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  • 6-Feet Artificial Indoor-Outdoor Home Decorative Planter
  • 6-Feet Artificial Indoor-Outdoor Home Decorative Planter
  • 6-Feet Artificial Indoor-Outdoor Home Decorative Planter
  • 6-Feet Artificial Indoor-Outdoor Home Decorative Planter
  • 6-Feet Artificial Indoor-Outdoor Home Decorative Planter
  • 6-Feet Artificial Indoor-Outdoor Home Decorative Planter
  • 6-Feet Artificial Indoor-Outdoor Home Decorative Planter
  • 6-Feet Artificial Indoor-Outdoor Home Decorative Planter
  • 6-Feet Artificial Indoor-Outdoor Home Decorative Planter
  • 6-Feet Artificial Indoor-Outdoor Home Decorative Planter
  • 6-Feet Artificial Indoor-Outdoor Home Decorative Planter
6-Feet Artificial Indoor-Outdoor Home Decorative Planter

6-Feet Artificial Indoor-Outdoor Home Decorative Planter

Standing 71" in height, it features several stout trunks and 232 leaves, bringing a natural feel to your home or office.

Overall Rating:
61 Reviews
Item No: 24859071

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Key Features

● Indoor and Outdoor Decoration: This artificial fiddle leaf fig tree is beautiful, with moss surrounding the basin. It can be placed indoors or outdoors. Our simulation tree matches perfectly with any décor or theme, providing needed freshness and elegance wherever you need it. Bring a touch of greenery to desks, coffee tables, patios, and more.
● Lifelike Simulation: This high-quality artificial tree is 71'' high. Natural trunks make it highly realistic, most won't know it’s not real. The clear texture and even color of the leaves are vivid, truly replicating the look of a real fiddle leaf fig tree. The simulated moss in the flowerpot makes it look more realistic and beautiful.
● Sturdy and Durable Material: The flowerpot is made of soft PP material, with cement poured inside. Cement ensures the overall stability of the simulation tree. The leaves are made of PEVA and trunks are made of miscellaneous wood, which is durable.
● Easy Cleaning and Care: With this artificial fiddle leaf fig tree, you can enjoy an enhancement to your life with ease. With no need for watering, fertilizer, and sunlight, once you place your simulation tree, you need to do nothing more. There is no need for much upkeep or care either, just occasionally wipe it with a damp cloth.
● No Assembly Required: This simulation tree comes with 232 leaves. After receiving our artificial fiddle leaf fig tree, you only need to take out our simulation tree and adjust the extent of the leave as needed. No other tools are needed throughout the process.


    Standing 71" in height, it features several stout trunks and 232 leaves, bringing a natural feel to your home or office.


    With thick and realistically designed trunks and real-to-the-touch leaves blooming out of various layers, it is the perfect choice for you to decorate your space. No maintenance or watering needed. With a plastic pot topped with moss, this artificial tree has a perfect look. Nothing can bring your interior environment to life like this artificial fiddle leaf fig tree.


    If you are looking for it. don't hesitate to buy it!


    • Perfect decoration for indoor and outdoor
    • Simple cleaning and care process
    • Natural trunks, leaves and artificial moss make it highly artificial
    • Soft PP, PEVA material and cement make it stable and durable
    • No need to assemble, just adjust the angle of the leaves
    • Light weight makes it easy to move and carry
    • Carefully crafted to mimic the appearance of a real-life planted ficus tree
    • Color: Green
    • Material: Soft PP, PEVA
    • Product height: 6 ft
    • Diameter of basin bottom: 6.5"
    • Number of blades: 232
    • Product weight: 15.5 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Artificial fiddle leaf fig tree
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Leaves were easy to open, however continued to close. Pretty certain that it was due to tree being in a tight enclosed box when shipped. Leaves seem more 'relaxed' now that the tree has been sitting out for a few days. The base/pot is not the best quality as this one arrived cracked, however are going to place in a bigger/prettier pot anyway so we did not return. Overall, the tree looks lovely in our office space.


Its beautiful, the 6ft is perfect for a living room, I see some others in stores and this was better, it seem that its real.


Wanted something that you would not see TV wall mount when someone entered my apartment. This was perfect! Large enough to do the job but didn’t be overpowering for my room. Don’t know how anyone could give it negative reviews!!!


Every single branch of this tree ends just like the one in the picture. This tree is a joke.


Its exactly as pictured. I have a home with high ceilings and yet it filled the room. The leaves need fluffing and I just fluffed it like I would for my christmas tree and it looks amazing.


I’m so happy to find the tree and the size perfect fits for my living room . It’s literally lighted up the space! Looks fabulous!


Luce muy natural, feliz con mi compra


Really full and gorgeous, well packed, came


This adds some nice greenery to an area of the room that doesn’t get much sun! It spread apart easily and doesn’t collect much dust.


I love these plants. Very happy with my purchase. They are very realistic.


Came already put together. Looks real. Love it. Adds height where I needed it.


Love it


I am now writing a review on this tree. I have to say it is expensive BUT!! It is the best most sturdy artificial tree EVER! I wanted to buy 6 foot artificial trees for outside to cover our daughter's bedroom window. I have a black thumb so any live tree will die in my artificial I thought best and voila! I just bought one of this since it is expensive. I bought two other cheap ones that looked pretty good but not as full and nice as this one. They all three covered the window nicely. HOWEVER! We had several 60-90 mph winds and this tree was blown over so many times but the leaves and branches remained in tact!!! All I did was lift the tree up again and that's it! The other two cheaper trees lost 99% of their leaves (actually broke off where you can not glue them back on) and the trunks totally bent out of shape...completely destroyed! Wow! You definitely get what you paid for! I am buying two more to replace the destroyed cheap ones. If this tree can withstand up to 90 mph winds, it can withstand ANY weather!


It really beautifies my front yard and gives it a natural look.


This faux plant is absolutely great. The quality was better than expected. Thank you


Love my tree awesome for the price!


Love this!! Looks great!


Worth it.


Best price hands down at the time of purchase. I went back to purchase another one and the price had gone up. Quality was better than expected. I would recommend.


Very happy with this purchase!!! The tree needing some fluffing straight out of box of course. The picture doesn’t do it justice.


This is so much better than the ones they sell in home goods. It’s full and so life like!!!! Totally worth $100. Buying another one for the bedroom. Ppl think it’s real!!!!


I love this tree. It took a while to straighten out all of the leaves but it’s great. Only one thing I didn’t like was that it is so top-heavy. The bass is so tiny it creates it keep falling over. thankfully I had a container to put it in


Amazing! Right after purchasing this, the $300 Pottery Barn fiddle leaf tree went on sale so I bought that and requested a return from this seller. However, I ended up returning the Pottery Barn fiddle leaf tree! This one has so much more to it. The trunk has more depth to it rather than just being a single piece. The leaves are so much fuller too. You have to play around with the leaves like you would with any faux tree, to get them just right, but once you do, it’s fantastic!


I liked very much.


It looks pretty real. Put in a real big pot with a pole. Fill in the void area.


It was beautiful


I'm really happy with the quality of this tree. It looks wonderful in my living room. The only reason I took one star off is that the pot is tiny and ugly. I definitely have to purchase a new pot to complement the tree and my living room!


Its stunningly beautiful. As mentioned in the product details. No false info. Well packaged, delivered on time. We love it.


Looks great


It's an attractive artificial tree and I'm very pleased with the way it turned out after taking some time to unfold and shape the leaves. It fits right in with live plants in our greenhouse.


Beautiful and it looks real. Please follow up my other order I didn’t get my other plant that I ordered. They said it was delivered but I only got one.


Looks real! Perfect size


The tree arrived earlier than projected. It is very full and looks real. The only negative that I can see is the base planter is too small. We will purchase a larger planter that will be more in line with the quality of the tree.


Very nice, looks great almost real. It takes some time but opening up makes it look fuller. Makes the room look open.


Ok I just got my tree and wow it’s big . I may have fluffed it out to much because it’s bigger around than I thought it would be. I’m still seeing the underside of the leaves as they aren’t easy to shape. The branches are easy to pull it’s just leaves I’m having trouble with. My order was supposed to contain two shelving units and one tree. Guess what? I got one shelf and two trees. I’m thinking of keeping the second one cause it’s a nice tree and I’m betting they’re going to charge me to send it back. Anyone know the return policy? By the way, I wanted it a little taller so I put it on step stool.


Great tree!! Exactly what I was looking for looks super real even if the sun shines on it. Has many leaves I just love this look in my dining area .


Beautiful tree!!! Came very well packaged and easy to fluff up. It could still use some more fluffing, but I’ll try again after a few weeks... maybe when it settles???I love how the tree gave my dining room that splash of color!


This artificial tree is an excellent product. It was packaged incredibly well and fully assembled. It was very easy to get the packaging off without possibly damaging the tree by needing to use something sharp. All that was needed to do was to fluff the leaves and it was ready to go!


Beautiful! Lives up to its standards.


Love my tree. Great tree for the price!


Mmm is okay would I buy it if I seen it in person probably not.


I LOVE this tree! I’ve seen other trees like this for upwards of $300. It’s a great deal and easy to “assemble.” (All it required was me pulling it out of the box and opening up the leaves). I bought a white vase and some moss to go with it, and it looks like a beautiful tree!


Looks good


I love my new tree, it's full and look absolutely real. it bright up my whole living room. i will be buying for my other room in my house.


Beautiful plant. Spent awhile getting all the leaves spread out and it turned out very pretty.


Beautiful. Pot could be a big larger. Overall quality is perdrct.


This tree looks so real. Just take out of the box, ready to go. Get lots of compliments on it.


Muy bonito lo recomiendo


Very beautiful!! Packaging excellent


This is a great value for the money. All u have to do is place it in a larger container that fits your decor, (I added white stones to the planter) & play with the branches & leaves. More flexible than others I’ve seen that sold for much more. Love it even more that I dont have to water it.


It is perfect in the spot I put it in and it just “pops” there.




Very beautiful!


My wife loves this plant.




This was a gift yo my daughter. During my visit I went to water the plant as I forgot it wasn't real. That's how natural it looks. Adds brightness and warmth to the decor. Thinking of getting one myself. Less to worry about when away and it looks real.


The tree could not have been better. Excellent value.


Looks great. Only things I would change is the blunt end to the top of the stalks and the addition of moss grass to finish the look at the base. Otherwise, a wonderful addition. I simply put it in a decorative pot and added moss grass. Easy to install; just spread the branches to the desired look.


I have no fake plants in my place. But Corner that I need a plant for is not great. Thats why so hard to keep them alive. Its the first time I wanted to try fake plant. It really looks real. Well done job!


Nice look plant, great materials and looks like the real thing.


Great tree.