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  • Magnetic Exercise 8 levels of Resistance Indoor Bicycle - Gallery View 1 of 8
  • Magnetic Exercise 8 levels of Resistance Indoor Bicycle - Gallery View 2 of 8
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  • Magnetic Exercise 8 levels of Resistance Indoor Bicycle - Gallery View 4 of 8
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Magnetic Exercise 8 levels of Resistance Indoor Bicycle

Magnetic Exercise 8 levels of Resistance Indoor Bicycle

This bicycle trainer is specially designed for indoor workout and training.
Overall Rating:
230 Reviews
Item No: 86437519
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Key Features

8-Level Resistance Settings: The resistance of the indoor bicycle trainer can be adjusted from levels 1-8 through a handlebar mounted switch (lowest resistance 1, highest resistance 8) to simulate all riding conditions, depending on your exercise intensity and speed requirements. You can enjoy a real road riding experience at home regardless of the weather.
Sturdy Steel Construction: Constructed with heavy-duty A3 steel, the solid extra-wide frame ensures maximum stability with a maximum load of 330 pounds. This bike trainer stand is designed for high compatibility and it fits well for any road or mountain bike with 26"-28" or 700C quick-release tires.
Silent and Smooth Operation: This noise-reduction magnetic wheel roller helps reduce the rotation sound and avoid disturbing others, especially for use in apartments and shared space. The noise is mainly related to the material and tread of the bicycle tire, and it is strongly recommended that you switch to road tires to reduce noise.
Easy to Set Up and Store: Featuring a front wheel riser block, a quick-release skewer and a manual, this bike trainer stand is super easy to set up and mount your bicycle in. The quick-release system works very well and you can have your bike out within several seconds and the folding design makes this magnetic bike trainer easy to store when not in use.
Adjustable Feet Protectors: The non-slip feet caps help secure the bike trainer, hold it in place during your workout, and protect the floor from scratches. The thickness of the foot cap is adjustable in 5 levels and you can rotate the caps to choose the appropriate thickness to level the trainer for safe riding.


    This bicycle trainer is specially designed for indoor workout and training.


    It just takes a minute to set it up. You could clamp your rear axle with the quick clamp and adjust the contact between the wheel and the polished roller. With its fluid drive resistance system and fluid cooling flywheel you can do whatever you want to do. You can't exercise with your bike when the outside weather is bad. It is a great product for the beginner or professional who wants to stay in shape all year long. The trainer includes a drive-by-wire device so that you can change the resistance from your handle bars directly.


    If you like this sport, you will want to have one. Don't hesitate to buy it!


    • Most realistic indoor riding experience
    • Offers effective and convenient indoor training
    • Easily clamps down on quick release or bolts onto your bike's rear wheels
    • Heavy duty steel frame construction
    • New design features separated legs for greater stability
    • 8 levels of magnetic resistance adjustment
    • Magnet resistance control wire used for adjust the magnet level
    • Adjusting the height by the big screws to change the wheel friction
    • Precision-machined roller to reduce tire wear
    • Quiet operation
    • Folding design, easy to carry and storage
    • Fixed device, easy to install and remove
    • Fits 26-28 inches or 700C bike wheels with quick release
    • Size: 21.65" x 15.16" x 18.11"
    • Material: A3 Steel + ABS + PE
    • Weight: About 20 lbs
    • Max load: About 220 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x bicycle trainer
    • 1 x front wheel riser block
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews




Good value, easy to assemble though I had to work at it to make it fit my bike. Kinda noisy but not annoyingly so.


I love having this it's handy and has given me the opportunity to increase my exercise from a few times a week to 5+ times per week. It's sturdy and comfortable to use. Highly recommend.




Very easy to assemble! It was harder to get the "quick release" to release. I can keep bicycling now in the winter months.


You've seen the reviews complaining of a loud scraping noise and mine arrived that way too. But magnetic resistance is silent by design. Being a retired engineering technician I decided to open the plastic flywheel housing and found the source of that noise. The missing washer for the pivot bolt was stuck to the resistance ring magnet inside and it was scraping the matching steel plate making an unholy scraping howl. I pulled the washer off then carefully put the halves of the plastic housing back together. In fact I changed the orientation of the adjustment cable from horizontal to vertical for a less-kinked travel before fighting the invisible repulsing magnetic forces to align and set the screw holes together while finding the same screw threads (not making new threads) when securing them.


I bought this trainer as an amateur cyclist who's trying to build up stamina for warmer weather. I use it with my Trek Domane AL2 road bike. I did not find this product easy to assemble, as the directions lacked detail and the photos were blurry. However, once we realized that different components were adjustable, it was easier to put together. After figuring that out, I think the trainer is easy to use and it stores nicely. It does get kind of loud, but that doesn't bother me. Very nice for the price, especially if you're new to cycling and don't want to spend hundreds of dollars.


I noticed the lack of reviews for this trainer so I’m leaving a detailed one for this very reason.First off, the unit arrived within 3 days, so kudos to the seller for that. Most of all though this is a fantastic bike trainer. It is being used on a single gear bike and the resistance is great!One thing to note however, is that since this is a magnetic resistance trainer it can get very loud. Unfortunately non magnetic trainers are very expensive so for the price this item is 5/5. The quality seems quite good as well and the included front wheel chock/stand is much larger than expected which was a happy surprise. This particular trainer is a pretty good deal for those with rear quick release wheels as it comes with the special quick release bolt you’ll need. Purchased the whole thing for $80 in 2020 and am very happy.


Overall I was pleased with the purchase. It arrived in a timely manner, was easy enough to put together. There weren’t instructions necessarily just pictures. Other reviewers had mentioned the noise level & I wasn’t sure what to expect but it is pretty noisy. Would recommend ear buds or something. Great product though. Would recommend and/or buy again.


Arrived one day early , very easy to set up and great to workout on .


The instructions were a bit hard to follow, they weren't very clear, but once I did a little research it was pretty easy to assemble. It's not loud its actually pretty quiet. I tried it out once it was all set and done and works bad ass lol. In my opinion it's worth what I spend.


Love it, I can ride all day


This has been my go-to trainer for a couple years now. I’ve put in about a thousand miles or so. The resistance settings are excellent. It’s great training for hills and sprints. My concern is that it recently started making a loud clicking noise and I have no idea how to get replacement parts. If you don’t push it as hard as I did you can probably expect years of use from it.


Trainer looks to be high quality and exceptional for the price. Glad I asked questions and checked reviews and Q&A or I would have just followed directions and replaced the axle with one supplied. Did not need to as the unit fit my 700CC Giant perfectly. Only ridden 6+ times to this point, but very please thus far. I will continue to check and be mindful of tire wear, but seems a small price to pay to be able to train indoors.


Easy to assemble.


I gave it 4 stars because it is exactly what it states. One thing I jave to mention is if you have neighbors in close proximity, you may irritate them. My maiden voyage on the device lasted 5 mins before 2, yes 2 of my neighbors contacted me wondering what the commotion was. It was super loud, shook the walls, but functioned perfectly. Build quality is great.




Purchased through Amazon, was shipped promptly as promised. The assembly instructions sucked but was able to figure it out by looking at (better) pictures of the unit on their website. The unit works as promised and I am very happy with it, it will allow me to use my bike in the long cold winter months.


I absolutely adore this indoor Bike Lane Pro Trainer!!! I love it! It is absolutely perfect!!! I can not wait to use it again! It was packaged really well, and it arrived quick!!! It was a pleasure doing business with you!


So I had been toying around the idea of buying a bike trainer, and took sometime to actually buy it. It was easy to set up, but then again I'm on the Mechanical side of things so no problem for me. Now I had not been on top my bicycle for like 5 years, but I LOVE this, it wasn't expensive and its giving my a wonderful workout. and its reminding me of my childhood being around 10 when you would ride your bike (outside) all day long.


Have been using for over a year to increase my endurance and get cardio workout indoors, utilizing my own bike. A bit of a space eater but folds up easily when not in use.


With Chicago winters limiting how much outdoor riding I can get in any given year, constantly looking for ways to max out my biking time. I live in a condo so space is always at a premium and adding in a stationary bike on top of having my normal bike simply is not an option. This trainer was the perfect solution to optimizing my ride time without eating up too much extra real estate in my place! This trainer is well-built, super sturdy, and presents well in my place and is super simple to dock your bike in and out of! The various levels of magnetic/adjustable resistance are great and the noise output from this is minimal. There are plenty of more intense but super expensive trainers out there, but the value on this is nearly impossible to beat at its price point if you only have basic needs. Makes for a great work out and does not extend much beyond the length of your bike. It folds up fairly slim to store when not using. Otherwise, I love to just prop it up in my living room and ride away while watching TV! To protect my normal riding tires, I invested in a separate wheel and trainer-specific tire to avoid wearing down my more expensive outdoor tires as well as even further reduce the noise output from the whole setup. Highly recommend!


So far so good!


I've not gotten the bike on it yet, but so far I like it


Worked well.


Worked perfectly my road bike and was easy to assemble!


I’ve enjoyed this purchase. For me I get the right amount of friction for indoor cycling.


Great value and it includes a front wheel stand.


Good Product! Well made!


Just to noisy


It is great


Fairly quiet and a decent amount of resistance. I bought a slick rear tire for my bike and that made a huge difference on the noise. the rattles from my bike's gear assembly while peddling are far louder than the bike trainer.


Great product at a great value!


Good quality, great workout


We are very happy with this purchase. My husband love this gift.


This was a breeze to setup and get pedaling. There was some adjustment needed to get the right amount of pressure for a no slip ride - I intend to mainly use this during the cold months and for the price it fits the bill just fine. I would recommend to anyone but don't have much to compare it to.


Recuperating from fractured ankle surgery wanted to have a way of exercising in the house. Fit my bike on this and it has been working just fine.


This trainer does what the product description say, and does it at a great price point. Assembly was easy, as was setup with my mountain bike. I haven't messed with the resistance adjuster switch very much - haven't needed to as I prefer to use my gears. I did have to put on a slick tire. Noise was a PITA with my knobby tire (along with the slight burning rubber smell). Hardly any noise with the slick. I'm not even close to being an elite cyclist, so I didn't look for anything besides basic functionality. This trainer comes through. Came with the front riser block. I'm confident I'll use this trainer for a long time.


Works just fine.


Great, easy to set up. Instructions fairly straight forward. I got this because the icy weather prevents me from wanting to head to the gym. This is a great alternative. It's a bonus that it folds up and can be stored away. I can see why some say it's loud, I have a mountain bike and the tires do make a "whirring" sound. It doesn't bother me as I live in a house with just my husband and no shared walls with neighbors. I just turn the volume up. Overall, great buy. I would recommend.


great entry level trainer. Best used with a rear tire specifically used for trainers.


Good product. Do you sell anything for motivation :)


works well.


Awesome. Well built & excellent product.


Bike Lane Pro Trainer Bicycle Indoor Trainer is a must get. The quality is good enough for those who do an occasional ride. The magnetic resistance is good and is easily changed. The motor is great and quiet. Setup was easy. Probably took about 30 minutes and that was with me just messing around.


Solid construction. Easy to set up (one bolt). Even though I have mine set up in my garage it is quiet enough it would not interrupt a TV program. My wife listens to music through her iPhone speaker with no problems. Even though it came with an adjustable resistance knob I use the bike gears to adjust the resistance. Very smooth spinning.


I read a lot of reviews about these bicycle trainer stands before purchasing. There have been a lot of mixed reviews so I wanted to put my 2 cents in.I found the setup on this device to be very easy. They even provided the tools to do it. You have to make sure you have the friction adjustment just right so the tire isn't pinched too much or if too loose it will slip. Once you find the balance it works great!I find a very nice range of resistance with the magnetic device. I can make it even wider by use of the bicycles own gears.I have read some reviews that said these systems are very noisy. So far this one doesn't make much noise at all. There is a slight whiring sound but not at all objectionable. I can easily watch tv while riding without interruption.I can't speak to longevity due to not having it long but is seems well built and sturdy.I am very pleased with the purchase and highly recommend it.


Seems to be working well. Nice to have on cold wet mornings. Winter is coming.


Great product for the price. Very sturdy. Even I can get my bike on and off with relative ease.


Really a great deal for the price. I don't notice any resistance change when I use the piece that connects to the bars but it is basically silent which is amazing. It rides smoothly and is super easy to assemble.


sturdy structure good price not too heavy a bit noisy with mountain bike tires


sturdy structuregood pricenot too heavya bit noisy with mountain bike tires


Bought this as a gift for the hubby who likes to ride inside. Fit perfectly on his road bike that has thin wheels. Not too loud and came practically put together! Folds up nicely in the closet when I'm not using it


This is a great entry level trainer. It's sturdy easy to setup and store. If you are looking for a bike trainer and not willing to spend a hefty price for one, this is for you. Some aspects that I like about this trainer is the adjustable resistance from the back and the remote. It makes it easy to spice up a workout. The wheel locks are easy to use and I like how theres a clamp so that the lock will not loosen while using it. I took a star off because this thing is bad for your tires. It wore away the tread on my tires.


Works great!! Super quiet


Its great for the money, a little loud but not too bad.THIS COMES WITH THE FRONT WHEEL RISER BLOCK!!!! Don't buy it separately too because it isn't returnable. Oops!


It does the job.


bike common and off easy


Great way to get cardio in super hot Phoenix Arizona


Very sturdy, easy to set up and use. I only wish that it was smaller in width, it takes up more space than i would like it to. Also much heavier than i thought it would be. Great product for the price point.


Excellent unit. Extremely heavy duty. Bike feels rock solid when mounted, smooth and pretty quiet.




I'm a newbie so this is just right for me. I can get some seat time in without stressing about traffic (and hills). Not too expensive that I caused me stress if I didn't like it. That's always a plus. I don't think its super loud. Of course there's noise, but certainly less than a treadmill.


Works great easy to use and install


Excellent value, easy setup and quite quiet. More fluid riding my road bike than using spin bike.


Very good quality and has worked great for my road bike so I don't have to gear up to get workouts in.


Thank you


For sister who had knee replacement surgery. It has been very helpful... Really good quality and sturdy..


Some noise but not overwhelming. Not as heavy but just as sturdy as my older trainer.


Works great! The product got here even faster than expected. Same amount of time or even less than if I would have ordered it with Prime, which I did not. Makes working out much easier and fun, especially during the winter time when biking is difficult.


My husband and I both love this Indoor Trainer. I had put it together before my he got home and set my mountain bike on it, well, the noise was so loud I could barely hear myself think. Husband arrives home, I explain that the noise is so loud and is nothing near the quiet ride I had read about in the reviews before I purchased it. He looks at it and says, "It's your tires". My mountain bike, of course, has mountain tires on it so we switched and put his bike on it that has the narrow street tires and sure enough the ride is smooth and quiet. Problem solved. It's a great way to exercise when you can't get outside to ride.


Excellent. Does exactly what it claims.


I bought this trainer because I read it would fit my 29er. It will, but with modifications. You need to prop the legs individually about 3/4" minimum to keep the tire off the floor. The adjustable roller fits the 29" tire without issue. Overall, the unit is very sturdy, and assembled easily. I did use the supplied axle as the heads fit the trainer lugs better. Makes a great indoor winter trainer.


Resistance isn't bad. Need to push the resistance up high so that way the tire stays on the roller. Wish the roller would spin with the tire easier, especially when you stop pedaling other wise it chews up the tire. It's a great product for hot summer days and cold winter days when you just need to get some cycling done. Considering my first experience with 1. Just my thoughts.


really nice trainer


Needed to ride a bike as a part of knee replacement rehab. The set up was relatively easy and the mechanism work for my needs which is light load and motion. This review is not applicable for someone looking for a strenuous workout as I've not tested the product for that function.


I did a lot of research on these before I decided on the Bike Lane Pro Trainer and I'm very glad I did. Everything feels sturdy and well-built. It's my first bike trainer so I don't have much to compare it to when it comes to loudness, smoothness or any of the other widely-critiqued issues discussed by professional bikers. For me, this is perfect. Not so loud that I can't hear the TV and feels nice and smooth while riding. I'm sure I could have paid more and gotten something that rides a little smoother or sounds a little quieter but I probably wouldn't even be able to notice the difference. For what this one costs, I think it's fantastic. I would definitely recommend it, and would purchase again if I had it to do over again.I have to give the Bike Lane customer service a shout out as well. When I first unpacked the mag roller from the box, the main shaft was a little bent. I'm not sure if it happened during shipping or came from the factory like that but either way their customer service immediately sent out replacement parts, no questions asked, without making me go through the hassle of returning the parts in question. A minor inconvenience to have to wait a couple extra days to use it but very pleased with the customer service and the quality of the product. Definitely worth the money in my opinion.


Good I'm riding it everyday


Easy to set up and use


With is being so cold outside, I was discouraged from riding my bike. I didn't want all the cold wind in my face. This thing was the ticket to keep riding. I do 2 15 minute sessions on the trainer and boy is it different than actually riding outside. Because there are no hills to coast down, you just keep riding. It's a great cardio workout. The replacement axle provided with it is neat, but isn't truly necessary. The mount points still fit over standard bolts on the axle just fine, but of course if it broke, I am sure the manufacturer wouldn't honor the warranty (even though the instructions don't explicitly state you must replace the only "suggests" it). Nevertheless, I am putting my trainer to good use and it's putting me to work!Update 9/29/2016 - This thing is still running strong and although I've not been as diligent as I should have been lately, it's still a solid performer when I go to use it. No issues or complaints to note, other than the cable for tension control is a bit cumbersome. Here is a hint though....tie a twist tie around it and you can tie it to the brake cables on your bike and pull it out of your way. When you take your bike off the trainer you can simply untie is and use the twist tie to reel up the tension control and store as you see fit.


This met all my needs. It is a little noisy but when I replace my tires that should improve. I am happy with this purchase.


This bicycle trainer is everything I had hoped it would be. It mounts easily to my bicycle and provides a great workout. I gave 4 stars because the mechanism that controls the resistance isn't super confidence-inspiring. It's made of plastic, kind of hard to adjust, and slips around on the handlebars when tightened as fast as it goes.Much of what I have to say will be in response to negative comments that I read when deciding to purchase this item. First, it gives perfectly even resistance provided that you have the resistance set high enough. I read that people had issues with the resistance being jerky, and this is probably a result of having the resistance too low and the gears on the bicycle too high. Once you find the right resistance level, most other adjustments can probably be made using gears on the bicycle.Second, I read about noise. The noise is literally the sound of the tire treads running against the metal part of the dynamo. If you have a problem with noise, you can probably get a smooth tire and switch it out - they're not that expensive.Third I'll talk about the rubber dust from the tire. This is most likely due to maladjustment. The unit should be tightened to the point where if you hold the flywheel you should barely be able to make the tire slip against it. You need solid contact and plenty of air in your tires.All this being said, I am 6'7". weigh 250lbs and ride a 25" Trek Multitrack 7300 with 700c tires. This trainer installs and rides perfectly and I would recommend it to anyone.As a final caveat, when I received the item, it didn't have the front riser block or the replacement axle, but after one email to the seller they shipped the missing parts.


Very sturdily built, which is a good thing, because it never stated that you had to replace your bike axle with theirs. This is better for a no gear plain bicycle. Lucky for me my bolts on my axle stick out far enough to use it without taking my bicycle apart. So I just use it like that without a lot of resistance. They should tell you in the description that you will have to take the axle out, and use the one they send.


The package arrived 14 days before it was scheduled to. Setup took a little bit too figure it out by myself but the resistance switch works great. The 1st setting is perfect for an easy warm up, 2 is a good ride, 3 for a little hill simulation. Sure there are much more impressive trainers out there but for the cyclists on a budget it works perfectly for me




Bought it for my girlfriend and she loves it!


Worked just like I wanted it to for indoor exercise when cold outside. Took just a few minutes to setup. There is a rubbery smell when I use it due to the constant push against tire. I had to adjust the tension on the tire and put more pressure to get a decent workout, otherwise the tire spins too easily and the adjuster wasn't enough.


It works well. It comes with the quick release axle which I end up just keeping on my bike full time. I don't really use it as much as I thought, like most people. Looking back I probably would have bought one used for half the price.


This is easy to set up and works very well.


Great and easy to assemble


Took a while to get the gist of how to out it together, but since then, it is perfect. Lots of fun --- a real, "almost on the road" kind of ride.Great value for the price.


I bought one, I've used it for a month, having never used a trainer before I think this one is great! I just ordered a 2nd one for my wife so we can both ride our bikes during the long Minnesota winters. If you intend to ride in the summer, you need to train over the winter, and training on the bike you intend to ride is a distinct advantage over training on a stationary bike at the gym.




Super easy to use. I had a bicycle on it pedaling away in 5 minutes. I have put around 3 hours on it so far and don't have any reason to question its durability. I put a blanket under the bicycle and trainer to keep dirt and chain lube off of the carpet.


It worked great,


Great little trainer at an outstanding price! Quality built although does require some assembly. Handel adjuster is an awesome addition however I would still recommend using the gears on your bike over the handle bar adjuster. Comes with a wheel block that is sturdy and a solid plastic so you don't have to pick one up. Would recommend and buy again!


Just what I was looking for in price range


A little getting used indoors but I think this winter when I can't get outside I'll love.


Good product, wish it was made for a 29" bike.


Easy to setup and works great. Only issue is that the instructions didn't quite match the box contents but luckily it's easy to figure out. I like that I can now ride my own bike and this doesn't take up that much room. Recommend you get a speedometer/odometer with it because you'll be surprised how much exercise this think can give you so nice to track mileage and set goals that way.


I'm happy with the product, it holds me and my bike very well, having the difficulty adjuster on my handlebars is great, and honestly I don't think the noise is that bad.NOISEPeople are saying it's loud and I only noticed that on the 1st difficulty. Beyond that it's pretty quiet. Maybe it's just because I only go very fast on the 1st difficulty. For me I had to bike about 25-30mph at the first difficulty for it to be loud enough my neighbor living below me complained :pRESISTANCEThe main issue I'm having is that when pedaling slower (about 10-15mph) on the higher difficulties, the resistance isn't uniform. I'll pedal 1 revolution and part of it will be easy and part of it will be hard. Also, I'm not sure what it is but it doesn't feel like you're pedaling uphill as you increase the difficulty, more like you're pedaling through thicker and thicker molasses, if that makes any sense.


I have been looking for a trainer so I could start doing some cardio at home with my road bike.Assembly: This one came with 2 sets of directions - one to assemble the trainer itself and another to hook it up to your bike. The entire stand was already assembled right out it the box. All I had to do was connect the resistance to the stand. After that, I pulled at the axle on my back tire and put in the one given with the trainer. The stand screws right in to the axle and your ready to go! It also comes with a riser block for the front tire.Noise Level: This was a key factor for me since I live on the top floor of apartment and use it at 6am. It is very quiet! I can use it and still hear the tv at a low volume. Please note this is with road bike tires.


The instructions are useless as they refer to another model. However I was able to put it together and it is nice for the price although I have not previously used a trainer . It is very sturdy and provides resistance and balance


The best option for my own trayning.


Very good trainer. I ride everyday no worry about the weather outside. It's work well i can ride at midnight or 2 in the morning and not wake everyone else up. Very low noise. You would like it best price good quality and no neeg to broke your pocket.


The package arrived a day early! Set up was super easy. The trainer came almost completely pre-assembled. I only needed t mount the magnetic rotor and that was one bolt. Set up my bike and off I went. Great workout! This was my first experience with an indoor bike trainer and I am very pleased with this unit. Also, in case you did not know, there are lots of indoor bike trainer workouts on U-Tube.


Purchased as a gift for my daughter. She's an avid biker and wanted to train during the long winter. She is very happy with this trainer. Set-up was easy, the unit is compact and not too noisy. For the money, you can't beat this product.


Solid great product that delivers, thank you!


No as loud as some peope said, very easy to put together. The wife love it


I've only just started using this trainer, but so far I'm impressed with it. It's smooth and not too loud, (although I may start using headphones so I can hear my tv better) with fairly good resistance levels. Getting the magnetic resistance right is tricky; it took me a couple of tries. If it's too snug against your tire, the rubber gets pretty hot after a while and that's damaging to the tire. Setup was fast and easy, it's not obtrusively large and it fits next to my bed nicely. I recommend utilizing the gears on your bike over the resistance on the trainer, and finding a nice balance between the two. That'll give you the best workout. So far it's preformed well, and I hope that it stands up to future use.


We are very satisfied with this product, other reviews said it was noisy, or the assembly directions weren't clear, it's great for our families needs.


Good quality - works as advertised


I bougtht the trainer for winter time riding. It was easy to assemble and came with an extra set of wheel fasteners. The resistance control works well to control effort. Overall I am completely satisfied with this trainer and purchase price. Also -- it came with a front wheel stay even though that is not pictured with the item.


I have been using this trainer for a few months and it works. I have ride almost 500 miles and it works fine. If you're looking for a good trainer without over budgeting...... this is the one.


Works well, not too loud


Easy to use


Easy to set up and works great.


Great product, stable, easy to set up, works a well as more expensive products


This has worked perfectly so far! I did have to get a new rear tire for my mountain styled bike. I bought a eight-teen dollar smooth tread tire from Wal-mart and it works perfectly.


Well built product, and an incredible value make for a great overall purchasing experience.


I bought this bike trainer for my husband for christmas and he lives it! Good quality product!


I love this trainer. It is simple to set up, the noise is a tolerable hum and easily drowned out with music or a movie, and it folds up nicely. I highly recommend it for the novice rider like me and probably for advanced riders as well.


works awesome! fast shipping - easy transaction!! THANK YOU!!


Great indoor trainer, easy to assemble , works great ,would recommend to a friend


You get way more than what you pay for, excellent product, strong and firm... I'm sweating my A.. Out at home!!!!


Was easy to set up and is perfect for winter ... my bike is still useful even when it's icy outside.


inexpensive but easy to use and does the job. also makes a pretty decent bike stand for bike maintenance. also quieter than i thought it was going to be.


It was everything I hoped it would be. Thank you very much


Nice trainer for the price.


This is exactly what I was looking for!! I can "ride" my bike after work and not worry since it's already dark out. Also I can "ride" when it's raining. This was a great investment!!


Good quality and price.


Very easy to assemble (10 minutes). Works like a charm.


Works great!


Great product.


This trainer was just perfect for riding my bike indoors. Very little assembly.


My wife really likes it, it is like riding your bike out on the street...We have not ridden in a couple of years so this is a great get back on the saddle training...We were riding from 2000 to 3000 miles a year.It was easy to put together, tools even came with it.


This is a great basic trainer for the beginner or someone who wants to ride the bike indoors during the winter. The 5 speed adjuster isn't all that good...I use my gears to shift up and down instead.


This product works great for me! Took me a little to set it up but nothing crazy. It is noisy, but not too load for me. I watch podcasts from my computer and can hear them fine. good resistance. I am a beginner road cyclist and I bought this to train while I was pregnant and now to be able to ride at home when I can't go out because I have a baby to watch now! I didn't want to spend a lot of money and am thankful I didn't have to. It does everything I need it to do.


I wanted something to keep me riding in the winter. This has been really good and was easy to set up.


Pretty good trainer over all. Easy to set up even with minimal instructions. It is uneven once set up but with a little tampering with the "feet" (or end coverings?) it becomes stable and even. I am still figuring out how the resistance works, but I'm getting the hang of it. It does make more noise when more resistance is added, but its not overpowering. One thing for sure is make sure you use an older tire. I have a road bike and just added new tires last season that were still in great shape. After a 2 min ride just to make sure the trainer was set up correctly and stable I noticed pieces of tire on my wall, when I looked more closely at my tire, the tire was worn out completely.Other than that its a pretty good trainer perfect for winter and just when I'm too lazy to take out my bike for long rides.


This was very easy to put together, Works exactly as I expected with our Bike. So far I am happy with this product and I highly recommend it.


meets all my expectations.


So far so good.....easy set up. The bike I used was old enough ('99 Biachi Eros) that I didn't even need to change the back axle to the one included. I've spun twice on it for 50 mins. each time and it's as good as trainers that are far more expensive. Steady and the resistence wheel works smooth. If it holds up it will certainly be worth the extra star.


I'm quite sure it's not the smoothest trainer out there, but this is my first Winter after getting into cycling this past Summer and this does what I want it to which is keep me conditioned. I don't use the included shifter as I read it's not very good so I just use the gears on the bike which is fine. When tightening the trainer to the bike make sure not to over-tighten it; you can tell you are if the frame of the trainer is starting to flex. Overall I'm satisfied with this trainer for the price.


I have road it 2 times in my room while it was snowing and i was sweating what a grate ride


Easy to assemble and is not loud. Great to use during the bad weather and short day light months.


Okay, I am probably like a lot of you, looking to get back into shape, have a bike in the garage, wondering if I should get a stationary spinning bike or go for this cheaper alternative. I have a nice Trek hybrid, so i decided to purchase the trainer than to spend over 4 times the price for a nice spinner. I am glad i did. I am 6'2" and 250 pounds, so I am not a small person by any means. My bike is larger than normal, so I was a bit worried about stability with this trainer. It came in the mail today, took me about 20 minutes to get set up, and I was rolling.I went ahead and used the included quick release that came with the unit. Mine would have probably worked, but it was easy to pull the old out, put the new in, and be assured there will be no problems with fitting. Bike went into the mount easy, tightened securely. I started pedaling and was wondering why the heck it seemed very sluggish. Realized I had the tension set to the highest level, Lowered it, and the bike was really smooth. Surprising really. No issues with stability and after just 20 minutes I was quite tired (remember, 250 pounds). I have to say this was a great purchase. Don't spend unnecessary money on a stationary bike if you have a good one in the garage!!


Great product. Well packaged. The assembly instructions were awful!


The product is exactly as it is described. I like the ease of setup and the ability to easily get my bike on and off. It is a little louder than I first thought it would be. I have alwasy been told that magnetic trainers are noisy so I did expect some of that. The magnetic resistance is good but it would be nice to have a broader range. All in all I would probably purchase his one again since I researched and knew what I was getting.


I was skeptical about buying this trainer but I'm quite pleased with my purchase. I tried it with my mountain bike at first and found that it was really loud. I really didn't want to use it after that but when I tried my road bike with it I realized it was quiet enough not to be disturbing to anyone in the house, or to drown out my YouTube cycling videos. The resistance works well enough. If you're not a pro then you should be able to work with that level of resistance. It does get warm and it will wear the bike tire down with regular use, but I guess that would be the same for all of these types of trainers. I would recommend this product.


I bought this for my Fiancee` so she can ride inside during the winter. It's very sturdy and well manufactured. So far it's working great!


totally recommend it! I was thinking to buy the expensive ones. but not! SAve your money you will not regret it!


Excellent _ very sturdy. Nice way to get a good workout on the bad weather days.


From out the box to riding in less than 20 minutes. The unit seems to be well made and very sturdy. I am using an old Motobecane road bike and did not have to change the axle.


This was just what needed to be able to continue riding my bike during the winter. Bicycling is my favorite form of cardio so I have my bike facing the TV in the LR??....until spring returns.


I researched alot of trainers and glad I bought this one.I own a schwinn and I didn't have to use the extra axle , this fit right over the nuts on my rear wheel.No need to buy a expensive trainer when there's this one out there.


Great option for an indoor exercise bike. Make sure to get a rear training tire.


Excellent product! As expected. Didn't need to use the metal axle that came with it.


Great product- especially for the price. Don't go spend double at the store- buy this one. I've put a couple hundred miles on it already, very satisfied.


Love it! Great quality and craftsmanship, it installs in a few minutes. I certainly recommend that you use the included wheel shaft, as it fits snuggly into the side screws. The on-the-fly tension adjustement is also great for increasing and reducing pressure as you move up and down in your training time. Highly recommended!


Great product. A little noisy if using a mountain bike like I am but otherwise, does a great job of allowing you to control the resistance, is VERY stable and has already provided me a great option for winter exercise.


Great bike trainer, so far so good. Has been everything I expected. Other users mentioned the directions not being the clearest I and found that to be true, but managed to get it together.


Great product! Great Price!!!


be sure to use a smooth tread tire on this or it will be noisy


Very easy to assemble. I have a road bike and with my smooth tires, my hub is louder than the trainer. Very easy to get the bike in and out of this. The front riser is cheap, but it works. You'd be insane to spend a cent more on anything else if you want to have a spin at home.


IT is more study then I expected, I am a big guy and I felt safe on it.


Good product.A little off balance even on a cement garage floor. One of the legs needed to be shimmied up to make it sturdy.Instruction a little confusing specially concerning the part to replace the back axel which did not seem to need it!


Other than instructions being very vague, I am happy with my trainer!


works ok


Works great, recommend getting a training tire.


I get a quiet ride because I have a smooth rear tire. The trainer itself makes very little noise. This trainer holds the bike very steady. It appears to be strong and well built. Easy to assemble with the easy to follow instructions. Tools are provided.


So far it's working great. I'm a larger lady so I don't feel 100% steady on this thing but I know that's mostly me projecting and the fact that we couldn't get the axel off the cheap cruiser bike I bought to go along with the trainer. All told it's working as expected.


Five stars for the product, three-to-four if I consider the instructions. It took me a while to get it set up because the instructions are not that good. As a professional technical writer, maybe I'm being picky. I did get it together after some futzing around and it does operate fine for me.A quick-release for the rear wheel is almost essential. At first I tried to set up an old 10-speed bike only to discover that I couldn't mate it to the trainer without some major surgery on the rear axle, which has no quick-release. So, I installed my 27-speed bike instead. Some reviewers complained about the noise, but It did not seem excessive to me; I could hear my DVD movie just fine.The product arrived in a timely fashion and in good shape.


This is my first experience with this type of product. It was easy to assemble. I find it to be very stable, appreciate the resistant levels, easy to adjust resistance, and super convenient to load and unload my bike. We purchased this product to provide an inclement weather option to continue with exercise and training for arthritis releif. It was a quick adjustment to learn the rhythm cycle as the resistance was changed. I am still adjusting to the sound created by my nubby tires. It is annoying and loud at times, other times, I just block it out and concentrate on my ride.


This is a wonderful piece of equipment. Since I bought it for my husband's birthday, he has used it every day, as has my son and, me, too! The company shipped it so fast, we could hardly believe it. And, it took only a short bit of time for the guys to put it together. It's great and fun to use. Happy exercising!


Its really good looking unit, the picture does not give it justice. The mount is sturdy, quick release seems superior to any on of the units I have seen so far. The adjustment works smooth, and the noise is not too bad. I am using it on a one gear road bike, with road tires. For the money its really good bang for the buck.


Good price. Fast shipping. Easy set up. I am looking forward to keeping in shape this winter. Thanks!


This is my first bike trainer. I've owned it for several weeks now and I absolutely enjoy it. I'm one of those people who scans reviews before making a purchase, and this trainer was not the cheapest, but it was the least expensive one that has the best rating.This trainer works on both quick release and track bolt hubs. It also includes the riser block and you can't beat the free shipping. It's quiet and provides plenty of resistance.While riding a trainer can become very boring, I found several videos on YouTube than are designed for trainer workouts and really help with the boredom. I would definitely recommend this trainer and would purchase another one.


The product arrived promptly and was easy to set up. Everything you need to be riding within minutes is included. So far I really enjoy being able to stay active inside when it starts to get colder outside.


awesome product, Tommy shipped to arrive promptly. I would have no hesitation to purchase from this company again. Took maybe 10 minutes to set up once out of the carton, easy to adjust and gives a good workout. The reviews regarding the noise to me is unfounded


What a great piece of equipment! The quality is exceptional, the bike stand is very stable, and the price is great. I use my bike on the stand several days a week and love that it allows me to continue to ride all year long.


I love my new bike trainer. So easy to put together. Much better than Froza trainer I had.


I've used this a couple of times now, and I'm really pleased with it. It works great with my bike, and the resistance definitely adds difficulty. There really weren't very good instructions included, but I figured it out by looking at the pictures.


Great product, shipped quickly. My husband loves it!


This is a great trainer for me! It set up very easily and works great! It had easy to follow instructions. It also had extra parts to use to fit other bicycles, but my bike didn't need them. I've had it for a month and a half and it works great. The price is great. I've seen used ones go for much higher. Highly recommend!


Works reasonably well, but is clearly a starter trainer. Variable resistance is fairly useless, just use your bike gears to do this. is very stable, don't have any inclination that i am going to fall over. The instructions are bad, but there is very little to it, so fairly easy to figure out. I saw a bunch of reviews talking about coming with an axle and a spacer to prop up the front tire, mine came with none of these. not a big deal as i don't need them, but a miss.


Smooth, pretty quiet and it works perfectly


Works great! I just need a quieter tire.


Relatively easy set up. Moderate noise--using a mountain bike but with a smooth tire. Using the tension dial and the gears on the bike in tandem for a challenging "ride." I rigged my bike computer to register miles.Shipped in a timely fashion with no issues. Comes with a plastic piece for the front tire. Works exactly the way I had in mind. Looking forward to beginning the next riding season without that "get in shape" delay. Would recommend it.


Excellent for avoiding the travel and cost of physical therapy after knee surgery. Doctor prescribed bike riding as a good home remedy. 3 weeks post surgery and all is well.


This bike trainer is very quiet and stable with my bike. I read that some people did not like the noise it makes. It may not be the trainer making the noise, but instead the type of tires on the bike. My bike has tires that have a small tight tread pattern. My wife's bike has tires designed for riding on dirt and grass. Her tires make more noise than mine.


Very quiet, easy to use, and the price was right. I have no complaints at all and would recommend this to anyone.


It seems to be exactly what I need to get some practice in when the weather is bad or the game is on. Also my wife really enjoys it as well. For us it is a great beginner level intro into what seems to be some very expensive type indoor trainer with all the extras. This had all we needed and after about 10 minutes of putting it together we both were vying to take turns trying it out. It helps to have a bike with a rear quick release axle. That took me literally 20 seconds to switch out mine and I was ready to go. Overall I am very pleased with how much it cost and what it will provide for me. I say if you're looking to go on the cheap side this is a perfect starter trainer.


I received the BIke Lane Protrainer much sooner that estimated delivery; it was very easy to assemble, quiet when riding. This is an excellent product made of heavy materials, yet not too heavy to lift and move to another location. So thankful I can improve my cardiovascular health anyday of the week or time of the day; much better than going to the gym. Wonderful!!!!!!


Works great! Easy assembly


Good product. It arrived on time. I am satisfied.


Setup:Got this last week. It took me about 20 minutes assemble to set up the first time. Once I had the bike mounted I noticed I would need to use the metal axle which they included, as mine has plastic caps which look too weak to hold the weight. I replaced the axle within 5 minutes but then noticed the new axle was about about half an inch too long beyond the nut, not allowing the butterfly nuts to get a good grip on the axle. I cut the metal axle to length which took another 5 minutes and it seems to be working great now. The stand holds the bike in place firmly. Setting the bike on the trainer takes no longer than 2 minutes which I don't consider too much of a hassle.Thoughts:I'm happy I got it, quality seems to be good and it looks like it will last a good while. All tools and parts needed were included except the saw I used to cut the provided axle to length. The resistance mechanism is smooth and doesn't make much noise (the sound it makes is a low pitched whine). I would be comfortable riding it without worrying about the neighbors downstairs.There are a couple of things that would make it slightly better. First, it should include a locking mechanism to lock the legs in place when they are unfolded. Currently they they don't like to stay in place when mounting the bike and tend to slide toward each other together. Once the bike is mounted this isn't an issue, but it just makes the mounting process a little more annoying than it could be and it could be easily fixed with a locking mechanism. Secondly, even after setting the bike's gears and the trainer's settings to provide the most resistance, it doesn't seem to simulate more than about a 20 degree incline. It's fine for most purposes, but it won't be able to provide the full resistance you would find in a gym bike.


This trainer is very sturdy. Resistance levels are perfect for beginner. The trainer even worked om my wife's 650x23c tires.


Simple to assemble and setup with my Giant Cypress. Love being able to ride and watch TV away from the heat and gnats. Unit is quiet and well made.


Excellent product, Excellent price. Stable, simple and whisper quiet. I can only guess that other reviewers who complain about noise or instability, did not read and follow the simple instructions. If you have absolutely zero mechanical knowledge, you may want to get help assembling this, but if you can fix a flat tire on a bike, you should have the ability to assemble this even without instructions. Now if I could just get the motivation to use it every day!


It is a little loud but worth it. I do have a mountain bike with aggressive treads so I know why it is loud. Action is smooth and I keep the tension mechanism at the highest level and just use the bicycle gears for increased tension. Some reviews said it was difficult to put together. It took me all of 15 minutes to assemble so I think the other reviews were a little harsh. Great product and fast delivery.


Pretty good quality for the $. Works pretty good with my bike and the resistance is formidable. Easy to assemble and operate. I recommend it.


This sucker is REALLY LOUD, but very effective. I can take my regular bicycle and bring it inside rather than buying an exercise bike. I like that you can adjust the resistance and fold up the trainer when not in use. I liked this so well that I bought a second one for my in-laws for the holidays, and they like it, too.


The trainer was shipped quickly to my address and the installation was rather easy. The noise is a bit loud but not overwhelming. I would recommend this trainer for the comparable ease of use and cost.


Great product, instructions may have lacked a bit but still relatively easy to put together. Mounted the bike and started riding and its fairly noisy but not as loud as units I've used in the past so that was nice. I'd recommend the product to a friend.


The trainer works great so far. It was pretty simple to mount my bike to the trainer. I have found its not to noisy. I can hear my TV or radio over it just fine. When I initially reviewed the comments before my purchase they made me uneasy but I decided to try it anyways. I really like the resistance shifter because it easily mounts and unmounts from my handle bars.Some reviews say there is little to no resistance my conclusion to most of those reviews was that they didn't probably mount the bike properly to make contact with the tire or they were advanced bikers that needed more resistance.


I love my trainer! Durable and easy to use! It was also very easy to assemble. I like that is pretty quiet and the price was good for the product.


im pretty much a novice rider (perhaps beginner rider, depending on who your are talking to) who used to ride several years ago, when i lived the city, but upon leaving my old bike and city behind, i kinda just stopped riding. where i live now is a little more difficult to ride around, as its in the sticks and the roads are hilly and everything is so far away.bought a new road bike about a year ago, but realized i really needed to get back in the groove of riding again, not to mention strengthen my legs for the hillier terrain, so the bike has pretty much sat for a year:( so i decided to look for a trainer to get reacquainted.ive had this trainer for a little over a week now, and really like it so far. i did some research and figured that it was very reasonably priced for a magnetic trainer and had the tension adjuster that i was looking for too. for me i think its perfect. im not a pro or nothing at riding so wasnt looking to spend upwards of 300 for a kinetic shipped on time, with all its parts intact, was easy to assemble, and isnt as loud as i thought it was going to be based on some of the reviews. the tension adjustment is a little more subtle than i was expecting, but that aint really that big a deal with the handle bar shifters. the instructions were short and sweet; didnt really need anything more from them considering the easy assembly. id highly recommend this to anyone considering just trying to get some extra exercise, and has a bike sitting around not being used. its a lot nicer than buying a clunky stationary bike...the trainer is collapsible:) good buy, for sure!


Setup is very easy and straitforwardThere are 3 different kinds of trainers:Air resistance,Fluid resistance,andMagnetic resistance which this trainer is.I have used the expensive fluid resistance trainer and for me this one is just about the same.If you are looking to ride indoors and get some exercise than this will do quite nicely!The progressive resistance of fluid trainers is nice but I am just trying to go on a 30 minute ride indoors without killing the bank and this worked out quite nicely!


The trainer arrived on time and works perfectly. I con't believe I got such an excellent trainer for such a low price.


I'm very happy with the trainer thus far, it is relatively quiet, easy to set up, folds up nicely to store and allows me to workout quickly and conveniently. My only critique is that the add on stump for the front tire to sit on is made of cheap plastic and has imploded but I can still use the trainer. For the price I'm happy with the purchase.


I needed some indoor training for the MS-150 this year as I did not have the necessary time to go for all of the training rides. I do not have anything to compare with so I cannot comment on any comparable rating. However, this unit seems to be all that this needed and it is stable and easy to use. The instructions were not great, but if you think about it for a while there are not too many options so you will get around to the right way. The bike goes on very easy and its easy to tighten up and lock the twist knobs. The workmanship is not great but it's enough for a stable grip and great at the price. The roller is smooth and the resistance knob can be mounted on the handle bar and works well. All in all seems like a solid product at a great price. I have only used it a little so I cannot comment on durability but nothing I've seen would indicate it would fail anytime soon.


The trainer works great. I just need to use it more. :-) There is some sound with it, but its not overbearing and I would not expect it to be silent.


I took on bicycling as a new hobby this past summer and really loved the exercise. Toward the end of an especially cold winter this year, I was lamenting the fact that I had not ridden in almost 4 months and I discovered that Indoor Bicycle Trainers existed. I immediately ordered this one and have been very happy with my purchase.Although the instructions were somewhat cryptic, it was not much trouble to assemble and less than 30 minutes from opening the box, I had my bike locked into it and have used it for 30-45 minutes a day ever since. I really prefer it to biking outdoors, since the stationary aspect of the bike ensures that I get constant pedaling activity without coasting or stopping for traffic. It's sturdy, looks more expensive than it is, folds and puts away neatly, and putting the bike into it takes less than a minute. If you are considering a solid beginner's trainer, I recommend this one.


This is a sturdy piece of equipment. I use it often and have no real issues with the noise. It could be considered loud if you are really sensitive to noises and they grate on you after awhile. I can still hear my music with or without my headphones. This is a perfect alternative when the temps reach 100 degrees plus in my neck of the woods. I am by no means a hardcore cyclist. Just someone who finds it an enjoyable cardio alternative to running.


It does exactly what it is supposed to do. Quiet, simple setup, and good performance. I would definitely recommend it.


Absolutely love this product, can adjust height and resistance, but best of all.....biking indoors! No reason to skip an exercise because of weather...rain, ice, snow, or just plain hot and muggy, always able to hop on and go!


Sturdy, quiet, adjustable..For what I paid this is a steal.If they have this for eighty and prime shipping, do not hesitate. Amazing value


I've had this product for a month and it works well. Instructions were clear with the exception on how much tension should be applied to the tire. After the first workout I set gears to the least amount of effort and moved the tension adjustment on the magnetic resistor to just touch the tire. I workout through the gears and use the the 6 position selector when I want more resistance. I added a Cateye Wireless Urban Computer Model CC-VT220W to monitor workout. ( mounted the sensor to the rear tire frame and the computer to the cross bar - max distance apart is 27").


After reading other reviews I decided to purchase this trainer for winter riding, Very easy to assemble and lightweight. Moderate noise, nothing listening to my ipod cannot cancel out. Great product for the price


I purchased the trainer for my son as a Christmas present because he liked mine so much. Now that he has it is is a daily routine to get on the trainer and ride for an hour a day, with the 6 levels of adjustment it really gives him the work-out he desires. Some have said that the wheel falls out of the trainer, he has found that to be untrue, you just have to make sure that once you get the wheel set in position that you slide the locks all the way towards the wheel on both sides and this will not happen. I have recommended this to my friends and they loved mine so go for it.


I read the good reviews and found this one to be slightly more but with the varying resistance feature. Now that I've been using it, I have to say that it has exceeded my expectations. I was just trying to avoid the colder, dark winter mornings and found that the trainer has me using my up, back forward muscles much more due to the lack of momentum. Quick, easy and solid as a rock.


Its quiet, the shifting cable is a little goofy if you want to increase resistance. easy to set up and apply your bike




This is a great product for the price. If you are looking for a good trainer without paying the hefty price then this is the one for you. There are more features on some of the other trainers, but this one gets the job done.


It is quiet and easy to put together. It has good resistance. It doesn't take up a lot of space.


This is an amazing and reasonable starting trainer that I brought to use indoors during the winter. It's fantastic with 5 different resistance levels.Unlike some of the prior reviews, my package came with a riser and tools/accessories to help one finish the set up. The packaging is simple and well shipped. However, the one drawback in my product was the lack of instructions on how to set this trainer up. It provided instructions about the mounting of the bicycle, but did not provide any instructions on assembly. Although it is fairly easy to figure it out, it might have save me the time had the assembly instructions were included.


Nice product. Seems to be just what I wanted. Not too loud, Sturdy. Some nice additional items like skewer and riser. Was well packaged and delivered in a timely manner.


Great product for the price. Can't beat riding indoors out of the cold. Love that it's lightweight and easily stored. Very durable.


This looks like a great trainer for the price. However, I had to return it because it was missing the skewer and riser in the box and the description said it "included" both of those.UPDATE!!! - I received a replacement trainer, this trainer really is a great trainer for the money! I also received a newer version than the last one.