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  • 40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing Outdoor Play for Kids
  • 40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing Outdoor Play for Kids
  • 40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing Outdoor Play for Kids
  • 40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing Outdoor Play for Kids
  • 40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing Outdoor Play for Kids
  • 40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing Outdoor Play for Kids
  • 40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing Outdoor Play for Kids
  • 40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing Outdoor Play for Kids
  • 40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing Outdoor Play for Kids
  • 40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing Outdoor Play for Kids
  • 40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing Outdoor Play for Kids
40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing Outdoor Play for Kids

40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing Outdoor Play for Kids

The flying saucer tree swing will bring much pleasure to your family!

Overall Rating:
70 Reviews
Item No: 23584167

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Key Features

● Year-round Fun for Children: This giant 40" flying saucer tree swing is popular among children and adults! Its unique design and attractive appearance allow for exciting swinging year-round. There is no doubt that the entire family could harvest happiness from this product.
● Safe Material and Large Capacity: Considering the problems of safety, our product is made of the strongest and safest materials such as 600D oxford fabric, PP cloth, and an industrial-strength steel frame. With a strong load-bearing capacity, our swing can handle multiple children at the same time.
● Adjustable Height to Meet Your Needs: The rope is 63 inches in length, which can be adjusted as you like in the range from 40 inches to 63 inches. You may adjust the height and choose the most appropriate one for your children to relax as the condition changes.
● Multiple Functions for Various Situations: This kind of tree swing can be used for many purposes, such as sitting, reading, sleeping, and playing. It will supply so much fun to both children and parents! It can be used in many places, such as in the backyard, park, on trees, swing sets and etc.
● Easy Assembly and Installation: If it's complicated to put together and take apart a swing, it cannot be called a good one. Rather, our swing was designed with simplicity. It's universal and versatile design allows for a quick and painless installation. Just a take a moment to hang it from a large tree branch or attach it to a swing set.


    The flying saucer tree swing will bring much pleasure to your family!


    Made with a sturdy steel frame and heavy-duty 600D oxford fabric for comfort, this indoor or outdoor swing will have your kids playing for hours on end. It is built to withstand 330 lbs of static weight and features a round base with strong fabric that will last. It can be easily connected to trees or swing hangers. This pleasing appearance and practical application will definitely satisfy your needs.


    If you are looking for a swing, don't hesitate to buy one as a gift for your children!

    • Provides a fun hang out space for kids to safely spin or swing into action during playtime
    • Easy to set up and storage can be hung from an existing swing set or by two ropes in a Tree
    • 600D oxford fabric and steel construction ensure great load-bearing capacity
    • Long life with anti-aging feature, soft, ductile and wearable
    • Large enough for multiple children to swing and play together
    • Adjustable heights to satisfy various needs
    • Perfect lounging space to play, read, listen to music, daydream, relax
    • Resilient and resistant to all types of weather
    • Color: Red + Orange + Yellow + Green + Blue + Purple
    • Net weight: 6.0 lbs
    • Max capacity: 330 lbs
    • Material: PP cloth + 600D oxford fabric + hot-dip galvanized steel
    • Adjustable height: 40" ~ 63"
    • Diameter: 40.0"
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Flying saucer tree swing
    • 1 x User guide
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


My grandkids love this swing. It is perfect for several small children to swing together. It was easily assembled and put up since we already had chains for a swing. We will be bringing it in for the winter since the last one we had deteriorated in the harsher weather.


Good for kids and adults as well, very sturdy!


Purchased this for grandsons fourth birthday. Went together easily. Grandson loved it. A great addition to his playground area.


The swing was awesome!! We really enjoy it!! Gives fun and playful times with our family . I only wish the pillow would be included.


Yes there is a child on this swing, my son. He got this for Christmas and we were finally able to hang it today. Still a little chilly out, but he was so comfortable and so content. My husband sat with him for a couple swings (not sure how sturdy our swing set, but the swing held perfectly. We have one very happy boy now!


Purchased for our 2 year old grandson and he loves it. I like that we can adjust the height from the ground, since he’s only 2, we keep him pretty close to the ground just for safety. Not so easy to assemble, you’ve got to snake the poles through the swing and it definitely takes 2 people. We managed and I would purchase again.


Easy to assemble, sturdiness is great (as long as you balance the ropes right on the tree), and withstands the sun, rain, and wind.


Very well made


A very good investment. My grandson loves this swing. It's good quality and great fun.


Came fast super easy to put together and hang. My 12 yr old daughter loves it. So does my too young nieces 6 and 3!!


Kids love it


Easy to get ready to use. Kids love it


Bought for grand children they love it , will support to at a time ! Absolutely love it , me and the children !


wanted something to add to swing set . Grandkids love it. ages3,7,12


This is a really fun swing. I like the saucer design a lot more than traditional swings. My toddler has a lot of fun on this. It seems pretty sturdy. I weigh 140 lbs and I was able to swing on it no problem. The ropes are well made so I think they will last a long time especially if you have hanging in a shady spot where the sun cannot damage it. I will probably take it down during the winter to help it last even longer.


Our grand children loved it. It is safer than traditional swings


Great quality


My kids absolutely LOVE this swing and it has been a great addition to our backyard- I have 4 kids 13, 10, 4, & 1 they each enjoy the swing. Pretty simple to assemble. We have only had the swing for a few months so far but it has held up to their chaotic play!


fun swing for kids


Sturdy, easy to assemble, colorful and fun for kids of all ages. This is our second one the swing doesn't wear out but the cover deteriorates over time. The replacement cover is so ridiculously expensive to purchase that we just bought a whole new swing.


Great for kids and adults. Very sturdy and easy to put together


I got this for my 4 year olds birthday and even though it wasn’t on her list of presents, it’s her favorite. we set it up over a tree and she wants to swing every day! the size is nice and we can sit and swing and relax on it together. it seems durable and very cute!


I bought one similar to this last year and returned it as it looked cheap and it was much smaller. This one is way better quality, you can trop from assembling it! It also works in my play set, with the current hooks, without having to buy anything else!


Easy to put together and the kids are wild on it. Very durable. Lots of kids fit on and easy to put up! LEft it up through winter and it's totally fine! Great product


My kids spend sooo much time on this swing! It’s perfect!!


This swing held s 6'5 275lb man and let him swing like he was 5. This was a great purchase for kids of all ages!


Very happy with purchase! Exactly as advertised!


My kids can’t stay away from that swing


My Grandson who is 4 1/2 loves this swing. We have had it about a month and it is still a huge hit!


Feedback and questions from last night about the therapy swing Today we did a full test of the swing we bought ourselves.

The material is heat-resistant so that in the summer we can go outside and use the old adagio or slide that we still don't have.

I've been using it all morning, and we found it to be a good therapeutic swing.




I like the easy to assemble and that it’s very sturdy enough to hold adults. My grandkids love it.


My grand twins LOVE this swing!


This was a Christmas gift for my daughter and she loved it. It holds up to 330 lbs so could use for several kids or an adult and child. You do need to order straps or some other item in order to hang this swing from something, luckily we had carabiners and straps from a hammock at home.


Great swing and I definitely recommend it! Nice quality!


They haven't stopped playing with it since it was put up. Now have to find a good tree for it.


Bigger than expected! Very sturdy! Kids Love It!


Amazing swing. My kids love it. It is made well and the colors are bright.


My kids love this swing!! Unfortunately we only had it for 3 days before it started ripping! With just normal use no rough housing. They do still play with the swing and love it but I did notice the rip getting bigger.


This is big time fun for my grandchildren and their friends. More than one can ride on it at one time. It's sturdy, large and very colorful! They wore the first one out - I bought them a second. They love it!


Kids love this!


Fast shipping and great material, overall my daughter loved it and I do recommend to anyone that is over thinking of getting this item. I use it myself at night lol


Fun, fun, , fun our grandson loves it you can spin,swing, sit up, lay down just put fun for the outdoors.


My girls were growing bored with their regular swings so we swapped them out for these and they are a hit. My daughters use them daily. Very sturdy, great quality, highly recommend.


So far we have had this swing up for 8 months and is still as durable as the day we bought it. We live in the high desert and the swing hangs under a tree.


The whole family enjoys the swing. Very durable


My grandson loves it!


We bought this for the grands, it went up fairly easily and they love it! It seems sturdy, but remember to hold on with hands! So far it has been holding up well, but it was just recently installed. We have 2 kids using it, and they both can swing together easily. They are 9 and 6.




Loved the swing but it came with a bent bolt that we have to replace.


Kids just love the free action of this swing. On their stomach on backs, with 2 or 3 friends or solo. Extremely well made too.


Not sure who loves this the most, my kids, my cat or myself. It’s so much fun and easy to assemble. Hours of entertainment.


The whole family enjoys this swing !


Kids love it. We don’t have a tree so it’s installed in the playroom.


Easy to put together and great quality


Bought this and kids love it ! Easy to put up and safe , simple to assemble


Just as pictured. Little tricky to get the metal ring together. We bought a longer chain and a swivel attachment for this swing.


The kids lived the tree swing!!


It was just as described! My grandkids love it! I bought the 40"round swing with 5 colors! Now I am giving the rest of the playground a face lift!


Great product for the money! Make sure you have a good place to hang it because it can be a challenge!


My grandkids are having a great time with the swing. The older kids get on with the toddlers and they love it!


Grandchildren love it


Nice safe swing for all sizes. The grandchildren enjoy how easy the swing is to get in/out. It’s a fun activity for outdoor play.


Works fine, had three kiddos swinging on it at one time. Colors are bright just like I wanted.


My grandchildren love this swing! They have had a blast swinging on it everyday!


Kids are loving it


I had gotten this for my 2 sons and they absolutely loved this and I had hanged this on my backyard and it’s really nice


Our grandkids love it!! Great replacement for the baby swing as the kids get older!


My kids absolutely love this. It was the best money we have ever spent. Definitely recommend :)


It was easy to put up. Holds 2 kids easily! FUN for a wide age range of kids,Seems very sturdy and well fun fun.