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  • 6-Feet Artificial Wisteria Silk Indoor-Outdoor Tree  - Gallery View 1 of 12
  • 6-Feet Artificial Wisteria Silk Indoor-Outdoor Tree  - Gallery View 2 of 12
  • 6-Feet Artificial Wisteria Silk Indoor-Outdoor Tree  - Gallery View 3 of 12
  • 6-Feet Artificial Wisteria Silk Indoor-Outdoor Tree  - Gallery View 4 of 12
  • 6-Feet Artificial Wisteria Silk Indoor-Outdoor Tree  - Gallery View 5 of 12
  • 6-Feet Artificial Wisteria Silk Indoor-Outdoor Tree  - Gallery View 6 of 12
  • 6-Feet Artificial Wisteria Silk Indoor-Outdoor Tree  - Gallery View 7 of 12
  • 6-Feet Artificial Wisteria Silk Indoor-Outdoor Tree  - Gallery View 8 of 12
  • 6-Feet Artificial Wisteria Silk Indoor-Outdoor Tree  - Gallery View 9 of 12
  • 6-Feet Artificial Wisteria Silk Indoor-Outdoor Tree  - Gallery View 10 of 12
  • 6-Feet Artificial Wisteria Silk Indoor-Outdoor Tree  - Gallery View 11 of 12
  • 6-Feet Artificial Wisteria Silk Indoor-Outdoor Tree  - Gallery View 12 of 12
6-Feet Artificial Wisteria Silk Indoor-Outdoor Tree

6-Feet Artificial Wisteria Silk Indoor-Outdoor Tree

This is the 6' tall artificial wistera tree which provides a relaxed atmosphere at home and office and creates a warm and inviting space.

Overall Rating:
60 Reviews
Item No: 59672403
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Key Features

● Premium Quality Material: This 6 ft. tall artificial flower is made out of durable and quality material that will last for a lifetime. The pot is lightweight plastic and the surface is covered with simulated moss, with the polyester leaves and flowers, the artificial palm tree is a great decor for every time of the year, displaying in hotel or office lobbies, foyers, living room and reception or waiting rooms.
● Realistic Greenery Decor: Carefully crafted to mimic the appearance of a real-life planted tree, looking as close to reality as possible, this fake wistera tree will impress people most. It can be placed in anywhere, just like real plant to let you feel the presence of nature. In addition, you don't have to water it daily or to offer special attention.
● Easy To Clean Fake Trees: Unlike live trees and plants, the artificial leaves, trunk and pot are all crafted out of plastic and polyester material which is really easy to keep clean. If they happen to get a little dusty, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or duster. This artificial plant will maintain its height, color and shape for years without pruning and shaping to ensure the aesthetic is maintained.
● Ideal For Home or Office: The fake wistera tree is a perfect indoor floor decoration. Though a popular pick among corporate decorators designing office spaces and headquarter buildings, the fake plants is also a great attraction at parties, themed events or just for decorating your place. It can be placed and carried easily everywhere you desire.
● Adjustable Tree Branches: Outfitted with sturdy metal wires, the branches of these artificial air plants can be adjusted the position as needed. This unique feature provides an authentically natural look.


    This is the 6' tall artificial wistera tree which provides a relaxed atmosphere at home and office and creates a warm and inviting space.


    It's a perfect choice for any area in your home or condominium. With thick and accurately designed trunks and feel real leaves spill out at various layers. No maintenance or watering needed. With a black plastic pot topped with moss, the palm tree may be re-shaped for perfect look. Nothing looks more natural or brings your interior environment to life like ornamental plants. You can still feel the presence of nature. Item may need to be reshaped and extended when removed from box to achieve its intended appearance.


    This is the 6' tall artificial wistera tree. Don't hesitate to buy it.


    • Includes 2 trunks and 1260 leaves
    • No need for water, sun and fertilizer
    • Maintains the height, color and shape for years
    • Cement base covered with simulated moss for beauty and stability
    • Polyester leaves are easy to clean
    • Branches with sturdy metal wires can be adjusted the position as needed
    • Looking as close to reality as possible
    • Having artificial plants at home is virtually pest-free
    • Lightweight and easy to move around
    • Great for displaying in hotel or office lobbies, foyers, living room, reception or waiting rooms
    • Tree type: Wistera tree
    • Material of branches and twigs: Plastic and iron wire
    • Material of trunk: Wood
    • Leaves fabric: Polyester
    • Net weight: 13 lbs
    • Total height: 6'
    • Pot diameter: 8"
    • Plastic pot included: Yes
    • Number of trunk: 2
    • Number of leaf: 1260
    • Package include:
    • 1 x artificial wistera tree
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Although it is a fake flower, it is really very beautiful. If you don't look carefully, you can't tell that it is an artificial tree. The details are fantastic. It's the perfect way to decorate my backyard.


It's beautiful and I love the layers of flowers that look so natural. Its base is heavy and strong, allowing the tree to stay firmly in place without tipping over. If you want to add a touch of nature to your decor but don't need watering and tending, look no further. Exquisite details!


I have had this tree for 2 years now and it still looks wonderful! I did have to buy a different planter for it because I didn't like what it came with, but TOTALLY worth it. It looks the way it is advertised and is still standing strong after 2 years, with 3 kids, and 2 dogs lol


Can’t wait to put this beautiful tree in my screened in porch next spring. I purchased a planter to put the tree in and bagged moss to put around it. The only assembly required was to fluff it.


This is a beautiful faux tree. It’s sturdy and cheerful. It has a super small base which I covered with a pot of a more convincing size (minus one star - the pot is the size of a quart of paint). It is easy to fluff and is really nice for a faux tree. Arrived promptly.


Friendly people and response is very quick product is great and at very good price.


I buy it for my friend as a gift, she loves it, good product.


Liked the color and style- lightweight, tall, heavy enough not to fall over.


Arrived early. Looks so nice! Good weight to it.


I love my tree! The problem is the base of the tree. It’s very unstable and too small for the size of the tree. I have cats and they kept tipping it over and eating the Moss. I ended up going to A silk flower shop, and they increase the size of the base with a planter and plaster. Now my tree is perfect!


It’s tall and beautiful


It’s even more beautiful once it arrives and arranged. Love it



It’s gorgeous and just a pleasant site every time I’m sitting on the couch! Perfection


I am very happy with this tree! I loved the convenience of having it shipped (I don't own a truck so it would've been a nightmare trying to bring something this large home on my own), and it arrived in excellent condition.Pros: Very lifelike, beautiful colors, very elegant way to open up your home without needing to worry about always watering/taking care of something; shipped to your home is always a major convenience.Con: The ONLY way people know it's fake (I've been told this several times by my family now, who took second takes when looking at it to evaluate it), is that the plant pot base is so small. They have made comments how if it were real, the roots would be much larger and I'd need a bigger plant pot. My mother had suggested if I want it to be more lifelike that I should get a bigger pot and fill it with fake moss (which I haven't done yet because I have no real concern with people knowing it's fake, and I don't want it to take up too much floor space). So this might be a drawback that will be a bigger issue for some than others. For me, I couldn't really care less.Overall, I am very happy with this fake wisteria tree. I think it adds a lot of beauty to our living room and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone else on the fence about getting it! :) I have enough to worry about to add a live tree to the list anytime soon, so I'm happy for the time being!


These trees are perfect for the area around our hot tub. Placed them in larger square base with river rocks to keep them from blowing over. Great for added privacy.


I am glad I purchased this item. Love it


I am so happy with this tree! It is absolutely beautiful and the colors are vibrant. I’m tempted to buy another! I put it in a bigger pot and added cat litter to weigh it down as I have it on my covered patio and do tend to get a strong breeze.


This is beautiful and there was no assembly necessary. Came packaged well and looks so real. Great addition to my front yard and maintenance free. Who could ask for more.


It looks like real tree!


Very beautiful plant.


Very nice, Thank you for your good customer service!


Perfect tree looks very real


It looks real and nice. We placed it in a larger base and added fake moss. Don’t worry, it smells like plastic out of the box but that fades fast. Looks awesome. Probably going to buy another!


This arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Absolutely beautiful, so pretty in my office.


This is a very beautiful plant. Well with it


It is really nice like in the picture


As far as silk plants go, the quality is good. The pot it comes in is not. It is too small and the tree tends to lean is not on perfectly flat surface. I would recommend you re-pot it when you get it for more stability and a better look. The tiny pot, under the full tree looks a bit ridiculous. The manufacturer cheaped out on the pot to make shipping easier and it shows.


The tree I recieved looked EXACTLY like the picture. We allow our crested geckos to hide in it but also, it does make a lovely additon to our home.The color of the flowers is exactly what I was expecting and the tree is a great heighth.


This is so beautiful and gorgeous tree and looks even more Beautiful when you see in person.


The SAFEPLUS Artificial Ficus Tree for Indoor Outdoor was delivered and looked exactly as shown on the WEB page. The tree was well packaged. It was simple to "unfold" the branches and shape them to look realistic. We ordered two and they were a little different which makes them look more natural. From three feet or more away they look like live natural trees. The concrete base is small enough to place in a larger more esthetically pleasing flower pot for stability in an outside enviorment, but they do stand alone in a breezeless enviorment. We have them outside on each side of our front entrance and believe they will last for years, but haven't they experienced a full summer and winter yet.


This plant is just perfect for my screened in porch. It’s so pretty & well made . I’m excited to see it when I add fairy lights for nighttimeAmbiance. I’ll add pictures later .


Looks like we made a good choice with this tree. We have others, but this one is much more colorful and full. It makes our other trees look weak and pale. I recommend this tree.. it is very nice and i set it up in about 1 minute




Ok FIRST of all the color is a gorgeous PINK WISTERIA FLOWER. It is so life like I challenge anyone passing by to ever think it is a faux tree!! It is tall ... full and just outstanding. I wasn’t sure upon ordering it I was extremely skeptical.Easy to open and fluff it out .... I can’t say enough great things about this tree!


I love how the tree looks so real.


easy set up and looks great


This tree is awesome. Full and looks beautiful. Im very happy with this purchase.


Just like picture. Lovely, sturdy, fully assembled. A perfect addition to the room’s decor. Well worth what I paid for it.


As expected


Beautiful in front of our Mural


Gorgeous tree. Beautiful and eye catching. Came well packaged, even the pot was wrapped with bubble paper.


Super pretty


Add class to my living room


Good value. Looks nice.


It's sooooo pretty. I love this tree! I think it adds a nice focal point without being too overbearing. I'd definitely recommend this tree.


Simple and easy. You just fold down the branches and adjust a little bit.


This tree is so beautiful! You just remove it from the box, straighten out the branches and voila! Easy peasy! It has lots of lush flowers, and it's not too heavy so it's fairly easy to move it around. So very happy I decided to buy it!


Mom needed something to brighten up a corner of the family room. The tree came well-wrapped and protected. Looks beautiful -- bright pinks and greens.


This is a beautiful tree. I’m happy I got it. You won’t be dissatisfied.


Beautiful plant and very full


One of the best trees ever!!!!


Have this on outdoor covered patio. Looks nice.


Wir wollten eine dunkle Ecke im Wohnzimmer versch?nern und entschieden uns für diesen Baum. Der Baum kam schnell und gut verpackt. Hat man die Zweige des Baumes zurecht gebogen, sieht er richtig sch?n füllig aus. Es sind mehr Blüten dran als ich dachte und sie sehen nicht künstlich aus, ebenso die Bl?tter (klar geht man ganz dicht ran, sieht man das es ein Kunstbaum ist, weil es nun mal einer ist). Ich findes das Preis-Leistungsverh?ltnis stimmt hier definitiv. Ganz klare Kaufempfehlung.


Sieht wirklich klasse aus


I only recently purchased this item for my living room and it adds perfectly to my current decore, it is as advertised very realistic and the type of quality you would see in a five-star hotel. It is placed next to a rocking chair with two photos hung next to it and I do enjoy looking at it. It took me approximately five minutes to assemble and place in a vase although I suggest you add some type of weight to ensure it remains straight and sturdy. I used stream stones that seem to work perfect and moss to cover over the top of the stones. It most definitely is one of the better and more realistic types of artificial tree/plants I have purchased.....


Stunning happy foliage on my patio ! Happy with quality and shipping speed was fast. Will update with how well they handle Florida weather in a few months; I have them on an uncovered patio


This for my store..I don’t have time take care real plant..that why I bought this but it looks very good..


It is so real and beautiful


It looks very good just like a real plant very happy of the quality