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60 Inch Saucer Surf Outdoor Adjustable Swing Set

This oval swing is made of high-quality materials, which is sturdy and durable.

Overall Rating:
23 Reviews
Item No: 35749120

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60 Inch Saucer Surf Outdoor Adjustable Swing Set 60 Inch Saucer Surf Outdoor Adjustable Swing Set 60 Inch Saucer Surf Outdoor Adjustable Swing Set 60 Inch Saucer Surf Outdoor Adjustable Swing Set 60 Inch Saucer Surf Outdoor Adjustable Swing Set
Key Features

● Durable Materials and Safe Guarantee: The swing is made of high-quality industrial strength steel frame, PP jump mat and 600D Oxford cloth, which is sturdy and durable. Coupled with the durable swing multi-ply rope, this swing provides a load-bearing capacity up to 700lbs, which gives a safe guarantee for kids.
● Adjustable Height Meets Different Needs: This swing is designed to be adjustable in height and suitable for different venues and spaces of different sizes. The height can be adjusted at 40"- 63", allowing you to choose the most appropriate one for your children to relax as the condition changes.
● Perfect Gift for Kids: This swing can become a playground , which allow kids to find fun and enjoy their own time. In addition, this swing can not only let kids play freely and experience the pleasure of flying, but also help them make more friends to enrich their social life.
● Extensive Using: This kind of tree swing can be used for many purposes, such as sitting, reading, sleeping, and playing. Besides, it can be used in many places, such as in the backyard, park or on trees. Whether you're playing outdoors or in your backyard, this swing is a good choice for your kids.
● Easy to Install and Disassemble: According to the detailed steps in the manual, this swing can be easily set up. With the multi-ply rope and metal connector, the swing can be easily hung on branches, porches, yards, etc. In addition, with a slim design, this swing is very convenient to store and does not take up too much space.


    This oval swing is made of high-quality materials, which is sturdy and durable.


    With the adjustable swing rope at 40"-63", this swing is suitable for different venues and spaces of different sizes.With 700lbs weight capacity and giant 60 inches large space, it is roomy enough for multiple children to swing and play together! The swing provides a relaxing spot for you and your kids to play, read, listen to music. And it also helps kids to build the friendship and promotes parent-child interaction. Moreover, this swing not only allows you to experience the joy of flying, but also can build your body and balance skill.This oval swing is perfect for your kids.


    If you are looking for such a product. Don't hesitate to place an order!


    • Made of 600D oxford fabric and steel construction ensure a safe guarantee
    • Multi-ply rope and 8mm bolts ensure a tight and secure connection
    • Provide a high load-bearing capacity up to 700lbs
    • 40"- 63" adjustable heights to satisfy various needs
    • Large swing suitable for multiple children to swing and play together
    • Helps to promote parent-children interaction and develop kids' friendship
    • Provides a relaxing spot for you and your kids to play, read, listen to music
    • Can be easily hung on branches, porches, yards, etc.
    • Easy to install, disassemble and store, saving you time and effort
    • Color: Blue / colorful / green / purple
    • Material: PP + 600D oxford cloth + steel frame +EPE foam
    • Product size: 60" x 32" (L x W)
    • Adjustable height: 40"-63"
    • Net weight: 8.5lbs
    • Weight capacity: 700lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Oval swing
    • 1 x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


We loved the idea of this swing, but rider beware! If your body weight isn’t balanced on the swing, you will quickly find yourself on the ground!


Hours and hours of fun for the kids. Nice large swing in the oval shape makes it so much easier to push them then around saucer. Highly recommend this.


We got this last October. It has been up in our backyard which gets sun 90% of the time the sun is up. It lasted about 10 months before the weather and use finally ripped it on all sides besides the reinforced parts where the rope connects. We have had so much fun on this. My kids and their friends insisted that I order the exact one to replace it because they love it so much. We’ve had 4-6 kids on it several times. They love to take turns twisting it up and all hopping on and letting it spin. So much laughter and fun on one swing.


My twin granddaughter love this swing , very sturdy and great product


All 6 grandkids can ride at one time. They love it . We have had it 5 months now and still not 1 complaint.


Kids love it. Big enough for 3 9 yr olds.


Fun but if for younger kids it does tip easily. Supervise. For Bigger kids it’s great.


Kiddos love it


Well built and pretty well sized for adults and kids alike. Easy to assemble and hang.


If you have a swing set that is made for 2 swings this saucer will work perfectly on it. You just hook up the saucer to the end of each swing. It was easy to put together. All you have to do is put the tubes through the fabric and screw the pieces together. It took me about 5 minutes from start to finish. I love that it does come with padding on the metal bars that go through the tubed fabric. It fits my 2 kids on it comfortably and could fit another kid as well. Kids love it = happy parent!


Happy grandkids


This is amazing. I bought this for my twin 3 year olds. They can both lay down on it together. Perfect!


Kids love it


Honestly, I bought this mostly for myself to lay on when I am outside swinging my youngest son. I don’t get to use it as much as I would like, because the kids are always on it! The husband also approves. It’s perfect no matter how old you are!


Our girls (6.5 & 5) are obsessed with this swing. We hung the swing under a sturdy oak tree. Well made and soothing


Haven’t hung it yet but was super easy to assemble did it by myself while two kids under two were rolling around lol in probably 20 mins or so. It is huge and sturdy I think it will be so much fun!


 My kids have been enjoying this swing nearly every nice day we have! I love how durable it is and also super easy to wipe clean. I normally am not the handy person around the house, but with my husband out of town often it was up to me to put it together and set up- I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to put the frame into the fabric. The Velcro fastens securely and keeps the steel tubes with foam coating secured. Once the tubing is in place within the swing fabric it’s just 4 screws and bolts which the tool to tighten these are provided. Then just hang it up in your desired location! The nylon braided rope is very strong and also adjustable. My husband, myself and both of my kids have actually gotten on this at the same time- that’s a combined total of nearly 500 pounds of weight that it withheld with no problem. The swing itself is large and plenty of room for 4 people to sit. I have found that I enjoy the swing myself even when the kids aren’t around. It has an oblong shape, perfect for laying down on. It’s been great for both relaxation and play!


Our tree swing was looking a little rough and i wanted to put up a new one . I really liked how colorful this one is and how big it is! It was very easy to assemble simply slide the metal support poles into the the swing frame and hook in bolts and done. i attached this to my tree strap and carabiner and instant swing up. both kids fit on it at the same time and it's very sturdy. It can hold up to 700 pounds so even two adults could fit ! The seat material is thick not easy tear at all. i know this will last a very long time. It's waterproof and dries fast! It's so big i could lye on it to read a book or take a nap. Great swing so much fun for entire family.


This swing is amazing! My son was begging for one of these for Christmas! The only thing is that we bought it for outside, either under the trees or possibly for under the deck. It’s super well made. You take the metal bars, which are wrapped in the styrofoam tubing and place them inside the outside ring. There are two curved ends and two straight sides. The outside of the swing has enclosures that they slide into. There are Velcro openings that allow for the bolts to hold the swing together and allow for a place for the swing to hang from so that it can be super sturdy. The swing also comes with ropes anchors for hanging! It comes with an instruction manual. It’s a lot bigger than I realized which makes it so much more fun because he can share with his siblings and lay on it as well. We are counting down the months to spring so that we can put it up outside because we have too much snow,but it was at the top of his list! Absolutely no regrets with this. I will post more pics of it up outside!


I bought this for my mom aka Grandma♥️The grandkids absolutely Love to go to grandmas and swing on this fun tree swing! Sometimes they even fight over it because it is so fun! One time, My 5 year old got on the swing with her tablet and her blanket and fell right to sleep. I look out in the backyard and there she is, knocked out & sound asleep while the swing was rocking in the wind! So cute! This hangs from a tree in grandma’s back can also easily be moved to the front yard, if needed! The swing was extremely easy to set up and is strong enough for at least 2 bigger kids and 3 smaller kids at one time! Super Fun and very sturdy!!! LOVE IT♥️♥️♥️


Love it!


It’s awesome


I bought this for my grandchildren and it was a huge hit. Very fun. Would definitely purchase again!