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  • 30 Inch Configurable Folding 4 Panel Wood Fence - Gallery View 1 of 8
  • 30 Inch Configurable Folding 4 Panel Wood Fence - Gallery View 2 of 8
  • 30 Inch Configurable Folding 4 Panel Wood Fence - Gallery View 3 of 8
  • 30 Inch Configurable Folding 4 Panel Wood Fence - Gallery View 4 of 8
  • 30 Inch Configurable Folding 4 Panel Wood Fence - Gallery View 5 of 8
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30 Inch Configurable Folding 4 Panel Wood Fence

30 Inch Configurable Folding 4 Panel Wood Fence

Constructed of wood and durable frame, the pet gate ensures a reliable use moving your pets from one place to another.
Overall Rating:
73 Reviews
Item No: 67942358

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Key Features
  • Useful Extension Panel: This extension is used for the pet gate. Each panel can be rotated in 360 degrees for unlimited configurations. With this extension panel, the pet gate can be freely adjusted to fit the length of any doorway, entry, stairway etc.
  • Durable Wood Material: Sturdy and durable wooden pine material which gives a great stability and ensures the sturdiness and prolongs the used deadline, Perfect for safely restricting your furry friends while you are away.
  • Non-Slip Mat - Protect Your Floor: The pet gate has rubber pads at the bottom of pet gate which can keep gate from sliding and protect floors from scratches. And this design is aesthetically and practically considered, ideal for daily use.
  • Foldable construction: The pet gate extension panel is foldable for ease of storing in slim and narrow areas to save space when not in use. This pet gate is convenient for transport and it is lightweight and easy for you to carry to any place you need.
  • Superior Surface Finish: The panel has painted with environmental finish and it is smooth in touch and charming in looking. You will be attracted to the pet gate at first glance when you receive it.

    Constructed of wood and durable frame, the pet gate ensures a reliable use moving your pets from one place to another.


    This pet gate is made of wood and with a cherry finish, perfect for doorways, hallways, entryways, stairs, and more. This expandable pet gate is 30 inches tall, and it is lightweight, so you can easily carry it from one place to another. The gate is made to rotate 360 degrees and can be positioned between doorways and structures, which makes it possible to adjust as you like. 


    This gate can also be used as a small, four-sided pen for small pets. Don't hesitate to buy it!


    • Brand new and high quality
    • Beautiful pine wood construction, cherry finish
    • Spring-loaded lock for added security
    • Add rubber pads at the bottom of pet gates to prevent sliding and keeps floors safe from scratching
    • Versatile design lets owner customize pets roaming space
    • Many configurable variations including gate or pen
    • Special hinges allow panels to rotate 360 degrees for limitless configurations
    • Folds down to store in seconds, lightweight for ease of use
    • Perfect for doorways, hallways, entryways, stairs, home and more
    • Designed for small to medium pets
    • Includes one pack of spare screws
    • Color: Brown
    • Material: Pine wood
    • Overall Dimension: 80" x 30" x 0.8" (L x W x H)
    • Product Weight: 15 lbs
    • Package Includes: 
    • 1 x Dog fence
    • 1 Pack of spare screws
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


I wish it come in other colors, but it does a good job .


I really like this dog gate! It looks very nice and is easy to set up. I divide a hallway with it to keep my 10lb yorkie upstairs when we have guests.


Works great for dogs that do not chew. Two Labrador puppies chewed through pickets and escaped into the house. Walk through gate is very nice. No need to move entire gate.


Used as a dog gate. It looks very nice, like a piece of furniture


Fantastic gate, well worth the price. We have two dogs who don't quite get along and this has solved all of our problems, we just adjust it as we need to throughout the day. Definitely recommend!!


Love this gate. Biggest enough to fit in any opening you need covered. Easy to shape and very sturdy. Also pretty good quality wood that looks way better than the typical white plastic gate. Highly recommend.


Just what I wanted!!!


I was pleasantly surprised of the quality and the appearance blends well with the dark cherry wood cabinetry in my house. I was afraid it would clash or look cheap. The gate folds nicely.


Easy to install


It only lacks stability because I don’t have it mounted to a door way.


So happy with this gate! I use it outside on my front porch. It’s really pretty and very sturdy. I’ve got a lab and a chorkie and it’s great.


Looks good, feels solid enough for my pup, and the price wasn't too bad for the quality. No complaints by me.


Purchased this gate to keep my dogs out of my front room. It is easy to move and has a gate to close off or open if needed. Would buy this product again.


Good product that is sturdy and stands on it own. Higher priced but good product.


Love it.


I loved the gate at first, and it looks great, but the door loosened with use and my Morkie can open the door with his little paw at the bottom because it loosened so much over several months. He also learned to push it out of the way at the walls and slip past. It will keep dumber, less active animals in. Need to tie gate shut and block the sides at the walls.


Blocks 40lb dog from jumping off porch. Great buy!!


The gate is very sturdy and beautifully.


Pretty decent gate, came in two boxes, had to purchase the stabilizing feet. Looks much nicer than most gates. Latch was very easy to install.


Well made and attractive. Easy to configure to block large openings. Gate is a big plus.


Great gate. Durable for heavy chewers, easy to set up, and sturdy. It worked quite well, but with a German Shepard, at 4 months of age, she could jump over the gate, rendering it less helpful. Would definitely purchase again.


Very good pet fence for porch.


I actually think the gate feature is not needed nice but this swings away so easy and allows you to span the fence to different spaces. We just may buy another one. Highly Recommend the feet (legs) if you are thinking about making this portable. Update: Bought the 2 piece gate (40 inch) and added 1 piece to the 80 inch expansion to span over a new area. worked fine.


Unfortunately our collies and cats are never going to be friends. When the collies come into the house and spy a cat, the race is on. In order to alleviate some of that chaos, we have separated parts of the house so that the cats have their area and the collies have their area. This divider looks so super and exceeded my expectations. We did not attach it to the wall but use it as a free standing barrier. It's high enough that the collies never try to jump over it but low enough that the cats can. I am totally delighted with this "fence and gate". Would certainly purchase again if I ever needed to separate parts of the house again.


We love this gate! Keeps our dogs where they need to be, and away from stress they’re not allowed to go. The gate is easy to move, set up and store when cleaning. The biggest plus is the beautiful wood it’s made from. Very sturdy!


Easy to deploy. Good height and dimensions. Has worked perfectly thus far


Feet have to be purchased separately


I ordered one of this about a year ago and I absolutely love it, until my dog figured out how to open the ends of it, so I had to order a second one to add to it to make it longer, this thing has been a lifesaver for the past year, I haven't set up between my living room and kitchen so we use this gate multiple times a day and it is still working just like it did on the first day. I would definitely recommend this


Great for my office. My co-workers love my Golden Retriever, and this was a great way to let him have access to multiple offices in our accounting department. I’m able to position it where it blocks the small hallway or extend it out for the large hallway. The door is easy to open by sliding the knob, but I did eventually have to put a small sticky next to the knob with an arrow so people would stop trying to pull it up.


We ordered this so we could put it across the opening on our porch and enjoy the nice weather without having to worry about our dog taking off and roaming the neighborhood (he's very friendly and everyone likes him). The online pictures made it look like it was mostly black but when we unpacked it it was a nicely done black cherry. We have an old house with dark woodwork and the dog gate almost matched our woodwork perfectly. It is nice enough that my wife had some second thoughts about sticking it outside but we use it on our porch anyway. We bought the stabilizer legs also and when we're done, its very easy to take the legs off, fold up the gate and take it inside. The rubber "feet" are also a nice touch. All in all, very pleased.


Appearance/color looks MUCH pricer than actual cost. Loved that it does the job and doesn't weight a ton - amazing it is quite functional at a lightweight.


Read a ton of reviews. Ultimately needed something I could move around the house. Works great. However pup is now large enough to knock it over even propped against the wall. It does come with wall mounts. More of a puppy training issue than a problem with the gate tho


Put this st the base of our stairs, fits perfectly and stands sting. Kids can work the small door easily so I don’t have to worry about climb overs or moving it every time.


Love it to keep my dogs in the house when I have my front doors open


Use this to keep my great dane outta kitchen. Hes terrified of it!


I’ve owned many gates since we live in a 3 story house and the dogs are only allowed on the main floor. We put this in front of the stairs going up and down. I have 2 boys who are very rough on everything and so far the gate has stood up. Getting them to actually shut it is another problem. It is big enough to allow us to go from the 3rd floor to the first without moving 2 gates. Highly recommended


Great quality and looks very nice too!It stands on its on just the way it is supposed to. It works perfectly for our medium sized dog he is a miniture Australian shepard. When we leave him at home we fence him in where we want him to stay with his bed food water and toys and he is a happy camper. :)


This is great at keeping our puppy contained in our dining room. Love that you can move the gate and give him more/less area. A large dog would plow right through it but this is working great for a puppy.


Absolutely fantastic product. It looks great and is wonderfully stable. Our gate is sitting partially on carpet and partially on laminate, with one set of the optional feet and it is amazingly stable. You can wobble it easily with your hands, but the cat jumps on and over the gate with no issue and the dog hasn't been able to knock it over. We do have some 90 degree bends in the gate (against the walls) which add stability, but overall I'm very impressed with this gate.The walk-through door is simple to open with one hand, but takes a bit more work to close - it swings freely and you need to get the peg lined up just right to close. On carpet, the gate sections aren't super-easy to just fold up and walk through (you're dragging the feet through the carpet, which resists unless you tip the gate slightly) - I don't know how it would be on wood/tile/laminate.A heads-up: the gate arrived covered in tiny shiny fibers that look a lot like fiberglass. After some investigation and testing (melting bundles of fibers in water vs acetone - acetone dissolves stryofoam but won't do anything to glass, and water was our control), the evidence indicates the fibers are styrofoam, from when the packaging sheets were cut.


Very handy. I love the gate. My 4 lb dog learned to push it aside to get out, despite it being a heavier gate, so you may need to attach it to a wall.


Very nice looking piece. It's just as the picture showed. I'm happy.


Excellent quality ????????????????


The 4 panel gate just arrived today and I had ordered two "feet" to go with it. These definitely helped stabilize the gate. I got it because one of my dogs ran out the front door and onto a busy street. It was a miracle he wan't hit or that he didn't cause an accident. I am a bit concerned that when I come home from work the dogs will try to paw the gate. I'll know in a few days if it will hold up. A caveat: When you open the box, a level that looks like a large nail will fall out. It's not secured. It's for the top of the gate as a way to open it more easily so watch for it. I recommend this especially if you are on a budget.


This flexible gate meets my expectations. It works well, looks good, seems sturdy enough to contain or small dog and was worth the price. My only issue was that the original shipment only included 4 panels although I had ordered the 6-panel version. I contacted the vendor and the additional two panels were sent very quickly. Apart from that quibble - which was quickly and satisfactorily addressed - the gate is quite good.


Great dog gate that is adjustable be sure to get the feet


Very good quality, I bought extra feet for stability. Good quality. Wish they offered it in a darker brown, a more up to date color.


I couldn’t be happier with this gate. Not only does it match my woodwork and look phenomenal, but it functions beautifully as well. I especially love that my 6 week old puppy cannot make it through the bars but she can still make it over the threshold of the gate. I was concerned about a free standing gate’s stability at first, and if you are as well, you needn’t be. It is very stable (as long as you can bend the panels). In other words, the more you open it, the less stable it will be. I believe they do sell support legs for it though. I use it for an opening of 6’6”, and it works fine. Hope this review helps!


We recieved the gate/fence yesterday. We will be using the fence to block off an area for two miniature long hair weiner dogs we are getting until they get used to their new environment.The fence is stable by itself but will probably attach some kind of fasteners to the walls on both sides even though it seems stable enough. The fence looks great, almost furniture quality. Because we bought the wide fence a section of 2 panels had to be attached to the rest if the fence. Very easy to do. Got it done in less than 10 minutes. The gate in the fence will be very helpful.Very pleased with the fence.


Great quality gate. Had to get this to fit across my dining room entrance to keep my dogs out. Stand on it's own when slightly folded as in picture.


Just beautiful and perfect for what we needed it for.


The only thing that would make this gate better were if the gate was two panels wide with a hinge to allow opening of one or both panels together.


The product is great. The delivery was off as I first received 4 panels and the last two came in over a week later.


Great purchase. Very easy to assemble!


I’m a relatively thin person, but I wish the gate was a little wider.


Great, great fence! We are using this to fence off our granddaughters play area to keep the dogs out. Looks great and works beautifully!


It is top quality!! Very sturdy! I use it to block my little Missie (rabbit) from certain areas in the house. She weighs 2.4 lbs. and cannot get her back legs through the slots. Did get her head and front shoulders through but wider hips could not get through!! Very easy to move around. Love it!!


Good solid wood gate.. didnt work for keeping my pets corralled though.. they just jumped it and knocked it over


Beautiful gate. I have three dogs, one who is older and has an accident if we don’t keep an eye on her, and a brand new carpet. This gate is not only “pretty” but keeps my dogs out of area when I’m not there. Thanks for a great product


Very nice and stylish! Built pretty sturdy at least for a well behaved Aussie! Met my expectations perfectly.


Works well to keep five dogs away from door when visitors come


Adjustable size and door make it perfect


Nice looking gate and worked for awhile. My dog has found a way to move the end panels and escape.


Works great and looks great!


Fit perfectly where I needed it and love the door opening!! U do need to get the legs or either make something if you want it sturdier


Works good on our porch as a gate, but not as sturdy as I had wanted.


Well I love this product and just the color we needed to match the rest of our dark cherry brown mix of furniture. Unfortanly we got a new dog who is still learning and chewed her way out. Mad at the dog and not the product. I added some metal L bracketS to hold to the wall and put some gliders on the bottom so I can give the dog a more room when we aren't home. I still felt it was worth sharing the pictures even though it missing two posts because of our dog. I will be adding metal posts soon.


Best dog gate ever, I now have two! heavy duty wood, solid.


really nice look, much better than most other pet gates.


This is a great, heavy duty gate.


beautiful gate


This fence-gate easily blends into your homes decor not to mention it's unique functionality I highly recommend.


Very sturdy gate, very nice looking and exactly what we needed.


I think this will work perfectly for my needs! The only way it could be better is if it came with the pieces that make it stand straight...instead of them being sold separately.