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Safe Electric Heated Mattress Pad with 4 Size 8 Temperature 10 h Timer

Safe Electric Heated Mattress Pad with 4 Size 8 Temperature 10 h Timer

Getting cold of the severe weather or feeling your old mattress too firm? Having this heated mattress pad you can treat yourself a fine sleeping.

Overall Rating:
129 Reviews
Item No: 63408915

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Electric Heated Mattress Pad with Adjustable Temperatures 10 H Timer Electric Heated Mattress Pad with Adjustable Temperatures 10 H Timer Electric Heated Mattress Pad with Adjustable Temperatures 10 H Timer
Key Features

● Eight Mode Temperature Control: This heated mattress pad has five mode temperature control. Different temperature range could suit for your different heat requirement.
● 4 Mode Timing Function: This pad has 4 mode timing function, you could set it in one mode and time it into 1 hour, 2 hours, 10 hours and constant heat. You could depend on the weather and yourself to decide. It is very flexible and convenient to use.
● Soft and Comfortable Material: The material of this heating pad is soft polyester fibre. It has good heat and crease resistance. The elasticity of this material is close to wool and its insulation makes this blanket would not wet easily and provide you safe use.
● Machine-Washable and Detachable Connector: Since this mattress is generally large in size, it is really too much trouble if it is to be washed by hand, and it is not easy to dry. This mattress can be folded and put into the washing machine for washing. And the detachable connector make sure the pad could be clean safety and convenient.
● Duplex Heating Wire Design: This heating mattress pad is designed with duplex heating wire which is insulation and durable, providing long time heating. You will enjoy an extreme experience of warmth in your sleep.


    Getting the chills? Not getting the warmth of a cold winter? Or even feeling that your mattress is not soft enough? Having this heated mattress pad can solve all that and treat yourself to a better night sleep.


    It will be an excellent choice if you want a warm night. Different temperature range could suit for your different heat requirement. And it has mode timing function, you could set this pad in one mode and time it into 1 hour, 2 hours, 10 hours and constant heat. It is very flexible and convenient to use. And this high quality manufacturing process makes it a satisfying and cost-effective product.


    Come and buy this nice mattress top!


    • 8 modes temperature control (77 ℉-140 ℉) for your different heat requirement
    • 4 modes timing function (1 h/2 h/10 h/constant heat) for flexible and convenient usage
    • Made of soft and comfortable polyester fibre
    • Has good heat and crease resistance
    • Designs with low-voltage heat function
    • Detachable connector for safe and easy cleaning
    • Hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial
    • Can be fixed on the mattress
    • Four sizes can be chosen for you
    • Color : White
    • Material: Polyester fibre
    • Size:
    • 75" x 39" (Twin)
    • 75" x 54" (Full)
    • 80" x 60" (Queen)
    • 80" x 78" (King)
    • Net weight: 3.5 lbs (Twin) / 4.5 lbs (Full) / 6 lbs (Queen) / 6.5 lbs (King)
    • Power: 95 W (Twin) / 130 W (Full) / 150 W (Queen) / 190 W (King)
    • Voltage: 120 V
    • 8 Modes temperature: 77/86/95/104/113/122/131/140 ℉
    • 4 Modes timer: 1h/2h/10h/constant heat
    • Length of power line: 7 Ft
    • Length of connect line: 2 Ft
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Heated mattress pad
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


It’s definitely the number u set it on, my last one was getting weak.
I had to turn it down a few great on Massage table.


It worked really good to begin with now it’s some spots heat up after hours of waiting, need it for back, hips and shoulders to be able to sleep but most time heats only upper under my pillow and that takes about 1-2 hrs


Even heat distribution, accurate remote control, really pre-heats nice and fast. Love it!


Pro- Heats up fast and gets very warm
Cons- Control cables have very short wires. Normal units plug in by your feet and the controls reach the night stand. We had to have the controls plug in the corners by our head just to reach a plug under our headboard. Controls are in line with the cable going from the pad into the control and existing the opposite side to plug in the wall. Definitely not made for sitting on a night stand. They simply drop on the floor. We would need to add a couple heavy extension cords to get the cable entry to be by our feet and then we would have to get out of bed to adjust the setting. Not user friendly. Also, with the controls by our head where we can reach them, our feet get cold. There is no heating wire by our feet. This may be this way if they intended to have pillows there instead of feet.
Either way, I won't buy this one again simply because they chose to cut costs and make the control wires ridiculously too short.


It stopped working after 4 months. What should I do? Is there a WARRANTY for this Heated Electric Mattress Pad?


It is good


This heated mattress pad fits well and is barely detectable when sleeping on it. The only drawback is that when you click on the power switch, the blanket comes on at full heat, which is pretty hot. This is he only fault I've found. Been using it for several months. If there is a power outage in the middle of the night, the blanket come on when power returns at the max heat settings.


I used it for the first time this weekend and I was very pleased with its heat characteristics. I would recommend this product.


I love getting into a warm bed. I have found the heat from the pad is more soothing than from a top heated blanket. I like having two controls with different time & heat settings.. It is thinner than others I have owned so I was worried about feeling the wiring. I have it under the sheet with a fuzzy blanket on top of the sheet. Then the top sheet & blankets. Makes for a snuggly warm spot that I quickly fall asleep.


I bought this because after working all day my body aches. This is the most wonderful comfort. A huge heating pad. Then i turn to lowest setting to keep me warm at night.


Easy to store and easy to clean. The heating speed is fast, very soft and very comfortable. There are two controllers, you can control the temperature suitable for you on both sides. With it, my bed is no longer cold.


It is very helpful for a bad back and for the price it is money well spent.


I really like how it keeps me warm but on thing is that I think it would have been better if the unit was in the center of the pad .


You can set the time and automatically cut off the power, which is very safe


They put the plug in for power chord at the head of the bed in stead of the foot of the bed. Chords are way way to short. I would not purchase this item again


Worked for a few days , stopped working would not buy again


This is a simple model not digitalized control but good enough. Warm up quite fast with 9 steps of temperature control. I bought a full size which fits matresss perfectly.


I searched for a pad that did not have auto-off because I use a timer to turn the mattress pad on (I like to get into to a warm bed). White the smart plug (Alexa) was able to turn it on and off it would reset itself each time. Unfortunately it set the heat level to 8. My bed was so hot it took hours to cool back down.


Safety concern. When it turns off by timer and is not manually turned completely off, if you experience a power failure when power comes back on the pad will go to 8 the hottest setting and you are unaware that it is even on. Recommended max is 4 for preheating bed. Be sure you manually turn it off to be safe.


Love love love


Love the dual controls with timer. Very soft and comfortable.


liked the price, comfort, and ease in usage


so goood


Heated surface is fairly uneven, but it heats very warm, and keeps me snug. Much better than the previous brand that I have bought three of through the years.


Great Product! WOW!


I just purchased my 3rd one.. My old one lasted over 2 yrs with almost every day use... I have bought other brands but this is the BEST.. Last fall bought one for g-dgt who loves it..


Love this! I havent slept this good in a few years. Makes me not want to get out of bed in the morning. Perfect thing for cold NE winters.




Love that the plug in is at the top of the mattress pad.


I love the temperature control settings. I also like and appreciate the Auto shut-off, when the desired temperature--whether via the mattress cover alone, or the mattress cover combined with natural body heat--has been reached.


Love love love this


Warms up well, comfortable material and easy to put together and on the bed.


Better than we expected


the fit was on spot


It warms a cold bed well.


Really satisfied with the mattress warmth, the top setting warms the bed within 15 min. For sleeping i have been keeping it on 4, and i sleep like a baby. It’s comfortable to lie down on and the controller works great. Connected it to a smart plug and alexa automatic warms the bed before sleeping.


Comfort heating. Dual control allows his side to be toasty and mine to be unaffected. Great quality mattress pas, no feel of the coils.


bala la pena tener esto pero no es bueno subir el calentador mas del numero 2 por sudas y tambien el caliente te estropea la esparda pero es muy comodo y lo recomiendo si sabes usarlo y solo lo usa en el numero 1 o numero 2


it worm up fast and is very easy to set up and it fits the bed great would so buy it again


I like the fact that it's divided in two so that you only have to use the side you need. I have it under my mattress pad and it warms perfectly and I don't feel the heating coils. It is nice to have the time settings as well as the heat settings


Warms up quickly, several temp settings and time settings which I love. Warms the bed up nicely and shuts off once you’re cozy and warm so you don’t overheat during the night. Sure fit of king bed, would buy again!


Sleeping on it currently. Keeps me warm.


I use it to keep me warm.


I don’t do reviews.


Only drawback is how short the cord is from the controller. Otherwise, wonderful product


I gave this as a gift. The couple tell me often how much they love it! Warming the bed helps relieve aches and pains. The timer is a great feature. Buy this with confidence. It is made well and comes nicely packaged.


Love it! Has helped tremendously while recuperating from cancer! I was always cold and this really helped.


The only complaint that I have is the fact that it has two separate remotes that has to be connected in two separate parts of the bed and both plugged in to use ( it's mostly a problem for me because of where my bed is and the plugs).The only other negative would be the fact that seems are crumpled up easily where the wire stick-up and you can feel them when you're laying down.


Works well leave it on the lowest setting if anything it gets to warm then its been a mild winter


I love this product. it heats up nicely and even after it shuts off, the bed stays warm for hours afterward.




I gave this to my son because we live in an old drafty house and his room is especially cold in the winter. He uses it every night and loves it. So far it has not had any issues and works beautifully.


Love this heating pad. I put this twin size under my mattress pad on our king bed. Just heats my side which is perfect. Don’t feel any wires or plugs. I turn it on while changing/brushing teeth/cleaning face. Get in and it’s toasty warm and I don’t worry while I’m sleeping because it’s off. In the morning I have a few minutes of reading before getting up so I turn my thermostat up and heating pad on while the house warms up. It makes me so comfortable.


Love it!


So far so good. I have owned many heated mattress warmers and so far very good. Let's see what happens next year.


I use the 1 setting... 8 is hot as hell!!!It's a very well made mattress heating pad


I love the controller being at the head of the bed. Easy to use and really heats up when it's on high. No problems with this product.


Kids room is colder than the rest of house due to being on the NE with a window that allows air in. We purchased this heated mattress pad to help keep them warm as they sleep and it has made all the difference in a good nights sleep. Have had no problems with it and I would recommend it to anyone who is cold natured.


LOVE LOVE LOVE THISLove the design of the on/off control You can program 1-8 and set time for 1,2,or 12 hoursI use setting 1 for 2 hours unless it’s really cold then I’ll set for 12Perfect for the North East where I live!!!


My bed heats up! I plugged it into some smart plugs, and now I can tell Alexa to heat up my bed. It’s amazing. I don’t feel the wires when I sleep, and it does make my bed warm.


It works perfect...u dont even have to have it above 4.. n I keep my heat at 60 at night n this keep me warm...


So... bought this 6 months ago for our queen bed. We recently moved, and got a king bed for our master. Immediately located the same heating mattress pad because we LOVED the queen one. Great options and heats up QUICKLY! Arrived quickly and packaged well.


I have always purchased higher priced name brand mattress pads. This was a leap of faith, and one that was well worth it. The product is great!


I think i wont use this for quite often because the place i live is always hot~ but it really useful when its chilly outside.oit has two remove controls , and first i thought it was for spare, however, each control connect to half of the bed which is very interesting. good quality and worth for the price.


I bought this for my twin bed. It has two options: 1 hr or 10 hr. I use the max level because it starts warm to extremely hot so it keeps my body nice and warm during New England Winter.


Love that the temp is constant and you can set the timer or leave it on all the time.


So far it’s working great. No complaints


Life saver!


Great price, comfortable, works well. Delivered in record time.


I was Blessed, I feel NO WIRES. I lay down into aWARM COMFY CLOUD. EVERY MUSCLE, in my body...just goes AHHHH!!


There were lots of choices but I picked this one and am very happy with it. It warms up nicely and is soft under my sheet. Lays flat too. I’d buy it again!


So warm and cozy. Gets cold in the winter months in NH and this mattress pad gets so warm!


My husband has been after me to get a heated mattress pad. I looked at all the pads and most of them had something I didn’t like, either price, comfort, controls having to be run from the foot of the bed or just plain not working well. This mattress pad works well! It has the controls at the top, price is great and comfort if fine. I did put our old mattress pad on top of the heated one to ensure we couldn’t feel the coils. Thank you for a reasonably priced quality product.


Nice value. Seems to heat up fast. Takes some getting used to with the wired in the upper corners instead of the middle bottom like most heated pads. Don't feel the wires (like others have said) anymore than other brands I've used. However, there are two things I'm not so found of: The control only goes to an 8 setting and you have to change it every time you turn it on. Additionally, It seems that all the heat is concentrated in the upper part, around the head and shoulders and mostly on the sides. If you move to the middle on a king-sized bed, there is no heat, not is there very much (if at all towards the bottom). However, it heats fast and gets pretty hot.


The pad is warm under my pillows and cool down by my feet. Any suggestions?


So far so good. I’ve only had this a few nights and it seems to be working as described. I turn it on about. A half hour before going to bed and the sheets are nice and warm. I also like the feature that you have several options about how long it will stay on.


No more cold feet. Am very satisfied with this product. I have a topper on my mattress and should have ordered one size larger but that's on me.


It really get warmer than any other warmer!! Can't wait till it turns cold!!


I love my mine , never had one before. Thank you!everything


I have a weekender camping goose neck horse trailer, the bed area is in the nose of the trailer where there is no insulation below where the mattress sits. I love the air mattress i use, however, when temps drop below 50, the air in it becomes VERY cold regardless of the warm conditions inside the camping unit itself due to where is sits...I purchased this (love the two side controls) laid it between the super thin floor and the air mattress...perfect warm mattress in the colder months of it!!


Instant warmth when climbing into bed and it has 1, 2 and 8 hour shut off timers.


I have use a few times and I can tell you that I am almost excited to have cold weather. So cozy and warm to crawl between the sheets.


The winter is coming soon and I have cold hands and foot most of the time. I bought this heated mattress pad online just now. It has safety eight temperature regulation and four mode timing functions. Love it and it keeps my hands and stomach warm.


The temperature has dropped in the last two days. Take it out This Heated Mattress Pad After testing, all the functions are running well, this winter should not be afraid of the cold, and it can wrap my entire mattress, which is what I like. I hope its quality can withstand long-term use.


This is a totally different heated mattress pad than what I normally get. The plug in is at the top of the pad and it seems warmer at the top compared to the feet. The cord isn't very long either. Fits bed very well and I like the timer on the controls. We will see how the winter goes.


Heats great. Gave it 4 stars because you can feel the wires a little. It's better than another one i bought though. I put a plush mattress pad over it and it's great. Well worth the money.


Works very well, heats up quickly. I do have a mattress pad over the top of it as the wires are uncomfortable. I do like the timer and use that option. The control sits on your nightstand and the section of the cord for that is very short. I would buy this again..


I like that it keeps my bed warm when I’m sleep


I like it cold at night - outside the blankets. I get cold and hubs doesn’t like to snuggle enough for me to keep warm. I always have a heated mattress pad. I hear my bed before I get in it, then turn it way down for sleep.This mattress pad does the trick. The control is pretty good sized. You won’t lose this one under the bed!


I am taking a chance on this. So tired of beauty rest died less than 2 years in. I can say this heats up like the fires of hell. I have it on 3 I don’t think this one is working correctly because the feet part don’t heat just a 3’ section across the middle. I honestly don’t know if I like it or not. The bed gets very hot so the cooling on my feet means I don’t have to stick them out. I will sleep on it a little more.


Great buy for the money


I only used it once. So, I was happy with that one night use. We will see what happens this winter.


Helps with pain! I keep it on 2. 8 is very warm. Cats love it too!


Good but need to turn off in middle of night


I use it on my bed even on chilly summer nights and I know when winter comes it will be perfect.It is easy to put on and stays on.


We use this matress heater in our camper, spent a week without one earlier and we got very cold at night. This unit is good.


I loved it so much I bought one for all my bedrooms, then my nieces and nephews homes too. Really lovely


Order came quickly. Easy to put on bed. Works well. I like the options of the time settings the mattress pad can be programmed to.


I like the product. No complaints.


This is a very very nice item I wish I would’ve bought it years ago can’t wait to use it next winter


Perfect fit I love it


I had a heated blanket for years and thought it was great, but I wish I had had this instead! If you turn it on before getting into bed, it heats all of your blankets, nothing better than crawling into a warm bed each night!


awesome valur, works great, don't feel the heating wires


This product heats quickly and thoroughly. I love the timer.


A longer control cord is needed. And not as padded as in mattress pads I've had before, but it was also cheaper.


This is the best I have ever had. Warms so quickly. Just what you need on a cold night.


Really like this product. Had never used a heating pad or blanket. I’m temporarily staying in a cold climate and it is a lifesaver . Turn it on 10 minutes before I crawl in bed. Than turn it down to one shutting off in an hour. Why to warm to leave it on during the night.


Love that the control connection is at the top of the mattress, I don't have to feel it with my feet every night. The controller hangs down on the side, the cord is short and doesn't reach to the table beside the bed but it's easy to reach when in bed. I love turning it on just minutes before climbing in then turning it off when all is warm, on high, it truly only takes minutes. My husband prefers to turn his on low and leave it on a couple hours. We put a mattress pad over this pad and can barely feel the wires yet it still warms just fine.


Absolutely love this heated mattress cover. The best investment I've made


This keeps me warm and comfy. The control unit attaches at the top corner of the mattress. No more kicking it with my feet at night. Love it.


Love this way of having a warm bed. It's like having a water bed again.


I love this product!! I was worried about feeling the wires but don't. I turn it on 8 to warm up bed then down to 3 for rest of night. Keeps me very comfortable and warm on cold nights. I don't have a problem with the plugs which need to be put at top of the bed. They haven't bothered the sheets or my sleeping.


Absolutely love it! Got king with 2 controllers. Bought one for my mom who has arthritis and she loves it


Very happy takes the chill off the bed in winter nicely. Easy to work and comfortable .


I can't believe I've gone this long without it. I love crawling into a warm bed on a cold night. Or when the bones are stiff and tired. Now I have the cure.


Love it


No comments


warms up quick, has two controls. Turn it on a few minutes before you hop in bed. Great for aching backs.


Love this heating pad


to get the chill off.


The plug in at the top corners. Sleeping in a cool room is comfortable with a heated pad, on all night.


UPDATE (2/28/19): Unit quit last night. The last 2 days the control would, by itself, go from 4 - which is my preferred setting, to 8 (the max). Each time I would reset it because 8 was uncomfortable (way too hot). This morning, both controls are unresponsive. Will contact the company.Back in the late 1700's and throughout the 1800's, bed warmers were used to take the chill off bedsheets before diving in for the night. This is sorta the same idea. Now the only minor nit-pick I have is the wires. I'm 260 and they were a nuisance. So, I put this under my mattress pad - NO MORE WIRES! What I can tell you is this unit works and works well. I absolutely love it, and you will too, unless you live in South Florida - then you wouldn't need it. Its well worth the money, I kid you not.


This keeps me so warm in the winter months, love it


This heated mattress pad doesn't feel warm till you lie on it. Warm it up a little while before retiring and it will surprise you with how warm it is. We use it on a low setting, 2 or 3, even on really cold nights.One feature I especially like is that the cord is attached near the top of the mattress pad, at the head of the bed. Since this is near the wall, in most cases, where the electric outlets are, you don't have a cord dangling from the foot of the bed and along the side of the bed, to get to the wall outlet. Since you aren't supposed to put the extra cord between the mattress and box springs, that's a trip hazard when getting out of bed.I don't know how durable or easy to clean it is. We haven't had it that long. It seems sturdy though and the cleaning directions are fairly simple. We are using two sheets as a little protection and don't expect to be washing it anytime soon.Keep in mind that it doesn't seem warm till you lie on it. At first we didn't think it was working, when we felt it with our hands. Good price for a good product.


I love this pad heater. I like a cool room to sleep in and in the cold Nebraska winter I can set this on level 3 and be comfortable all night. My partner sets her setting a little higher and we enjoy independent settings. If you live in a cold climate you should own this.


Fits and works well. Nice to preheat my bed and climb into a nice warm bed.


love this product. My room is the farthest away from the furnace. It is always super cold in there. I got tired of being buried under 3 blankets at night just to stay warm. I bought this product and it arrived a day before a really bad cold snap in my area. I used it and it kept me really warm. I especially like the preheat function on the warmer that helps a lot. I would encourage anyone to buy this. It's definitely worth it.


It is great to have a warm bed to crawl into a cold night. I turn it on to PH setting when getting ready for bed and it is cozy and warm when I get ready to get in bed. Read and turn off the pad when going to sleep.


you will love this. Great price second one I bought for me. Give these for wedding gifts and Christmas gifts. Everyone loves this unexpected gift. Always great comments and remember all year through. PERFECT!