..I'm low income this will have to do...I'm sure I will love it the more I use it...thank you


Its smaller than I thought it would be, but it does the job! Easy to push & turn because of the front wheels.


This will be great for my grocery/heavy shopping day especially now that I don't have a car. Now I won't have to solely rely on tote bags anymore for carrying. This cart is definitely sturdy, I was able to walk to shopping mall strip without any complications.


This is perfect for two people. Now we don’t have to use the carts at the market.




Great cart,built well,very useable


Better than expected


Very sturdy and Easy to assemble


Nice but small


I live in an apartment and this is one great cart to get groceries on the elevator and up to my apartment. I used to make several trips and now can do it all in one trip from the car to my home. Saves on the old back too!


My only complaint is that it's a bit smaller than I expected. But otherwise I like it.


Just as promised


Very easy to handle. Love the extra shelf for detergent, etc.


Awesome... I love it!... carry all my test materials and more!


I like how all you have to do is snap on the wheels and it’s ready for use. I use I when I buy groceries to bring in the house, picking up things around the house, when I do projects in my indoor patio, I can put everything in it I need and make just one trip. It’s great for anything you want to use it for. I highly recommend it!!


Great buy


This is a much smaller trolly then the others out their. However I am able to do small shopping trips with it. Bringing in small totes that do not weigh a lot is easy. Having the smaller area on the back is great since it can hold a small purse and bottle.My only issue is the wheels are a type of plastic so I am not sure how long it will last going threw snow.


This is a special shopping cart and very easy to move around.


Very sturdy and easy to maneuver. Could be a bit wider.


Still haven’t figured out how to fold it up!


Purchased for eldery parent. Easy to carry, can load groceries and/or laundry without aggravation and is easy to push or pull along. Recommend.


carrying in grocery, moving lightweight item. Not too large handles well.


Nice and sturdy. This was for an older person that had difficulty getting groceries from her car to the house. The full Side to side handle across the top is great for her to steady herself with as well.


Just unfold and pop the wheels on and you're ready to go it's that easy. Highly recommend in a little basket in the front is nice it is a little smaller than it looks so make sure you take measurements if you want something larger.


I bought this cart for my mother-in-law as a Christmas gift. She has a very hard time getting around, so thought she could use it to tote her laundry to the wash and bring in her bags from grocery. She LOVES this cart!


Fits in the car and I use to transport groceries to third floor.


Shopping with this cart is simple & makes it easier to unload items from car to kitchen .






It could use a brake on one of the wheels. It likes to roll away as I get groceries out of the car. No one wants to see a 50 year old woman chase a cart across the parking lot :) It is a great cart though!


I use it for groceries and it fits my needs perfectly


I’m crazy about this medium cart.It’s not the huge one. It hold about 4-5 bags.I place the hand held plastic cart on basket when doing my shopping. I can push with 1Hand, cool.


My initial planned use didn't work, but it makes a great shopping cart to allow for easy transport and keep hands free.




easy to store and open.


Works perfectly holds larger items like 24pack of water up to 3 no problem rear basket holds 12 pack of soda works great love it


Love this cart.


I liked everything about this cart. It was just the right size for only two people to shop for. It's easy to roll for grocery items, laundry, and other community things. It was easy to assemble and the instructions was easy to understand. The added back holder adds a little extra storage. I have only good things to say about this amazing shopping cart.


I love it! Use it to bring groceries from the car to my apartment.


It wiggles and never goes straight when I pull it. It's fine when I push it though.


shopping, and everything i need it for


Fantastic cart to keep in the car. Helps with groceries, with other shopping, and with carrying just about anything you can carry in the vehicle.


All parts appear to be of high comes assembled, just snap on the wheels. It will help All my food shopping went up the stairs and into my house in one trip.I love it .


It's ideal for moving groceries from the trunk of my car to my house without having to make several trips.


Great for groceries and laundry, it is light weight , easy assembly.


Purchased this for my elderly neighbor who uses it instead of a cane. She loves it, telling me that although it us a small cart it is very comfortable for her to use because the handle is elevated and allows her to walk upright rather than bent over like other small carts


I like this shopping cart to wash clothes and buy food. It is very convenient to go shopping. The front basket is used to put things behind and there is a small basket for the room. The laundry liquid handle and the sponge can not be used for a few days. The wheel is easy to push up is a good quality shopping cart


Daughter uses for grocery shopping Really likes it


Really love it, using it in our new condo to bring grocery to the 4th floor. It is awesome


I can snap the front wheels of an on for easy storage and easy to pull when it's empty on the way to the store


Just a little bit smaller capacity but it’s ok, it’s better than nothing in my car trunk when making an unplanned stop at the grocery shop. It fits the bill. Very well built,good protective color paint. Very handy & convenient.It works for me very well.


A big help for shopping and the extra basket is good


serves it purpose to make it easy for me to carry water across the street


Small, compact, but nice and easy to put together, will not carry a lot of items, or heavy items so be prepared to go to the car twice or don't buy a whole lot of groceries...overall it could have been a little bigger, but I live in a small and it will fold-up and place away nicely, so I like it!


Like the design. Rolled so easily. Saves my back. Even goes up the steps. Thank you


Just right size for getting groceries from the car into the apartment


Very satisfied. Easy to maneuver. Holds a lot. Use for laundry and groceries.


This is a great cart for bringing groceries into the building and up the elevator. I works as advertised.


This is perfect for me. I just wanted something light weight, medium size, and sturdy. It is all three.


Very happy with this cart. I bought it for my mom to carry groceries from her car to her home. It was extremely easy to put together. Really just putting on the wheels so not much "putting together" at all. It folds for easy storage if needed and that is very simple and easy to do as well. It's very light and rolls smoothly. You can even push it with just a finger. It is a smaller cart but has plenty of space and fits many things. It also has an extra separt space for your purse. Very pleased!


We use it for large orders in our “Favor” delivery job. It has worked out quite well for our need.


easy to use and put together! love this product!!


It is a bit too small, but can be made to work.


I love this, it's perfect for what I need it for,( getting my groceries from the car to the house) Going back and forth from the car to the house was a hassle, on shopping day. This will make it a bit easier, as I will no longer have to carry the bags, just put one or two in the cart and roll them up my walkway. The wheels went on very easily, takes less than five minutes. A good value for the money.


I like the cart. It folds easily and is compact when folded, so easy to store. It is just a little on the small side for carrying all my groceries from the parking garage.


Great size; maneuvers around smoothly & easily; took less than 15 minute to put together。Besides the LARGE regular space for groceries, I like the extra area of space at the back of the cart, also.


Great little cart! Sturdy even though I load it with bottled water and pile groceries on top! Would buy again.


The cart itself was fine. and easy to use. But my only issue was I thought it was bigger. The picture of the cart made it look bigger which was why I bought it. However, I can still use the cart for short shopping trips and doing my laundry.


This is a nice, attractive cart, and I love the extra little basket, but the large section is considerably smaller than I expected. It's probably 2/3rds the size of my previous one and calls for making an extra trip between the car and the condo. I'll keep it, but the size is disappointing. No way is it "jumbo", unless Jumbo is a baby elephant, not his mother.


Excellent quality . Simple to put together . All you have to do is slide the axel in and snap on wheels . Cart is sturdy and reliable .


This is the best cart that I could have purchased its lightweight but sturdy very maneuverable and easy enough to close up to put in the car


Handy for small shopping and/or small dog.


I giggled when I completed the assembly of this card and moved it. Whoa! It moves so smoothly and easily, I pushed it about the room a couple times enjoying the ease of movement. Only requires light pressure with fingers to move it. Easiest assembly ever. Snap the wheels on and the basket is ready to use. I have carted things from the house to the storage closet in the garage, brought groceries from car to house. I have not folded it yet because I have used it almost daily since assembly.


Spacious when open but minimized footprint when collapsed. We have been using our cart for 6 months, walking it a mile to Costco and back and it is perfect for that!The vendor is also very responsive and helpful :)


Easy to assemble


Very sturdy, holds a lot of weight and very easy to put together.


Great for big weekly shopping. So much room for big bulky items. Holds a lot with the extra space for my purse and fragile items. I love it.


Purchased for my elderly mother. She loves it! Very good quality especially wheel function.


We needed a cart to bring groceries from the car to the house. This works perfectly.


Mom loves this. Great for elderly shopping


happy with it


Great durable product. Many uses.


It’s a very handy tool for one person who walks from apartment to public places such as grocery stores and great for carrying items for convention centers.


Bigger than expected. Mom loves it


Great cart


Got it for my elderly mother for hauling groceries from the car to the house. She loves it and I love knowing she's not going to trip and fall while carrying heavy bags anymore.


Very big and seems like its durable. It's easy to put together too. Only 1 thing I found myself putting a little effort into keeping the cart straight. The wheels turn around in the opposite direction very easily.


Makes shopping easier


I live near two grocery stores. And,I don't drive. This cart more than serves my needs!


Larger than I expected, but measurements are correct. It is jumbo, my dad loved it as he is using for groceries and laundry. Very sturdy, and jumbo! I also bought an inner liner.


I like the big size of the cart. We buy watermelons regularly, some bottled water along with everything else, and it handles it all. Still have to carry the bags up to the 2nd floor, but it helps a lot because it's a long walk from the parking lot to our apartment. I've only used it a few times so far, only time will tell how long it holds up.


Pros: convenient; good size; holds a lot of weight; lightweight; easy to fold and store. Cons: front wheels don't always go where you want them to go; doesn't handle well uneven ground at all. Would I purchase it again? Yes.


I bought this to replace an old cart. I love the jumbo size and the new second basket. This cart is much nicer than my old one with fixed front wheels. It’s perfect.




Great buy! The price is eh, but you are paying for the quality you are getting. Very easy to assemble, easy to fit anywhere, the material could be stronger, but still great !


Love it!I live on the 2nd floor so when I cone home with a trunkful and no one is home, this cart is great! Just put the bags in and away you go!


As a non-car driver, this grocery cart is a big city survival tool! The front fully rotating wheels mean the cart can turn corners easily (and almost spin around like an ice skater). This is the BEST cart I've ever had. It folds up compactly. It can move 75 pounds of groceries over city sidewalks (although that is pushing the capacity of the front wheels to roll over cracked sidewalks). I think 60 pounds is a more reasonable upper limit. It will traverse a couple of inches of snow on sidewalks. I also use it to trundle a week's laundry to my condo's laundry room (four washing machines worth). This is not hard to use on stairs, but happily I live in an elevator building with only 8 steps to haul this cart up. It rolls well when empty and folded, but I usually have it open then.


This is a really good buy. It's sturdy, and the swivel front wheels make it much easier to maneuver than my former cart with stationary wheels. Separate basket is great for personal items. It has a bit of a problem if it encounters grass at edge of a sidewalk, but one learns quickly to avoid that. I love this shopping cart and recommend it.


What a wonderful buggy!!! Sturdy and looks good. The front wheels swivel, which makes it easy to maneuver. The back wheels are large enough to allow for "backing up" steps. I've used it to carry clothes and other items to my mother in the nursing home and for emptying my trunk when I've been to the grocery store. I have a feeling I'm going to be using it for a lot of other things!


I recently moved into a 3rd-floor apartment and needed a cart to carry my groceries from my car to the elevator. This cart fits the bill. It's sturdy and has an extra basket for more bags. It folds up and opens easily and is easily stashed in the trunk, at the ready for any task. I can't speak to the durability factor yet, as I've only had it for a couple of months. There was no assembly required... another plus!


I just moved from a home, where I parked in my driveway, to a condo where my assigned parking spot it as far from the building's entrance as it could be. As soon as I learned where my parking spot was, I ordered this shopping cart. I have a bad back and this product has saved me. I had first ordered a different one and it was too small so I returned it. This cart is large and holds an amazing amount of grocery bags or other items. Everything fits in just one trip. The extra basket is perfect for my purse, my beverage, or eggs. It opens and closes easily and the swivel wheels in the front assist with steering. I can't say enough about this product. It hasn't moved my parking spot any closer to the entrance, but it sure has made it tolerable.


Good quality!


Sturdy materials, good design, and solid construction make this cart a winner. I have only one complaint and it may not matter for most people. Under load, it is nearly impossible to push the cart through grass because the front swivel wheels won't cooperate, tending to turn sideways and act like chock blocks instead of wheels. Fixed front wheels would fare better there. That said, the front swivel wheels are a big plus on solid surfaces, and on grass all you need do is pull the cart along on its back wheels with the front wheels in the air. The extra rear basket is a huge plus. Folding action is smooth and nearly effortless. You can load this cart with insane weight and it still operates perfectly, due to its robust construction.


I get a lot of queries from other people in my building because they like the cart and want one.


Big and roomy but front wheels want to go opposite direction sometimes, Hard to steer front wheels sometimes. Coming home from store yesterday and one of the front wheels hit a bump in road and it broke. A friend rigged it up somehow, took left over front wheel apart to put on other front so it will roll. Just don.t know how long it will last. Don't own a car only way to grocery store and back. Haven't had this one very long. Hope company will read this and replace broken one, with no charge. would be real nice and appreciative


Great shopping cart. Best feature is that easy to assemble. Snaps into place in seconds!


Very easy to use and folds away to store


Sturdy with plenty of room for all your shopping needs. Love this cart!


I purchased this as a surprise for my dad. He regularly walks to the grocery store and I wanted to get him something to hold his bags. This product is great! Its much bigger than I expected and it held a week worth of groceries. It has held up really nicely so far. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to carry a lot if things.


I use thia to carry groceries from the car. I can get most of my haul in 1 load. This basket is huge. Think bigger than a laundry basket. And the little basket in the back comes in handy for bread or your drink or personal items. Easy to assemble and good quality.


Awesome, roomy, sturdy.


I got this for my daughter who lives on the 2nd floor of an apartment building. It makes me nervous when she comes home from the grocery store and has to make multiple trips (since she works 2nd shift). She absolutely loves this cart and says it hold everthing, has a space for her purse and rolls smoothly.


Nice except for back wheels. They appear wobbly especially when cart is loaded. It is not easy to navigate curbs either.


quality is good. very easy to use.


love this! has made life so much easier. the large wheels make stair climbing very manageable!


LOVE IT! This jumbo cart is very sturdy, but very easy to move even with a heavy load in it. Rolls right over uneven concrete and up curbs without having to turn it around to pull.


I live in a condo and this makes carrying groceries (or anything else) a breeze. I can load it and keep putting stuff into it and it handles all my groceries at once. It folds so I can put it in the car, but mostly I leave it at home and just run in to get it when I get back from the store. It is also handy for laundry, especially if you live where you have to do laundry somewhere else, like another floor. I have found it to be very sturdy.


To get my groceries out of car, and take to my apartment.


This is an excellent cart. My primary use of it is to cart my laundry between the garage and the clothesline. You may want to line it with something like a large plastic garbage bag, as small items like socks will fall out as you're rolling along. That's not a big deal, though, and it's really nice to have around the back yard.


I like this cart and it was very easy to put together. And it is roomy and will hold a lot of groceries. However, when I loaded it down with about 70 lbs of cat litter and canned cat food, it was difficult to maneuver. But since, most groceries don't weigh that much, I would heartily recommend it.


Plenty of space with this cart, which is a plus for grocery shopping. Sturdy and easy to push.


Great product....makes life easier!!


Perfect for my needs. Front wheels aren’t always straight which makes it hard to push sometimes. Weight in baskets seems to help.


I am very pleased with this cart. Many options and didn’t know which to buy. So glad I went with this one. I was afraid it would be too heavy to lift in and out of the trunk in my parking lot but it turned out lighter than expected. I am an old geezer and not too strong but I should not have worried. Cart is perfect for carrying large loads of groceries, wheels easily and no trouble going over the door threshold. Another pound or two heavier would not have worked.


Great shopping cart. Large and heavy duty. Absolutely LOVE the little basket attachment. Easy/flat folding. Only reason for four stars instead of five is that wheels can be a Little difficult to go over certain rough city streets/sidewalks.


It is awesome


Best cart I ever had, robust and huge capacity.


Bought for my sister to take her laundry down to laundry room in her apartment building as she lives on the 8th floor, she thinks it is awesome and she put it together by herself and she is not the most handy person ;)


I LOVE my cart !! Nice size, holds a lot of stuff. I did 2 weeks worth of grocery shopping and the cart held all of it in one load. It's light weight but sturdy. Great for all kinds of things! Ya gotta try this cart, you will LOVE it!! The extra basket in the back is great to put your purse in when taking your things into the house. Don't wait, buy it!!


It really is a little larger than I expected, and it took me a time or two to learn to drive the thing, but now, it's a life saver. I'm getting too old to drive, but Publix is only two blocks away. The smaller basket in back is nice for a tote or purse. This cart allows me to continue living independently. Especially grateful it can haul water, cat litter, and even my cat's carrier going to the vet. The smaller front wheels wobble a little, especially on uneven surfaces. That's why I only gave it four stars. If you are staying near the edge of a walkway to let someone pass, it's easy to slip a wheel off into the grass until you get used to it. However, like riding a bike, you get the hang of it with a little practice. Folds down easily, nice and thin so it's easy to store.


This replaced a cart that was stolen from our garage and we love it! The last one had the same swivel wheels but they would wobble from side to side if it was pushed too quickly. This one is much better and the extra basket at the back is handy, too.


Absolutely perfect for heavy loads of laundry and groceries!


This is just what I needed. I'm getting older and it was getting harder for me to bring the groceries in but now it's just one trip from the car to my home.


Wife and I are are both handicapped, and we find it wonderful for transporting groceries from the van to the house quickly and easily


I love my Shopping Cart. It's large enough, sturdy, and I can fold it away easily until I need it again.


This cart is great!! You can fit quite a bit of groceries in it and it's sturdy and easy to use! Folds up easy for storage. I would definitely recommend!


Very handy for condo living! This baby is large so be sure to check measurements first, i could have used something a little smaller but its nice.


Oh my gosh anyone who tries this buggy will love it.Closes flat great for storages.Love I can bring all my groceries at one trip , light weight and very easier to push


This cart is much larger and more durable than I expected. Perfect for bringing a whole trunk full of groceries up 2 flights of stairs in one trip. Collapses very thin. Wheels pop on and off with a simple button, for easier storage.


How did I not have one of these before? Works well outdoors. Rolled over several different surfaces with ease. I purchased for my daughter to take to school but I’m keeping it for myself. Stores easily in my hallway closet. Large size and I love the smaller area for my purse, etc.


I love it'


Very handy for bringing groceries into the house from the car.also use it to take clean clothes from the laundry room to the closets in the bed rooms and bathrooms.


The best shopping cart. I can carry a lot of groceries in it and love the fact that it has rubber wheels.


My buggy and me, handles curbs and now I can add the beach too. It’s the best!Well worth the extra $$ for ease, strength and durability! I love this cart!


I was looking for a cart that was sturdy enough to hold my supplies for the repair events that I am a part of. My dolly holds four heavy tool boxes andthe cart holds about 50 lbs of supplies. Now I can carry everything in one trip. It is easy to fold up and I like the smaller basket on the outside. I am very happy with purchase.


The cart is wonderful and carries a lot. That said, the reason I purchased it was I had to move to a 2nd floor apartment. I used it once for this purpose but unfortunately the stairs are not large enough to make this an easy process. The cart was easy enough to put together. The only problem I had was it came missing a wheel. I contacted the seller and they mailed another wheel and all was well. I am keeping the cart because it is handy to have although I can't use for what I intended it for because of where I live not the cart.


This cart is a Cadillac of carts. I live on the 36 floor high rise. I go grocery shopping weekly. All of the groceries fits. My walk back is .25 mile from the grocery store and its a great walk with all my groceries in the cart.


Love it. Light weight. Love the little basket at the top.


Cart for my 88 year old step-dad was perfect...rugged, wheels make for easy rolling, and holds enough grocery bags! He loves it!


It is sturdy and has a large cargo space.


Easy to assemble. Perfect size for transport and very sturdy. I love that it's collapsible.


Good item. Worked as expected


just as expected


I like the shopping cart I take it when I go to get my groceries.


I use this for laundry. It folds up, but I use it as a hamper and keep it unfolded with a laundry sack to line the inside. I like the extra little compartment it has to put laundry soap, fabric softener, or shoes into. It's sturdy and the wheels are durable. It's also sold at a great price. I recommend.


I got rid of my car over a year ago. I've been using this Cart for my groceries for several months now and it's been great. I bring 2 large reusable grocery bags and I put those in the cart , full of groceries usually on top of a case of bottled water which sits on bottom of cart. Then the side basket I put my gallon sized milk, tea and creamers. This Cart really is nice. Holds a lot.


Great cart!!! I would buy it again. Easy to assemble and very well made. Holds lots and handled easily.


it is very ample and easy to push around.


I bought this to help me, a disabled person, bring groceries in the house from my car. Lots of room, handled well on a stone driveway by pulling it backwards (can’t push as using my cane makes it unwieldy). I was able to pull it up steps and molar right in my kitchen.Good assembly directions and it will it together easily.


Very sturdy, large basket for carrying items. Having the rear basket is perfect for a drink, purse, or bags for your groceries. Folks up easily.


very handy,holds a ton of items,the grates are large so for small items i put a towel in the bottom


It's a great help working at the food pantry.


Perfectly met our expectations and needs


great size, can use for many things. got this as a gift for my father-in-law to use for fishing. he loved the size of it and uses it for everything now. defiantly worth the price.


Easy to assemble, folds down easily, holds a lot of stuff. I


Seems to be well made. Very.roomy. Big enough for a medium size grocery run. I recommend this shopping cart.


This cart is sturdier than I thought. I love it! It can for all kinds of stuff. It's pretty big.


All of the seniors where I live have one of these to carry groceries to their apartments. This is not a bad version of the jumbo cart. Sometimes the front wheels are not as cooperative as I would like, but I am still learning to use it.


I love my shopping cart. It's a good height and it's strudy.


Can fit tons of groceries in the cart, and it is very easy to push. I am a senior citizen and have mobility issues, and this made my life (at least the grocery part of my life) much easier. I have been using it for several months with no issues. Very sturdy construction.


HUGE! Hard to manipulate, especially the front wheels. They go in all directions. It's sturdy and does the job.


just the right size and easy to use


I call this my Buick. (Traditionally huge cars.) Of course it holds everything and maybe your neighbor's load too! Very useful! I really enjoy using it.


Best investment! Makes it Easy to bring up groceries and other purchases from our parking garage to our condo. Sturdy, easily folds up, takes up little space.


Maneuvers well. Folds up easily for storage. Size is perfect for larger loads without beIng too ungainly.


Christmas gift.




Love it. I fit a lot of groceries in it.


Excellent amount of space and sturdy!!


Awesome cart--strong, easy to assemble. I checked out a lot of other options and chose this one. Glad I did!


Bought this for my Mom to use for laundry at her apartment complex. We like that it is easy to push forward or pull backward. The extra space on the back works great for her soap and fabric softener sheets. She just wheels it into her closet and uses it with her fabric hamper inside so her laundry is all ready to go for next time. Folding it is a little difficult for her as it takes a little more strength than she has (she's 76) to get the little hook that keeps it folded up attached. I have no problem with it.


Nice cart but the swiveling front wheels make it hard to fold up at times. It is also very large but that is OK.


Very sturdy. Holds a lot.


This is a sturdy, well built cart. Wheels are better than I expected. Should hold up well for the amount of use it will have.


haven't had the opportunity to really use it yet, but seems to be well made, easy to assemble, folds up easily for storage or to put in the trunk of the car. Would like to have smaller mesh in the bottom. Let me use it a bit and we'll see. Put a cardboard in the bottom, maybe will buy a liner if I can fine the right size.


Easy to assemble as promised. Using for transporting fishing gear!


I love this cart no more carrying a laundry basket to wash


It was very good and so useful!


Arrived fast, Very sturdy, would recomend highly


The wheels of fortune


Rates in my top five as one of the best things I ever bought. It's large, it comes assembled, just snap on the wheels. All my food shopping went up the stairs and into my house in one trip.


This is one of the smartest purchases I made when I moved to my apartment. It fits in my car so I can go grocery shopping and put everything in it to take my groceries from the car to the apartment. Wheels are appropriately sized for easy movement. Folds flat for storage and in the car. Great purchase - quality product. Easy to assemble.


Pretty well quality and design !! This works great with the food shopping and the laundry. And It was really easy to put together. And we took it on our first test run! It worked out perfectly