Evaporative Industrial Electric Air Cooler with 3-in-1 multi-function and Remote Control for Workshop

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Key Features

● Multiple Function Air Cooler: This industrial air cooler has a 3-in-1 multi-function design, which can replace your air conditioner cooler, fan, and air humidifier. It filters out the hot air and blows out cool and moist air. 
● 2 Drain Ports and 7-gallon Water Tank: This industrial air cooler has two drain ports - an upper drain port and a lower drain port, which makes it easy to drain the additional water. A 7-gallon water tank eliminates the frequent need to refill the water over and over again. Also, a transparent window will allow you to check the accurate water level at all times.
● Fast Cooling Down: There are 3 different fast cooling speeds to choose from, as it provides standard, natural and sleep mode. Also, this fan will help the room cool down while improving airflow, reducing energy consumption and costs.
● Remote Control and Timing Setting: The remote control helps you operate it more comfortably and conveniently. Also, the 12-hour timing function allows you to set the automatic shutdown time.
● Flexible Mobile and Wide-Angle Air Supply: The large air outlet distributes the cool air evenly and provides a wide range of air supply. The versatile design and efficient cooling system make it suitable for larger areas, such as supermarkets, factories, and offices. Besides, the flexible universal wheels allow you to easily move it in any desired direction.

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ColorBlack + white
MaterialABS, PP
Product dimension19.5" x 16" x 36" (L x W x H)
Net weight28 lbs
Wind modeStandard / Sleep / Natural wind
Voltage120 V, 60 Hz
Power105 W
Water tank capacity7-gallon
Fan speedLow / medium / high
Timing time1-12 hours
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There are 3 different fast cooling speeds to choose from, as it provides standard, natural and sleep mode. 


Are you worried about not being able to cool down on hot summer days? Are you still worried about getting sick in an over-air-conditioned environment? This versatile air cooler will surely become your number one choice! You can choose between 3 different modes and wind speeds, to provide the most suitable airflow according to your own needs. A large air outlet distributes cold air evenly and provides a wider range of air supply. The flexible universal wheels and handles allow you to move or carry it to any desired location effortlessly. The remote control allows you to control and adjust all functions without leaving your bed or sofa. Also, the working noise of this air cooler is minimal, making it perfect for both home and office use.


What are you waiting for? Order one now and start enjoying your cool summer!


  • 3 different speeds and modes for you to choose from.
  • It incorporates an air conditioner cooler, fan, and air humidifier. A 3-in-1 multi-function design.
  • 2 drains for easy draining of excess water.
  • A 7-gallon large water tank reduces the number of refills.
  • The transparent window allows you to look inside and see the accurate water level at all times.
  • A large air outlet provides a wider supply of air.
  • Flexible universal wheels make it easy to rotate and move.
  • It comes with a12-hour timer function and remote control for more convenient use.
  • The versatile design and efficient cooling system make it suitable for larger areas, such as supermarkets, factories, and offices.


11 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • A

    Leaked but easy fix


    Bought it directly from costway. Had a huge puddle on my hardwood floor within an hour. Turns out the rear mesh had fallen in causing it to leak water out the back. 2 screws and a rear filter removal later, the problem was obvious. Removed the media and installed it properly and my leak was fixed. If you are getting a "swamp" cooler, be sure to research first as the higher the humidity is, the less effective.

  • L

    working great!


    glad it is here! too hot! Has great air velocity! Thanks again for shipping so quickly! Arrived 2 days earlier than the earliest expected date!

  • C

    Very cool


    Fair price and an effective cooler.

  • C

    Didn't work brand new out of the box


    I unboxed it, screwed in all four casters, filled it with water and plugged it in. No power at all LOL. I also noticed that you can't control this unit without the remote control, so who knows if it was the unit itself or the remote. I'm going to return it for another model without a remote.

  • P

    Es eficiente


     Es eficiente con los calores de Texas ha trabajado muy bien


  • Q:
    We received our order. The only thing that was missing was the “Gel Particles”, for the Gel packs. Could u please send those.
    Gel Particles were included in this crystal box, you could shake it to hear the sound..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Pictures say to add water to the top but not too much as it might interfere with electrical ... how does one know what is too much.?
    There is a water line for adding water. .
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    The green part on the back is the filter screen, which can be removed, cleaned and reused .
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Do the frozen ice containers rest in the top compartment or in the water tank below?
    The freezer ice box needs to be placed in the top compartment..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Can I use 4 ice boxes or 2 at once?
    You can put all of them or just 2. More ice boxes will make it cooler.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    I purchased Model #EP24211 from Home Depot through the special order online desk. This is the case as I intend to use in my garage. Both your website and Home Depots indicate it's "Industrial Grade. The Casters I received are for lighter duty, perhaps in the house type units. So, did you change design intent of this product? Are you willing to ship the correct casters for my unit or do need to return it to Home Depot?
  • Q:
    I received this unit yesterday and followed your instructions, but it is leaking water and I cannot figure out why. Please let me know what to do.
  • Q:
    we recieved our unit but are having problems understanding the instruction booklet. it is written in chinglish. do you have someone that can translate into English. all i can get is hot air.
  • Q:
    how long until we get an answer.
    No, it is made in China
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    SKU: EP24211 Where was this made?
    No, it is made in China
    Costway representative
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