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2-in-1 Portable 22lbs Capacity Washing Machine with Timer Control

Are you looking for a multi-functional semi-automatic washer that will not take up too much space? The mini washing machine with perfect configuration is your ideal choice!

Overall Rating:
21 Reviews
Item No: 64109538

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Key Features

Twin Tub with Large Capacity: With the twin tubs dual function design, this washing machine allows you to wash and spin clothes at the same time. And it has a washing capacity of 13.2 lbs and a spinner capacity of 8.8 lbs, which maximizes the satisfaction of the family's laundry requirements.
Timer Control and Easy Operation: The multifunctional washing machine uses separate timer control to facilitate washing and spinning operations. And the washer timer runs for up to 15 minutes while the spin timer runs for up to 5 minutes. Also, there are soft mode, standard mode and drain mode for you to choose according to different clothes materials.
Powerful and Low Noise Motor: High-performance motor ensures smooth running, continuous output and high safety for lasting service life. It can help you save energy and complete laundry tasks effectively. Also, it will not make annoying noises and disturb neighbors during operation. You can view the washing/spinning process at any time through the transparent cover.
Compact Design for Various Scenes: Measuring 25'' x 14.5'' x 27.5'', this mini washing machine can be placed in dorms, apartments, RV's, camping or other limited places. It is easy to move and transport anywhere due to its lightweight structure. Additionally, the sturdy PP shell lets you use for a long time without breaking.
Easy to Drain and Use: The excellent drain pump and 54'' drain hose bring a lot of convenience in draining excess dirty water. And the filter device prevents the drain outlet from being blocked by unnecessary debris. Just drop clothes in, add laundry detergent, fill with water, set the timer, and you can start washing your clothes.


    Are you looking for a multi-functional semi-automatic washer that will not take up too much space? The mini washing machine with perfect configuration is your ideal choice!


    Small body but surprisingly large capacity makes this washing machine fit snugly into small space or corner in apartments, dormitories and bathroom. 2 large separate tubs(13.2lbs washing/8.8lbs spinning tub ) allow you to wash and spin dry a lot of clothes at the same time. The mashing machine has a easy-to-operate control panel facilitates you to set the desired time and mode (soft/standard/drain). With a high-class and low noise motor, it can help you save energy and ensure efficient laundry. What’s more, the built-in pump and drain tube let you drain out dirty water directly and avoid excessive water on the floor. Just drop clothes in, fill with water, add soap, and you can say goodbye to piles of dirty clothing!


    Each washer has been tested if it can drain smoothly before shipment so a little water inside is just the result of test.


    • Twin tub with 2 in 1 design to wash and spin simultaneously
    • Adjustable washing time and drying time for versatile use
    • 3 selected modes(soft/standard/drain) for better washing effect
    • 13.2 lbs washing tub and 8.8 spinning tub to hold more clothes
    • Powerful and low noise motor to save s time, energy and water
    • Compact and space-saving body for a corner, balcony and small places
    • Can be used in dormitories, bathrooms, VRS and apartments
    • Drainpipe and pump to drain out dirty water directly and effectively
    • High-quality PP shell for long-lasting durability and extra stability
    • Color: Grey
    • Material: PP
    • Overall dimension: 25'' x 14.5'' x 28'' (L x W x H)
    • Voltage: 120V/60HZ
    • Rated input power of washing: 280W
    • Rated input power of spin-drying: 160W
    • Washing timer: 15 minutes
    • Spinning timer: 5 minutes
    • Wash tube capacity: 13.2lbs
    • Spin tube capacity: 8.8lbs
    • Length of wire : 55''
    • Length of drainage pipe: 51''
    • Length of inlet pipe: 42''
    • Diameter of water inlet pipe (connect to faucet ): 1''
    • Net weight: 28lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Washing machine
    • 1 x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Me gusta es de un tamaño perfecto lava y exprime bien la ropa liviana


I really love this washing machine and it works really well there was just one little tiny obstacle about it and that is is that it was shipped upside down and because of the weight and it being shipped upside down when I open the box the box was right side up but the machine was upside down and because of the weight of the machine it threw one of the doors a little bit off not bad about maybe a half an inch I can still use the machine and it does drip I have to put a towel on the floor but that's to me is not a big deal the machine works well I like it very much and if I at least get a year out of it I'll be happy well worth the purchase.


I like this product, but haven't used it yet.


This washer fits perfectly in my small hallway bathroom. I love having a washer at home finally so I don’t have to cart all my laundry out of the house once a week. The spin dry is awesome, drys the clothes about 90%. I love this thing, I hope it lasts a long time!!! Only reason I gave 4 stars is because if you use hot water, the condensation from the lid leaks out of the top a little. Other than that it’s a great little washer!!!


Much quieter than the last one I had and I LOVE the addition of the drain pump! The power cord is shorter than my last one and the last one was short! Also the lint catcher is completely uneffective, my last one had a net in the inside that caught a lot, this catches nothing. If my last one didn't die, I'd still be using it, but it lasted almost 3 years, so not bad. Also the spin dry side is supposedly 2.2lbs bigger than my last, but that's impossible... I can't fit the same amount I used to. 4 stars because it's quiet, the drain pump is awesome and it washes and spin dries very well. Just needs a few tweaks.


This is very nice machine for one or two people. I run 9 minute wash, drain and then 3 minute rinse. I hang on my patio. Thinking in the winter to hang on the shower curtain rod in my bathroom.
Only giving 4 stars because the clothes gets twisted. I have to stay watching it and stop it and straighten it out to avoid it becoming a round ball.


Lava bien pero secar la ropa dura mucho tiempo ojalá puediera secar la misma cantintidad que lava


OK. I have owned machines like these before. I have a tiny house. And I love the small size of these machines. The ones I had in the past were slightly smaller than this one. And they didn't have the drain pump like this one does. That was my biggest complaint about the others. You would have to wait like 15 or more minutes for the water to drain from the tub, because it was gravity drain only. Which meant you had to lay the hose out flat, and the machine needed to be higher than the hose in order to drain it. This washer has a pump that very quickly forces the water out. Excellent addition!
I've learned a few things about these washers over the years. 1st. Make sure to add enough water so the clothes aren't to hard to move while it's spinning. The little electric motors in these machines will just get more and more weak over time. Over loading, or not adding enough water for the clothes to move freely, will burn the motor up pretty quickly. Forget about finding replacement parts. I've tried.
2nd, when you turn the machine to "drain", make sure to turn the timer for the wash side all the way to "off". If you don't, you will hear the little click of the motor trying to still work. It's not just the timer. The motor will actually be trying to spin. But when you put it to drain mode, there is a little brake that stops the motor from moving. So the little motor is sitting there straining, trying to spin. But the brake is holding it. This burns the motor up. Just turn the timer all the way to off, before you turn the dial to drain. Also, on this model that has the drain pump. Stay there and watch the water level. Turn off drain as soon as its empty. There is no timer on the drain. It will just keep on trying to drain, even after it runs dry. If you leave it on, it will burn the pump up prematurely.
3rd. If your hose is laying out flat, you don't need to select drain on the dial while you are using the spin side. It will drain by itself. But if you have your hose going upwards, like into a sink, tub, toilet or something else that's off the floor, you need to make sure to select drain, so that the pump will turn on and force the water up the hose and out. Let the clothes spin for about a minute. Then you can turn the drain pump off. Because the bulk of the water has already been pushed out. What little is left in the clothes, isn't enough to fill up the tub and keep the clothes wet.
One thing about this particular machine that I never had issues with my other machines is that the water will splash up on the lid and leak down the front and sides. Either put a towel under it, or set it somewhere the water won't do damage.


It's just perfect, it's so easy to use, it's so quiet, it won't bother you at all. I put all the sheets in, and it was amazing how much it could hold, and it was super clean. Both barrels can run at the same time, spinning so fast that my clothes will be dry in no time. It saves me a lot of time in my work.


As I said in video I had a similar Machine that has now been discontinued. This performs the same way except for it leaks from the top. On the washer side it would tend to splash out the top and run down, it was worse when I was doing a half load of my delicates. And on the spin side it would spin it around on the front and side.Not every load but most. Leaves a big puddle on the floor.


Good to do my laundry again


Only used 3x and it leaks from bottom somewhere. Str8 lemon


Very pleased. Nice product


I have a very small bathroom in my 2 bedroom apartment. The machine is only slightly larger than a laundry basket. Fits perfectly where my basket used to stand. We put our clothes in when we shower or change, once it's full I run the machine. Which is about every other day since it's just my son and I. I had to face it backwards for the drain hose to reach my tub, and I had to use masking tape to keep it hooked over the tub since the hook that comes with it wasn't wide enough.
It works great!! I save so much money now by not using a laundromat. It's already paid for itself in 2 months. Only downside is the water intake hose that comes with it is too small to attach to my faucet but the end that attaches to the machine is the perfect width to hold under the faucet and allow all the water to fill without waste. Takes about 2-3mins to fill but I don't mind holding it while it does.
Highly recommended!!


I bought this for my son and daughter-in-law because they have a very small apartment. They LOVE it! They said the 'dryer' side did such a great job of spinning out the water, their clothes were dry the next morning.. I bought them a drying rack to use.
They need to get a fitting as the hose it comes with does not fit on their faucet, but they just sat the unit in their tub and filled it by using pots.
Also, you will need an outlet for a 3 prong plug. They have an adapter plug for this.
All in all, they LOVE it.


Had one issue, an the customer service was amazing!!
I rewashed sheets from my big expensive washer and was shocked at how much it really didn't clean!
We bought it because my mom has one, and we were thinking our camping trailer.
After doing the sheets, it is in our bathroom and I use it everyday.
Towels, OMG awesome!!


It's not meant for big people


This helps a lot because we have a small house and this fits perfectly in our small bathroom. It’s not too loud and washes quickly!


Best thing I have ever purchased it is quiet convenient my six-year-old now does his own laundry and also the noise level is a zero the space is perfect and if a six-year-old can handle it anyone can I highly suggest purchasing this washer


I bought this model because it had a drain pump -not gravity tub drain. It also has a powerful agitation that really gers clothes clean. I'd recommend this washer in a heart beat.


The portable washing machine is handy, lightweight. We can carry it quickly, and it is easy to set up. The instruction suggested for washing to be done twice, and I think three-time would be best. We can select the spinning time, which is a plus. At first, I didn't trust the dryer, but it does the work. It dries pretty quickly as well. It is worth buying as paying $ 6 every week is a pain.So the hose is pretty tiny, so we do need something to set up with. I got turkey baster from the dollar store. It had to be cut on top in an X design.