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Plastic Waterproof Ventilate Pet Puppy House

This dog house is made of tough and durable PP which is solid enough to provide a safe shelter to your pets.

Overall Rating:
91 Reviews
Item No: 56028941

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Plastic Waterproof Ventilate Pet Puppy House Plastic Waterproof Ventilate Pet Puppy House Plastic Waterproof Ventilate Pet Puppy House Plastic Waterproof Ventilate Pet Puppy House Plastic Waterproof Ventilate Pet Puppy House
Key Features

Comfortable Safe House: The large room and internal volume give your dog a comfortable, personal space. It is an ideal place for your dogs to relax.
High Quality Material: The dog house is made of tough and durable PP which integrates anticorrosion, lowest aging, lowest fading, smooth and bright appearance and long service life.
Roof And Higher Floor: The roof can keep dogs protected from rain, wind, sleet and snow. The higher floor can stop rain flowing into the house.
Stable Temperature: Thermal balancing properties keeps dogs cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Easy To Clean: Smooth surfaces are easy to be cleaned and the roof can come off for cleaning the interior of the dog house.
Easy To Assemble And Move: This dog house is lightweight and can be move from room to room. And it assembles easily with just a screwdriver in a few minutes.


    This dog house is made of tough and durable PP which is solid enough to provide a safe shelter to your pets.


    Its internal room is large enough for your dog to play and sleep at without worrying or being bothered by outside conditions. It's 100% hygienic and leak-proof to do a very good job standing up against the forces of nature. It is also a great option for outdoor use. It is easy to assemble and still lightweight enough to be moved around at your place.


    Don't hesitate and just bring this cute dog house home.


    • The roof can keep dogs protected from rain, wind, sleet and snow
    • The higher floor can stop rain flowing into the house
    • Keeps dogs cool in the summer and warm in the winter
    • Roof comes off for easy cleaning
    • Lightweight enough to be moved around
    • Assembles easily with just a screwdriver in a few minutes
    • Give your dog a comfortable, personal space
    • Color: Blue and white
    • Material: PP
    • S
    • Net weight: 14.5 lbs
    • Dimension: 27" x 25" x 28" (L x W x H)
    • M
    • Net weight: 20 lbs
    • Dimension: 33.5" x 30.5" x 30" (L x W x H)
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Dog house
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


It was a cat house for my mom’s cats!


I brought this house for my outside cats to have a place to keep warm in the winter and when it rain or snows. I've had it for a few years now and its still strong and sturdy.




Easy to assemble with two people. One person requires creative assembly. Initial condition of materials is good. Fits small to medium size dogs.
Good for indoor or covered area use in moderate weather.
Interested to further determine durability after a few months outside with variations in weather.


I purchased this outdoor dog house for my growing black lab mix dog. I got the 32 inch height size which suits him perfectly. It is spacious enough to leave room for him to grow. This is a very nice plastic dog house with an elevated floor. I love that it's waterproof and can withstand the elements outside. It offers a great amount of shade from the Sun and Shelter From the rain. There also are nicely sized air vents to ensure the pet's comfort. The elevated floor is nice because it stays cleaner longer. This came packaged well and it was easy to assemble, and there are even stakes underneath to help secure it to the ground and add stability. This dog house has a really sturdy and stable design, and is made from quality materials. It's quality and strong, and I'm sure this will last my dog a very long time. My dog really enjoys this dog house and I love that he has his own place to be. I'm glad that I decided to purchase this really nice dog house for my dog!


I purchased this for my outdoor reptiles. I do have Dogs, but they are indoor Dogs. My turtle(s) however, needed a "habitat" to call their own. So I am now building a rock wall surrounding the Habitat, a small pool of water and some thing to climb on and bask. This was easy to put together. As a matter of fact, my 11 year old Grand Daughter put the entire thing together, with me just watching her and helping her when needed.
It fits my needs and I hope the the Tortoise and Turtle Love it too!


Everything was packaged well, delivered exactly as promised, very sturdy little house, and the only thing that was 'slightly' difficult was putting the roof panels together. But...if I had another pair of hands instead of assembling this thing alone, it would have been much easier...sooooo, my bad.




Assembly was a breeze. Very sturdy.


Had a little trouble w assembly-husband prefers to use a hammer--he had to back off and let our 12 yr old grandson take over lol but our grandson managed to do it
helps protect food from weather although at this time our dog won't get in it-prefers to sleep beside it
He will step in for his food but that is it
So all u animal lovers who think it is cruel for dogs to sleep outside we tried but the dog prefers outside even in sub-zero temps, so I guess we just wasted our money


Had a little trouble w assembly-husband prefers to use a hammer--he had to back off and let our 12 yr old grandson take over lol but our grandson managed to do it


For outside cat food


Upholds the outside elements very good


It's a little smaller than I anticipated. If you have a medium six dog, you need to order the larger house. Also it doesn't come with a pad to fit. My wife made a pat to fit, but I expected more.


We live in Vegas were it can get very hot. This allows our doggy to enjoy the yard. Helps to keep him out of the sun. Very easy to put together


Very easy to assemble but it comes with a wrong manual, it waste me 30 minutes to figure it out it comes with a wrong instruction manual! Overall it’s a excellent outdoor dog(cat) house for outdoor use.


We have a sm/med dog and this is a good fit for her. It was easy to put together and she likes it.


It was easy to assemble .very sturdy and nice an easy to clean. I did need to use tape to seal roof so it wouldn't leak


The quality of the dog house even though plastic is very sturdy.


When u cut binoculars in half


When u cut binoculars in half


It was perfect


My brothers dog “deputy dog”.


Amazing, keeps her warm during winter and cool on summer.


Absolutely Perfect for my pit she has so much room & loves it I got the biggest size available


We really like this doghouse but unfortunately the dog we rescued is bigger than we thought he’d be so the house is a bit too small.


This was a gift. They were very pleased with it.


Great product for my cat


Even though 1 of the 2 doggie homes came a little warped and one of the screw holes did not align with the panel that need to be screwed into that regardless of those two minor issues, we were still able to assemble without too much complications. The package comes with its own packet of instructions & tool.


Easy Peezy to put together, got this because it was lightweight but waterproof for some ducks this will work Perfect


Great doghouse


Easy to assemble.


Very well built


I love this dog house and so does my sweet pup Denim! Thank you!!!


Easy to assemble. Sturdy when put together. Well built.


My outside dog loves it. It's great for his size (medium size dog) it has little vents in the side for air flow.


This house is the perfect size for a small dog or two cats. It was easy to put together, took us maybe 15 minutes. It is thick plastic and sturdy. Very happy with our purchase.




When we originally got the box, I was upset. The dog house has a hole in it and the box has been destroyed. I instantly emailed for a return, later that night my son insisted that we put itTogether, so we flex sealed it. Today I checked my email and actually had a email from the company. They had already refunded me before I could emailBack. They have wonderful quick customer service And my dogs love their new dog house. I will be buying from them again




My dog was like ((what))a place we can get it on lol


House is just as described. Dogs love it. Need to get 2 more. Because even our big Husky likes to go into the small house we got our toy puddle.


Great for my dog who refuses to sleep inside.


it was easy to assemble, arrived on time, easy to clean, sturdy.


Good quality. Cute and easy to assemble.


We bought it for our Maltipoo. The size is perfect. We like it. A good buy.


Very easy to put together and so far my dog uses it


Aesthetically very nice, the plastic makes it easy to clean we just take a hose to it. My dog likes it and it’s a great place for him to get some shade and keep warm in the winter. We also use it for storage of all his toys. I like it!


took a year but my dog finally accepted it and now uses it regularly


i live in south florida, we have hot weather all the year, even most of the day my dog need to be inside, early in the morning and sunset time loves to use his house, is sturdy and looks amazing


Came to earlier than expected . Looks good and awesome product


My dog uno is very happy with his new home


I wish I had one a little bigger


Great dog house for our pup...the size is fine, though we are finding he'll likely grow out of it. That's our fault, not the house's though! I would highly recommend weighting or anchoring it down though. The weather hasn't moved it but our naughty pup has! We went with plastic due to weathering and so if we need a bigger one, we'll ultimately look for this one in a larger size. My husband put it together very quickly and if I (and I'm not terribly good at assembling things) had to do it I am sure I could as well.


Was pretty easy to assemble with a screw gun. You may end up with tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome without one. It’s nice that the floor is raised a few inches above the ground to prevent water from splashing inside. Been up for several weeks and the dogs have not destroyed it yet!


Wasn’t as sturdy as I was thinking it would be. But it works and it gets the job done. Survived a full grown Akita for the past few months so it does fit larger dogs.


I highly recommend purchasing this doghouse. My 16 yr old put it together with No Problems.So far it's held up to -15F


Really small


Pequeña para mi golden retriever de 65 libras


My dog loves having his own things so when we showed him his new dog house he seemed very excited. He sniffed around and laid in it for a long time even before we put cushions and blankets in there. Now every time we let him go outside he visits his little house before using the bathroom.


Needed a well pump house. Works perfect


Loved that they are light weight but sturdy. The dogs loved it. Assembly was easy.


Love that it cones with stakes to secure it to the ground. My pup loves it


Our doggy (Ms. Piggy) loves her new home. Comfy and safety.


Very nice and sturdy dog house, very easy to assemble, took about 25 minutes to put it together. The house is smaller than I expected, but the Dog loves it!!!!! I would say this is best for small to medium size dogs, bigger dogs would need a bigger dog house.


Arrived on time, well made and sturdy. It took me about 30 minutes to put together by myself. It was easy to assemble. Holes were pre drilled and just a matter of aligning parts. The dog house was for an outdoor patio area in South Florida weather and during heavy rains, the floor tends to get a little wet. The flooring in the house is raised just enough to keep the water out and the dog dry. Works great and would buy it again


Best purchase ever for our German Shepherd. He loves it.Looks nice and has a nice raised floor. It was simple to assemble and water proof.


Two dogs




This doghouse was very easy to assemble. It is very sturdy and keeps rain off our dog.


My dog he like it a lot


Not for winter


I am using the dog house for a cat house for outside cats. Purrfect fit for 2 cats.


I put this together in less than 30 minutes. It's strong and lightweight and this will be the first Summer that Asher will use it. So far, he is ignoring it, but once the temps get hotter I am hoping he will venture inside to keep cool. Note: We added a solar powered fan to circulate the air as an enticement.


This is sturdy and easy to assemble. Our dog is bigger than I realized. At about 85 pounds I think I need to order her a huge shed! But my six year old had tons of room!


I ordered the wrong size for my 60lb Pitt Bull. However, my 45lb Mountain Cur loves it. It's very durable and easy to assemble. Worth the buy.


Thought it was going to be larger, my dog won’t go in.. but it was very simple to put together and good quality!


Great material fits as advertised i boight the wrong size but told all my friends about the quality of it amazing product.


Size worked out perfectly. I liked the dog house so much I bought 2 more for my other dogs in bigger sizes


This is a great resting house for our puppies !!!!! Not to house a dog outdoors ..just a nice resting den ??


Very easy to assemble! Dog loves it!


I use it for outdoor litter box. Works great and cats like it


Over all, a nice dog house, but contrary to what the description says, the roof does not come off. Ok, in theory one could take it off if one wanted to remove a bunch of screws and didn’t mind the whole thing falling apart. So, it really does not come off. That said, the doorway is huge and I don’t think it would be difficult to wash it out that way. The assembly was easy enough by following the pictures. Although a couple of screw holes didn’t line up perfectly, these were not much of a problem. I doubt that the house would be completely water proof - maybe - but I’m using it under a patio, so that is not an issue for me. I wish there was a door flap available.


I was not able to get the sides to click into the roof properly, but the base is solid, and my 150 lb goat fits into it. That's what I wanted....something to keep the rain and wind off him, and it does the job.


My granddog loves this durable, sturdy, attractive dog house. We ordered this after two failed attempts at wooden dog houses, both which arrived damaged or with missing parts. The extra-large size is perfect, and gives him room to grow. I highly recommend.


I was kinda disapointed that not all the screws would screw in something was in the head of 3 of them which prevented the screw driver to not fit in them I had to find my own screws and put them in myselfthey are temporary because they are not the right kind for out door use I will have to buy some when I go to the store .


It’s an awesome dog house easy to assemble durable easy to maintain I recommend it to anyone I’m very happy with it thank you !!!!!!


Reliable...exactly what it looks like easy assembly.. Very happy with the company and product


Reliable...exactly what it looks like easy assembly..Very happy with the company and product


Our med size dog loves it. he is in it all the time, especially during the rain, just wish it had some protection from the blowing rain.


Love it--Exactly as described--easy to put together. I highly recommend this for medium to small dogs.


Love it--Exactly as described--easy to put together. I highly recommend this for medium to small dogs.


Couldn't be happier with the features and ease of building it.Would highly recommend!


Couldn't be happier with the features and ease of building it.Would highly recommend!


Really nice dog house. Nicer construction than others that we have had. We wanted XL and this is bigger than the others than we had seen.