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  • 11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner - Gallery View 1 of 8
  • 11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner - Gallery View 2 of 8
  • 11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner - Gallery View 3 of 8
  • 11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner - Gallery View 4 of 8
  • 11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner - Gallery View 5 of 8
  • 11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner - Gallery View 6 of 8
  • 11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner - Gallery View 7 of 8
  • 11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner - Gallery View 8 of 8
11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner

11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner

This compact twin tub washing machine is a good solution for doing laundry in small apartments, dorms, condos, etc.

Overall Rating:
83 Reviews
Item No: 81695243
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Key Features

● Compact Twin Tub Washing Design: This is our portable mini compact twin tub washing machine which is easy for you to operate. Saving so much time that you don't have to go to a laundry mat or wash things by hand in the tub.
● Large Capacity: Washing tube: Place clothing in the washtub section, rated washing capacity: 11 lbs. Run the rinse cycle for the desired minutes, Rated spinner dryer capacity: 6.6 lbs (half of the washing capacity, you may spin twice).
● Relief Yourself From Hand Washing: This washing machine washer timer for 15 min and the spin timer to 5 minutes per load, you could choose a suitable time when washing. Much more freedom and options as opposed to standard washing machines that have preprogrammed settings.
● Space-Saving Design: Ideal for small loads and delicate. Lightweight and easily movable. Also, the wash motor is powerful. 300 W washing power & 110 W spinner power will help you powerful use the item.
● Convenient For Home Use: Have a filter net on the side of the washing barrel, which can easily store the dirty when washing, and you could easily pull it off when cleaning the tube. Have a cover plate when you use the spin tube, can easily put above the cloths and avoid the high speed throw away. Easy assemble is required with all hardware packed in the package.


    Not Available For Sale Or Use in California

    This compact twin tub washing machine is a good solution for doing laundry in small apartments, dorms, condos, etc.


    The washing machine is compact so that it can be moved easily. It also offers great flexibility and has an adorable appearance. The washer features an 11 lbs load capacity which saves water and electricity. With time control, you can control the time of washing clothes. With a transparent lid, you can see the wash and dry process clearly. When you turn on the water you have to stay by the washer to watch it because it does not stop filling with water by itself.


    It’s easy to operate – you can just put in the clothes, fill in water, set the timer and start. It’s quite a good helper for your laundry. Do not hesitate to buy one.


    • Brand new and high quality
    • Ideal for small loads and delicate
    • Portable mini compact twin tub washing machine
    • Transparent lid allows you to see the wash and dry
    • Easy operation
    • It does not stop filling with water by itself
    • Gravity drain
    • Color: White and blue
    • Washer size: Compact
    • Voltage frequency: 110 V / 60 Hz
    • Rated washing capacity: 11 lbs
    • Washing power: 300 W
    • Maximum water temperature: 54℃
    • 11 lbs. wash, 6.6 lbs. spin
    • 15 min. wash, 5 min. spin
    • Spinner power: 110 W
    • Spinner rpm: 1300
    • Overall size: 24.8" x 14" x 28.35" (L x W x H)
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


My husband and I are expecting our first child and are currently living in a apartment. We didn’t want to wash our newborn’s clothes in the shared washer and dryer with the rest of the tenants so we purchased this machine. Clothes came out perfectly clean and just feels so much safer using this for our baby (and us)! We run the normal cycle twice (each is 15 mins) for a nice deep clean. The spinner looks very small however, when you place the clothes evenly in the spinner and press down your clothes come out about 75% dry. As it initially “takes off” the spinner is loud and does shake a bit but after a few seconds the machine settles and noise and shaking subside. So far we are very happy with our mini Washer/Spinner.


It works great, Saves me a lot of money going in to the laundromat. Ships fast. wasn't expecting it will arrive yesterday. I ordered it on the 1st.


Very efficient small washing machine - extractor. Ideal for small apartments, easy to store. Clothes come out clean and wrung out nicely. Just wipe the sides dry after use and you're done.


My friend recommends this washing machine to me. I use it once each week. It's convenient. The noise is acceptable.


Very happy with this purchase. Its not too noisy, washes and dries well. Fits in the bathtub so I don't worry about leaks. The only thing that I'd change is to put a longer timer on the spin dry. Otherwise, its a good machine, well worth it.


It holds a lot and looks great. I did a lot of comparing and I’m glad I went with this one.


I never write reviews, but I want to reinforce what the thousands of reviews already posted have said. This thing is fast, small, quiet, but powerful. I did a full week of laundry within an hour. (The spin dryer is amazing also, and it definitely gets clothes 95% dry). Great purchase!!


This washing machine have dry function and easy to operate. Definitely worth the price.


I love this portable washing machine! I just moved into a place that didn't have a washer hook up. It works incredibly well for what it is and the washing is clean and dry! It fits more clothes than I expected.


Best investment for apartment living with a baby!I put a few clothes in and it washed them fine and was easy to use.Highly recommended.


This washer exceeds my expectations,works great,pretty quiet for the most part. How filthy those laundromats are. I now have clean clothes to wear. I'm like a kid with a new toy.


Install a small washing machine in your apartment at work! Very convenient! Small, lightweight and it washes well. No dripping! It's worth every dime and it's already saved me over $100 in laundry expenses!


Just what we needed.I live in a small apartment. No room for regular laundry. I set it right in my shower. Water and drain is handy and I have an outlet close enough.


I purchased this machine with a great deal of skepticism I'm thinking so small he would not work I am extremely surprised and how good it works its functionality and how clean it gets the clothes what a great machine


I got this washing machine on Wednesday....I tried it today for the first time, and it works great....I love it!!


My clothes came out very clean. I load the water with a bucket thou since the hose it came with doesn't fit my sink. I don't consider that to be much of a bother since it cleans very well and it is very portable. Works well for me since I am in a city that it now in quarantine. I am very much pleased. The spinner works well also. It drains the water out but it doesn't dry. I am hang drying my clothes for now but may look into a portable dryer as well in the near future.


Omg got it today I absolutely love this machine came on time came in a box. It has an okay weight, noise level not too loud. Can’t express how Much I love it


I purchased this washer last year when my washer broke. I looked into cheaper and more ergonomic options such as this little washer because I didn’t see the point in buying a new washer/dryer set when I live alone in a small house. It’s been wonderful. I’ve had no problems out of it. It holds and washes what it says it will and does it effectively. This washer was well worth the price. It’s easy to move around as it is so light, but you wouldn’t know it by how well it washes clothes. Very impressed and hope to have it for a long time. I don’t plan on going back to a traditional washer. It’s perfect for small spaces and small families!


I’m pretty impressed.. I was reading many reviews before buying it and it does it job . It dries your clothing for about 95%. . It’s not too loud


Love this little super washer!it’s so easy to use!I keep it in the bathtub. It does a pretty good job washing clothes. The spin dryer get the clothes mostly dry.Makes me feel very domesticated well worth the price and surprisingly.


I love this. I can wash clothes without sharing machine or laundry mat. Fits perfectly in tub. I made a shelf for it so it is up off tub floor and I don’t have to move it when I’m showering. It works perfect for my needs.


This product saved me so much time, and money rather than having to go to a laundromat, hauling all my clothes and spending over 40-50 dollars each time I want to wash my clothes!! Even if it has a somewhat small capacity to wash and dry, it saves the hassle of wasting so much money. I'm more of an introvert as well so it makes it easier washing my clothes and undergarments in the comfort of my own home instead of being surrounded by strangers whilst I wash my undergarments.


Cleans so well! And gets clothes dry enough to hang out to dry in short time.


I love my machine, washes well!!


Good to use


It's a very powerful little machine!


I Just Came Here From TikTok


It's well worth the price


After a year it still works very well


Perfect love it will buy again


Awesome, great purchase for living in an apartment with no washer hook up.


It would be helpful if hoses were longer for easier water access.


Its a good washing machine to wash our daily clothes. You can wash the clothes acc. To your convenient time. It saves our time to go to laundry and use the machines and dryer in the cold weather. M happy with this.


Decent machine for the price. I like the spin cycle on the right side.


Just perfect. It doesn't spend a lot of energy nor time and it's just amazing if you are tired of having to go somewhere else to do laundry


The best


It works very well, runs without any problems.


Has more than paid for itself in a very short time.


Very easy to use. Very quiet. I am so glad I found this to use in my apartment.


Love this! I just recently moved so money has been tight but going somewhere else to do laundry was becoming a hassle, this works great! clothes come out smelling clean, the only issue is that the clothes don’t get fully dry, they drain them pretty good but I’ve been hanging them up to dry and it’s doing the job right! can’t beat it for the price!


My washer had gone out and I was looking for a temporary solution and after using this unit it solved my washing needs!


Love it! No more laundry mat! No hookups needed! Fits more than u would think!


Washer is a good one


Love it! We use it in our RV. My RV doesn't have a washer so I put this in the shower and use it. It washes really well, doesn't use much soap, spin does a decent job and we line dry our clothes. I've done probably 15 loads of laundry so far with 4-5 people. The instructions are worthless so we looked it up on YouTube.


I love this product. I now only need to go to the laundromat for my blankets. It works just as directed. If you read the reviews about getting an adjustment hose. That's all you need to know.


I love this thing. I’ve had it for about a year so far and it has easily saved me its worth. The only reason I gave 4/5 stars is because of the hose, which didn’t work very well to begin with and after a year doesn’t work very much at all. I instead got a hose and two adapters, one which connects to the tub and the other to the machine. That has been working fine. The spin dryer gets almost all of the water out, but they still take at least a few hrs to dry. T-shirts can dry in a few hrs, jeans for me usually tale overnight. So if your used to drying your clothes right away that might take some adjusting to.


Works great need a longer tube


Possibly the best purchase I have ever made in my life.<br />I live in a small apartment which is a 4 floor walk-up and this machine keeps me from lugging heavy laundry bags up and down the stairs to the laundromat unless the items are really big like comforters.<br />It leaves clothes super clean and almost completely dry from the spinner. It's light, doesn't take up a lot of space and it's fairly quiet. My only complaint is that the tubes are too small, other than that a Stellar purchase.<br />Furthermore, the package was delivered in great condition as expected and with great timing. A++ Seller.


It's an amazing little washer . Cleans well in a nick of time.. it's excellent.


I would say it’s good product . We use it in a daily basis . It’s still working fine


Impressed with this little machine. Washes more than expected. I’d buy it again and would recommend.


This was very useful. Used it for a whole school year and was great.


Works great!


I’m obsessed!! Kinda messy with water but I love it.


I like the size


I have had this washer for a year and it still works great! It's nice to be able to do the laundry as needed rather than having to drag my stuff downstairs to the laundry mat. I have washed 3 pairs of jeans. A blanket. Twin mattress pad. A handful of shirts. Everything comes out super clean and nearly dry. Would definitely recommend. Only downside is the hose to fill the machine with water is useless. Also it is a little bit of a pain to empty the wash tub.


I've used this several times already and was amazed at how well it works. I've been using the washing machines were I live and my clothes were dinghy and didn't seem clean. My first loads the water was so filthy and the end results are clean clothes.
I bought this as I work in the hospital and wear scrubs, so being able to do smaller loads is convenient.


Love it, absolutely no complaints. It does exactly what it's supposed to do and efficiently. Something that was pointed out to me by my mom and not here is that the spin dryer drains ALOT as well, leaving your clothes next to dry. Maybe it's obvious but it wasn't for me lol! I thought the washer would wring the clothes. The spin dryer can also be filled to the top! Don't be discouraged at how small it looks :)


So happily surprised! My thanks to the folks who put up videos in their reviews, which were so helpful in making my decision. Thank you!


This is the best machine for the money. It’s already paid for itself with me not having to spend money in my apartment complex’s run-down laundry room. Very easy to use and not as big as I thought it would be!


Great item! Make regular use of it and has already paid for itself!!


I cannot begin to say how much I like this machine. I live in a 5th wheel and get tired of going to the laundry mat. This fits perfectly in my shower and is easy to move in to the bedroom when not in use. The hose that came with it was of no use so I just took the head off my shower hose and let the hose hang in the tub to fill. I am very pleased with how well it cleans my clothes.


I expected that the good reviews were somewhat exaggerated, but after doing a couple of loads of dirty car detail microfiber cloths from the garage, I am impressed. I ran each load in the washer with liquid detergent 3 times since they were covered with wax, dirt, grime, chemicals, etc. I rinsed between each wash cycle. They spun to nearly dry in 1 minute in the spin dryer part. I bought this for car detail rags only so I would not get the muck in my clothes washer. Since I have done a couple of loads of car detail rags in my full size dryer, I can say that this little washer did just as good a job with much less power and water. I have it set up in a tub I do not use, so water and drain are handy. The hose that comes with it can be adapted but the design needs to be redone. The box it came in was barely held together so I expected the unit to be shattered in places. But it was fine.


Amazing little machine. Well worth the money. One of my favorite purchases this year. Can't say enough about it. Does everything it claims really well. A great addition for those have a small apartment where space is an issue.


This thing changed my life! I feel liberated! I had to recently move into an apartment and lost easy access to a washer and dryer. I have been going to the laundry mat, but with a toddler who is potty training this was just no longer feasible. This portable washing machine is perfect for me and my young child. I can't see this taking the place of a washer and dryer for a 4 person household, but this works for us. The drying cycle is surprisingly effective. However, like other reviews had stated the water hose line does not work with my faucets. So I installed a shower arm diverted switch on my shower head. Then used a hose for a hand shower to fill the washer. This was an easy and inexpensive solution.


This washer is definitely a life saver. It cleans clothes just as well as a normal sized washer. It's everything I expected. I would recommend this to anyone who lives in an apartment complex that doesn't provide washer/dryer in your unit.


Well it's official. I'm obsessed w this little washer! It's actually not that small! I've had to make a few adjustments but after almost 2 years of having unreliable laundry I'm obsessed. I had something similar when I lived in San Francisco and this one is hands down way better. I'm going to bed on fresh clean sheets! Obsessed.


Has been a life saver just by being able to do the laundry at home it is worth the price. But the machine do performance very well too so we are happy.


Being a single parent and on a budget, going to the local laundromat to wash clothes was not cost efficient at all. Spending over ten dollars to wash and dry, a few loads of colthes and blankets was quickly adding up! Not to mention finding the time to get to there.
I bought this unit not looking for a miracle, but a solution to my problem washing the clothing that my family of four had and trying to save money. This product thus far is doing just that!
I wash at least three loads of clothes ( jeans, shirts, socks, delicates, shorts and dresses) and small basic house goods ( towels, sheets, pillow cases, small throw blankets) twice a week. Using a bucket I fill my washer always making sure to check my load size and the appropriate fill line in the machine. I use less liquid detergent than in a full sized washer and am sure not to use hot water. Depending on the load, I set it to wash for a minimum of 9 minutes to the full 15 minutes. I drain all the water out at the end of the cycle, and then fill the unit with fresh water to rinse for at least 5 minutes. Always be sure to set the unit back to 'Normal ' or 'Soft' after you finish drain and before you start refilling with fresh water!!! If not the unit will spray water out from the drain hose when you start the machine!
One of the best aspects of the unit is the spinner! I usually only place a few items in at a time and spin for 2 minutes. The full 5 minutes is great for heavy items such as jeans or towels. Be sure they are leveled correctly, so that the unit does not start becoming off balance ( you will hear the sound difference when this occurs). When the items come out of the spinner they are almost completely dry. This makes hang drying easier or in my case placing them into my small Panda dryer a quick dry!!!
I love my portable washer! It hopefully will last for some time to come, with proper use and care.


My girlfriend really likes the performance of this mini portable washer, we realized that it will save us time & money the longer it works. As for now it has become our convenient little toy, let us see how endurance works out.


I can not believe how well this washer works. I live in a 5th wheel and it is just the right size. Great washer would recommend and have.


I've lived in apartments and now rent a condo so I've had to haul my laundry (of 2 adults and 1 child) to the laundromat for years. Every week I've dreaded it until now! From day one I did a wash and loved the results. I can do a load or two every 2-3 days and my hamper is never full. The washer is strong and so is the spinner. I recommend doing a double rinse for extra dirty clothing and about 3 cycles of spin for faster drying.I've had my washer for a month now and its still going strong. Worth the investment for people living in smal spaces.


I just finished my first load of laundry in this machine and I have to say, I am very impressed! I'm surprised how much laundry can fit in it and everything came out smelling nice and clean with only using about 2 oz of detergent. The spin dryer gets everything to damp dry and then I finish drying in the dryer. I couldn't be more happy with this item.


Only used it a few times but so far it's pretty great. While the load size light seem small but it works pretty well and gets the laundry done in a pretty quick fashion. After I use it a bit more I will write a more I depth review.


Love it. Does a great job. Has made 'wash day' so much easier. Light weight makes it easy to move as needed.


Fast shipping and item was easy to use.


I love this machine. I was able to put it near my shower. The hose reached the washer so did not need to have a special hook up for it. It works great. Clothes come out very clean. It is quick and holds more than I expected. The spinner needs to be used two or three time as it does not hold a full load.


This works so well and it's made apartment living so much easier! When I use this, I put two short/small folding tables in the bathtub and place this on top of the tables so that the gravity effect of the drain works easily. As others pointed out, the water intake tube doesn't fit on any normal faucet. I solved this problem by buying a large funnel. I stuck the intake tube onto the small end of the funnel. I hole the funnel up to the shower head and let the water flow straight from there into the intake area of the washer and it's perfect. This washer works REALLY well. The only downside is getting used to allowing things to drip dry, but it's worth it considering the fact that I no longer need to run down to my apartment building's laundry room in order to do laundry, sit and wait, transfer stuff from washer to dryer, etc. This machine was a terrific purchase.


Years ago I purchased the washer and this time around I wanted to try out the spin feature. I am impressed by how well the spinner dries the clothes. I do like to put my bath towels through the dryer so that they fluff up but other than that, everything is hung up to dry. I put mine in the bathtub as it's easy to fill/drain by using the removable shower head. Does a great job and is saving me a ton of money.


BEST purchase I have ever made!! Easy to use! Washes VERY quick. I think this is best for light clothing. I wouldn't was towels sheets or heavy articles. I was my yoga clothes here and can wash about 6 pants at once. you can probably wash about 2 pairs of jeans at once. The drying side does get most of the moisture out and if you hang dry it will be ready to wear in the morning


It's well worth it for your money!!! Great awesome & powerful!This washer washes clothes alot cleaner than a nomal size washer,& spins dryer clothes almost damn near close to being dry.I recommended this to anyone who needs a washer for small rooms, apt, college students, even big homes where u can't handle the heavy washes up and down stairs!


It's really convenient to be able to wash things at home. I wish there was some form of built in pump to help remove the water from the unit.


Love it