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Folding Adjustable Free Standing 3 Panel Wood Fence

Folding Adjustable Free Standing 3 Panel Wood Fence

Constructed of wood and a durable frame, the pet gate ensures a reliable use keeping your pets in one spot.

Overall Rating:
66 Reviews
Item No: 37864190
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Key Features

Expandable Design: This pet gate can be adjusted horizontally from 28'' to 80'' to meet your different demands. Its minimum dimension is 28'' x 10'' x 22'' (L x W x H) and max one is 71'' x 10'' x 22'' (L x W x H) which can totally customize your needs.
Great Pet Accessory: The pet gate provides a safe and efficient way to confine your pets while offering a decorative and handsome touch to your home or office. The 22inch tall gate allows adults to step over the barrier if needed. It is great for blocking hallways, stairways, doors, and entryways.
Freestanding Pet Gate: With movable feet, this dog gate becomes more stable and it does not make it easy to fall down. Its freestanding design allows for easy placement anywhere in your home.
Durable Wood Material: Constructed from sturdy wooden construction and sealed with a unique material finish, the pet fence gives reliable stability, ensures sturdiness, and prolongs the used deadline, which is perfect for safely restricting your furry friends.
Easy to Assemble: This dog gate can be fast assembled within 20 minutes. With an according design, this pet gate is sturdy enough to barricade your small dog, puppy, or cat, without drilling holes.

    • -Beautiful pine wood construction, cherry finish
    • -Revolutionary gate fits any space ranging from 28 inches to 80 inches
    • -Slide technology lets pet owners adjust span to the exact millimeter for a custom fit
    • -Tapered sides allow gate to be used close to furniture; versatile sides fold in
    • -Feet retract allowing pet to be contained from either side
    • -Add rubber pads at the bottom of pet gates to prevent sliding and keeps floors safe from scratching
    • -Perfect for doorways, hallways, entryways, stairs, home and more
    • -Folds down to store in seconds, lightweight for ease of use
    • -Assemble required
    • Color: Brown
    • Material: Pine wood
    • Overall dimension: 80" x 22" x 0.8" (L x W x H)
    • Each panel: 22'' x 28'' (H x W)
    • Product Weight: 14 lbs
    • Package Includes: 1 x Slide pet gate
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


This gate offers an excellent solution to the problem of keeping our relatively short dogs (elderly beagles) from attempting to go up and down the slick hardwood stairs. The two end pieces of this gate can separate and without using the extension piece can span the width of the stairs (barely). By not using the extension piece, and by not interlocking the two sections (they meet at their ends perfectly), we can easily move them aside when we want to move freely without stepping over them. And where they are positioned they can't be pushed over. They are beautiful, light, short enough to step over, they hinge nicely, and they even come with padding on the bottom already installed so you don't have to take that step to protect your hardwood floor. We are very pleased so far.


Handled a 6 foot wide French door opening. Good deterrent for our aging Huskie. No regrets!


This is no more than a speed bump for a kid. It was turned over in the first seconds it was placed on the floor.


We bought this as our granddaughter is crawling and we didn’t want her to touch the pellet stove. We do have to screw it down because she would bring it down on her if she used it to stand up


These look nice and are well made, I had to put a chair by it to keep the dogs in though since it moves easily across wood floors


easy to assemble, works well, and the finish is very pretty, looks like a piece of furniture.


I was going to use it for my small dogs but they easily jumped it. So 28” wasn’t high enough and it was not study enough. I sent it back but shipping unbelievable $72 but what was I gonna do with it!


Great product, worth the money.


Nice quality. Lower than expected.


We have a dog at home and we have a baby coming so we thought we should try put a gate in between those areas where we keep the baby and dog away so that the dog does not let lot of his hair spoiling the baby's bedroom. We got this gate and barricaded the living area with the hallway which has connection to the stairs upstairs as well. Technically we have barricaded the entire area that connects all our bedrooms with one single gate because this can expand to a larger distance of up to 8 ft as well. When it is made smaller it can go as small as 5 ft and cover smaller space too. So we're able to easily choose between covering the area that provides access to all three bedrooms or just the two bedrooms in the ground floor with the same gate. All we have to do is adjust the knobs on the top to expand or contract it.


Got this to keep the dog and cats out of this room. Easy to install and matched the furniture.


Bought this item so my 70lb dog doesn’t go upstairs. While these gates did do the job for him, my smaller dog constantly moves these to sneak upstairs as these are super easy to move. If you have a stubborn pup, these gates won’t be a problem to move at all.


Purchased to help keep our dog and toddler in one room but it was easlty pushed and moved to the side.


The height was too low so my dog jumped over easily.


Sturdy, expandable and well.constructed


This color I like, The color is exactly the same as our furniture, I like it very much. The assembly takes only two minutes and is very simple. Adjustable size


Orders this for my 4 month old puppy. It made of great quality wooden materials and easy to set up. Works effectively to prevent my baby running around the whole house. Great product.


My son is crawling and this gate is short enough to step over and sturdy enough to keep him off of the stairs.


This gate is impressive and looks like a piece of furniture. Would definitely recommend.


It can be adjusted to fit in any doorway/hallway of my house. Heavy enough so it wont get pushed over easily by my pup


Awesome Gate and very stylish


Loved this gate. It fit the large opening to our den. Perfect to keep dog out of our den. Highly recommend!


Absolutely beautiful wood! Very sturdy! Exceeded my expectations!


Fits the area oc containment.


This fence can be very safe to intercept children and pets out of danger. The quality of this rence is very good, and it can be retracted according to the actual size ot the home.


Really good


Ease of use with the variable width and fold-out wings is outstanding. It's lightweight and sturdy too which make it 5 stars except for the color -- a dark red stain that doesn't complement anything. I wish it were either a medium brown or espresso. I may paint it since it has to be stored in the living area where it is very visible. Overall, I'm very pleased.


It’s serving it’s purpose and looks good!


Great!! Just what I needed


The gate is being used to keep my dogs out of my living room. It is very nice looking and not extremely heavy. It does the job. Yep


Great value for the money. I needed up to 76” and although all these are mass manufactured in China... product is a great value.We have a 15lb cat and two small dogs under 10 lbs each. So it’s fine for our needs (visual deterrent that functions with our decor). If you have large dogs - unsure if sturdy enough.


Used it to prevent child entering a room we didn't want her in.


Not super heavy or sturdy. If you have a dog or kid who is not afraid to push it, they will be able to move This. The color is like a cherry wood, not my favorite color and am considering getting it restrained to match my home decor. But I knew that when buying it and looking at a million gates online in the length I needed. This was the best one.It came quick. Was easy to put together and looks reallly nice and expensive


Really good for keeping our pets all in one area. Great for keeping the animals in one area


My miniature dachshund loves her new gate. It is very easy to move out of the way when not in use. I love the fact that it does not have to be permanently attached or attached so that it makes marks on the door frame. Perfect for our small dog!!


I can use it around the house as neededMy doggies are safe


Bought it for my dogs to keep them on the patio


the product was as described. Unfortunately, the height was too short for my needs.


Works great and adjusts to my driveway no matter where I set it up!


Great product. Keeps my puppy in his area.


We use it to block off part of our deck to seperate the hot tub from the deck. FYI since it is wood it is not 100% weather proof use urethane spray to weather proof it


Awesome gate! Works great to keep my little dog on the porch. Good value for the money.


It did it's job with keeping my two puppies confined. I like that it was adjustable and long. The puppies did however chew on the wood, but it still kept them confined.


Love this gate!! Works perfectly to seperate our kitchen and living room from our fur kids and grand fur kids. It is very nice looking too.


It is funny what you can get a dog that is not ranked in the top 25 smart breeds to stay behind Our great dane will not pass! We are able to leave for work w/o worry He has knocked the two we have purchased over a few times and they are still in good condition - if we are gone for hours we just put a chair next to fence - good news is he is not a dog that gnaws on wood I would like it if it was easier to slide the pieces together, but that is minor considering the benefit Now that our guy is so big I do not want him in a crate and he needs bounds - 3 wallets (w/ credit cards-driver's license), two tv remotes (crunchy and chewy), all kinds of shoes (delicious) can attest


I bought the same gate a long time ago, on another online site. I wanted a second one, and was very happy to find it here. The gate is pretty well made, compared to similarly priced free standing gates. The wood is decent, and has a nice finish. I like that you can change the size, and that it's free standingl. There are two feet that slide into grooves on the folding sides, and they have small pieces of rubber to help keep the gate from sliding. There are also two threaded knobs that go into threaded holes, to help keep the width at the desired position. I am only using one, since the doorway it's blocking is not very wide. My dog is small, 8lbs, so the size of this gate is plenty to keep her out of trouble. The only issue I had, easily fixed, is the slider on one of the feet got stuck in the panel grove and came off of the foot. It was easily put back into place, and a few drops of wood glue will fix it permanently. All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase.


We use 1/2 to block off a doorway and 1/2 on the stairs.


So far it's deterred our 70 lb dog from bolting through the front door, but then again, she hasn't really tried to with this gate. It stays upright without any issues and is easy to step over. The ease of adjusting the length is also a huge plus. The finish is very nice -- doesn't look like a cheap gate.


Great item looks gorgeous and works well


Attachable legs need to be longer. It tips too easily in the direction that has the short legs attached.


Works out perfect, adjustable and ease to put up.




Good buy.


Well made and finished.Does the job at great price.


Great quality made. Fast shipment and Love expandability. Sturdy.


Live the size and overall look of the gate. However I did come with some damage. The company has been nice enough to give me a partial refund.


It’s exactly what I was hoping for, although I wish there was a sheet of instructions for the screw knobs. (will figure them out). I have 3 small dogs & they don’t jump on anything, so this gate will work out very nicely. I don’t consider it “lightweight” at all. It stands up nicely. By the way, I think it’s attractive & looks really nice across the Dining Room archway.


The gate works really well and is sturdy


Excellent at keeping our dogs off the carpet in my office and really looks nice




This is a very nice gate. Very well constructed and the color is very pretty. It matches perfectly with our furniture. I will highly recommend it if you have a small pet like ours (Miniature Schnauzer).


I would give it five stars but it didn't come with any directions and there is hardware that I can't figure out where it goes.


It is a sturdy gate and easy to be assembled, the seller provided us a good purchase experience and their service is perfect, we love to communicate with them, highly recommended, it is really worth of buying.


It is easy to be assembled and folded, the width is adjustable, it can fit any space ranging from 28 inches to 80 inches, this is a great design and does a good job for me, highly recommended, and it is worth of buying at the price.


This is a very nice "furniture" type gate. It is solid wood construction. Looks very nice and good quality for the money. I don't feel it is easily moved at all. However if u have a rambunctious pet that pushes on the gate, you shud get one of those gates that secure against the wall.


Exactly as advertised. Wood not as heavy as one might prefer, and there are no built-in stops to keep the panels from disconnecting as you fit to a large entryway (mine is 80" exactly, so I used it to its limits), but there are screw-in anchors to tighten it up once you reach your desired width. The weight issue may not pertain to most, but my stubborn dog will push this out of the way easily. To get around that I force-fit it against the walls as much as I could, and tightened it w/the set screws mentioned. This adds a lot of strength to the installation. Perhaps that's by design, but other free-standing gates come with extra heft for such issues. That's not a detriment to the product as I got out of it what I needed. Some buyers may need to know this ahead of time, however.