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 Artificial PVC Hinged Christmas Tree with Solid Metal Stand

Artificial PVC Hinged Christmas Tree with Solid Metal Stand

Artificial PVC Hinged Christmas Tree with Solid Metal Stand

This classic pine unlit Christmas tree comes with a durable metal base that can help stand the tree up straight inside or outside your home.

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14 Reviews
Item No: 50237986

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Key Features

Eco-friendly Material: The blades of this Christmas tree are made from high-quality PVC material, which not only makes the tree looks more real and more full but also adds anti-crush capacity to the tree.
Metal Stand: Christmas tree uses a solid metal stand instead of a cheap plastic stand, and add a plastic cover on the end of the stand. It can help to achieve adding the stability of the tree and protect your floor.
Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor: This artificial Christmas tree is an ideal choice for outdoor and indoor use. PVC material enhanced the waterproofed and metal stand to help the tree stay straight in the wind.
Easy Setup: To finish the assembly of this tree it requires only 3-4 steps, after putting branches and metal stand together, and then straighten out the branches, the tree will achieve the best effect.
Best Festival Decoration: Accentuate different areas of your living space, office, or even a holiday party by customizing your tree with garland, lights, ornaments. Then this pine Christmas tree will give you a strong festive atmosphere.


    This classic pine unlit Christmas tree comes with a durable metal base that can help stand the tree up straight inside or outside your home.


    It will add a warm, festive feeling to any setting. The Christmas tree is easy to set up and store because the branches can be folded. Enjoy the look of a traditional Christmas tree, even when you have little space. Have this tree in your home and enjoy its beauty for many holidays to come!


    If you are looking for a Christmas tree, don't hesitate to buy one.


    Warning: Please remove the plastic cap which is useless before installation. If damaged or missing when received, not impact any usage effect. And something is needed to hold down the legs of the tree when the wind is strong outdoors.


    • Brand new and high quality
    • Easy to set up and storage
    • With a durable stand to help prop the tree
    • Simple green color design helps emulate a real Christmas tree
    • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor decoration
    • Great feeling to any setting
    • The tree is brand new in the box
    • Color: Green
    • Material of stand: Metal
    • Material: PVC
    • Blade width: 2.4 inches
    • Package includes: 1 x Christmas tree, 1 x stand
    • 5 FT:
    • Tree height: 4.9 ft (from the base of stand to the top of the tree)
    • Number of tips: 350 tips
    • Blade width: 2.4 inches
    • Weight: About 4 lbs
    • 6 FT:
    • Tree height: 5.9 ft (from the base of stand to the top of the tree)
    • Number of tips: 650 tips
    • Blade width: 2.4 inches
    • Weight: About 6.5 lbs
    • 7 FT:
    • Tree height: 6.9 ft (from the base of stand to the top of the tree)
    • Number of tips: 950 tips
    • Weight: About 11.5 lbs
    • 8 FT:
    • Tree height: 7.9 ft (from the base of stand to the top of the tree)
    • Number of tips: 1138 tips
    • Weight: About 13 lbs
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a tree this year and I thought a white simple tree would look nice in my apartment. I did worry it might look cheap, but that wasn't the case! I love this tree and it was perfect for what I wanted. The lights look really beautiful on it! Amazing for the price. You do have to really "fluff" the branches to cover the bare parts, but the set up was super easy so the extra effort wasn't an issue.


I bought this Christmas tree to decorate Christmas. This year is special. My son just turned one year old at Christmas. I want to give him a special holiday and birthday gift! So I plan a special Christmas decoration this year! I want to plan early! I bought an 8ft Christmas tree, it is tall and big enough! I like that it can be placed outdoors or indoors! I can put it on my balcony! Hope my baby will like the first Christmas tree gift I gave him!


Ok. I’m sorta in LOVE with this tree. I never thought I’d want a WHITE tree.PRO’s:A. It was pretty inexpensive ❤️B. Not too difficult to put together, although, the instructions were sort of lacking.C. It’s SUPER CUTE and tall...& thicker (wider) than I assumed it was gonna be.CONS:A. The instructions showed “3” tree parts. There was 4. (No part A goes to part B... nada)B. It’s very WIREY. ALL the branches are wires which...C. Makes it sorta UNSTURDY (wobbly)D. The wire base is warped... adds to tree wobble. The base won’t secure no matter how many times I twist the 3 screws given. (GORILLA GLUE HERE I COME.)*Because all the branches are wire and not covered with faux needles on more than 60% it makes the center look EMPTY (see 1st image). Even with fluffing the branches. Sooo~ SOLUTION: BUY CHEAP TINSEL GARLAND and stuff it all around the center post of tree. I might buy a few MORE garlands from dollar store to really fill in the center.All in All.. I’m happy with this purchase and would buy it again... although it already have 2 trees now. Hhahaha.


This tree is ok. However, I was honestly expecting a slightly fuller and sturdier tree. It is less that 4 pounds and has been pulled down twice already by cat tails. It is going back. We purchased a slightly more expensive tree but boy was there tremendous difference in quality. Personally, I'd recommend a different tree unless you live in a really small apartment/house, have no kids or fur kids, oh and also want something more than two steps above the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.


Our family has had a 5ft tree for 7 years and we are happy to have a tree that is taller then us. It was so easy to assemble and seems to be very sturdy and looks full if you fluff the branches correctly. My family is in love with this tree. It is definitely great value for the money.


This is my first “Adult Christmas tree“ so I wasn’t expecting anything or really wanting anything either too expensive or too crazy. Overall I think this was a great tree for the price. The bottom branches aren’t as low as I would’ve liked, but after a while it didn’t really bother me anymore. There are a couple of holes that couldn’t be filled even spreading out the branches as much as I could, but once it was decorated and with all the ornaments the holes were practically nonexistent. The legs are a little wobbly and the tree tilts a little, but a little piece of cardboard was able to fix that up. It doesn’t look too fake which I love, it was very easy to assemble, only three pieces of the tree plus the branches having to be separated. Very easy to unbox and honestly a lot bigger than what I thought it was going to be based on the pictures of the seller. True to size, maybe an inch smaller, but close to the 7ft.


After quite a bit of trouble with shipping (over a week late) I will admit the tree itself was worth it, especially for the price. We didn't have to spend a lot of time "fluffing" it out, it's quite full and looks very pretty in our small living room. Pleased with product but not so sure I'd ever deal with this seller again


I couldn’t get the screws in, so I just left it out. And have no issues with it. I’m 5’3 and a half and the tree is not that much taller than me. If height matters I fluffed it out, to me it’s perfectly fine maybe to someone else it wouldn’t be. But I love it! It’s a fake tree so it does what a fake tree is supposed to do. There was a weird smell but it doesn’t bother me it’s not too bothersome besides I have scented candles on so you can’t smell it unless you’re very close to the tree. I also live alone so I don’t have to worry about kids bumping the tree over.


exact height as you order. Very full!! i was worried it was going to be one of those lanky empty looking trees, because the box was so light weight, but once assembled and we opened the pines it looks so full without any ornaments. i was very happy with this purchase. i will deff order again but next time order a taller tree


I ordered this product as I’m a grad student who has never owned her own Christmas tree and wanted an inexpensive tree as she has a hyper, playful, 2 year old cat. We have decided on a cheap tree with cheap non breakables knowing that our cat would try to destroy everything. Product arrived within a week and was easy to put together and fluff out. Was not as full as the product’s and pictures but I didn’t mind as this was not a forever tree. We added some big ornaments to hide some of the more obvious holes and bald spots on the tree. Unfortunately my curious kitty took down the tree during brunch. Thankfully, the war on Christmas has stopped and the tree and cat now live in harmony with only minor issues to the tree (now more lopsided than before). Over all, would definitely recommend to a college student, or anyone, on a budget or a proud owner of a young cat.


The package came very quickly despite being states away which I liked. I was a bit sad that we couldn’t get it to look full and it looked pretty empty before all the ornaments. Thankfully it looked much better after the decorations but more fullness would have been nice. The branch at the tip won’t hold much and we had to fold it three times to hold a pretty light star. It definitely worth the price though just don’t expect anything super amazing and definitely take your time fluffing out the branches and having them bent in all different directions for maximum fullnes.


I got drunk and bought this Saturday and it was here by Tuesday. It even came with the tree skirt and a glittery red ribbon for decorating. Box was smaller and I expected it to be crappy and being drunk when I ordered I of course didn’t read any reviews. Not the fullest but for the price I love it!


This tree comes in a small box, which is what I was looking for since I rent and have little storage. For the size of a box I cant believe its 7ft. It's a little sparse as far as fullness of the tree, but it looks great for the price. Box is about 5x1x1.


Just what I needed a small tree for decorating for seasonal except Christmas!