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19 Qt Dehydrate Convection Air Fryer Toaster Oven with 5 Accessories

Get healthy food with crispy outside and tender inside with the air fryer toaster oven!

Overall Rating:
47 Reviews
Item No: 51738690
valentine day,love deal,best gift for every honey

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19 Qt Dehydrate Convection Air Fryer Toaster Oven with 5 Accessories 19 Qt Dehydrate Convection Air Fryer Toaster Oven with 5 Accessories 19 Qt Dehydrate Convection Air Fryer Toaster Oven with 5 Accessories 19 Qt Dehydrate Convection Air Fryer Toaster Oven with 5 Accessories
Key Features

● 7-in-1 Versatile Air Fryer Oven: Featuring 7 pre-set cooking functions, this electric air fryer toaster oven will simplify any kitchen task from air frying, broiling, baking to toasting, dehydrating and warming, the convection oven will satisfy all your diverse cooking needs by making a variety of cuisines. And you can select the ideal modes through adjusting function switch.
● Healthy Oil-Free Air Fryer: Different from the traditional way of cooking with hot oil, this convection toaster oven adopts up and down balance heating (4 heating tubes on the top, 2 on the bottom) to fry up food. The adjustable temperature from 250℉- 450℉ drives out the extra fat in the food, while maintaining the crispy taste of traditional way.
 Large Family Size and Safety Guarantee: The air fryer toaster oven could easily fit 6 slices of toast, a 9 inches pizza, 3 pounds chicken wings and a 4 pounds chicken in the 19-quart interior space. You can make plenty of food for the whole family. Besides, non-slip foot pads, heat-resistant handle and oven mitt will provide further safety insurance.
● 4 Knobs for Easy Operation: Four electroplated knobs help you control the time, temperature and cooking mode effortlessly. You can set the temperature from 250℉ to 450℉ and the time from 0 to 60 minutes as you want. Meanwhile, the additional toast timer from 0-8 minutes provides with three baking color options (light, med, dark).
● Dishwasher-Safe Accessories and Considerate Design: This air fryer toaster oven comes with 4 dishwasher-safe cooking accessories including fry basket, oven rack, baking pan and crumb tray. All accessories are removable for easy cleaning. Additionally, transparent window and interior lighting allow you to monitor the food easily while cooking.


    Get healthy food with crispy outside and tender inside with the air fryer toaster oven!


    This air fryer oven features balance heating system to fry up food. Oil-free cooking method drives out the extra fat in the food itself, while maintaining deep fried crispiness. With 7 pre-set cooking functions, this 19 quarts convection oven will simplify any cooking tasks, including toasting, dehydrating, broiling, baking, etc. 4 Intuitive knobs let you conveniently adjust time, temperature, cooking function and toast time. You can prepare ample gourmet food for your family members with ease. Besides, transparent window and interior lighting allow you to monitor the food easily while cooking. Moreover, 4 useful dishwasher-safe accessories are provided for your convenience. All these accessories are removable for easy cleaning.


    Add this 7-in-1 air fryer toaster oven to your list and say goodbye to your separate appliances!


    • 7 pre-set cooking options make any kitchen task easy
    • 19 quarts cooking space, satisfy whole family or party
    • Air fryer with no oil creates healthy and delicious food with deep fried crispiness
    • 4 mechanical knobs for separately adjust time, temperature, cooking function and toast time
    • Adjustable cooking time(1-60 mins) and temperature(250℉-450℉) to cook a variety of food
    • Toast timer from 0-8 minutes provides with 3 baking color options
    • 360° hot air circulation system makes the food to be heated evenly
    • Interior lighting and transparent window enable you to watch food as it cooks
    • 4 useful dishwasher-safe accessories are provided for your convenience
    • Including fry basket, oven rack, baking pan, crumb tray and oven mitt
    • Anti-slip feet pads at the bottom increase stability
    • Material: Steel
    • Color:Mint green
    • Net weight: 18 lbs
    • Overall dimension: 19.5" x 12" x 12.5" ( L x W x H)
    • Voltage: 120V/60Hz
    • Power: 1550W
    • Cooking temperature: 250℉-450℉
    • Overall capacity: 19 Qt / 18 L
    • Oven time: 60 minutes
    • Toast time: 8 minutes
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Air Fryer toaster oven
    • 1 x Fry basket
    • 1 x Oven rack
    • 1 x Baking pan
    • 1 x Crumb tray
    • 1 x Oven mitt
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


We LOVED this Air Fryer/Toaster Oven. It's beautiful and quickly became our default appliance for all our meals. Maybe we used it too much? After two years, almost to the day, the Air Fryer component stopped working. We're currently in the market for a new appliance than will last longer than two years.


This is easy to use and the controls are easy to understand. I'm still experimenting with the airfryer. The appliance itself is really good -- and so far so good.


Loved it worked well.. for less than an year then It died


Did an overnight whitening, woke up with pain in one tooth, was all good after 5 minute use of this produxt


Love my air fryer, toaster oven, convection oven all on one. Do not have to heat up house. Holds a 12" pizza and cooks it to perfection. Love the nachos, French fries and everything so far that I have cooked in it.


I bought this to replace a toaster . I also wanted the air fryer option. This oven combines that options into a nice package. The oven portion has many convenient options as far as time and settings. It preheats quickly. It cooks evenly from front to back and browns nicely. The air fryer setting works equally well. I’ve done breaden and non breaded wings, cheese-sticks, ravioli and frozen battered fish fillets, all to perfection. Highly Recommended.


I would recommend this to anyone who likes to cook at home this oven can do a lot of stuff like baking,air fry, and it can roast as well so u don’t got to buy a air fryer and a toaster when this toaster can do both. It is also very easy to clean and wash


Love this airfryer! I literally use it every day because you can cook SO much in it and I prefer to use this if I can before heating the big oven in our house. It cost more energy dollars and time to use the big oven. This works perfect and can literally cook cake or brownies in it right after cooking or reheating a rotisserie chicken. You want amazing chicken drumsticks? Season about 8 uncooked drumsticks in olive oil, salt, and Landry's seasoning (add paprika for more flavor), and air fry it at 425 for 10 minutes per side.


I had always wanted an air fryer. But we need a toaster oven too and I don't have a lot of counter space either. So as soon as my old toaster oven died I got this cutie. (RIP Black and Deckers toaster oven you served us well for many a year) I could not be happier. We cook pork chops, pizza bread veggies. You name it. Oh and toast. Don't forget about the toast! It's been about a month now and it's seems pretty sturdy. I'm very pleased and we never use the big oven anymore. My husband even likes cooking with it. We can make a meal for the 2 of us in a half hour now which is great on a week night!


Love the color and the retro look. The air fryer is great. Only neg is it doesn't toast top and bottom evenly but that is minor


I bought it for myself. It very great. I have large one and it’s hard to clean every time after using it. But this one make my life easier. Great size for my family and it has several functions all of them works great.


My air fryer missing one of the trays I have one rack and one grease tray and I’m supposed to have another one


Fits on counter top and ot has dials and not push or touch buttons. It nice to see a little old school...


This unit makes a LOUD banging noise as it heats up, and an even louder one as it cools down again. When I attempted to return it, the manufacturer contacted me and asked me to send video. I promptly did. But they never responded after that.


I loved this thing. It did EVERYTHING until almost exactly a year after I got it. Then the toast option got wonky. I'd have to rotate the function knob back and forth a few times for it to kick on. Then it completely stopped working. It just won't toast anymore. Ok fine. I'll broil my toast. Broiler died the same way a week later. Bit by bit it's dying and it's just a year old.


It was a gift for my daughter and her husband. She loves it. And her friends bought one just like it after using hers. I will recommend it to others.


It's a very nice looking air fryer. Brought it in August 2020 blow out in September 2021 just as the warranty run out.


I wanted to get rid of our microwave for this oven for a while and my wife and son were totally against it. I did it anyway and I have to say we couldn't be happier. It is by far our favorite kitchen appearance. You can make absolutely anything imaginable in it. We love it highly recommend


I love to bake in it. I’m not heating up my house with the oven and clean up is super easy. I can’t wait to air fry. It’s just a switch of a dial. So glad I got it!!


I’ve been hearing a lot about air fryer that’s why I decided to buy this. And it was a good purchase. The first day I got it we used it right away and the foods taste really good. It is easy to use and clean


I have only had this a couple of days, and have tried toasting, heating on bake and air frying frozen food. I was quite impressed on how perfectly a toasted bagel and frozen croissant came out. It heated a potato knish to perfection. My last toaster oven burnt toast and had to be watched constantly because things would frequently burn. It also has a small footprint. Smaller than my toaster oven! I would highly recommend this unit.


I needed a toaster and had been wanting an air fryer, this was THE perfect choice, matches my kitchen and the air fryer gets a lot of use! One thing I like is being able to see the food while it’s cooking, that’s cool. I’ve been using parchment paper in the fryer basket and food cooks amazing! It has 5 cooking options including: Warm, Broil, Toast, Bake and Air Fry. There’s a light button to turn on/off. Love the color, size, functionality, everything! You won’t regret this one!


I am so happy I got this air fryer. It is not just a simple air fryer I can do a lot of things in this item. And everytime I used it, my place doesn’t smell food. Perfect size for my place


Was a little smaller than I expected (only reason it lost a star) but we use it daily!


Súper cute but it’s a lot smaller then I expected but can’t complain


Nice little oven toster


Use this thing all the time. Much easier to clean than my last one and I love the retro look. The dials are even easy for my husband to understand when he gets in the kitchen.


Great transaction


It is an extremely roomy oven and has agreed options each fan setting works wonderfully and has a multitude of options that are work really well for any type of cooking/baking. The metallic construction makes it easy to clean and also doesn’t build up grime as fast as other ovens.The racks it comes with are extremely convenient when it comes to different foods. Pre-heating the oven takes no time at all and I love the glove it came with. Recommend highly for any bachelor apartments like mine!


 We chose this air fryer after looking at a dozen different ones. This one was the best choice because of the features, the capacity, and it looks fantastic. It’s easy to use and it sits right on your countertop. It’s the healthy way to cook food, and the kids love to cook in the air fryer. There are 7 ways to cook with this air fryer. It cooks evenly, and it’s easy to clean. It comes with different trays to use, they’re all removable which makes them easy to clean.This air fryer heats up quickly because of the size, and it doesn’t heat up the whole kitchen. It does a great job of keeping the heat in unlike stove top ovens. We avoid using the oven at all costs in the summer due to the fact that it heats the entire house up. We’re happy we bought this because it doesn’t heat up much but if we really need to, we could move it to the garage. It’s gets really hot where we live, so that was another reason this air fryer was a great choice.


Ok first I will write the positive. I ordered the green which looks incredible in my beach house. Eliminated other small appliances on my counter so the size is fine. Toaster is great. Frozen pizza are perfect fit and come out quick and good. Now in to the negative. The air fryer is a mess. The basket is not non-stick like my last one. Sprayed before using but chicken and pork both stuck and were very difficult to clean. On a bright note, fried pretty good. Now the worse thing is that when you use the air fryer and pull out the basket, it drips grease all over the door. Poor design. There is a drip tray which is a bit smaller than the basket and it is difficult to pull them both out together. My solution is to put foil over door when you pull the basket out. Also you have to be sure to clean it after every use because the other functions won’t work well if you don’t. Also, I highly recommended putting foil on bottom tray to make cleanup a little easier. I have baked cookies which came out good and the size of toaster oven is great size for heating items. I also see no paperwork as far as a warranty. Obviously, a pretty mixed review but hopefully it will help.


I researched for days for a new toaster oven. Our old was was exceptional (or so I thought). It lasted a good six years before the heating element died.


This is a nice oven. I wish there were more instructions included. There is nothing to tell you how to air fry of dehydrate. I burned a batch of cinnamon rolls the first time. Too close to the top burners or set too hot. Not sure.


Works fine but arrived with a good sized dent in the side.


While researching whether I should buy an air fryer, I came across this product as an option. It does it all! A little bigger than I thought,but it toasts, bakes, air fries, and broils beautifully. I use all of the different baking features and they work great….


This is my third air fryer and I think I have found the one that is practical. This is large and really replaced the oven toaster so does not take more room in the kitchen. The quality I get is better than the small ones I had before.Only thing I would change in this air fryer is its knobs. I wish they were digital.


Looking for new oven for long time .This oven was more better than what I expected.This is good to replacement for my old air fryer , I'm so surprised this oven it has air Fryer function .The size fits a small family of four, just perfect for us .Toaster function is perfect for heating Foods up , also very easy to clean up after use .Great and excellent product , good deal .


A MUST HAVE!I seriously love this air fried oven! Makes so easy to prepare meal, air fry the snacks and reheat some dishes. And I used it to make fries for my one year old, way much healthier than the fries you can buy outside. Just LOVE it.


First of all, this looks sooooooo much better then the last air fryer I had. If an air fryer can be gorgeous, this really is. It looks incredibly expensive. I love that everyone in my house can use it. My kids love it. It’s so easy and can be used as an oven, toaster, warmer, broiler, air fryer...ect. It comes with a tray and a basket that’s super easy to get in and out. This honestly gets used at least once a day. It’s also nice and big so you can even use it to cook your family’s dinner. Overall, I love it and would definitely buy it again.


It requires less oil for frying and getting the crispy taste. I have used this for frying indian dishes like samosas and aloo tikki . Everything turned out really well. It has additional 7 preselect features for setting the temperature. I like it because it uses less oil as being a high blood pressure I avoid using more oilUpdate: Its hard to clean


Very nice looking and easy to use and clean.


 Replaced old toaster oven with this. So far enjoying it. Pre heats quick compared to conventional oven and lots of space compared to my old toaster. The many different cooking features are great and the air fryer option is awesome.


 This toaster oven is perfect for heating foods up and works great for cooking foods I love that this is the perfect size for me to cook small meals that I can enjoy with my partner. It's very easy to clean up after use. It does a wonderful job getting foods crispy and doesn't make much noise. The timer is easy to set and this oven is very reliable for getting the results I want.


You know they say Happy wife Happy Life we'll see


This toaster oven is awesome! I love how anything i make in it is done by the amount of time it takes my regular oven to heat up. Got it for my grandma as a gift and she absolutely loves it! She lives alone so the easy controls are important for her. Was afraid it would be too complicated for her but it is the opposite! She uses it almost daily. Glad I got it!


It look very clean and modern and it works perfectly when cooking everything!!


 The Costway Toaster Oven/ Convection Oven/ Air Fryer has a large footprint, but it will free up lots of counter space by letting you get rid of several appliances whose functionality will all accommodated now in a single appliance. The unit is fairly tall, so make sure you carefully measure the height of the countertop and allow a little extra space for ventilation. Its' 19 quart capacity is huge! It easily makes your old Toaster Oven obsolete. The rack is large enough to toast a lot of bread. It also worked great for reheating pizza. It melted the cheese on top while browning, but not burning, the crust. The Air Fryer also has a large capacity. To try it out, we made Buffalo Wings and Chicken Tenders and both came out nice and crispy without using any oil. The multi-function knobs allow you to bake, bake, with fan, broil, air fry, etc. There is also a light to help check on the cooking progress inside the oven. If your counter is getting full due to having a toaster oven, air fryer and convection oven, this appliance will solve all your problems.


I’m absolutely thrilled with this product!It has so many features that I was looking for & then something!It’s an oven, broiler, a dehydrator, and an air fryer all in one!It’s great when you’re when heat up some thing small you don’t have to turn on your oven and get the whole house hot.It works terrific &cook things very quickly!!I love it and I’m so happy I bought it!


Great for my camper! I did stuffed game hens & they were perfect! Easy to use! Light weight.


Like the product for its seven intended uses.


I really like the fact that you can adjust the temperature at which you airfry. Metal is not as thick/heavy as some name brands, but it is not as expensive as those either. Works great so far. We use it several times a day.


I am pleased with this it’s performance thus far. I have only used the convection bake, toaster and bake features.


Love my air fryer/toaster so much! So time-saving and super easy to clean! Make the best French fries and help me keep the oven off when it's hot outside! I can do almost anything there! I also like the modern look of the countertop. It is deep, but not so wide, and I lost the entire counter space. I have been buying the best electrical appliances for a long time.


 This oven is very nice looking, works very well and easy to clean. It has different ways to cook food and cooks the food quickly. The size makes it easy to fit on a kitchen counter.


Was a gift for a friend and she and her kids love it.


Great for the price, good size. Gets super hot on the top, sides, and window, but that's pretty standard for toaster ovens.


This oven is fabulous! So far I have toasted, air fried, roasted, and reheated leftover fried foods. Everything turned out perfect! The photo is the perfectly roasted chicken breasts I made for dinner tonight.


Love the size! Love the stainless steel, easy to clean, trays.


I wanted a larger air fryer and this is great-toaster -convection oven -it works great-and having one small appliance that takes up very little space-looks great and even came with a “hot mitten”!!Recommend as the one small appliance that gets the job done!!


Its a beautiful Toaster Oven Countertop and is constructed of high-quality stainless steel 。I just purchased one for my wife one week ago。because my wife like make delicious food for me!she use this for everything! It's a toaster oven, air fryer, convection oven all in one. Cooks a small frozen pizza in 7 minutes. she highly recommend it !and The controls are easy ,No complicated!


So happy with our purchase. It has so many different functions and temperatures that you can cook virtually anything. I first tried out out with a few burgers, then chicken and also to re-heat and crisp up left over egg rolls -- they came better crisped up in the oven than when they were first delivered!

The item came packaged really well and was in perfect condition when it arrived. They even put in a nice silver mitt which we were not expecting to receive for free- such a nice touch!


We have a lot of good and healthy food.Recently, the unit has small problem and the customer service taking care it very well.I recommend it to my friends.


This product has 7 functions, which completely meet my needs.I love to use it, and the food baked with it looks very delicious.


This is my second air fryer. I am so loving it. I had an old toaster oven (about 5 years old)that needed replacing and got this Because of the additional air fryer function. The toast function turns out the best bagels I’ve had. I have lots of fun making my own food with the air fryer function and I am still playing around with different stuff and sauces to use it with. The food tastes good and is far more healthy. So far everything has come out great! I am very enjoy my cooking. Thanks!


I like the range of cooking options available, its dimensions and fit in my kitchen, and ease of operation. One minor negative is that the "on" light has never functioned.


I use it to make cookie cakes every day, Because my kids like to eat


I bought this back and forth due to a friend's recommendation. I am glad I bought it. The French fries, fried chicken and other portions are great. One device has all functions, which is very convenient.


I have argued about buying an oven/air fryer for more than a year, because I read conflicting comments about how they actually work. I have used it in oven-fried recipes and frozen foods that can be baked or fried. For these two types of food, everything becomes crispy, and it takes much less time to cook compared to putting it in a normal oven. It works beautifully. I highly recommend it!


I have only had this a couple of days, and have tried toasting, heating on bake and air frying frozen food. I was quite impressed on how perfectly a toasted bagel and frozen croissant came out. It heated a potato knish to perfection. My last toaster oven burnt toast and had to be watched constantly because things would frequently burn. It also has a small footprint. Smaller than my toaster oven! I would highly recommend this unit.


Bought this oven for our camper. Love it! More efficient than the oven...keeps trailer cool in the summer.


Recently we stay home for coronavirus lockdown, really need a toy for trying new dishes during the pandemic shelter in place. I use this one baked cakes and fried the fishes and french fries, Love it. Very easy to use and clean, convenient and good for 4 people family size. High purchase value.


It works very well!! I can't wait to see how it dehydrated.


This oven is really easy to use! I love putting pizza in there for a quick snack. It’s also really easy to clean after use.


This oven is really easy to use! I love putting pizza in there for a quick snack. It’s also really easy to clean after use.


This air fryer is awesome! I love it and highly recommend it!


My wife loves this product very much.


I am looking for the one bigger than my old one . The size is so good could easily fit a 9 inches pizza, 3 pounds chicken wings .And Save more time compare my previous one.Four electroplated knobs help control the time, temperature and cooking mode effortlessly. I love this oven! I have not found anything that I can complain about after using it daily since we've had it.


I saw many similar ovens on the market, but when I saw the pictures and bullet points of this product, I was enchanted. I decided to believe in its quality.


I haven’t used this but a few times and so far am pleased. The unit is only easy to clean if you use a non stick cooking spray before baking, air frying or broiling. Like a regular oven, splatters can be hard to wipe off. Instructions do recommend using a cooking spray. The toaster leaves a bit to be desired. The bread may be toasted as desired on one side but not the other. The only option is to flip the bread about 1/2 way through the toasting. As for flavor, broiling steak, air frying pork chop and and brussel sprouts all good. Overall it’s easy to use, knobs plainly marked. It’s quiet even when both fans are in use. Look forward to fixing a variety, and more, different foods. With more use, will add to the review.


I bought the 19Quart air oven is right. My two sons like to eat Cupcake and French fries. I can easily cook them at home