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Christmas Tree>

 4'/5'/6'/7'/8'/9' Artificial Premium Hinged Christmas Tree with LED Lights

4'/5'/6'/7'/8'/9' Artificial Premium Hinged Christmas Tree with LED Lights

4'/5'/6'/7'/8'/9' Artificial Premium Hinged Christmas Tree with LED Lights

This is the Christmas tree which is used to decorate your room.

Overall Rating:
13 Reviews
Item No: 52704968 GTIN: 6940350815098

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Key Features

● Dense and Realistic PVC Needles: This Christmas tree's needles made of PVC which are stunningly lifelike with its full and verdant profile and durable.
● 11 Modes and Multi-color Lights: Light with 5 different colors(red, blue, orange, yellow, warm white ) and can alternate between 11 different modes such as multi-color steady on, multi-color quick flash, warm white steady on and warm white quick flash.
● Sturdy Metal Base: Sturdy metal base to provide the tree greater support and can be used for a long time.
● Easy To Assemble: 3-piece design make it easy to assemble and in just a couple of minutes.


    This is the Christmas tree which is used to decorate your room.


    With pre-installed LED lights, gleam throughout the tree, will present 5 different colors and can alternate between 11 light pattern options which will create a warm and holiday atmosphere. And dense PVC needles providing it with a fresh cut look that will last all season. The included metal base is sturdy and holds the tree up well. Hinged sections make it very easy to assemble.


    If you are looking for the Christmas tree, don't hesitate to buy it!


    • Brand new and high quality
    • Dense and realistic PVC needles
    • Pre-Lit with UL-certified LED lights
    • Can present 4 color (red, blue, orange, yellow) at the same time or just 1 color (warm white)
    • 11 light pattern options : multi-color steady on, multi-color quick flash, multi-color slow flash, warm white steady on, warm white quick flash, warm white slow flash, multi-color and warm white changing quick flash, multi-color and warm white changing slow flash, multi-color and warm white changing 5 minutes, multi-color and warm white changing slow fade, multi-color and warm white steady on
    • Durable and strong metal stand to help prop the tree, high stability
    • Plastic feet cover provides floor protection
    • Assembled hinged sections for easy assembling, dismantling, and storing
    • Material: PVC
    • Color: Green
    • Adapter: UL-certified
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Christmas tree
    • 1 x Stand
    • 1 x Adapter
    • 1 x Instruction
    • 4 FT:
    • Overall dimensions:Φ2.5' x 4' H
    • Height: 4 Ft
    • Weight: About 5 lbs
    • Input : 120V,60HZ
    • Output : 30V, 120MA
    • Power: 3.6 W
    • Number of tips: 300
    • Number of light: 100
    • 2-piece hinged sections make it very easy to assemble
    • 5 FT:
    • Overall dimensions: Φ2.8' x 5' H
    • Weight: About 8 lbs
    • Input: 120V,60HZ
    • Output: 29V, 125MA
    • Power: 3.6 W
    • Number of tips: 600
    • Number of light: 150
    • 3-piece hinged sections make it very easy to assemble
    • 6 FT:
    • Overall dimensions:Φ3.3' x 6' H
    • Weight: About 14 lbs
    • Input : 120V,60HZ
    • Output : 29V, 209MA
    • Power: 6 W
    • Number of tips: 1000
    • Number of light: 350
    • 3-piece hinged sections make it very easy to assemble
    • 7 FT:
    • Overall dimensions:Φ3.8' x 7' H
    • Weight: About 20 lbs
    • Input : 120V,60HZ
    • Output : 29V, 290MA
    • Power: 8.4 W
    • Number of tips: 1570
    • Number of light: 500
    • 3-piece hinged sections make it very easy to assemble
    • 8 FT:
    • Overall dimensions:Φ4.4' x 8' H
    • Weight: About 30 lbs
    • Input : 120V,60HZ
    • Output : 29V, 290MA
    • Power: 8.4 W
    • Number of tips: 2128
    • Number of light: 750
    • 4-piece hinged sections make it very easy to assemble
    • 9 FT:
    • Overall dimensions:Φ4.9' x 9' H
    • Weight: About 39 lbs
    • Input : 120V,60HZ
    • Output : 29V, 290MA
    • Power: 8.4 W
    • Number of tips: 2944
    • Number of light: 1000
    • 4-piece hinged sections make it very easy to assemble
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


I like the idea that you can change the light color with a push of a botton, but don't like if a light goes out you and not replace it, guess you have to buy new strings for lights. It has more see through then i thought, cause even fluffing it out it you can see it , if you move the curtains behind it over the windows. Otherwise i love it


Absolutely love the way the tree turned out. The tree itself was fairly easy to put together. The directions weren’t the best and were pretty vague, but it wound up being self explanatory for the most part. After a lot of fluffing, we finally got the fullness we wanted and love the way it looks. For the price, it was definitely worth the money. The various light settings are beautiful and give us some variety depending on our moods. This was one of the only 8ft trees we could find for our space and ultimately are pleased with the purchase!


The lights are great. Photo shows in solid color and solid white. Hooking up tree was a little different than usual plugs. No actual instructions but I figured it out fine. There is not a plug at the top for a star. Take the time to fluff the branches. It’s worth it. It comes quite compacted due to shipping. I would expect the branches to make it for several years. Not the highest quality but looks great from a distance.


I took a star away for “easy to assemble” because it’s impossible to get the hooks in the base properly. So we had to shove a little piece of cardboard in the gap. Other than that, the tree and the lighting options are gorgeous!


I had a better/fuller and more realistic prelit tree a few years ago but got rid of it when I had to move cross country last year. This one was half the price of my last tree and I am pleasantly surprised that it looks decent for the price. I read lots of reviews before ordering but was still skeptical. I didn’t have to money to get a better tree this year and was worried about the quality of a real tree this year after living in a very drought stricken area with lots of wildfires. I don’t know where the tree lots are getting their trees from and if local I didn’t want one this year. Felt a fake tree was a better and safer option this year because 2020 ;-/ Last thing we need is a house fire due to a dry tree or dealing with it losing all the needles to quick.The directions are not the best but easy to figure out even without them. 3 parts plus a base then have to connect the lights for each section. Had it assembled in about 5-10 minutes max but took about an hour to fluff all the branches to make it as full as possible. The light settings are easy to use and love that I can do multiple settings and color or white lights so it gives lots of flexibility if I change my decorating style each year. I have not added any additional lights...just some garland and ornaments in this photo.


This tree really is cute. It's very thin with not very full branches. The lighting is very bright with lots of different options w colors and blinking/dimming. It's great for a small area and very simple to take up and down. It is serving its purpose. The only thing I wish is the pole in between wasnt quite so visible. But its a very nice tree for those on a budget. Great tree for small area, elderly that need something lighter and easy to assemble, easy storage etc


I love the different ways the tree lights up and the different colors you can have as well. The height is perfect! It does seem a little flimsy with the branches and I did have some holes that i couldn’t get the branches to fill. I feel like it’s only going to last a few years.


First off, this tree was not expensive. After we took it out of the box and put it together, my wife had that look of disappointment. It was not a full as we expected. However, after she got out her many decorations to hang on it, put them on and turned on the nice lights (which give you a choice between while or colored with options) we were rather impressed. So, we are satisfied with this tree. Looks great in our living room. Merry Christmas to all.


Liked the ease of setting up the tree. Our last tree we had to connect all the separate parts in order for the lights to work. This one did not require that so you simply put each piece together and plugged it in. I love the ease of assembling it. Lots of lights and like the different settings so the tree can actually look different on different nights.


 Very nice tree! The different setting choices for the lights are fun too. I ordered the 8ft. Tree. It was incredibly fast and easy to assemble. I think the problem that some reviews were noting with the tree not looking full was due to the buyer not separating the individual branches and fluffing the tree. If you’ve ever put together an artificial tree, you know that this is a critical step. The tree cannot be pre-fluffed for you. It would never be able to be boxed or travel that way. You can see by my video that the tree, once styled appropriately, is not too sparse with branches or lights. It is also very sturdy. I am very pleased with this purchase.


We love this tree so much!! Easy to assemble, full looking and lots of lights (my fav!) Love that I can change the lights depending on my mood, game changer!! Even my husband who is not into christmas at all said this is the most beautiful tree we've ever had!! Well worth the money!


Very pleased. I was exactly what I hoped it would be. Just set it up this evening. Bought the 5 foot and it is so easy to set up. Took about 15 minutes to adjust the tree branches to make it look more lifelike. Lights look beautiful and you have many choices. I prefer the multicolor lights but will enjoy trying all the options. I have placed it on a end table in front of my window. My photo doesn’t do it justice as it doesn’t have any ornaments on it. Only con is it looks more like 4,5 feet. I look forward to using it in years to come.


This was our first christmas tree and I wanted something for our 5 year old boy. It's simple and easy and the lights are nice. A little bent and crooked in someplaces but I didn't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a christmas tree. I plugged it into a smart outlet and works great. It comes in a tiny box and you have to spend time unbending and fluffing every branch to make it look nice.