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  • 18 inch Garden Heavy Duty Rotary Push Tine for Soil Aeration
  • 18 inch Garden Heavy Duty Rotary Push Tine for Soil Aeration
  • 18 inch Garden Heavy Duty Rotary Push Tine for Soil Aeration
  • 18 inch Garden Heavy Duty Rotary Push Tine for Soil Aeration
  • 18 inch Garden Heavy Duty Rotary Push Tine for Soil Aeration
  • 18 inch Garden Heavy Duty Rotary Push Tine for Soil Aeration
  • 18 inch Garden Heavy Duty Rotary Push Tine for Soil Aeration
  • 18 inch Garden Heavy Duty Rotary Push Tine for Soil Aeration
  • 18 inch Garden Heavy Duty Rotary Push Tine for Soil Aeration
  • 18 inch Garden Heavy Duty Rotary Push Tine for Soil Aeration
18 inch Garden Heavy Duty Rotary Push Tine for Soil Aeration

18 inch Garden Heavy Duty Rotary Push Tine for Soil Aeration

This heavy duty green rolling garden lawn aerator roller will be loved by the gardening people.
Overall Rating:
56 Reviews
Item No: 92835741

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Key Features

● Easy to use: The lawn aerator makes it extremely easy to aerate soil yourselves for a way greener, healthier and more beautiful lawn. Simply rolling the aerator and loosen the soil.
● Durable Steel Material: The aerator is made of durable steel, smooth and stable. Rolling parts in both sides are made of plastic, flexible and decrease the whole weight when working.
● Deep Watering for Lawns: Ideal for use with looser soils higher in sand concentrations, allowing deep watering for lawns.
● 18-Inch Rolling Length: Size of this aerator is 18" x 9" x 50"(L x W x H), diameter of roller is 6". Reasonable width and height to make the work finish with high efficiency and less effort.
● Easy to Install: Assembly is needed but easy, only need to assemble several hardwares. Hardwares are included.


    This heavy duty green rolling garden lawn aerator roller will be loved by the gardening people. The easy-rolling lawn aerator lets air, water and nutrients reach grass roots for a greener, more beautiful lawn.


    It uses a fast and efficient way to keep your lawn aerated. Sturdy wheels roll easily over any turf, and its metal spikes aerate the lawn deeply and completely breathes new life into your lawn. It has no harmful and expensive chemicals complete with 3 piece tubular steel handle.


    Besides, it can be easy assemble. Don't hesitate to buy it!


    • High quality and brand new
    • A fast and efficient way to keep your lawn aerated
    • Breathes new life into your lawn without harmful and expensive chemicals
    • Complete with 3 piece tubular steel handle
    • Easy-rolling lawn aerator lets air, water and nutrients reach grass roots
    • This rolling lawn aerator helps you grow a lush, green lawn
    • Quick and easy to assemble


    • Main color: Green
    • Material: Steel and plastic
    • Overall dimension: 17.7" x 8.3" x 49.6"(L x W x H)
    • Diameter of roller: 6"
    • Package include: 1 x Garden lawn aerator roller
    • Please refer to the picture to get more size information
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Like others have said, it's a little lightweight, and I've put some dumbbell weights on the handle to help.


My grandson aerated the yard area with the product before seeding, and it was easy to put together and use. He was done in a short time with little effort.


I is better to use it when the when the lawn soil is wet and after rain. I need to apply pressure on the aerator to see holes on the ground. It is better to have some arrangement to put moderate weights on the lawn aerator. It is sturdy, easy to assemble. It can't be used when the lawn soil is dry.


Doesn't work well on hard or rocky soil. Requires a lot of physical labor and the spikes and attached bars all bent after first use


Sturdy and reliable but the spikes should be a bit longer for better aeration


Easy to put together. I have not used it yet though. Looks sturdy and easy to use.


I needed to revamp my lawn and I had read how aerating it would be a benefit. Walking around my lawn with spiky shoes wasn't going to happen. This push-mower-style tool worked great. It was easy to use, easy to push along, and I got lots of pokes accomplished without the hassle of shoes slipping off. I highly recommend this if anyone needs to spring prep there lawns and wants to make the process easier.


Spikes are a little short need to be half inch longer


When you use it, you have to put a lot of pressure on the handle. After using for 2 days the handle broke not very sturdy.


It's ok


It works great but it needs to be weighted down. I ended up using zip ties and a few red bricks and it worked well.


Instituted the suggestion of adding weight(s) to the handle thereby producing additional downward force.


It is too light so can't make aeeation hole in the ground.


I had to add 10 lbs dumbells for this thing to work.


Easy to assemble and use. Great addition to my yard care tools.


I like how easy it was to put together.


Works as described…not heavy but durable. Easy to use


Very nice I wish it would go a little deeper. Lol


Handle is a bit short and the connections are loose-ish, but it really does a good job of aerating the soil.


I was quite skeptical after reading most of the reviews because it hadn’t worked for others. We had a small patch in our backyard where we really needed to aerate it and then lay some seeds down back in October. We used this before laying the seeds down and we made sure that we used it a day or two after it had rained and that made the soil be a little bit moist and easier to work with instead of working with really hard soil and I think that was the trick that really helped. It has worked for us. I already saw some new seeds sprouting in the areas that we needed new growth in.


Worked great on my lawn. It was good exercise as well.


Very light weight works a lot better on moist soil.


Well made and very sturdy. Perfect for a small yard.


Fast delivery. Work as expected.


Easy to use and receive in good conditon, great.


Lawn aerator helps my plants grow, it is useful and works fine.


Worked great on my lawn. My lawn looks better than ever!


I like it a lot been looking for a while. Very easy to use.


My husband swears our grass is super beautiful this year because of this!


Easy to assemble and use as well. Best if used after a rain or irrigate lawn first. Very pleased with purchase.


This aerator does an adequate job. It is less expensive than renting an aerator. The assembly is relatively easy, you need to be careful not to get cut by the tines. I took several passes on my lawn and it seems to do the job.


Good quality and easy to use. Help grass to absorb water and grow!


Very easy to use,great made equipment for accelerating lawn work,save tons of my time,and the price is pretty attractive!


I have used this product to maintain my yard. Sometimes, the grass does not grow evenly, and this product keeps the soil perforated and moist.


I added a couple gym weights to the bottom of the handle, and just push it along. It pushes holes in the ground as expected..easy and quick to use. It’s a good value for the money.


it's time for the s[ring of some seeding, this make it super easy and fun.


Works like a charm! I always thatch, aerate and fertilize every year in the Fall (almost an acre) and every Spring we see a lovely dark green grass emerge when the snow melts. This aerator works like a charm!!


Easy to use, and works best on a small yard. Wish it was a little heavier, however, it did the job well and very inexpensively. THANK YOU.


I have always been diligent adding soil conditioner to aid in the quality of dirt I have, for a quick run around the lawn, this works fine. Even had my 6 year old granddaughter out running around yard with it. You wouldnt want to use this for large size lot, but it does work


You just walk it round your property like a lawnmower - it REALLY helps. I did it just at the end of last season (2018) and this year the lawn NEVER looked so good. One caveat, flag off the sprinkler head so you don't damage. But you'll be amazed at how much this can help !!!


So far easy to use.


Is good


I tried 2 prong plug tools and the shoe attached spikes. This is by far the easiest way to aerate. It allows good penetration while soil is moist and one can roll back and forth on any area (helpful if the soil is hard.). Hose off to clean. Save the Styrofoam spike covers for easy storage.


This Aerator rolls over the lawn easy enough, but the spikes are too short and too thin to do much good.


Waited the early summer coming to use this lawn aerator. Easy to assembling, and the roller is stable and smooth on the grass. After use this aerator, my lawn is look much better and the grass is more green now!


easy to assemble


Worked well for my husband. Did a good job of seeding


I added (2) 25lb dumbells over the handle and it work great, only need to push now and not bear down. Unless you add the weight it will not work good. I think it is worth the money, just add weights and periodically tighten wheel bolts.


I bought this for the lawn at our front yard. The assembly is easy. Just unscrew the two bolts and put the bars on. It is sturdy and works great by just pushing it around on the ground. It does what it says in the description!


Decent product for the money. Tines are a bit short and handle a little wobbly, but with a little tweaking it worked out. Still happy with my purchase.


With some thicker washers and duct tape, it can be made much better. Oil or grease at the wheel attachments is important. Don't expect miracles, this takes work and patience. It can work.


I like it. I tried some trials and errors. But I finally found the best technology. Push without any weight. It is also very convenient when starting assembly. He can water deep turf for loose soil with high sediment content. It can be used to water the lawn deeply. Trust me. It works better. Work and weight are just as good. Not to mention that you won't wear out very quickly.


This lawn spiker does just what it should You need to use it when the lawn is wet and receptive to the 1 spikes As a greenkeeper I can tell anybody that a tool like this is get surface of the surface of the grass and allow water and air to get into the top surface to allow healthy grow and guard against rotting diseases that harm the grass when sitting in water A tool that is strong enough for the job when used correctly at the right time Good value I would recommend this item to anybody.


Great tool and easy to use!


It’s very good


Für den Preis kann man nicht erwarten das sich der Rasen von alleine Lüftet. Etwas Kraft muss man schon anwenden. Für kleine Fl?chen ausreichend, bei gro?en nicht zu Empfehlen.