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  • 53 Gallon Portable Collapsible Rain Barrel Water Collector
  • 53 Gallon Portable Collapsible Rain Barrel Water Collector
  • 53 Gallon Portable Collapsible Rain Barrel Water Collector
  • 53 Gallon Portable Collapsible Rain Barrel Water Collector
  • 53 Gallon Portable Collapsible Rain Barrel Water Collector
  • 53 Gallon Portable Collapsible Rain Barrel Water Collector
  • 53 Gallon Portable Collapsible Rain Barrel Water Collector
  • 53 Gallon Portable Collapsible Rain Barrel Water Collector
  • 53 Gallon Portable Collapsible Rain Barrel Water Collector
  • 53 Gallon Portable Collapsible Rain Barrel Water Collector
53 Gallon Portable Collapsible Rain Barrel Water Collector

53 Gallon Portable Collapsible Rain Barrel Water Collector

This portable rain barrel is great for the garden, with which you will enjoy a healthy garden without worrying about your water bill.

Overall Rating:
28 Reviews
Item No: 59762803
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Key Features
  • Collect Water From Rooftops Runoff To Provide You With An Ample Supply Of Free Water: This Rain Barrel can provide 53 gallons of clear rain water when it is full. During heavy rain falls, a typical roof can produce hundreds of gallons of water if you have connected few more barrels. Overflow can connect with 25mm hose.
  • Perfect For Watering Plants, Lawns, And Gardens And A Very Efficient & Money-saving Equipment: When drought sets in and rain is short, rain barrels can provide that precious water you need for your lawn and garden. By saving that water, you can reduce your average water usage by up to 40%. With those kinds of savings, this Rain Barrel can pay for itself in just a few seasons.
  • Foldable Barrel Design With Top Mesh: This item features an foldable barrel design make it easy to storage and carriage, besides ,its green surface naturally fits in with your backyard sight. Its top mesh is newly designed to keep out bugs, animals, and debris while still being easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance and is gentle on skin.
  • High Quality Materials Ensure Stability And Long-time Using: PVC frame and Anti-corrosion PVC mesh cloth make these rain barrels tough. While most barrels will crack or become brittle in the winter time, this item will stay strong.
  • Easy To Use And Multi-functional: Simply place it under a downspout and let water run through the mesh top into the storage area, and if it was full filled with rain water ,excess water will outflow from the top drain-pipe, besides, you can also connect more barrels with extra pipe(not included) to collect more water.

    This portable rain barrel is great for the garden, with which you will enjoy a healthy garden without worrying about your water bill.


    Simply place the rain barrel beneath a down spout to capture natural rain water. Zippered mesh cover allows water to collect while blocking leaves and debris. Connect a hose to the tap on the bottom or scoop from the top with a watering can. And if you're looking for the best deal for the planet, be sure to get our portable barrel. Don't forget, you can increase your storage and savings with extra pipes (not included) to connect more barrels.


    If you are looking for such a portable rain barrel, please don't hesitate to buy one!


    • Brand new and high quality
    • 53 Gallon capacity
    • Made of the industry's strongest PVC frame and anti-corrosion PVC mesh cloth
    • Linkable to other barrels for increased capacity using separately sold linking kit
    • Highly resistant to mold, mildew, and rotting
    • High quality spigot for hose hook-up
    • Dual-way zippered top
    • Water inlet filter ,screen to keep out debris, insects and animals
    • With filter
    • It can be folded and carried easily


    • Material: PVC frame and 500D anti-corrosion PVC mesh cloth
    • Color: Green
    • Capacity: 53 Gallon
    • Overall dimension: 24" x 28.5" ( D x H)
    • Weight of the item: 4.5 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Portable rain barrel
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


I bought this for my dad as he typically used buckets to collect water. This product is great and he repurchased another one


I love gardening when the weather is warm. It’s kind of expensive water bill in the hot summer. I heard this rain barrels from a friend, visited her garden last summer. She had 4 in her house and really saved a lot. It’s great for the environment too. She highly recommended this one. The thickness and easy to setup is very attractive to me. I will update back after summer with my savings in water bill!


The only thing to be weary about in this product is the backflow. You have to make sure the back flow is away from the house otherwise it may leak into your house. The product works well and looks quite sturdy. I have yet to see how it does in extremely cold environments.


so far so good! very easy to set up, great way to collect rainwater.just be sure that the container is on completely level surface!otherwise it will tip over and loose water.


This is a perfect water storage for my garden. Could save some water. Set it on my backyard, I have a stone table for it. It has been raining past few days, collecting some water for coming days.


It looks stylish, are very sturdy, and were easy to install and drain.


 this is easy to assemble. Just out on the holding legs and the two outlet. I cut my gutter a little bit higher than the height of this rain collector and put a tube to make the water drop to the opening of the collector. It works great. The only problem is I do not have a right adapter for the bottom one but I finally found the right one to connect my hose to this collector. You can see through my video. It works very well. This can hold a lot of water and I can use these to water my vegetables! Keep in mind that for the level of the collector, the higher the level the better the pressure you get to water the veggies from this rain collector. Overall, I'm so happy with this rain collector and I recommend!


I purchased to collect water from air conditioner that is located in our attic. About 3-5 gallons/day drips down. The container works ok, but the ground beneath needs to be level. A ridged barrel would work better, but this one is easier to store since it can be rolled up. The opening valve is set at ground level so it’s hard to empty into a watering can so I just unzip the top and submerge at container. It would work well if it was raised above ground level about 12-18”. Overall it’s a decent way to collect and reuse water.


Great value. Works as expected. Easy to move if you’d like to, easy to put together and the spigot works well. Just need to put it on a stand as you do any rain barrel. It’s not decorative but if that’s not important then this is a great rain barrel.


I plant fruit and vegetable in my back yard and side yard in last two years trying to save some money, but the water bill caused my headache. This year I bought this barrel trying to cut down my water bill. Very easy to assemble and disassemble. Doesn't take up much space. I put it on the little stage at my side yard day before rain days this week. 53 gallon are great amount for twice watering. Easy to use water through the valve down on the bottom, and the water is pretty clean, so the filter is well functioning. No sure about its durability. trying to get more if it helps me save more in my water bill. If you want some free and clean water (not for drinking), try this barrel. will try to update its durability in the future.


Very good! Bought nine of them. The first 5 was only $38.99 each and the last 4 was $58.00 each, bought it anyway cause I need it. Connect 2 together with flexible piping on top and they are all filled with rainwater now! Happy but still confused with the last 4 order pricing....


Perfect product just as advertised.


Works great for my purpose and is an attractive addition.


Great overall. Thank you


I am trying to be as green as I can, so I couldn’t miss to try out the rain barrels. I chose this one because it’s a better deal than those fancy looking ones which cost three times more but are not easy to rearrange. This one comes in a small box with all the components. Very easy to install and will be easy to dissemble and put away, since there’s only couple of months of raining season in California, I don’t want to leave it out looking messy, getting disintegrated or raising miskitos


Nice product


 I use this to catch rain water as I garden. It was easy to set up and you do need a stand for it. I bought cinder blocks and it was perfect. Once filled with rain water it stood up very sturdy. No problems and I think it does the job just fine for what I need it for


Easy to assemble. Have no problems with this yet. so far works great, I hope will use longer than I expect, save water save my money for the garden


I have only had this a few weeks but so far it’s doing it’s job.


Works great. Easy to assemble and no leaks. The quick connect coupler that comes with the valve is useless since you need the other part of the connector that attaches to the garden hose but isn't included with this.


Nice product very durable


So far, this portable rain barrel is excellent. It provides the convenience of not only collapsing to an easy-to-store size when not needed, but also, because of the zippered opening at the top of the barrel, I have the option of opening up the entire barrel to catch fresh clean rain during heavy downpours, if I do not want to connect to a debris-filled downspout. Very nice product!


It fits perfectly in my backyard and helps me to collect the rain drops, so Maybe I will save some money next bill.


Came super fast! Was just as advertised!


Stuck this under a drip plate from my roof during a rain event(not a gutter). 60 gallons of water in 15 minutes. It held up and didn't lean one way or the other. Only noticeable issue is the overflow hose is so near the top, the rain started running off the top of the barrel when it got full. I am chocking that up to my leveling of the barrel. I'll drain and reposition it.


This rain barrel is a cost effective solution to collecting rain water. It would benefit, however, from a design improvement that would include a stabilizing ring at the top, connecting the 5 stabilizing rods.


They work great.


I use this to water the condo association garden and flowers. Easy to store for the winter . Just fold up and store in the outdoor shed or bin.