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Net Hanging Swing Chair with Adjustable Hanging Ropes

Made of sturdy galvanized pipes and thick ropes, this web chair swing will have your kids playing for hours on end.

Overall Rating:
39 Reviews
Item No: 73865190
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Key Features

● Year-round Fun for Kids: The web chair swing is popular among kids and adults! Its unique design and attractive appearance allow kids to swing excitedly throughout the year. There is no doubt that the entire family could harvest happiness from this product.
● Safe and Durable Materials: Considering the problems of safety, our web chair swing is made of sturdy galvanized pipes and thick ropes for long-term use. It has a strong load-bearing capacity and is spacious enough for kids to sit comfortably inside.
● Adjustable Height to Meet Your Needs: The rope is 63 inches in length, which can be adjusted as you like in the range from 40 inches to 63 inches. You can adjust the height and choose the most appropriate one for your kids to relax as the condition changes.
● Easy to Assemble and Use: If it's complicated to put together and take apart a swing, it cannot be called as a good one. Rather, our swing was designed with simplicity. It's universal and versatile design allows for quick and painless installation. Just take a moment to hang it from a large tree branch or attach it to a swing set.
● Multiple Functions for Various Situations: This round net chair swing can be used for many purposes, such as sitting, reading and playing. It will supply so much fun to both kids and parents! And it can be used in many places, such as backyard, park, tree, swing set and home.


    Made of sturdy galvanized pipes and thick ropes, this web chair swing will have your kids playing for hours on end.


    The web chair swing will bring much pleasure to your family! It is built to withstand 330 lbs of static weight and features a round base with strong PE ropes that will last. And you can freely adjust the height of the ropes to meet different needs. It can be easily connected to trees or swing hangers. Your kid can safely sit, play, read and chat on the swing. This pleasing appearance and practical application will definitely satisfy your needs.


    It is the best gift for your kids! Don't hesitate to buy it.


    • Provides a fun hang out space for kids to safely swing into action during playtime
    • Thick ropes and sturdy galvanized pipes ensure great load-bearing capacity
    • Backrest design for maximum comfort
    • Adjustable heights to satisfy various needs
    • Easy to install, disassemble and store, saving you time and effort
    • Perfect lounging space to play, read, listen to music, daydream and relax
    • Long life with anti-aging feature, ductile and wearable
    • Resilient and resistant to all types of weather
    • Color: Blue+black /Orange+black/ Green+black/ Purple+black
    • Material: Galvanized pipe, PE rope
    • Diameter: 35"
    • Adjustable height: 4" - 63"
    • Net weight: 10 lbs
    • Max capacity: 330 lbs (Static), 220 lbs (Dynamic)
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Web chair swing
    • 1 x User's manual
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Hung in my sons room just not the most comfortable


My kids and even my husband love it. They fight over whose turn it is to swing. Might have to purchase another!


I wouldn't call this color "orange" but I'm not that picky. It seems red to me :)
Otherwise it is a great swing and fits people of various sizes. It's extremely comfortable and I'd even say, aesthetically, it looks chic & modern. I'm considering buying a 2nd one.


Made very well. Sturdy. Very satisfied.


This is an awesome swing! Highly recommend!


Our grandkids and parents and grandparents love this swing !! Extremely comfortable-and great purchase !! Very well made and beautiful color!!


Purchased for our granddaughter she really likes it


Easy to assemble and so comfortable.


It took five minutes to add to his swing set. He loves relaxing in it!


Fairly easy to assemble and setup. My wife and children love it.


Grandkids love this swing. Hours of fun each day. No issues at all.


This chair has made an unused swing set into a favorite adult nature watching spot. It is very comfortable and a bargain for the happiness it brings! I think it would be great for kids too.


Very sturdy and comfortable


I bought this swing for my 3 year old grandson’s birthday. My daughter wanted a swing that she could hold him in or let him swing alone. He already has a little tykes swing so now his baby sister can use that one. I bought some heavy duty strap/extensions and we attached it to their huge oak tree. We have have all swung in it and it was comfortable and sturdy. I may even get one for my house!


Kids love this swing. It’s sturdy and feels super safe. They love it and I love it


I bought this for my granddaughters birthday, but all her friends loved it so much they spent most of the birthday party swinging. I highly recommend, it is big enough for an adult but not too big for the kids.


I love this bright purple swing. I am 5’ woman. Perfect to swing and read a book. Comfortable. Sturdy Super easy to set up and swing.


Very easy to put together and the swing seems very durable. They are safe for little kids and very comfortable for adults, too.


Very easy to put together and the swing seems very durable. They are safe for little kids and very comfortable for adults, too.


Its comfortable for even adults and very sturdy!


Love! I bought it for my son but I use it more than him!!


Awesome durable web chair! Super sturdy, comfortable, and easy to assemble! Says child’s but could easily fit a teen or adult! Has a great weight limit of 330 lbs! Perfect for hanging on a porch, from a pergola, in a room or on a swing set! So many great uses! Absolutely love it!


I bought this for the little one-she is three. I can't get her out of it. It is comfortable and has very little chance of falling out. The only draw back is that she will want to swing for hors and my arms get tired.


My 4 year old LOVES it! It's big enough for adults, sturdy enough to hold an adult and a small child at the same time. We're going to order 2 more! I would recommend this swing to anyone. It's very comfortable!


Love this swing. We put it on our swingset and it is the perfect place for mom and dad to sit and relax while watching the kids play. And the kids like it as well.... The grandparents even enjoyed it this weekend. It has now withstood a few rains and even a spring snow storm. It dried out quickly after each and was usable the next day.


Alot of fun for the kids


Cozy little spot to hang out and watch some shows or read a book.Note: Install the hook into the ceiling AND the joist(stud). The Sheetrock in the ceiling alone is mot strong enough to support any weight. Get yourself a stud finder to help you install.


My granddaughter loves this swing so much


I was concerned that the metal ring behind your back could be uncomfortable but it doesn't bother my kids. They love it!


Recommend my daughter loved it color is so beautiful in sun


Gift for my granddaughter. Easy to install. It is made sturdy. It is webbed. Last swing was covered with canvas and it fell apart fast with rain and snow accumulating on it. Webbing doesn't hold rain or snow. My granddaughter does use a cushion on lt.


Christmas gift for granddaughter she can’t wIt to swing


This swing is super cute but a total pain to assemble. It looks like the sections should just slip together but they don’t. I had to use a mallet to pound the sections until they fit properly. It took 2 people and about 30 mins. Once it’s together, it’s easy to hang.


This web swing is super fun. It is really easy to install with the included hardware. The blue color is bright and really stands out. The kids have a blast pushing each other around on it. This is a high quality swing with strong ropes to make the web design.


i love everything about this swing.


My daughter loves this web chair swing. We set it up outside in a tree and she loves to sit and even lay in it. She loves it way better than her swing set. Very pleased and is good quality.


We have 3 boys and they have a full back yard of hanging toys including surf swing, flat web swing and others, but this is their favorite! Mom and I like to swing in the Web chair too!! Placed it in center on chain between 2 trees which swing out over a lit bit of a drop-off and it feels like you're flying. Having the supported back on this makes all the difference with comfort and feeling safe.Get it - you'll like it!


 I could not be happier with this swing. Our space between the trees is too narrow for a hammock, so I went with this swing. It is so comfortable! Kids don’t flip over on it as they do on the hammock. It fits 2 kids in easily, sometimes I relax on it and two kids jump in with me. Awesome, sturdy, fun and easy to put together.


It is the perfect swing to put in our backyards oak tree!