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  • Electric Warming Tray Food Dish Warmer
  • Electric Warming Tray Food Dish Warmer
  • Electric Warming Tray Food Dish Warmer
  • Electric Warming Tray Food Dish Warmer
  • Electric Warming Tray Food Dish Warmer
  • Electric Warming Tray Food Dish Warmer
  • Electric Warming Tray Food Dish Warmer
  • Electric Warming Tray Food Dish Warmer
  • Electric Warming Tray Food Dish Warmer
  • Electric Warming Tray Food Dish Warmer
Electric Warming Tray Food Dish Warmer

Electric Warming Tray Food Dish Warmer

The stainless steel warming tabletop serves a good hot plate to heat your food with baking sheets, casserole dishes or any other heat-resistant cookware in your kitchen.

Overall Rating:
16 Reviews
Item No: 18245076
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Key Features

Family Size Warming Tray: The 21" x 16" stainless top panel food warmer can accommodate several dishes at one time and can be greatly placed on any table countertop or buffet. The size enables it to be appropriate for your family dinner, Sunday football gatherings, holiday meals or any other big parties and events.
Adjustable Temperature Control: The temperature control knob has three settings including high, mid and low. These three settings make it easy to quickly heat up your food and stably keep warm and prevent this electric tray from overheating so that your food can be kept warm throughout all day with the temperature within 266 ℉+/-50 ℉. It can also be adjusted to a high temperature to heat your appetizers quickly.
Stainless Steel Top & Four Feet: The stainless steel top offers spacious space for you to heat or warm your food in dishes. Featuring a smooth and sleek surface, it is easy to maintain clean and brand new. Four feet make the tray avoid directly touch with stuff so it can be greatly placed on any table or buffet.
Safe Cool Side Handles: Two handles are firmly assembled at two sides of the electric warming tray. They bring you much convenience to move or transport the tray as well as protect your hands while the tray is heating or warming.
Ideal for Entertainment: This electric warming tray is a great tool for any cooking collection. The hot plate is perfectly used for buffets, parties, holidays and more. It is suitable for many food containers such as all heat-safe cookware, bake-ware, aluminum or glass baking pans, casserole dishes, pots and pans etc.


    The stainless steel warming tabletop serves a good hot plate to heat your food with baking sheets, casserole dishes or any other heat-resistant cookware in your kitchen. 


    While your dishes are heated up to high temperatures, the cool-touch side carry handles enable you to safely and conveniently transport your food and the warming tray. The temperature control knob has three settings including high, medium, low to control temperature and prevent overheating while heating and warming. High-quality stainless steel ensures reliability and long-lasting use.


    It will be a good choice for your family dinner or gathering! Just buy it home now


    • Spacious stainless steel top panel holds any heat-resistant cookware such as baking sheets or casserole dishes
    • Three temperature settings make you easy to adjust the temperature to high, low and medium
    • Stain-resistant steel material is easy to clean and maintains sleek
    • Four feet ensure safe placement on any tabletop or counter
    • The energy-efficient design ensures low power consumption
    • Two sides cool-touch carry handles and lightweight bring convenience to move or transport food and warming tray
    • Suitable for various indoor or outdoor activities such as buffets, banquets, house parties, family dinner or gatherings
    • The red power indicator light clearly tells you if the electric warming tray is working
    • UL approved
    • Warming surface size: 21" x 16" (L x W)
    • Total dimensions(with handle): 24" x 16" x 2.5" (L x W x H)
    • Working temperature: 266℉+/-50℉
    • Housing construction material: Stainless steel
    • Heating element power: 250 watt
    • Power cord length: 3.3 ft
    • Power supply: 120 V
    • Package included:
    • 1 x Warming tray
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Had originally bought these (2) for the huge Christmas gathering we have, however 2020 had us enjoying a much smaller, just family holiday dinner. I did however have a chance to use them when the neighborhood set out an informal buffet for snow removal workers. The warming trays did a great job keeping the dishes and foil wrapped meatball subs warm, even with being used outside in the cold. We had them on a medium setting outside, so would likely use a low setting inside. On high, they seemed pretty darn hot to me, maybe not hot enough to cook on, but certainly hot enough to melt a plastic plate or burn a hand. On high I would only use pot or pans or baking dishes. They cleaned up quite nicely as well and look sleek and professional. The Rec Council Moms on my block have already ordered their own for next season's tailgates and fundraisers.


Works great to keep food warm. Holds two casserole dishes. Love that I can change temperature from low to high.


Love it. Work well and can adjust the temp.


They provided consistent heat and great space for all of my food. The set-up was extremely easy, take out of the box and plug in.This warmer works great and looks good. Easy to use. I am sure it will get another workout at the next party. Works like a charm and keeps food warm like it was intended to do! Love it!


I use this to rewarm food on the Jewish Sabbath (SHabbat). It does just what I want - warm the food, and keep it warm, without burning it. It's large enough to warm up food for a family, or guests. I can't speak to longevity yet, since I've only had it for a few months, but so far I am very pleased.Although it says it is safe to put it directly on a table or buffet, I put a heat-proof pad under it, just to make sure it doesn't harm my furniture. It would probably be fine without it, but why take chances?


It is perfect for my needs. You can put multiple dishes on it and it stays nice and warm. Perfect for a dinner party.


Outstanding for big family gatherings! Love this product!!


Love it


I love this! I was looking for something to use when we have potluck lunches at work, to warm up food, or keep the food warm. We cannot have anything with an open flame, so sterno was a no go. This works great. It is large, and will hold 2 or 3 casserole dishes, or 4 pots, depending on the size of the dish. It warms up pretty quick, and gets hot enough to actually warm up the food, as long as it hasn't been in the refrigerator, and will keep food warm on the low setting. Great for holiday lunches or potluck lunches. I am very happy with this purchase.


We bought three of these and one came without one of its foot caps. As directed, we attempted to contact the company several times to get a replacement cap, but received no response. We ended up using a peel and stick furniture pad on the foot with the missing cap. The review would have received five stars if we would have received a response and replacement foot cap from the manufacturer.We have used these trays for a number of family and group parties and picnics. They work great and keep food warm all day. Temperature is easily adjustable from barely warm to boiling. Takes some time to determine the right setting for certain foods because temperature is not marked on the tray, only Low, Med & High.We bought these warming trays because they are larger than most warming trays; each one will hold two large catering trays, which typically each have two Sternos to keep food warm. Now, no Sternos or water trays below the food, and we can adjust the temperature.We've had these trays for almost a year and have used them for pizza, meat dishes, hot dogs, burgers, pulled pork, chicken, pasta, warm vegtables and vegetable casseroles, pies, buns, rolls and other foods. We are very happy with the trays.


Spacious area to do about anything that needs to be kept warm. My purpose for buying this was to keep hard candy, such as peanut brittle, warm until I could get it spread out the thickness I need. This worked perfect!


My wife paints with encaustics (bees wax -at times heated to melting) and this was the answer to her previous hot plates and boiling water. It stays clean, keeps the right temperature and no water involved. Happy


I wanted something to keep casseroles warm on a buffet table where I would not have to worry about the sterno burner. When I searched for "warming tray" this was one of the items that popped up. I read the reviews, and appreciated the value. I wasn't sure how often I would use it, so didn't want to invest in a lot of money. This item hit all the dots. It kept two 13x9 casserole dishes warm. It did take up some space BUT not as much as a chaffing pan would have and the bonus was no sterno burners!!! I did buy two silicon mats that another reviewer recommended to keep the surface clean. So cleaning it was not an issue. I only used it the one time, so cannot speak to its durability. I think this is perfect for a buffet table with access to electrical outlet.


This was a sleek warmer that looked really nice. It is oversized but I still needed more food items warmed up than the warmer size so I loaded it up. Taking a tip from another reviewer, I covered it with a silicon baking sheet to avoid the scratches. It is pretty and I wanted it to stay looking that way but it looks like it could scratch easily. I wiped it down as it does not need washing when it's covered. I read reviews about warmers rusting (not this one in particular) but I did not want to wet it unnecessarily. The silicon definitely helped grip the aluminum trays but I think it may have interfered with the warming abilities.I did appreciate the warmer level dial in the front and ability to turn it off without having to unplug or undo my food set up. I don't know if it would warm unplugged because I didn't use it that way but I honestly do not see how it could. I did not think it got as hot as the 260+ degrees the booklet says it does when plugged so I'm doubtful of the warmth level it could reach unplugged. But I did have a silicon cover as well as every inch was covered by aluminum trays with food so it may have just been overloaded. Either way, I like the concept and it did keep food warm for 4+ hours throughout the duration of the party.Overall, it's pretty large so you'll want to have storage for it and I will definitely use it again at holiday time. It is definitely worth the purchase and my friends who came over loved it too so I will likely purchase it for them for Christmas.


This item is very attractive and works very well. It kept the buffet food for my party warm as advertised, and is big enough to hold a couple of large casseroles. I am very happy with this item.


I cook everyday for my family, most of time the food gets cold beforey my family gets back. This dish warmer tray keeps food hot when I prepare dinners, and it's very easy to use.