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3 ft

2/3 Feet Tabletop Unlit Christmas Tree in Burlap Base

Are you looking for a tiny Christmas tree which can be put in the corner of your room as a beautiful potting? This is the best choice for you!
Overall Rating:
113 Reviews
Item No: 92307615
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Key Features

● Eco-friendly Material: The blades of this Christmas tree are made from high-quality PVC material, which not only makes the tree looks more real and more full but also adds the anti-crush capacity to the tree.
● Cement Stand: For the small dimensions of the trunk of the tree, the Goplus Christmas tree uses a cement stand instead of cheap plastic or metal frame stand, and cover with a linen cloth. Through this design, all we want to achieve is to add the stability of the tree and protect your floor.
● Unlit Tree: This is an unlit tree, except for the full branches and blades, there no extra decorations on the tree. We leave the imaginations of decorating to you and your family.
● Easy Setup: To finish the assembly of this tree it requires only a few steps, after putting branches and cement stand together, all the tree requires you to do is straighten out the branches, so the tree will achieve the best effect.
● Perfect for Outdoor and Indoor: With a sturdy cement stand this Christmas tree makes it possible that put the tree in a beautiful potting, just like a real small tree in the corner of your room or on your table. When you put it outdoor, it can stay straight even in the wind.


    If you looking for a tiny Christmas tree that can be put in the corner of your room as a beautiful potting, this is the best choice for you!


    Burlap bag base not only adds stability to the tree but also can be easy to put into a potting. The blades of our Christmas tree are made from eco-friendly PVC material, which makes the tree is absolutely safe even to babies and also adds anti-crush capacity to the tree. No assembly required, all you need to do is straighten out the branches, so the tree will achieve the best effect.


    If you are looking for the Christmas tree. Don't hesitate to buy it!


    • Brand new and high quality
    • Small Christmas tree suit for many places
    • No assembly required
    • High classic PVC material makes the branches look more real and more full
    • Burlap bag base can provide stability, perfect for potting
    • The unlit design doesn't limit your imagination about decorating your tree
    • Decorated things showed in the pictures are not included
    • Color: Green
    • Material: PVC
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Christmas tree
    • 1 x Instruction  
    • 2 FT:
    • Overall Dimensions: Φ1.2' x 2' H
    • Height: 2 Ft
    • Net weight: About 2 lbs
    • 3 FT:
    • Overall dimensions: Φ1.6' x 3' H
    • Height: 3 Ft
    • Net weight: About 3 lbs
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Easy to set up. Color is good.


It was exactly what I wanted. Full of limbs like a full size Christmas Tree. Love it.


A nice tree with many uses. It has a weighted base that makes it easy to place. It worked well for my antique truck craft project.


I bought this for the coming Christmas, it is not hard to set up and looks very good.


Fits on the entertainment center next to the TV. All the spaces fill in when you stretch them out and it's a perfect, cute lil tree. Standard holiday lights work perfect on it and don't look out of place. 10/10 for apartments.


Love this little tree, it is nicely shaped and easy to set up.


Tree is full but a rather fake green


All day, every day decoration year round but not sure if I will now. It's a pain to keep it standing. Always topples over.


Size - I was looking for small


Perfect for my child's room


When I received it the trees were crooked and wouldn’t stand up straight after we straitened them out they were fine very full fluffy tree for the price I would definitely buy more of these


As a table top tree


Fits very well on fire place! It’s quite as full as it looks in pictures, but nonetheless a great Christmas addition!


I can't use it until I fix it. Tree and base were not joined together when I unpacked it


Our house is small, and a large tree is in the way. I love this little 3' tree that fits perfectly on the piano.


The little tree is shaped nicely, but it leans to one side and a slight breeze will topple it over. It is also only about half as full as depicted in the photo.


Perfect 3 ft. Baby Christmas tree for our front stoop / entrance area! A 100-light string fits perfectly in it.


The tree is only 3ft tall and the bottom is just bare with no branches. It is total 4ft but bare 1ft to the stand.


Right size for preschoolers to decorate


Great size but base isn't heavy enough to keep it from falling over. Also, it's super scraggly, not at all like the picture. We're going to cover it with lights and put a sandbag on the base and hope for the best.


Not as full as I was looking for. And the bottom isnt as flat so it wabbles alot.


So glad I selected this cute Christmas tree. Just beautiful.


Good table top tree, but wish base was not so wobbly. Base is heavy enough, so not really sure why it's a


A great replacement for the "real tree". It was all I was looking for.


Love this cute tree, perfect size. I just ordered a pack of those battery fairy lights for it and was a good length for the tree.


cute little tree that you can keep up aall year






Seems very sturdy. It’s quite full. I’m glad I bought it.


I put small ornaments and lights and its just like having a big tree but small


Love the size, exactly what I was looking for, the branches are not too separated and the base is heavy enough so that the tree doesn't tip over, good price as well, very happy.


Great tree for an empty nester. We managed to decorate it very nicely


Perfect little tree. Nicely put together. Exactly as pictured


Great little table top tree


Can't complain. Spend a little time fluffing and you will be happy with this little tree.


Decent tree for the price. I filled the bare spots with artificial flowers to make it seem fuller. It’s not that sturdy and I had to reinforce the base. If you find one similarly priced. Go with the one that has a sturdier base.


Not sure why others had issues with balance. Cute little tree. Can't use heavy ornaments.


This tree was used to decorate my now living room classroom.


Good little tree for the price! The base could be a little sturdier and I wouldn’t be upset with a few more branches, but I don’t regret this purchase at all and would recommend.


I like the size of the tree. It's nice and full. The only problem is that the base is so small that the tree is really wobbly. I found a ceramic pot to set it in to give it more stability.


This tree is very full. Well worth every penny


I read the other reviewers who stated that the tree came a little lopsided upon arrival, mine did too but like the pliable branches, you can adjust the “trunk” too. The branches are thick, and of comparable quality to a higher-end 6-ft artificial version I own. This (3ft) tree is great for small spaces (i.e. a tv console). All in all, great value for the price- can’t wait to decorate after Thanksgiving.


I wanted to get a small tree for each of my kiddos for their rooms and these fit the bill perfectly. I didn’t want ones with built in lights because I’ve gone through three big ones in the past 15 years and I loathe the idea of them having such a short lifespan only to end up in the landfill. I wanted something my kids could use each year and then take with them for their dorm room or first apartment as they grow. I always had a tree in my room growing up (though it was real because we lived in the middle of nowhere and it was an easy thing to get) and I want my kids to love Christmas as much as me. Some reviews stated that the base was less than sturdy, but I figured I could remedy that problem easily enough and make them more festive in the process, but the three I purchased are perfectly sturdy. I did have to trim the burlap a bit but I didn’t mind. All in all I am pretty happy with my purchase. My only disappointment is that I couldn’t purchase trees that were made in the good old USA. There are American based companies that sell trees, but alas, the trees themselves are still made in China.


It's perfect and full! My only complaint is the sturdiness as when I got it the tree was not secure to the base and I had to go out and buy gorilla glue to fix it. Otherwise the thickness is great and good value for money.


A little chinsee looking but it was ok for what I needed


Well I've read many of the previous reviews, and I can say mine is perfect.Let me take a moment to answer some questions that others had, and were getting some misinformation. The tree actually measures 3 feet from the bottom of the burlap base, to the top peak limb of the tree. The actual diameter is correct.. 1.6 feet. The tree "trunk" was perfectly centered in it's base. So there is no leaning, or problems of it standing safely on it's own. While the base is not very large, it is sturdier than you would think. But don't place this near high foot traffic, or where it will be disturbed often. Again, it stands safely on it's own, but use common sense where you place it. The tree is very full, and nice color. I'm very happy with my purchase, and I would buy it again.


Great looking tree, not skimpy at all! Looks nice and full like the picture.


I gave this tree as an apartment warming gift, and for someone that wants to be festive but doesn’t have the room, this tree is a great size! It looks perfect on a table, or countertop. Holds enough ornaments to decorate!


Good size for small spaces, but it wobbles and leans. Okay for the money.


Perfect size for us, we decorated it with lights and were able to to put it back in the box with the lights on it. Easy to store and pull back out when the holidays come around again!


Excellent in all regards.


After years and years of being the 7 foot tall Christmas tree kind of gal, this was such a nice change. It was up an decorated in 15 minutes, taken down and thrown in a closet in 5. I will never do a big tree again.


With a puppy in the house this Christmas, I opted for this little tree. It's absolutely perfect! It will be a permanent addition to my growing collection of Christmas decor.


It leans to the side not straight


Used for ornaments from an advent calendar


The size I needed


Fit the need this year next year I will donate it and go bigger.


Happy with purchase


I’ve owned this for two Christmas’! Love my little tree


Quite nice for the price. Once you decorate it.. the really fake look will be masked.


Very pretty tree upon delivery. Beautiful once decorated. I would definitely buy again.


I love this little tree! It’s perfect for my entry table. It was very easy to set up - just take it out of the box and fluff it up a little. I added some white lights and mini ornaments and it’s really lovely. I also appreciated the excellent customer service that I received when we ran into a shipping issue. Overall this is a great tabletop tree and I’m glad I got it!


Exactly what I was looking for!


Great little table tree. Great for the holidays season. Its small enough for a normal table. You can decorate it how ever you like. So great buy


It's such an absolutely beautiful tree. It came packaged in a compact box but everything was in great condition. The branches were so easy to fluff out. The tree is also lightweight, easy to maneuver, and I really like it plain. I bought it for a photoshoot and my 6 month old daughter really enjoyed touching it as I unboxed it. It also does not wobble around. I love the burlap root.


Perfect little tree


small cute tree. there are many branches. it is dense.


Perfect size for a tabletop tree. Looks great


Pleasantly Surprised. Nice real looking needles and branches. The greens and browns of the stems make it more authentic looking. Good size for table in small Apt but still big enough to hang some nice heavy decorations on. Good weight on bottom so it won't fall over.


Such a sturdy , cute little tree. The weighted burlap covered bottom really is much better than the typical stand.


I ordered this 2-foot tree just to have something easy to set up and later store, since my health precludes my running to the basement and dragging up my 6-foot tree with all its ornaments. When I received this tree, I was surprised at how small the box was, but the tree was the size I expected, so that makes for good storage. Also, I was delighted to discover how full and well shaped the tree was, plus I appreciate the weighted base that holds the tree steady without any wobbling. I was expecting something cheap whose lack of branches I would have to compensate for with ornaments and lights, but this tree is the best I could want! I gave it a 5-star rating because I really don't think there is any way to improve on it.The first attached photo shows the tree when I was setting it up before I added ornaments. The lights are fairy light sized. The other photo shows the tree in daylight (no fairy lights) so you can see how attractively full it is. The ornaments vary between 1/2" and 1.5" (to give you an idea of scale).


Great for a little apartment that doesn't have room for a full tree.


Reasonable quality at a realistic price and fit for purpose


Really pleased with this little tree, well made lots of branches to decorate


It’s a very cute tree, was just the size I was looking for and was easy to set up. My cats knocked it over and the tree came out of its base though. It was a pain to get back in the base every time my cats knocked it over. I like how it looks a lot, but it’s not the most durable. It would probably be just fine though if you don’t have little kids or pets.


The bottom isn’t very sturdy so you can’t put very many ornaments on it but nice looking tree


Very cute. It folds down in the box it came in. It does not have many lights though.


As in title.


Nice little tree batteries last a long time for this tree..


I looked at several in person & on line. This tree holds many small ornaments, plus 2 small strings of lights. Didn’t fall over; easy to put back in box


I liked this tree! It’s been sitting on our table for weeks and it has stayed together. When we first got it, it seemed a bit unstable and I worried it might fall but it hasn’t.


I have a 7ft tree and a new kitten. It was small enough to get out of reach and it’s pretty.


Perfect tabletop tree for the office


Cute small xmas tree but the base could be heavier. I had to anchor it to use outside in my flower pots


This is actually a great little tree!! We were getting tired of hauling out the bigger tree, then having to put it all away.. this way we can still put out the most memorable ornaments, with a lot less effort! And more room for people!!!


this tree is so awesome just right for my home


Great small tree for compact space.


This was exactly what I was wanting for outside on our porch! easily to assem ,works perfect in a little wooden crate to style it!


It is a cute little tree with a nice base. Very easy to assemble. Looks great in my office!


I absolutely adore this tree. It's so cute and perfect for our apartment! The price is definitely worth it. Adds a nice touch of Christmas to my home. If you get this tree and find that it's too bare you have to adjust the branches and it looks great.


Very nice looking very easy to put up!


Perfect little tree! There is no assembly required. All the branches are just folded up. Easy to readjust and fiddle with to make it look as really as possible. Good amount of branches, didn’t look barren or bald anywhere before putting the lights and ornaments on. Quality little tree that seems like I can reuse and get good use out of for years to come. $28 well spent.


What I was expecting...


The goplus 3 ft. Christmas tree has been a an optimal purchase for my 2 bedroom apartment. The size and it’s sturdy base make it possible to Stand with great balance. Definetly a purchase to recommend given the price.


I purchased the 3' unlit tree. Came quickly, already assembled, all I had to do was fluff the branches and add my decorations. The base is solid enough that it doesn't tip. Looks great in my small space


Super easy setup, take a minute to spread all the branches and it looks just as full as the picture.


This is a small and very nice Christmas tree, exactly what we are looking for. I would recommend this tree as it is good looking. Recommend.


Not bad for the price.


I have not used this tree,as I bought it after Christmas for next year. That being the case any review I would give at this tie would be limited!


Great and cute! Only thing is that it stands crooked. Like not straight up, but at an angle.


Arrived on time. setup was easy and it is just what I wanted.


Perfect size for our sofa table. Looked festive with small LED lights


Great little tree!


Was fuller than most small trees.


I liked how full and complete the tree looked after it was done. There is really nothing not to like.


It was very nice, but my husband bought one bigger, and I must say, more real.


Love this little tree. Perfect size, and very full without been overly full. Ya wouldn't think so to look at the base of it,but it stands very well on it's own. I put 100 Mini Lights on it,rope and mini bulbs and other ornaments. It was beautiful ! Looks very realistic !


This tree it not as full as the one pictured in the ad. BUT, if you take the time and patience to spread and position the branches carefully, it comes close. The branches are sturdy enough to hold lights and ornaments without sagging. The only drawback is it is closer to 4&1/2 ft than 5. Still, I would say this is an excellent tree for the price.


Satisfactory. Less full than more expensive ones but economy over desire is sometime most prudent.


Sounded like it would be easier to put together. It wasnt bad though. Looks a little bare but for the price thats expected.


This is easy to install. Great view and it’s small size for table or counter. It was almost the same as the picture showed.


Perfect Christmas tree. Can open and spread the branches how I wish. Perfect for youth to easily assemble, spread branches, spin while adding string lights, and sturdy enough for holding many ornaments. Perfect for those wanted to save $$$ and on a budget. Looks great! A couple of branches did come off. Expected that. Just wrapped them around the metal arms inside to hide the thick wire. Need a very light star or ornament topper. I used a shop stick and wrapped the branch to hide the stick and worked perfectly.


Very nice tree so easy to put together. I felt it was on the smaller side but in a good way. However I don’t know much about sizes of artifical trees this was my first one.