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13Lbs Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine with Drain Pump Spinner

Here comes a utility wash machine.

Overall Rating:
22 Reviews
Item No: 06152437

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Key Features

Two-in-One Machine: Getting this machine means you can possess a washer and a spin dryer at the same time. Hence, you can get the washed clothes spin-dried directly or run the washer and dryer at the same time, both of which provide you with a lot of conveniences and save your time. Besides, the total capacity is 13lbs, and the 8lbs washer and 5lbs dryer are ideal for small pieces.
Powerful Motor and Built-in Drain Pump: This machine features a powerful motor, which endows its powerful performance to wash your clothes cleaner and quicker. Featuring a built-in drain pump and a longer drainage tube, the machine can drain the dirty water out easily and effectively.
Timing Function and Easy Operation: With every controller being marked clearly, you can set washing time and spinning time as you want by rotating the wash timer and spin timer. An easy-to-understand control panel and simple steps make it friendly to the user. And the longest washing time is no more than 15 minutes, which greatly reduces your waiting time.
Durable Surface and Safe Using: Made of high-quality PP material, the washing machine is rustproof and wear-resistant thus guarantee its long service time. Its power plug has been certificated by UL, so your electricity safety is well protected. Besides, with a low center of gravity, it can stand stably without shaking when it is working to provide you a pleasant user experience.
Compact Size and Wide Application: With a size of 21.5” X 13.5” X 25.5”, the space-saving washing machine can be placed in limited corners easily, so it is very suitable for dormitories, small apartments, RVs, or anywhere with limited rooms. Meanwhile, its compact size also ensures its low energy consumption which helps you save much energy.


    Here comes a utility wash machine.


    Made of anti-corrosion PP material, you don’t need to worry about it getting rusty in wet places. Equipped with a timing function, the washer can be set at various times conveniently according to your washing requirements. Besides, its strong motor endows it powerful clean capacity, which can clean your clothes more effectively and quickly. While it is working, its long tube and built-in drain pump make it effective to drain the dirty water out. Moreover, its compact size allows you to place it in corners which helps you can make better use of space, and thus it can provide you with convenience anywhere with limited space such as dorms, RVs, apartments, and so on. Nobody can say no to such a practical machine, just buy it!


    If you are looking for a product like this, do not hesitate to place an order!


    • The powerful motor ensures it can do wash effectively
    • UL certificated plug guarantees electrical safety for you
    • PP material surface is rustproof in a wet environment
    • Built-in drain pump allows you to drain dirty water out easily
    • A small-size design is space-saving and you can place it in a small corner easily
    • Easy-to-understand operation panel provides much convenience for you
    • With a washer and dryer in one machine, it can wash and spin clothes at the same time
    • Color: Blue & white
    • Material: PP
    • Dimension: 22'' x 14'' x 25.5'' (L x W x H)
    • Length of wire: 61''
    • Length of drainage pipe: 37''
    • Length of inlet pipe: 47''
    • Net weight: 25 lbs
    • Voltage: 120 V
    • Washing capacity: 8 lbs
    • Spinning capacity: 5 lbs
    • Washing power: 240 W
    • Spinning power: 120 W
    • Package includes:
    • 1 X Wash Machine
    • 1 X Hose
    • 1 X Safety Cover
    • 1 X User’s Manual
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Nice quality. Cleans very well. Clothes smell clean when finished.


This was the least expensive portable washer I could find that also has an effective drain pump. Many of these washers just use gravity to drain wash water. More expensive units have a component that can pump the water out of the machine which is helpful if you want to place it on the floor and drain it into a tub or bucket. So far (after 3 weeks) it's working fine.






Excellent machine ! Love it!!!! Could have better quality hoses and longer plug that would make this 100% better


I love this thing


It fits nicely in my small bathroom in a one bedroom apartment. Will not hold a huge amount of clothes but definitely sufficient for what I need and will save me money in the long run. Very convenient to have in my own home, quiet running and simple to use after you figure out the instruction book, that really needs an English update.


It snapped on the third use. I contacted seller. They said they can’t replace, but offered a refund. I said ok. No refund. I followed up. No reply.
Also: They said to buy a replacement on my own. It is impossible to find online, as they are uncommon in the US. Even overseas, they do exist (though hard to find) but are too big; this one is a nonstandard size.
Will revise rating if and when I get my refund.


This machine is small but powerful. Washes cloths very clean


I didn’t need the instructions to get started. It’s a simple machine to use.
It’s not too heavy. It’s not a regular size machine so you shouldn’t put bedding with the exception of a sheet or pillow case. Towels, small items one or two adult jeans… anything more and you’ll burn out the motor for the washer.
The spin is not a heated dryer. You will need a drying rack or a line to dry the clothes on.
This is a nice alternative to hand washing and wringing out you clothes.
I imagine the savings vs. having a regular sized system that takes several hours to wash and dry. I suggest using a bucket and fill up the washer yourself so you can gauge how much water is in the washer. Yes, it’s a little bit more work.
After several months of being patient this machine is very much appreciated.


This thing is amazing! I cannot believe how well it works. The spinner gets the clothes super close to dry. If you hang them outside, they're dry in about 10 mins on a good summer day. For the price, there's nothing better. You won't regret this purchase for your small apartment or RV.


Seemed like a nice little machine. Got the clothes super clean. I was careful not to overload it, did tiny loads. But 10 days AFTER the return window closed the spinner stopped working. Not happy. Alot of money for something that quit working after 2 months.


Noise level loud and Kant put covers in the spin dryer to small


Working good.


I absolutely love this little gem! It works great. Can't believe how well it washes. So simple to use and isn't too big for our RV, which we live in full time. Highly recommend it to anyone living in small spaces.






i've been using these type machines for my major washing needs. i do not have it hooked to water and instead fill simply by use a garden hose. therefore, i speak from the soul of the machine. i could not have made a better choice for purchase. powerful motors run the washer and spinner separately which is a huge plus. each performs well. all the woes with other machines have become a memory - spinner is still working unlike allllll the others along with the electric water pump preventing those dreadful and hard to clear clogs. those two things compensate for the additional cost and has made me a much happier person! with respect to all machines in this category the user must keep in mind that you are limited to size load (which doesn't bother me as i wash what i wore that day and hang dry) and tolerances for clothes clinging to each other forming "knots" should be respected. final note - pleased!!


I put mine in the shower when using it. I don't use the fill kit, I let the shower head fill it. Its great for a few items but about 3 shirts , is the most you'll get in it.
The dryer will leave the clothes damp, which you'll need a place to hang them up to finish


I put mine in the shower when using it. I don't use the fill kit, I let the shower head fill it. Its great for a few items but about 3 shirts , is the most you'll get in it.


I only gave it 2 stars, as it quit after 2 uses. The size is great for small spaces. My only complaint is, the spinner tub was smaller than I expected. Pay attention to the pounds minus the washer poundage. That will tell you how big or small the spinner is. This one would only spin it one pair of jeans. It is light weight and easy to move around and pretty quiet.


I bought this portable washing machine for small loads. I was surprised by how well this small machine worked. It took me only 5 minutes per washing cycle then spin-drying for another 3 minutes. I could wash and spin dry at the same time for multiple loads. This model has two (2) water inlets but only one hose is provided. It would be nice to have another inlet hose connecting to a Y adaptor. I really like it as clothes come out clean and smell great. Now I use it more often than my big washer.