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19 qt Multi-functional Air Fryer Oven 1800 W Dehydrator Rotisserie

19 qt Multi-functional Air Fryer Oven 1800 W Dehydrator Rotisserie

This 8-in-1 air fryer oven is designed with a hot air circulation system for a healthy way of cooking, enabling you to eat tasty food without extra fat or calories.

Overall Rating:
31 Reviews
Item No: 01367589
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19 qt Multi-functional Air Fryer Oven 1800 W Dehydrator Rotisserie 19 qt Multi-functional Air Fryer Oven 1800 W Dehydrator Rotisserie 19 qt Multi-functional Air Fryer Oven 1800 W Dehydrator Rotisserie 19 qt Multi-functional Air Fryer Oven 1800 W Dehydrator Rotisserie
Key Features

8-in-1 Versatile Air Fryer Oven: this electric air fryer oven features 8 preset cooking choices for quick cooking tasks. It can be used not only as an air oven but also as an air fryer, dehydrator, rotisserie, pizza grill, etc. The versatile oven can fulfill your varied cooking needs by making a wide variety of cuisines.
Greaseless and Healthy Cooking Mode: Compared to the traditional way of cooking using hot oil, the air fryer oven uses 360 ° hot air circulation to cook food that reduces fat by up to 85 percent. The versatile air fryer oven provides healthy food as well as delicious taste to you.
Large Capacity and Safety Guarantee: 19-quarter cooking space allows you to prepare enough gourmet food for your family members. To remove plastic odors, the interior of this unit is made of galvanized steel. And non-slip feet, heat-resistant housing, automatic shut-off feature, and overheating protection will help ensure safety. With FDA and ETL certification, you can use it confidently.
Easy-to-Operate and Convenient Design: Intelligent digital displays make it easy to control time and temperature. You can adjust the temperature from 90 ° F to 400 ° F and set the time from 1 to 60 minutes, the dehydration time of operation is from 1 to 24 hours. Transparent window and interior lighting make it easier to monitor food when cooking.
Complete Cooking Accessories: comes with 10 useful cooking accessories including rotisserie shaft, 2 rotisserie forks, skewer rack, rotating mesh rack, 3 airflow rack, drip tray, rotisserie rack. All devices are removable for quick washing and the chicken fork is dishwasher safe.


    This 8-in-1 air fryer oven is designed with a hot air circulation system for a healthy way of cooking, enabling you to eat tasty food without extra fat or calories.


    8 built-in presets make cooking easier or you can set the time and temperature manually. The transparent glass window and inside light make it easy to see the cooking progress of your food at any time. The large capacity of 19 quarts allows you to cook a variety of foods at the same time to meet the needs of the entire family. With the rotating function, it is perfect for cooking a turkey. The interior of the oven is made of metal to avoid the unpleasant smell of plastic, and it has been multi-certified so it is very safe to use.


    If you are looking for an air fryer oven, don't hesitate to buy one now!


    • Have 8 preset cooking options satisfy your diverse cooking needs
    • The intelligent digital screen provides convenient operation
    • Cooking time and temperature are adjustable
    • All-in-one design can be used to grill, roast, bake, dehydrate, etc
    • Heat insulation handle protects your hands from being scalded
    • Non-slip feet increase the stability of the air fryer oven
    • Come with complete accessories help you to cook more types of delicacies
    • Transparent window and interior light allow you to watch food clearly while cooking
    • 19-quart capacity provides enough cooking space
    • Galvanized-steel inside wall avoid the unpleasant smell of plastic
    • The chicken fork is dishwasher safe and other accessories are easy to clean
    • Quality qualified with ETL, UL, and FDA certification
    • Color: Black/green/red/white
    • Main material: PP, galvanized sheet, metal
    • Voltage: 120V/60Hz
    • Power: 1800W
    • Cooking temperature: 90℉ - 400℉
    • Timer:Other: 1 - 60 mins
    • Dehydrating: 1 - 24 hrs
    • Overall dimension: 14.5" x 14.5" x 16" (L x W x H)
    • Overall capacity: 19 quarts/18L
    • Net weight: 19 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Air fryer oven
    • 1 x Drip tray
    • 1 x Rotating mesh basket
    • 3 x Air flow rack
    • 10 x Skewers
    • 2 x Skewers rack
    • 2 x Rotisserie fork
    • 1 x Rotisserie fetch tool
    • 1 x Rotisserie shaft
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Color size and working


It's great to have a bigger air fryer and easy to use.


I needed an air fryer that was larger than the basic one I started out with. This is perfect for cooking multiple things at once! Everything turns out perfectly so far! Excited to use the rotisserie tomorrow! I recommend this for all families for quick and easy yummy results!!


An awesome appliance . . . it took me a long time to give up on assembling the rotisserie attachment on the first one, so I asked other buyers if anyone were able to assemble it so that it was useable and they could, so I purchased this one and tried again. Still couldn't figure it out and was on the verge of returning it for refund . . . but I've got this genius style grandson and I called him to help me as a last resort. It took him a whole 15 minutes to see why I couldn't get it to fit together. So it's a keeper because I absolutely didn't want a different one.
And, to top it off, I found the parchment papers to protect the drip tray.


Me encantó, super práctico, hermoso, luce muy lindo en la cocina, cocina increíblemente!..


Used it for the kids oven lunches to avoid the summer heat of using the traditional oven. Nice crispy texture that the oven never gave us. Pizzas cooked beautifully. Easy to wipe down after lunch (after it cooled off). Can't wait to try making a Rotisserie chicken in it!


No tiene ningún olor a plástico no otro aroma, diferente al alimento en cocción. Lo probé alzando un Pargo Rojo. Y quedo delicioso. Recomendado.


My family absolutely loves this air fryer and its versatility and options. The presets are spot on and it's super easy to adjust should you need it to cook longer. I did have a little trouble with the kabob rotisserie option, but I used scallops and it would probably be better with a more firm protein option. Very easy to clean. Love being able to view the food and the way it looks on my countertop, as well as being able to prepare a main entree and sides in one unit. Overall, very happy with it.


Doesn’t last long


I now make so many things like fruit roll-ups to jerky for my kids wish I had this machine when my kids were younger.




It just stopped working and they won’t reply to my emails


That it cooks in a timely manner.. Me n Family LOVES It.!!!!!


Newbie to the air fryer. So far I've tried (with success) muffins, roasted potatoes, roasted veggies, and small beef cuts in the rotisserie to add to a steak salad. Made my choice in AF oven based on reviews and the size was important as my kitchen is small. The only improvement that the manufacturer could make is in their included instructions. Not enough info to the basics, for instance which basket at which level is best for particular foods. Otherwise the digital panel is very intuitive (love those pictures!) and super easy to clean.


So far I like waiting for the screws for the rotisserie.


I am not a kitchen gadget woman. An stove/oven is all I want or need. BUT this little unit is the perfect mini oven/grill/roaster! The size and efficiency if perfection for a nice M R filet mignon. I love the size, 6 large muffins or crispy outside cookie crust and chewy inside dough! Recommendation is awarded to this product! The value is phenomenal. It is easily moved or picked up. Very light. Yet durable. Everything about it is just delightful. The vibrant red was my favorite. Easy to clean too.


Have only used twice. Very satisfied so far.


This thing is great! I love this air does everything....I have baked in it made pork chops made chicken so I'm making a cake...cooks fast and food taste great! Definitely recommend this


Todo esta bien.


I’m looking for an air-fryer oven for long time. Love the design of the oven with a big transparent window and simple icons for cooking presets. It’s perfect for frying chicken wings and corn dogs. It also shortens the time of dough fermentation that can save my time to make bread. Glad that I get one in my kitchen. Easy to use and clean! Highly recommend.


Very good quality, no plastic inside like other equivalent models. Easy to use. First thing I’ve tried is French fries, I didn’t add oil and they were crispy as if I fried them in deep frier.
I had a very excellent experience with customer Service.
I would like to recommend it,




I have been nervous about this since receiving it as a gift for Christmas. Costway seems to just slap its name on anything and put it up for sale.


 Pretty and intuitive! I bought this to be a pretty food dehydrator. The temperature go well below and above what I need. Came with alot of high quality accessories and I had no idea it was also an rotisserie! Very nice Tiffany blue color


So far so good. It cooks faster than big oven. I am trying to get use to the bake time. I noticed when I use the recommended times on the control panel, such as French fries, Few ties that I am cooking my items are either overcooked or burnt. I think the time depends on the size of the cut and how many you put into the barrel. I also Tried walleye and salmon, they both turned out good. I just rubbed some salt and fresh black pepper on the top the fish before I baked them, very easy and simple toPrepare some quick meal now.


It is a great electrical equipment in the kitchen. It saved me lots of time to cook. I really just need to prepare the materials that i need. After half hour, my food is ready to eat. It has a smart screen and super easy to use. Aldo, It is not complete inside, It just very easy to clean up. I am just so satisfied and highly recommend.


I bought your 19 quart air fryer it came w everything. TY GOD BLESS,BE SAFE!!


the product was easy to clean after used, also works great when i yryvto fry chicken wind, its quick anf convenient


Costway Airfryer has been great for my family. I make so many things with the airfryer. We have used the rotisserie for large Chickens for several nights and every time they cook perfect, browned and juicy!


Fast, crisp and delicious food in an easy-to-use air fryer - I LOVE it!


I have a bravetti oil fryer that I use probably more than I should. I just love it though and then I got the opportunity to get this 19qt air fryer. There is obvious health benefits to air frying and it was something I wanted to try out. I’ve cooked several different things in it so far and the results are interesting. I’ll go one by one. We love home made French fries and normally I do them in the oven. Doing them in the oven takes 45-60 minutes and every 20 minutes I flip them around and by the 40 minute mark the oil has cooked off them and they are sticking to my glass pan. They come out great, but sometimes a little mangled. In the air fryer, the directions said to do about 20-23 minutes, add 3 minutes starting from cold. I did 25 minutes and I should have done them a little longer, maybe 30 minutes. The great thing is because of the wire trays, nothing sticks and I don’t have to flip them around, I did shuffle the trays just in case. They were good though.
Next up was pork chops. I did a 1/2 batch in the oil fryer and a 1/2 batch in the air fryer because I wasn’t sure. My wife and kids LOVED the ones from the air fryer. I think it was 23 minutes from cold and they were juicy and delicious. My oil fryer takes 30 minutes to warm up but only 2-3 minutes to cook, but a second batch needs another 5 minutes to re-warm up. For the time savings and taste, the air fryer won hands down here. We have a family of 5, with 15 and 12 year old sons and a 10 year old daughter. The boys can eat and the air fryer was big enough to hold enough food for everyone for dinner.
Lastly I did some steak cutlets. I like my steak cutlets medium to medium raw, and I cooked them to well in the air fryer even though I only put them in for 16 minutes (based it off the pork chop time). This time the kids universally liked the oil fryer. Same cut of meat, breading, but the oil fried steak cutlets tasted better. The kids didn’t like the dryer breading on the air fryer. I used an eye round and there isn’t a lot of fat on that cut which is probably why.
There are a lot of automatic settings on this model, more than I can use and talk about in a review. I am going to use it to make some teriyaki beef jerky and see how that turns out next. Overall start to finish it cooks faster than my oil frier and I think once you get the timing down it will be an improvement for most foods.


Awesome piece of appliance bigger than I thought. I can't wait to start cooking up great tasting healthy meals with this.


Exactly what we ordered




Whole family are all happy with my purchase this time. We had a small family owned restaurant. Sometimes we need to bake certain meet. This 19qt meets our needs. The big volume complicity . The see through windows. We can see how the meet looks. Then decide if we need to turn it around. The fashion design which I like the most. The touchscreen panel. Everything is perfect for me. Highly recommend.


Got this for the air fryer aspect as well as the rotisserie best of both worlds for me. Trays are easy to clean, the spit does require soaking but still cleans up easily after a soak. I hand wash the trays . Wish there was a cook book for this but there is tons on info online. Saw a video of a prime rib and I have been waiting for some to show up at sams and costco since. But in the mean time the chicken is fantastically cooked just stick to 4 pounds so you don't stress the spit.


I love


Very good air fryer, comes with all the pieces need. Goes up to high temperatures and its very spacious.


We used the air fryer to cook a turkey breast on Thanksgiving, we used the rotisserie attachment. Everything worked great and the turkey was the so moist. Clean up was easy, in fact there was hardly any clean up. The only thing I would do different, I would put a light coating of oil on the drip tray surface. DO NOT USE, spray can oils on non-stick type surfaces, I have ruined too many pans and cookie sheets before I learned it was the sprays that were ruining my cookware.


So far, we really like this! we have found that pre heating it gives the best results. It's so versatile, we're just beginning to try it out, have tried a handful of functions so far, air frying, baking, toasting. It doesn't get hot to the touch, doesn't take much space cabinet wise, is a great size for 2 people. Can't wait to use the rotisserie, maybe a Turkey roast for Thanksgiving. Worth the price.