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10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control

The portable air conditioner features four modes to meet three uses cooling, dehumidifying, and fan.

Overall Rating:
31 Reviews
Item No: 16039754

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Key Features

● Multi-function Air Conditioner: This 8000/10000BTU air conditioner features four modes----cool, dry, fan, and sleep mode to meet your different needs. You can switch the wind speed to high or low for customized airflow. Meanwhile, the temperature can also be adjusted between 60.8˚F and 89.6˚F for various purposes.
Nice Cooling Solution: 8000/10000BTU/H (ASHARE), 5300/7000BTU/H (SACC). The air cooler covers a cooling area of up to 230/350 sq. ft with 290/330 m³/h airflow. It can be manually adjusted by 90° vertically and 60° horizontally to ensure wide-range oscillation. Sleep mode with 24H timer offers low-noise and comfortable operation during working or sleeping.
Smart Control Panel and Portable Remote Control: You can set up the machine simply by pressing the control panel with your fingertips. The remote control also allows for an easy and convenient operation by an effective distance of up to 16.5ft without obstruction. Plus, you can check the working state through the front LED display.
Safety Protection: Removable and washable air filter screen helps blow out fresher air and brings clean and healthy life. Child lock and grid design are perfect for ensuring the safety of loved ones. Auto-defrost function and overload protection effectively prolong service life. It has passed ETL and DOE certifications to prove quality.
Flexible Installation and Portable Design: The portable AC comes with a window kit, which is suitable for double/single hung windows or sliding slash windows no more than 47" long/wide. The drainage hole allows you to manually drain the water. With a carrying handle and universal caster, you can roll this portable air conditioner around your house effortlessly.


    The portable air conditioner features four modes to meet three uses cooling, dehumidifying, and fan.


    That is how the portable air conditioner becomes a perfect company in your life. This portable AC provides you with easy and convenient adjustment and you don't even need to stand up to change cooling settings. You will also find it easy to move this machine to any desired place smoothly with the rolling wheels or you can also carry it effortlessly by the handle. It is perfect for families with babies and pets to prevent accidents, as it is equipped with a child lock function. So don't hesitate to take it home and say goodbye to what makes you uncomfortable on hot days!


    If you are looking for a portable air conditioner like this, do not hesitate to place an order!

    • 3-in-1 portable air conditioner with drying/fan/sleep mode
    • 10000 BTU cooling capacity ensures rapid cooling
    • Temperature can be adjusted from 60.8℉to 89.6℉ as you need
    • Features an efficiency of 40/50Pints/day under drying mode
    • 24 hours timer makes the machine shut off automatically to save energy
    • Equipped with a remote control and control panel, which are easy to use
    • Quiet operation with low noise is perfect for sleeping and won't disturb others
    • Built-in handle and universal casters make it easy to move and carry
    • Filtration design helps eliminate dust and make air clean and fresh
    • Suitable for bedroom, office, small apartment, dorm, etc
    • Color: White/Gray/Dark Blue
    • Overall dimension: 13" x 13" x 27.5"(L x W x H)
    • Voltage: 115V
    • Frequency: 60Hz
    • Cooling capacity (ASHARE): 10000BTU
    • Cooling capacity (SACC): 7000BTU
    • Power cord Length: 6FT
    • Temperature range: 60.8°F -89.6°F
    • Water tank capacity: 650ml
    • Net weight: 50.5 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Portable air conditioner
    • 1 x Remote control
    • 1 x Window kit
    • 1 x Window kit adapter
    • 1 x Exhaust hose
    • 1 x Hose connector
    • 1 x Drainage hose
    • 1 x User guide
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews




I am so glad I did! I used to wake up several times a night prior to installing this in our bedroom. Now I sleep SO soundly and rarely wake up in the middle of the night. It cools quickly and installs so easily, I did it all myself! I have been recommending this unit to everyone.


This product puts out a good amount of cold air and is about the size or a tall nightstand. We bought this for our master bedroom that is on the second floor of our house. It is usually about 78 degrees by the time we go to sleep, but this helps bring it down to a comfortable 70 without much trouble. The reason I docked stars was due to the instruction’s lack of clarity in steps, the fact that it suggested I duck tape the window kit, and the fact that it arrived much later than originally expected.


Much easier than using window units in a 2nd floor apartment...quiet and does a great job . I would purchase again


Easily set up and functions well in our 18 X 28 foot kitchen/dining area. Makes it a usable space even when the thermometer outside tops 90 degrees! Saved us from buying mini-splits.


The product was fully assembled except for some extra parts which were easy to attach. The controls were easy to understand and works very efficiently. The product itself is not that loud and could be easily moved anywhere and overall a great product.


I love that this thing has so many options, and they all work great! The different modes, the fan only, the dehumidifier, the remote control, etc. I really love the 24-hour timer function! The price of this thing is wonderful! Window units would've cost me way more in the long run, because I would have had to have gotten two of them. For what you're getting, this is most definitely priced GREAT! I highly recommend this. If you've been on the fence about getting one, don't be! Just order it!!


Absolutely Love this portable AC, it’s a replacement for my window AC. It looks way better, it’s so easy to install(only takes me 10 minutes). Looks so elegant, and noise level is very low. Plus with remote, I don’t have to walk to the window to change the mode, I can use the remote to control, so convenient. It’s perfect for a lazy person like me.


I love it cause it keeps my two bedroom apartment nice and chilly


It works great and cools my room pretty quick the only issue is that the water drain Reservoir is too small and needs to be dumped regularly for me but other than that


This definitely worth to recommend for those people do not have a HVAC unit at home or needed it for non-ac space like what I need it for my warehouse!!!
Have to appreciate the packaging, the day it arrived was a super heavy rainy day and I wasn’t home when it delivered. When I got home the box was all wet from the top to the bottom


This unit works very well!! Worth it!


This AC unit arrived quickly & with no issues. It was super easy to assemble and came with all the necessary attachments to start using it right away. The control buttons do take some getting used to because they require super light touch. It seemed to cool the space quickly & I really like the sleek & simple design.


Easy set up and was able to clearly follow the instruction book. After turning on, it started cooling the room right away. This does have some noise as is to be expected with a unit like this, but overall not too loud. The wheels allow for easy maneuvering so I can move between the bedroom and office with ease. Looking forward to staying cool throughout the summer.


The air conditioner has been received. It's okay to install it and try it out. I've always wanted this kind of air conditioner and it didn't disappoint me. The noise level doesn’t bother me but if you have to have complete silence to sleep with it then you need something else. An air conditioner will have some noise no matter what kind you get.


I was amidst a renovation in my basement when I got the idea to cut a porthole and install a portable air conditioner to cool my home office (I work from home). I did a bit of shopping and picked this one out based on reviews and price - both good.

First off, the packaging was awesome which is something that I usually overlook. All I had to do was cut a few straps and I was already in business. I have had these in the past so install was straight-forward. When I kicked it on I was surprised at how cool the room got as quickly as it got. My home office is roughly 25x12 feet and it cooled down about 10 degrees in roughly 20 minutes. Granted, it's not the middle of summer right now but that was impressive. What I also noticed after a few days was that it made my dehumidifier down here unnecessary - that was a nice bonus.

So between the cooling capacity and the dehumidifying - I'd say this was a big win. Glad I thought to do this while I was already in the middle of a project.


The biggest issue with this is installing the window part! My husband and I went and got some additional weather stripping (foam) so the sliding pieces were flush with the window. Well worth it- keeps out the hot air and bugs! Machine itself is fairly loud, you can talk over it but you’re not talking at a normal volume. Overall would buy again because it’s dang effective at cooling the room!!


Cools off a room amazingly well. I was surprised and excited by the remote control and the feature that swings the vent covers up and down (swing setting). It pushes air around well and makes my third floor Louisiana apartment not so miserable this summer. Glad to have this and very pleased with the quality so far.


I ordered this portable ac unit because i live in a traler and it can be extremely hot in here. I wanted something portable that i can move from room to room when i need too. I opened the box and fell in love! It blows air from a side vent, not one on top. You can swing the fan covers up and down and you can set this unit to do it by itself! My only downfall is that it sounds like a regular old ac window unit. I just turn the TV up and ignore it. It is a little heavy at 75 pounds but there are wheels and finger grips so you can roll it or pick it up to move it. It was VERY easy to set up with the exhaust tubing and the widow parts that you connect to your window behind or beside this unit. I am satisfied with my purchase :)


Our master bedroom is on the second floor and has a sitting room addition with a wall of windows on two sides. In the summer, it’s like having an attached greenhouse. Some days it’s uncomfortable even with the central air running. A supplemental AC unit is a must for this room. I like that this portable unit can roll away when not in use or can be easily moved to a different window. I did have to get some weather stripping to use with the window vent kit, but that is likely due to the way our window sills are made. It’s far better than the Honeywell unit we bought a few years ago. Unlike the old AC, this unit has an evaporative dry function, so I have not had to empty any water from the unit at all. Our bedroom is pretty good size and even with the mini greenhouse addition this unit cools our large bedroom well. I highly recommend this unit.


Bought this air conditioner around one month .It was very well packed with no damage to the body at all. It came with the boards to help the vent hose stays on the window.The package was very heavy but the actual unit is weight reasonably and was really easy to assemble,it took me ten minutes to set up and settle the vent hose.
I think it is all right about nosie, definitely not as quit as central AC but can be but it's acceptable. For my regular bedroom, the ac get it cooled in about 15 minutes. Love it.


My daughter and granddaughter live in the upstairs. Their window air conditioner quit this year so we got a portable one. Their bedroom is small and the air conditioner does a good job for them.


I've had the unit running at night for a month now to cool my room. Work's for me. The noise level is about the same as a window unit. However it cycles on and off more frequently but I soon got use it. Easy set up and so far knock on wood. It works for. I'm satisfied.


So i see alot of reviews on here saying that it’s very noisy.... I got news for you, it’s an air conditioner, it’s suppose to be noisy. I have never heard of a “quiet” AC before.


I love this! It came assembled so all i had to do was take it out of the box and plug it in! I use this for my apartment and within minutes my apartment was completely cool.


I live in Seattle, where almost no one has A/C. My apartment is ~750sqft, so this isn't powerful enough to cool the entire home, but it has massively improved the living conditions in my apartment and for my dog.

If you would like an air conditioner, this works very well. It does make some noise, but it's easily ignored. The remote is a plus. If I had to rebuy, I would aim for something around 18,000 BTUs, but honestly I love this thing.


I've been running this one about a week. It cools my living room and kitchen quite efficiently, in fact I usually have to shut it off as it's actually cold. I've owned two portable A/Cs...found them both heavy, and noise level the same. As someone else said, I don't find the noise level any different from the majority of A/Cs. I hired a professional to vent it through the wall (about $100) as I don't like the cluttery look of installing through a window, At this point I would highly recommend but, again, it's only been a week. I'll update if things change. 12,000 BTU is a lot of power for small spaces. Thermostat works well.


We love the product. We have a large child center and it works lovely and efficiently. Keeps the large room so cool and quiet too. It’s easy to assemble and it’s pretty . All white . The Portable AC came very quickly and we were happy on the seller delivering so fast. The price is great and the wheels are beneficial to move into different places. When it gets hot in LA it’s coming into the main room of our home .
Great company and wonderful AC . I would recommend to anyone with a nice size room or office room. Thank you


Product works great. It cooled down my room (about 250 square feet) in less than 7mins at 72. I live in San Diego and temperature at the time was 90. This is a pretty quiet unit.
I love it so far and the product looks cool.
This is the first time that I am using it so I’ll have to wait until next month to see how much my electricity bill will go up.


Easy to install. Cold air right away. Have 17 by 20 master bedroom on third floor. Work nights. Was freezing out my family downstairs trying to get my room cool to sleep during the day. Turned it on, and we could feel cold air even going down the stairs . Wish I had bought this years ago. First day, will keep you apprised if any problems arise.


I was always hesitant on purchasing a portable AC unit, as I was unsure of whether it would both remove humidity and cool a room. Let me tell you, this does both and it does it well. Set up was a piece of cake (I tend to make things harder than they should be and I figured it out in 5 minutes). The unit cooled the room from 90 to 68 in about 5 hours (it is for an apt that I don't always use and the windows were all locked up). It also removed all of the humidity from the air. The AC has kept up with the climbing heat and humidity. My apartment is located on the 3rd floor and tends to trap the heat, but this unit cooled the entire 700 sq ft of the apartment. I also have a fire escape in the window through which I vent the unit, so I had to look for something that did not obstruct the fire escape. This is flush with the window and works perfectly. I give it a 10/10.