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7 Feet Kids Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

The recreational trampoline gives a wonderful childhood for your kids! This kids trampoline is made of the galvanized steel frame, which is sturdy and weather-resistant for long-term use.

Overall Rating:
48 Reviews
Item No: 62950718
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Key Features

● Maximum Safety Protection: Trampoline with 360° enclosure net and EPE foam protective sleeves strengthen the impact protection to prevent kids from being injured by accidental impact when jumping. The seamless design between the net and the mat keeps your kids from getting stuck in the gap.
● Strong Steel Structure: This trampoline is made of a galvanized rust-proof steel frame, which has a longer service life and provides a load-bearing capacity of up to 220lbs. The reinforced base with 3 U-shaped legs prevents the trampoline from tipping over, providing greater stability for your jumping.
● Superior Bounce Performance: The strong galvanized spring with good elasticity is not easy to deform, which gives your kids a great jumping experience. In addition, breathable PP jump pads provide superior bounce performance and a more comfortable experience.
● Indoor and Outdoor Activity Center: This weather-resistant kids trampoline is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, such as living room, kids room, backyard, kindergarten, etc. The 7ft round recreational trampoline gives kids enough space to play and provides an exciting activity center for them.
● Perfect Gift for Kids: The L-shaped double-sided zipper is easy and safe for your kids to enter. Frequent jumping will promote kids’ bone growth, strengthen their balance and coordination. In addition, this recreational trampoline allows kids to play with their friends to enjoy a fun time.


    The recreational trampoline gives a wonderful childhood for your kids! This kids trampoline is made of galvanized steel frame, which is sturdy and weather-resistant for long-term use.


    With 3 durable U-shaped legs, it gives a stable construction and provides a load-bearing capacity of up to 220bs. Besides, the 360 degree safety enclosure net provides kids with a safe and visible jumping environment. The EPE foam protective sleeves strengthen the impact protection to prevent kids from being injured by accidental impact when jumping. Moreover, all springs are covered with safety covers, eliminating the risk of children's hands or feet being caught in the gap. This kids recreational trampoline can not only allow kids to play with their friends to spend happy leisure time, but also make them fall into love with exercising and improve balance and coordination skills. Let your kids enjoy the jumping time!


    If you are looking for a trampoline like this, don't hesitate to place an order!


    • 3 U-shaped legs provide greater stability to prevent tipping over
    • No-gap design prevents kids from getting stuck
    • L-shaped double-sided zipper is easy for kids to access to the trampoline
    • Weather-resistant trampoline suitable for indoor and outdoor
    • 360° enclosure net and EPE foam protective sleeves gives a safe sports environment
    • Heavy springs have better elasticity and deformation resistance
    • Breathable PP jump pads provide superior bounce performance
    • Rust-resistant galvanized steel frame for longer service time
    • Frequent jumping help to strengthen their balance and coordination capacity
    • Color: Yellow/blue/green
    • Material: Galvanized steel, PP, EPE, PE
    • Product size: 7' x 7' x 6' (L x W x H)
    • Net weight: 50 lbs
    • Weight capacity: 220 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x 7ft kids trampoline
    • 1 x User’s manual
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


I ordered yellow/green but received yellow/blue. The company requested that I take pictures and SEND THE ENTIRE TRAMPOLINE BACK instead of just the blue foam noodles.
I decided that I would just buy new noodles myself (um, expensive since it's not summer). I also ended up adding some fake flowers and an elastic bedskirt to make it look more girly.
I put it together in about one hour with periodic help during the frame assembly, which almost requires two sets of hands.
It easily supports my youngest daughters (ages 18mo and 3yrs) and I can climb in to grab stuff at 115lbs but I personally wouldn't jump in it just in case.
- Great value
- Easy to assemble
- Easily fits 2 small children
- Poor customer service
If you don't care if they pack the wrong color foam padding, then I definitely recommend it.


Was sent the wrong color. Our grandbabies love it and it gives them some fun when its too cold outside. Till spring it works well indoors.


Todo me agrado


My kids and I are really enjoying this product. My main concern was obviously safety, so I spent a lot of time reading reviews of a wide variety of indoor trampolines. This trampoline fits perfectly in the basement which has just under 8 foot ceilings. My four year old and 20 month old sons are having a blast. It is our go to indoor game during the cold winter. We’ve only had it for about a week, so I can’t say much yet about how it olds up with time, but I am impressed with the safety features. The netting has been sturdy and the interior spring covers are well built. We haven’t had a foot go through at all. The zipper is well built and easy enough for both children to open and close. The only scary part was figuring out how to get out. We actually ended up using the box it came in as a sort of step for both kids to use as a stair. Then we just have some blankets around the bottom since the basement is cement.
This indoor trampoline is well built and has great safety features. Definitely an activity that needs constant supervision, so there is no jumping without an adult. It fits two smaller children and myself easily, but 3 or more rambunctious ones would probably be too much for the size. I would say two children max to keep it safe.


This tool about an hour to set up while 16 weeks pregnant. The instructions were easy to follow but it’s a time consuming process. My 2 year old LOVES to jumpy jumpy. It is stable but I would not have more than 3 toddlers on at one time. It is not the most stable in my opinion


Well built for.price, would be 5 stars if there was a way to keep it from getting blown on its side during heavy wind. It's hard to move indoors when the forecast is windy. We live near ocean so it happened so frequently that I finally strapped it to the base of a tree.


I love how sturdy this trampoline is and the colors are great! The only thing I don't like is that since I placed it on cement, it slides around. I'm sure it works so much better on grass. Overall, it is a great product and I highly recommend it.


Perfect for my 4, 6, and 9 year old. We don’t have a huge yard so this is perfect. The three of them can jump together but it’s less crowded if only two jump. They LOVE this thing. Sturdy, easy to assemble, and so much fun. Hours of fun!


We bought this for our sons 3rd bday party. We celebrated out on the dessert riding our can ams and actually built this there. It is super easy to assemble. It was a little bigger than we thought but the kids loved it, it fit about 4 toddlers no problem. It is super sturdy and has a zipper to open and close for extra safety definitely recommend.


It’s perfect for my grand daughter!!


My grandchildren ages ten to three love it. My four grandchildren who live with me are on it every day and the others when they visit run to get on it.


Well made


Kids have even more fun with it than we expected!


Instructions weren’t completely clear


My kids love love their trampoline we have it set up in a bedroom. The only thing I would change is the zipper so you have to remind the kids to step out not slide out because it pulls on the bottom lip


Myself and my daughter have the best time on this, best money spent!


My kids love it


Got this for our two year old for Christmas, it gets used daily in our basement play area. Good purchase overall. Should get many years of use due to being inside and protected from weather.


Got this for our basement so the kids could get some energy out during the winter. They love it but when you put it together need to people, especially for the last few springs


We love the trampoline! Was easy to assemble. Took us about 1hr. The girls have so much fun!


Santa brought this for my daughter and she loves it! We have a small yard, so this is the perfect size. It seems sturdy and safe.


My husband who is pretty handy said installation was a bit tricky but not too bad and everyone in the house just loves it! We wanted something that fits the basement so this is perfect!


Our 2 and 4-year old love this trampoline! It has kept them busy since they are stuck at home more, and it's been great exercise for them. The trampoline is very sturdy, well-made, and can easily fit 4 kids.


Easy to put together. My 1 and 3 year old love it!


My son likes it


Nice product


great product


This is great, our 9yr old son loves it. It was simple to put together and it’s very sturdy.


Wonderful gift for my nephew


Exactly what we wanted


Kids love


Only thing I don’t like about is the zipper entry/exit. The zipper should’ve went to the bottom of the mesh so my toddler can get in and out easier. Other than that I love it and it’s definitely toddler approved! Highly recommend! Mine will also be staying inside :)


It's light and easy to move around the yard. It's netting zips up and it's low to the ground so safer for little ones and toddlers. A great gift to keep kids outdoors, active and safe. It's so light it could be an indoor trampoline also but would probably take up a room.


We've been enjoying this trampoline outdoors for the past few days since assembling it. It's great if you want more than a small fitness trampoline, but have limited space. Also I like that it is not too high off the ground for little ones to climb up and down. The whole frame is steel with plastic parts covering them, and feels sturdy (the plastic is mainly decorative and I hope it will keep the metal parts from rusting outside). Assembly is fairly easy and there are tools included. The only wonky part is that the instruction booklet is not 100% accurate. I found the YouTube video more useful. The booklet mentions parts that are not there, and also lists the wrong weight limit (105lbs). I confirmed with the seller that the actual weight limit is 220 lb. Thus far we adults (as well as the kdis) have been able to jump on the trampoline and haven't had any issues.


I am generally satisfied with the kids trampoline. My children really like it, we always keep it in the corner of the room. So far, it has performed well. It is suitable for my kids and preschoolers.


If you have small children and a small backyard. This trampoline is perfect, my grandkids love it


I like this trampoline it's easy to assemble. Sturdy and solid construction and good quality materials.


The kids love the trampoline and it’s the perfect size for my 2 year old nephew and 4 year old niece it’s sturdy and pretty. It looks like a piece of sculpture in the yard. The only disappointment I have is the discrepancy in the weight it holds. The description online reads it holds up to 275lbs. The instruction booklet it came with states it holds up to 105 lbs. The number one reason I chose to purchase it was it’s capacity to hold up to 275lbs so that I can use it and have fun too.


My 9 and 6 year old boys love it. It’s big enough for both of them.


Took me about an hour & a 1/2 to put together by myself. My 3 & 5 yr old love it. I’m 140 lbs & I jumped on it with them. Seems sturdy. It’s about 18 inches from the ground, wish it was a bit higher, when my 13 yr old jumped on it his feet was about an inch from the ground.


Our four year daughter loves this. It was a little difficult to get the safety net support poles in place but totally doable with one person. Wish the access panel was bigger.


I bought the trampoline for my grandchildren as soon as we had to stay home due to the Pandemic.


great customer helper ,


Its actually sturdy, had all the required pieces and tools to put the trampoline together. If you have a power drill, it would be helpful. When connecting the arches, a couple of the holes didnt quite line up. You might need to muscle them a little. Follow the directions step by step and you shouldn't have an issue. It took us a morning to set up. Easy to move around the yard, mat and springs are very sturdy. Our 3 year old grand-daughter loves it. The netting is perfect. All around a great purchase.


I am writing this review during the quarantine. I was putting this together for a 19 months old and a 3 years old. They were jumping on it since I tightened the first spring. I had to continue assembly while they were already on it. My son, the older wants to sleep on it at night. My daughter, just runs circles for hours. I am 180lbs and we can all jump together. I really don't know what I would do without this. It is very safe, the plastic rim covers the springs and there are no harmful hardware even on the outside. There is one glitch in the instructions and one little design problem:The instruction doesn't show that you have to guide the poles through the holes on the rim of the jumping mesh first. It just shows how to connect the springs. So if you started with the spring as shown and the holes are not aligned with the poles you will have a little disassembling to do and start again...The rim doesn't have holes to tie the surrounding mesh down. So you will need to pill the rim up - which was beautifully hugging the outside bar and tie the vertical mesh down so that perfect cover of the rim is gone. Not a big deal, it doesn't mean anything but with 12 more holes this could have been solved.Regardless, it is very safe so far, it is up over two weeks, it got rained on multiple times and blasted by California Sun many days. got jumped on with shoes on since it's hard to tell a 19 months old to take the shoes off every time you get in - which is like every 10 minutes. Its easy to clean and it's fun to use.It's Gop-Sent!!!!


This is our second trampoline as the first did not last 6 months. Mind you that we keep it indoors only. This one is huge and exceeds our expectations. My son and daughter loves it. It has come in handy on those cold winter days and now raining pre-spring days. It does take 2 people to put it together correctly. The bottom is very sturdy which was a problem with the last one we had. It fits in our upstairs living area that is really our workout slash play area. You will not regret spending the money on this one.


This is our second trampoline as the first did not last 6 months. Mind you that we keep it indoors only. This one is huge and exceeds our expectations. My son and daughter loves it. It has come in handy on those cold winter days and now raining pre-spring days. It does take 2 people to put it together correctly. The bottom is very sturdy which was a problem with the last one we had. It fits in our upstairs living area that is really our workout slash play area. You will not regret spending the money on this one.


My three year old nieces loves this!I bought it for you because she lives in Philadelphia and cannot play outside all the time! She jumps all of the time! It's sturdy, easy to assemble and super fun for the kids!


It is a great product. We set it up in our basement with a 90 inch ceiling. My 11 year old can jump without hitting his head, but he has to be careful. I would recommend only one person jumping at a time. When 2 kids were bouncing it threw off the balance, because it isn't very heavy. It wants to slide around on the hard floor, so I am going to try to fix it to the floor. We were able to set it up without the net.


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