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  • 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function - Gallery View 1 of 13
  • 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function - Gallery View 2 of 13
  • 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function - Gallery View 3 of 13
  • 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function - Gallery View 4 of 13
  • 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function - Gallery View 5 of 13
  • 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function - Gallery View 6 of 13
  • 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function - Gallery View 7 of 13
  • 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function - Gallery View 8 of 13
  • 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function - Gallery View 9 of 13
  • 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function - Gallery View 10 of 13
  • 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function - Gallery View 11 of 13
  • 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function - Gallery View 12 of 13
  • 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function - Gallery View 13 of 13
8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function

8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function

This air cooler has 3 modes which can cool, dehumidifies, and circulates air to stand up to summer heat, giving you immediate and uninterrupted comfort.

Overall Rating:
73 Reviews
Item No: 62853147
costway, spring Furniture, up to 50% off
CAD $449.00

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8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function
Key Features

● Efficient and Energy Saving Cooling: With 8,000 BTU cooling power, the cold air delivers fast, effective cooling for spaces up to 230+ sq. ft. The air cooler can cool, dry and purify the air around you. It contains no freon, much cheaper and safer than a freon air conditioner. It has low energy consumption to decrease your electricity cost and it's completely fit for our low-carbon lifestyle.
● Multifunctional Modes and 2 Adjustable Speeds: This portable air conditioner provides cooling, dehumidifying, fanning and sleeping mode to meet various needs of users. It is designed with 2 optional speeds, which can be adjusted (low/high) freely according to your needs. And the wind outlet blades can be adjusted vertically and horizontally if you need for various occasions.
● Timer Function and Quiet Operation: Designed with a 24-hour programmable timing function, you can enjoy working, reading or sleeping without catching a cold. The temperature can be adjusted from 62 to 86℉, meeting all your needs. Sleep mode ensures super-quiet operation with low noise (56db), offering you peaceful and comfy sleep all night with a suitable temperature.
● Washable Air Filter and Easy Operation: Keep air clean and your portable AC running efficiently with the included removable and washable filter. The indicator light will remind you to regularly clean the air filter. Digital LED display offers precise temperature adjustments and the remote control lets you control the air conditioner from across the room.
● Portable and Space-saving Design: Featuring a sleek, handy, rectangular body design, this compact air conditioner fits well in any limited space, saving much floor space. The all-direction casters and built-in handle allow you to roll the air cooler freely to from room to room, suitable for living room, office, bedroom, dorm, etc.


    This air cooler has 3 modes which can cool, dehumidifies, and circulates air to stand up to summer heat, giving you immediate and uninterrupted comfort.


    There are 2 different speed fan modes for options between low/high mode as you need. Its programmable cooling setting features a 24-hr programmable timer so that you can easily set to help save energy by turning the unit on and off automatically, so you don't have to worry to forget turning off. This air conditioner is designed with a water-full control and warning, keeping your floor or carpet from getting wet. Its sleek ultra-compact design fits nicely in small space. And flexible casters and built-in handle are convenient for storage and transportation. With stylish outlook and practical use, this air cooler is ideal for home, bedroom, office, library, etc.
    Notice: Regularly cleaning the washable filter and your machine will work efficiently and can help prevent air quality issues.


    If you are looking for this product, don't hesitate to place an order!


    • With 8,000 BTU cooling power, the cold air can cover a room of up to 230 sq. ft
    • Multifunctional modes including cool, dehumidifier, fan to efficient cool down hot air
    • Do not contain any hazardous liquids like Freon, which is safe for children and pets
    • Quiet performance let you enjoy a comfortable sleep at a suitable temperature
    • Manual up-down to adjust blowing direction and create a personal cooling zone
    • Timing function allows you to choose the suitable one to enjoy your sleeping or working
    • Filter dust, dander and hair from entering the unit to extend service life and protect health
    • Easy-to-read large digital LED display control panel offers all access settings
    • Full function remote control lets you control the air from conditioner your couch or bed
    • Dehumidifier function makes your home less hospitable to allergens such as dust mites, mildew
    • Color: Black+ white
    • Cooling capacity: 8,000BTU
    • Power supply: 110 -120V/60Hz
    • Air flow: 300m³/h
    • Noise: 56db
    • Coverage area: 230 + sq. ft
    • The most suitable window size: 26.5" - 49.5"
    • Temperature setting range: 62℉-86℉
    • Product size: 13” x 14.5” x 25” (W x D x H)
    • Product weight: 47lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Portable air conditioner
    • 1 x Manual
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


It definitely helps to cool down the main area of our house.
Easy to install
Easy to use
Fills up quickly dehumidifier
Not that cold


Very good in our tent


Ordered the 8000 BTU air conditioner and it comes with compact and powerful product, size is good for small area room and also cool down temperature fast, I don't have any leaking issue.


Great product, fast delivery


We are extremely Satisfied. Quiet and the cycling of the compressor is negligible.


The air conditioner keeps our big living room really cool during the hottest days of this summer!! Would buy again!


For the price, I really thought this would be nicer. It will get me thru, It really not as nice as the one I had before - the fan doesn't "blow" the air very well and it is a smaller than I expected. Again, It will get me thru the HOT summer we are having. I will know next one I get I will need to go TO THE Store and look at the models


Pretty solid unit, especially in cooling mode.


Got this for my wife’s brother who is ill and the heat really bothers him. He was able t set it up himself. He is happy with the way it works and is feeling so much better now. He is not complaining of the heat inside his apt anymore.


Really cooled down the bedroom


Bought this in the middle of the summer for my bedroom to beat the heat and it does just that! It has multiple modes/levels for any of your needs. The remote is super handy to have in case you need to make a temp adjustment, etc but don’t want to get up from bed/sitting. It is a great unit to keep your bedroom cool during the hot months.


I got the $600 14000 btu Whytner dual hose rocket engine Portable A/C. I Pretty much researched from a few sites and THAT was like “ The BEST.. and most powerful”... you can find.


This unit gets down to 64 degees,degrees, room has never been so cool,I love it. Its a bit noisy but well worth it! It took about 14 days to get here but I'm glad it did...


Fast shipping, just what we needed during this heat wave


Gets the average size room cool. Low noise level. Not too heavy. Can bring it upstairs without a struggle. Sleeps with it at the door and combine with a ceiling fan, best combination.


Bought as a gift. Unit is decently quiet, does a good job at cooling a large room. May have to buy another for myself.


It Is a little loud but works great in my apt living/dining/kitchen area. I recommend you get it!


Love it! We had 115 degrees in Portland yesterday when it arrived. My 1 bedroom apt. is now at a happy 75 degrees. Easy installation, great features.


This air conditioner is amazing! I don’t know how I ever lived without it. The only complaint I have is that I did have to cut the window extension so that the hose would latch in correctly and I didn’t have the tools to do it, so I had to wait a few days to use it; but it was well worth the wait!


The low humming noise is ANNOYING. If you have sensory issues don't buy this one. Just want to find what the noise is and make it stop.


Cools the room perfectly.


For a "smaller" unit really gets the job done. The dehumidifier part is the BEST. It really works, only "major" downfall with that the reservoir is tiny and doesn't hold a lot of water, but we propped up the unit and put a bucket underneath. Yes you have to be by a window because the tube but so does every air-conditioner.


I love it. It's just perfect. It keeps my room cool and nice. My summer anxieties are finally over! Its so fancy, easy to install and the remote is so handy. I'm very satisfied with my purchase.


It's one of those awful humid days and I am so glad I have this unit. I have the A/C on in dry mode and it's sucking the humidity out of my apartment. This thing works great (and it looks pretty good, too, sitting in the corner of my living room.) I read some reviews about leaking so I bought a water heater pan and have it sitting in that but so far no leaking. The water tank fills up fast on these humid days (it just filled up in 30 minutes) so I will need to set it up on something and remove the plug and let it just drain into a kitty litter pan or something so I don't have to keep emptying it.


Bought this n 7/2/20 and here it is 5/25/21 and it has stopped working. Compressor is overheating. Filters are clean. Feels like the compressor has frozen. Granted...I didn’t get the extended warranty, BUT for the price, it should have lasted longer than 10 months.


Works great! I also used it with a 2000 watt generator


The noise level isn't bad compared to a normal air conditioner. It works well and cools down the room. Affordable and efficient. Would recommend


Works well! I got it for my bedroom which does not get enough of the central air conditioning. It cooled the room down quickly and was super easy to put together.


Was very excited to get the portable air conditioner see our window ac have us so many issues last year.i can honestly say it's the quietest ac ever and keeps the room nice and cool.


Our master bedroom stays hot and stuffy year round, but in the summer it's miserable!! In order to keep it mildly cool enough to sleep in (husband sleeps day's, I sleep nights) we have to keep the air turned down super low, which drives the power bill sky high and the rest of the house ends up way too cold. This air conditioner has been a life saver!! My power bill has never been so low, and sleep has never been better. The set up was super simple. Wish we would've thought of this years ago.


Works great on the boat. Does the job when sleeping, even in tropical climate. Both AC and dehumidifier with no drain bucket or hose to worry about.


Received faster than expected, Really good product, right recommend it!


Our sons bedroom is on the second floor with windows facing the Sun the entire day. In the summer, it’s like having an greenhouse heat. Some days it’s uncomfortable even with the central air running. A supplemental AC unit is a must for this room. We selected this portable unit can roll away when not in use or can be easily moved to a different window with the adjustable window attachment and hose. I did have to get some weather stripping to use with the window vent kit, but that is likely due to the way our window sills are made. It’s far better than the using fans or those moisture making evaporators unit we bought a few years ago. With his gamer computer and consoles he did not want that type of humidity in his room. Unlike the old AC, this unit has an evaporative dry function, so I have not had to empty any water from the unit at all.


Cools down my master room really fast and save me money on my power bill because i dont have to run the a/c for the house all night long .


When my wife suggested buying a portable air conditioning machine in the middle of winter, I thought she was ridiculous. But she pointed out that we live in southern California where the weather is predictable, but the temperature is not. I bought it over a month ago and it has been cold, so my victory was almost sealed. But luck was on her side since we hit a few days of heat and the portable AC finally got put to use. Here are my thoughts.1. Power/Strength. This portable AC is 8000 BTU, but this number isn’t very helpful for most people. I have a 20’ x 25’ room with 8-feet ceiling and was able to cool the room from 74 degrees down to 72 degrees within 30 minutes. It took about 1.5 hours to get from 74 degrees to 70 degrees. This is achieved with windows and doors closed and shutters shut with only my 190lb body and the recessed LED lights above to generate heat.2. Function. There are 3 modes: COOL, DRY, and FAN. COOL mode is your air conditioning. FAN is just fan to circulate the air in the room. The DRY mode is a DEHUMIDIFY mode which is great if you live in areas with high humidity, but this is not the case for me in southern California. Speed can be adjusted between high and low in COOL and FAN mode but not in DRY mode. Temperature can be adjusted only in COOL mode. Condensation is collected within an internal reservoir and the indicator light WATERFULL will light up when it’s time to empty. Water can be drained from a small port at bottom backside of the machine (I just rolled it to my front door and open it up to drain outside).3. Installation/Assembly. The assembly is straight forward. Included in the box is an expandable and adjustable exhaust hose that can be connected to your window. There is a circular adapter that connects the hose to the back of the machine. The oval-shaped end goes to the window and the box includes adjustable window seal-plates with locking mechanism for easy installation. The exhaust hose is about 5.5ft when fully extended. It is VERY IMPORTANT to understand why an exhaust hose is necessary. Portable air conditioners use a hose to vent warm air. If the warm air is not vented outside, it will stay in the room which renders your AC unit useless. Ventless air coolers are not true air conditioners.4. Accessories. The unit comes with a basic remote control (2 AAA batteries) which has the same function as the panel on the unit. There is no LCD screen to show you what the temperature is at. There is a button on the remote to cycle between C/F temperature units. The portable AC is on small wheels that are fairly discreet but fully rotational similar to modern luggage that can spin in circles. They glide easily over hard surfaces and short carpet or rugs. This is great for rolling the unit to where you need when it’s time to drain.If you have a home office where you spend most of your days, the use of this unit may be more energy efficient than using central air. This is also great for sleeping at night since it comes with a timer and temperature control. This unit is especially great in my family since my daughter and I tolerate colder nighttime temperatures while my wife and son are easily cold (it saves us from constantly fighting over thermostat control at night). This is especially useful if you live in areas prone to sudden heat waves. The unit does not take up much space and can easily be wheeled into the corner when not in use.


This portable air conditioner is really cool, no pun intended. In my sunroom my landlord only allows me to keep a window air conditioner unit on the side window, which was fine for a while when we had a desk in the corner by that window, but during quarantine I bought a new desk and rearrange the room. When I started thinking about the summer, I realized that the window unit on the far side of that room would not be sufficient to reach my new desk which I sit at for eight hours a day five days a week. this portable air conditioner will allow me to have a air conditioner close to where I’m sitting and I can drain it out one of the front windows which won’t bother my landlord and will keep me cool when I’m working. I’m hoping that it will also save us money because I can shut it off when I’m not by my desk anymore. The air conditioner is so cool and the wheels work very well. I was surprised how easily it can move around on my hardwood floor despite being so heavy. There was no assembly required other than installing the vent to the window. It was packaged really well and had no damage upon arrival.


Cools so well


What I liked is that you can switch the modes to the conditioner but what I didn't like and what it didn't mention is that you have to stick this big thing out of the window. I bought this for myself for the summer and turns out that I couldn't use it because my windows don't open.


I was surprised how powerful this was. You can set to stay on or by temp. You can also have it by remote control. Everything comes complete in the box. The vent, the remote, the window seal, all complete.




Very satisfied! Very safe and exact needed size


Works great. Perfect for my little room. Cools the place fast


Very quiet! My old window unit was louder than this. It's very convenient and works very well! I've pulled over 50 gallons of water out of my home since I bought this 90 days ago. It cools so fast. The remote is convenient and the temps are very accurate! I am so glad I got it!


It cooled our whole downstairs. I love this. It was great this summer. Well worth the price.


Very nice to have


I've used it all summer to cool my garage for my dogs while I go to work and it's never let me down. Keeps my garage at a comfortable 75 degrees


Made my super humid room cold but i sent it back after my bill went up 100$ and I had only owned it for 3 weeks.


Very effective with a few cons:Quite noisy so if you’re a sensitive sleeper, this isn’t for you. I use it for a home gym so it doesn’t bother meI find I have to crank the AC up to the lowest temp to get it to cool the surrounding area. May be the outlet tubing is not effective/insulated enough to carry away the warm air. I think some heat escapes the tubing which counteracts the cooling of the room.


Highly recommended


El pequeno gigante!


This unit was worth the money, easy to operate and cools very well.


I wanted to wait a few months to write a review to see how well it held up, and how it would affect the power bill. It works AMAZING and our power bill has only gone up maybe $20. It cools down our little apartment in about 10 mins, and it gets insanelyyyy hot in there. The only thing I wish it had is a timer to start at a later time. I would want to have it start around the afternoon time when it starts to get hot for my cats, and it's too cold to start it in the morning before work. Other than that it's amazing and well worth the investment! I havent tried the heater part yet, but once fall kicks in so will that heater!


We like it it is very easy to put together an it works very well


Amazing, I’ve had it a few days, but it was so simple to instal, and it takes no time at all to cool down the room!


I bought this for my daughter's attic bedroom. It gets sweltering up there in the summer. The window vent kit didn't work for the type of crank out windows we have, but I just replaced the window screen with plexi glass and traced the vent opening and cut it out with a dremel.


I like my AC, I’m used to sleeping with the fan on, so the noise soothe me. I don’t recommend if you need it to be quiet.The water reservoir fills up quickly. I don’t see that as a bad thing, I’m used to emptying it before it fills, and the machine stops. The filters must also be removed, and cleaned often, I again don’t mind doing it, it’s part of maintenance for me now. It’s important to note that my room doesn’t get extremely cold, just nice and cool. I have a floor fan I also turn on to circulate the air in the room.


I like my AC, I’m used to sleeping with the fan on, so the noise soothe me. I don’t recommend if you need it to be quiet.


I purchased two for home. I have to keep them on all day for it to keep one room cool. Its ok


Prongs on wall plug bent and punctured thru box in shipping. Had to bend them back into place.


I own an older home and I do not have central air conditioning but had window units throughout the house. I just got replacement windows for my home and did not want to put the units back in the windows to damage the new framing and obstruct my view. So I purchased 2 of these units in lieu of window air conditioners. I am very pleased that I did! Installation is incredibly easy, the noise level is comparable to a window unit, does not take up too much space, and cools quickly and efficiently. Great purchase!!


We use it in our fifth wheel RV and it does a very good job.


It Works For Its Little Size Trust me U wont Be Disappointed I highly recommend this for a Small room.


Product works and keeps us cool


Works well for the somewhat small area. Does have temp control. Reliable, light weight.


I couldn't be happier with this unit. Cooled down my room on the hottest of days. 3 months into owning this unit, I did have a problem with it not cooling like it used to. Their customer service was top of the line handling my issue. Quick response to the problem and resolved immediately!! I hardly ever leave a review but their outstanding customer service and quick resolve have impressed me. I feel like they went above and beyond!


This portable air conditioner is so powerful and has so many different modes for the room. It comes with a controller so when you need to change the temperature you don’t have to always go up to the touch pad and change it. The air conditioner is on wheels as well which is quite convenient to move around. This AC system can also be a dehumidifier which is great because I need both. And if you are a person that likes to keep the AC on at night there is also a night mode that works great as well.


Beautiful machine I always have cool shop know not bad at all


Works well , blows nice cold air ands works just as described.


If you are someone who fights with your loved one or family about temperature in the house and you always get nagged on for turning AC down, stop reading this and BUY this!! It is a life saver for me. It was easy to install and I no longer have to suffer in heat. My family tends to be uncomfortable in colder temperatures and I am the exact opposite, I don’t like sweating or sleeping in a warm room. This works great and the remote capability is a great bonus! You won’t regret it and the AC also looks very modern, so if you are worried about how it would look in your room, don’t. Couldn’t be happier!


Easy to set up, so thankful for the added cooling in our Rv at the 109 + temperatures


In love with my Portable Ac.Thinking about getting one for my living room.


 This A/C is complete the package with all the features like window A/C. The temp could be In centigrade and Fahrenheit. The window out unit is pretty easy to assemble and apply it. It could be easily removed. the A/C has tap to clean out the water but no need to empty it everyday once a while is ok.A/C got 4 removable and washable filters.The timer works fine too. It is really easy plug in and play unit only need to attach air out unit to the window. It has manual OSC mode. The led light is pretty low so that ot wont disturb in dark mode. A/C got 4 wheels which is really easy and movable to move around on different rooms.the window air out unit is 5feet long. Over all,All in one package .


Few important info for buyer, this is really Compact in size. I use it in the big basement, in 10 min you start feeling the effects. My main reason is to use it as a dehumidifier and I gave the outlet directly to the sum pump and it works to remove water. Overall I love it.