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  • 4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio Filter with 13W UV Light
  • 4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio Filter with 13W UV Light
  • 4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio Filter with 13W UV Light
  • 4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio Filter with 13W UV Light
  • 4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio Filter with 13W UV Light
  • 4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio Filter with 13W UV Light
  • 4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio Filter with 13W UV Light
  • 4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio Filter with 13W UV Light
  • 4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio Filter with 13W UV Light
  • 4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio Filter with 13W UV Light
  • 4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio Filter with 13W UV Light
4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio Filter with 13W UV Light

4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio Filter with 13W UV Light

Made of anti-aging ABS material, the pond pressure bio filter is durable. Equipped with an ultraviolet clarifier, it can effectively decompose harmful substances and improve water quality.

Overall Rating:
71 Reviews
Item No: 42516308

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4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio Filter with 13W UV Light 4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio Filter with 13W UV Light 4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio Filter with 13W UV Light
Key Features

● Quality Material: Made of high-quality ABS material, which features great insulation function.
● Excellent Performance: Its maximum flow-through is up to 10000 L/H, suitable for decorative ponds of 2500 gallons and fish ponds of 1500 gallons.
● 4 Filter Sponges & Cleaning Indicator: Equipped with 4 filter sponges, which can be removed, washed or replaced, the filter ensures the balance of water flow. Yellow and blue sponge density is different to increase filtration efficiency. An indicator will float up to remind you that the filter needs to be cleaned.
● Function Switch & Water Pipe Adapter: The switch on the top can be easily rotated to sewage and drainage through 2 exists, you can adjust it according to your different needs. The water pipe adaptors can match with different diameters of water pipes. There are different sizes of drain holes, which can be adapted to different water pipe widths.
● Easy Solution for a Clean & Healthy Pond: This pressure filter is an effective sealed pressure filter system that uses biotechnology to keep your pond clean and healthy. The convenient handle allows for easy relocation, you can place it on the land or in the water.


    Made of anti-aging ABS material, the pond pressure bio filter is durable. Equipped with an ultraviolet clarifier, it can effectively decompose harmful substances and improve water quality.


    Two kinds of biochemical sponges with different densities can effectively guarantee the balance of water flow and the reproduction and survival of nitrifying bacteria. In addition, the self-cleaning function can prevent the sponge space from being occupied by mud and the dirty water can be diverted into the sewage system or lawn for water recycling.


    The bio filter is designed for providing you with crystal clear pond water. Don't hesitate to place an order!


    • Made of high-quality ABS material, resistant to sunlight and aging
    • Comes with a UV bulbs system to inhibit the growth of algae
    • With bio sponges to ensure the balance of water flow and the reproduction of nitrifying bacterial
    • Suitable for pond, fountain, fish tank and aquarium
    • Dual outlet design for effective recycling of water resources
    • Easy to maintain with self-cleaning function
    • Comes with detailed instructions for easy operation
    • Connections range (cone type): 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1-1/2"
    • Suitable for ponds with normal fish load 2500 Gal
    • Suitable for ponds with heavy fish load 1500 Gal
    • Voltage: 120V / 60HZ
    • IP Rating: IP44
    • Eletric Cord Length: 15.5 FT
    • UV Power: 113 Watt
    • Max Flow Rate: 4000 GPH
    • rated pressure: 0.3 bar
    • Filter capacity: 25 Liters
    • Overall Dimension: 380 x 380 x 510mm
    • Package
    • 1 x Pressure filter with integrated uvc
    • 1 x Spiral stepped hose adapter 1 ½” transparent
    • 2 x Spiral stepped hose adapter 1 ½” black
    • 1 x Spiral stepped hose adapter 1 ½” threaded, black
    • 4 x Union nuts 1 ½”
    • 4 x Flat seal
    • 1 x Glass seal cover
    • 1 x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Instructions need to be improved. Filter is excellent!


Poor quality. Filter cover should not crack. The filter is protected under a fake rock so no sun. I think I should receive at least a partial refund.


Worked as advertised. Excellent product.


So far we like it but I have been unable to find which replacement bulb is needed.


Has the pond ready


Works great for the year that we had it going. Keeps the water clean, it's easy to clean and maintain. Just a lot for one year of service. Won't buy this again going to try a different brand. But it was worth it not to get small pumps and have to replace those more often.


Works well


Yes this is my second one


Works very well.


Awesome thank you


I have two. One for a pond and one for a 350 gal turtle tank. Love the product.


We have had this filter up & running for several weeks now. So far we are well pleased with its performance. So easy to back flush & maintain. Glad we purchased this item!


love this product


It keeps my pond clean. The filters are good quality and durable.


This is a great filter. My water is crystal clear. My koi pond is thriving.


This product is outstanding. Completely changed my murky pond to crystal clear. And the seller LKF USA is amazing. Had a small issue with my purchase and they went above and beyond to take care of it. Amazing customer service. Thanks.


Good product


My tried and true filter went down and left my pond with an alge bloom so bad you couldn't see bright colored fish in a foot of water. A week or so after installing this filter the water in my 800 gallon pond with a 2000 gph pump the water is as clear as ever. The instruction manual on the other hand is so badly written you have to wonder if it's a bad joke. It seems to be sturdy enough to last and has incorporated usefully features that makes using it makes life easier. That's all I can say about it for now.


The filter works great in collecting algae from my pond. The backwash system doesn’t work for me through the backwash outlet. I use the outlet that goes to my waterfall by switching out existing hose with a 1 1/2” backwash hose for swimming pools. I then use the mechanical pump that flushes the sponges.


Pump works great. It takes up very little space.Perfect for engineer designer, I install it for my back yard fish pond ,structure and material very good so I think price is still very cheap. It works well and it's very easy to remove the foam filters and rinse. I do this about once a month.


This filter is amazing. Easy to hook up, work brilliantly. I have a 1600 gallon pond with about 18 small to medium size fish and this filter does the job. Highly recommend.


It's a good unit


I followed a video on POND UNBOXING and it was easy to get it up and running.


I brought this new filter in order to replace my old filter, as it was starting to not work as well anymore. This filter is better than my old filter at cleaning out dirty water. My old filter would take roughly 5 days in order to make my pond crystal clear, but this one only took about two days. Also, this filter allows me to not waste any of the water, whether it be dirty or clean. It can actually spray out the dirty water into another area. This is perfect for the mini garden I’m planning on building next to my pond, as I can divert the dirty water into the mini garden in order to provide nutrients to my plants.


It was used for a while. the water in the pond becomes very clean. The filtration is very good. The installation is very simple. I like it.


So far so good. Easy to set up and it appears to be mechanically functioning properly, the output hose to my waterfall is very strong. I'll add more pictures as it continues to work but this picture is from the second it installed


it arrived in good condition, the filter seems well built. As described.


Tigerclaw try using vaseline on the seal gasket it'll make it swell up. So that it'll not leak anymore. I have one and never had a problem with that. I've had it four years. Vaseline on the seal it'll help it swell up you know how rubber is when you put oil to it. Just thought you should .know


Good product, good price...A must if you do not like to clean your pond all the time


Love it this is the second one as the first one leaked a lot. Think it was due to the sun. Going to enclose this one


I was struggling with past filter set ups. The filters were hard to clean, and clogged fast. The back flush feature is supper handy, and the UV light being integrated means less hoses. This all in one solution has been great. I have not had any leaks like others, but I can say everything has to fit back together just so after opening the main filter. It uses a V-Ban to close, and the gasket likes to bunch up.


Cleaned my green pond to clear very quickly


Bought this unit for our koi pond because the water stayed dirty and green. After about a week, this unit solved this issue. This unit has kept our pond looking nice and we can see the fish at all times. Glad we bought it.


I have a 225 gallon pond for koi fish and this filter works amazingly. The water is more clear than I’ve ever been able to get it.


Just what I wanted for my patio pond!


Good product ...i have had no issues with leaking just make sure the hoses are correct size and the oring properly placed.


It keeps my pond clean. Don't have problem with leaking.


seems to work just fine, just cleaning is a pain


This filter is the greatest my 1200 gal kio pond stays clear all the time. Filter can go two are three weeks before cleaning filter media.I give it 5 plus stars.


I didn't realize that the product came used but sold as new... Scuffs all on the outside and inside of the canister !!!


Great price for replacing old system that used same flow pattern


First off I want to address some of the bad reviews I own a pond business and have 3 ponds and I love these units. If it’s keaking around the top it’s because you don’t have it seated correctly with the rubber print. Use some pool lube and it won’t do that second yes if you are not back washing the glass cap must be on the backwash outlet but be sure to take it off before turning the handle to back wash or the unit will have no way to release water and it will blow the top off and last this unit takes 2 weeks to start working properly as it needs time to build up good bacteria and seed itself and there is a tiny blie light at top of unit to tell you if in light is working. Never run dry always turn unit off first when cleaning and then the pump unless your just backflishing. Read the directions all of this is in there It’s a little Vaughn but with common sense you can figure it out. The price is great and they get the job done. Bottom line.


I don't have any problem with these I just keep the pressure down and they're quite reliable. They don't leak. Very easy to clean out. And you don't have to worry about them overflowing


I've been trying for years to get this Koi pond clear enough to see the fish for more than a few days. I used to be able to see them only at feeding time, now I can see them all the time - right down to the bottom of the pond. Seriously I had 3 different pumps and all kinds of filters running. Now I have the Bio[Pressure Filter and it has kept things clean since a few days after I installed it.. I now really enjoy sitting on he patio and watching them! No more monthly water changes, Wahoo......


So far it's working great. Water looks clear. Koi are happy. Easy set up.


This worked so great!! Within 24hrs the pond was clear. It's quiet, hidden (we buried ours up to the lid), and we are so happy. Or only disappointment is that we didn't do this year's ago when we put our little pond in. Several pumps, motors, filters, lights later we found this!


I clean my pond up in two days from green to clear


We were happy to find one that was not super expensive since we need two to keep our large Koi pond clean. However, we've really struggled with the connectors, seems they are either way too big, or way too small to connect the hoses. The bad thing is we can't replace the hose to the pump in the water because it is built into the pond and buried. :(So for now, we are looking for some way to water seal it since it leaks at the connector.


Easy to use pretty easy to clean.


installed in less than 20 minutes, cleaned a 625 gallon from pea soup to clean in 12 hours


I like it real well. We use it in our coy pond


I purchased this for our 400 gallon pond in the backyard with our water being a dark green color. It was very simple to put in, and within 1 week you could see the bottom of our 3’ pond. I can’t stress enough how geeen our water was and I had my doubts this filter alone would do the job. I am very very impressed with this filter, it came with everything described, easy installation, and no leaks!


Much better to maintenance than a submersible one Cleared the pond in about two weeks. Installed in minutes.


This keeps your pond sparkling clean. Easy to clean and built well! My koi love it...


I’ve had a koi pond for 20 years, biological filters, algae killing chemicals, tons of work and money. I’ve NEVER been so happy with a product that I’ve written a review, but within 2 days but green pond is clear- unbelievable! Hopefully it lasts, but I am thrilled! And already tried the filter clean feature, easy!


 Bought in 2017. Noticed leaks in top over time, and would seal from inside with leak sealer. My pond is five feet deep and the pump and aerator work fine. I increased the tube size for the diffuser and it increased the air flow tremendously.I have mosquito fish and snails in the pond , and various plants.I check the water occasionally and it is ok so farI once had Koi, but I would go on vacation, and people taking care of my pets never seemed to understand how to care for the pond, and it was a disaster, so I keep little critters there now.


This works so well that the filters will need cleaning at least twice a month depending on your area. I live in south texas and we have lots of dirt and cleaning the filter pads can be a pain. Luckly, i have a pressure washer to pressure wash the filters. If you dont have a pressure washer, then i hope you have very very good water pressure at home and a good hose nozzel to spray it clean.


Working great so far. I haven’t tried cleaning it yet.




I have had mine for two years now, and still haven't needed to replace the uv Light and is still working great. (Knocks on wood)I plan on getting another so i no longer need to juggle when swapping my fish from indoors to outdoors and gives me a place to better quarantine new fish.As others have noted, must have all outputs capped or they leak, but thats not a big deal, it came with the pieces to do that.


Great deal


Works great pretty easy to clean hard to change the UV light


We really li,ether way this filter has improved our water clarity. It was easy to set up and worked with the pump I had been using.


We really it,this filter has improved our water clarity. It was easy to set up and worked with the pump I had been using.


We really it,this filter has improved our water clarity. It was easy to set up and worked with the pump I had been using.


Love it, its just what I needed. My pond is clear, water quality is perfect.
My pond was pea green with algae, I didn't want to use chemicals to clear it out so this was the next step. I've cleaned the filters twice with no problems. I've noticed at some aquatic stores selling something very similar for twice the amount the only different is how you clean the filters crank vs pump.
I'm happy with this purchase and do recommend it!


I love this filter! I just need a stronger pump but this gathers it all up everything in my pond.


Have had this for months now and it works great!


This filter seemed to built well and does what it's advertised to do. My pond is crystal clear.


fantastic filter! work great on my pond... I am thrilled with this. easy to clean and maintain.


This works very well. My small pond water was clear in a day. There is a catch though; any algae that is stick to the wall of the tank, or various pipes and parts, they will grow as it is. Because the water flow can't drag them into the filter. But anything that is floating, will be dead and sink to the bottom of the tank.