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Full-automatic Washing Machine 7.7 lbs Washer / Spinner Germicidal

The portable full-automatic washing machine is a perfect choice for home, apartments, RV camping and dorms.

Overall Rating:
13 Reviews
Item No: 27691483

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Key Features

● Full-automatic Washing Machine: Designed with a fully automatic program, this washing machine provides the best cleaning and rinsing performance. 6 programs, 3 water level selections and indicator light on the control panel. You can select the appropriate programs and water level according to different cloth to meet your needs. 
● Barrel Light Function: This fully automatic washing machine equipped with a barrel light on the stainless inner tub which is good for protecting human eyes and skin. the barrel light will automatically on for 5 mins when the upper cover is opened in the initial state or during operation. You can easily operate it even light in your room is turned off.
● Compact Design and Large Capacity: This washing machine is compact and lightweight for you to move it easily. But the stainless steel honeycomb-shaped inner tub can load 7.7 lbs at one time and wash many clothes for you. With a space-saving design, it is perfect for your home, apartment or even taking it for outdoor activities like camping.
● Imbalance Adjustment and Adjustable Feet: Normally spinning would cause violent vibration when the laundries in the tub are not placed evenly. But the imbalance adjustment function of this washing machine will automatically adjust the imbalance if the vibration is beyond a certain level. Besides, the bottom feet are adjustable to meet your needs.
● Safety and Energy-saving Design: This washing machine will give an alarm if wrong operation happens. And if washing finished or you do not press START/PAUSE in 10 minutes after pressing power, power supply will be cut off automatically. It is smart and safe for whole family.


    The portable full-automatic washing machine is a perfect choice for home, apartments, RV camping and dorms.


    Featuring a fully automatic programmed, this washing machine is a good helper in sharing housework. Once you set the washing machine program, you could just leave it alone to work and do your own staffs. Compact and lightweight design allows you to move and transit to any place. Its honeycomb shaped inner tub can load 10 lbs at one time, ensuring you wash many clothes at one time. With a built-in drain pump and a drainage tube, our washer helps you to drain out dirty water easily.


    If you are looking for a washing machine, don't hesitate to buy one!


    • Comes with fully automatic cycle programmed, saving your time to do other things freely during the laundry
    • Built -in germicidal uv light to kill the 99% bacteria.
    • Ultrasonic turbine adopt to advanced high frequency vibration, 360 degree forward reverse cleaning, deep clean
    • 6 programs, 3 water level selections are clearly listed on the control panel
    • Portable washing machine with a space-saving design, ideal for small space
    • Max weight capacity can reach 7.7 lbs, meeting your washing laundry need
    • Stainless steel tub won't chip, rust or snag clothing
    • Designed imbalance adjustment function to automatically adjust the balance of inside laundries
    • Bottom feet are adjustable to meet your needs
    • Power supply is cut off automatically
    • Strong power motor provide strong power
    • Mute and save water
    • A build-in drain pump and drainage tube to drain out dirty water easier
    • Inner removable lint filter can remove hairs and other debris which attach to the clothes
    • The back of the washing machine comes with a power wire-organizer for tidiness
    • Color: Pink / Yellow
    • Material: Stainless steel inner tub + PP plastic body
    • Washing capacity: 7.7 lbs
    • Tub volume: 0.8cu.ft
    • Dimensions: 16.5" x 16" x 29.5" (L x W x H)
    • Rated voltage / Frequency: 120 V, 60 Hz
    • Rated wash / Spin capacity: 10 lbs
    • Water level/ Water volume: L/16L M/23L H/30L
    • Inlet pressure: 0.03 MPa - 0.85 Mpa
    • Rated wash input power: 240 W
    • Rated spin input power: 210 W
    • Product weight: 40 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Fully automatic washing machine
    • 1 x Instruction
    • 1 x Bottom cover
    • 1 x Water inlet hose with water inlet hose connector
    • 8 x Screw
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


This cute little washer holds more than you think. Seems to do a good job cleaning the clothes. I've only washed a few loads but so far so good! If I had any complaint at all was the inlet hose that comes with it was pretty cheaply made so I bought a new one.


The quality off this product for the price is amazing. It works perfectly didn't have any problems. Would recommend to anyone whose looking for a small compact washer for there apartment.


Bought in addition to my regular sized washer and dryer for smaller items that require immediate cleaning (ie. masks, workout clothes, etc). Seems to work really well for such as small machine. I especially appreciate the little touches like the lint filter for this size. Spin dry works well too, leaving clothes slightly damp. Would appreciate email back with help in getting a bathroom sink faucet adapter...Thanks


Because I couldn't buy the faucet at first, I planned to return it, Later, I bought it and it was easy to use. I like it very much. It is so easy to use. Thank you for providing us with good products.


Very easy to use, I have been looking for such a washing machine for a long time, Just go to the hardware store and buy a Faucet . It's not loud. I washed a lot of things. I've used it several times. Thanks Costway Bring us good products.


The washing machine is wonderful you’re on I’m a bigger size woman and it holds a whole lot of my clothes and get some very clean and it doesn’t take that long to do laundry I am very grateful for this product. Thank you costway. Can someone please help and tell me if there is a warranty on the washer and dryer, or if I can buy one thank you


Great product, only issue was the hose had a hole but seller was very accommodating! Also when I unboxed it a little water came out the hose. Besides that it works wonderfully! It Washed my clothes really good and almost spins them completely dry.


Using for apartment, love the unit.Needs a female to male adapter.Does bang after using for awhile


It was smaller than I expected.


Super cute ! In color and size, convenient for those who have small condo or travel often


So glad I bought it.


This is exactly what I was looking for. Compact enough to stay in my bathroom or go in the hall closet. I was able to find fittings at the local hardware store to either hook it up to a garden hose or to my dual showerhead. My clothes came out very clean with minimal detergent. On my 7th load. Perfect for small living spaces! I did purchase the furniture dolly so that it’s easier for me to move but it is very light weight.


We have had this for like a month so far, and it has been great so far. Have done about 3 or 4 loads per week. We live in a small apartment and it is in our bathroom. Makes it a bit cramped, but wouldn't fit at all if it was as big as some of the other ones. 16.5" x 17" was one of the main reasons I picked this one, because others were like 19" or 20", and wouldn't have fit. Seems to go a good job. Careful with long sleeve shirts and pants. Has a tendency to tangle anything long together.The manual that comes with it is not very helpful in terms of knowing what each wash option does. However, I can say that the "normal" option, which is the one we almost exclusively use, fills it with water, and washes for about 15 mins. Then drains, spins, and refills. It does a first rinse for about 8-10 mins. Then drains, spins, and refills. It does a second rinse for about 5-8 mins. This is where you would want to add anything like fabric softener if you wish.The other options just shorten the cycles (I think). Hope this helps someone.