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  • 6 Feet Artificial Christmas Spruce Hinged Tree - Gallery View 1 of 10
  • 6 Feet Artificial Christmas Spruce Hinged Tree - Gallery View 2 of 10
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6 Feet Artificial Christmas Spruce Hinged Tree

6 Feet Artificial Christmas Spruce Hinged Tree

Come and shop for a natural, unlit Christmas tree!

Overall Rating:
19 Reviews
Item No: 32184579
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Key Features

● Artificial Lifelike Tree for Holiday Greeting: What a beautiful time to spend with family or friends around the Christmas tree. If you want a long-lasting Christmas tree, our artificial tree is a good choice for you. With a lifelike appearance and longer service life compared with a real tree, this frosty tree can cheer up your party atmosphere.
● Dense and Lush Appearance: Crafted into a conical shape, the full-bodied Christmas tree highly restores the real appearance of tree branches and tips. And this 6ft Christmas tree looks dense and lush with 892 individually crafted branches tips, giving the tree a remarkable shape. If you are looking for an ultra-realistic tree then it is the right answer.
● Premium and Durable Materials: Adopting 100% new PVC and PE, this tree has a nice figure of leaves, which is odorless, flame-retardant, long-lasting, and recyclable for safety use. You could get a fluffy Christmas tree without extra fluffing. Get this evergreen Christmas tree and appreciate the beauty of it with your family.
● Unlit Tree for DIY Enjoyment: This is an unlit tree with no extra decorations provided, which leaves enough space for you and your family members to decorate it. Prepare extra ornaments you preferred in advance. Then you can invite your family and friends to decorate this tree and enjoy the harmonious atmosphere.
● Robust Metal Stand: To provide a reliable artificial tree, the tree trunk is firmly connected to the sturdy metal stand through 3 screws. The wide metal base measures 19.5" in diameter, providing great support and balance to the tree. Our metal stand has a longer lifespan compared with a cheap plastic stand.


    Come and look at this unlit Christmas tree!


    This 6ft artificial Christmas tree has two types of branches. One is the PE branch, which is painted white in the end. Another is the dark green PVC branch. These branches alternate with each other perfectly, making the tree look dense and full. You can put the tree in the living room to create a festival atmosphere. Buy extra ornaments and DIY the Christmas tree with your family. A well-decorated room will bring excitement during the holidays! Comes into 3 sections, the tree is space-saving for storage. Its hinged design makes it convenient for setup. All parts of the tree are made of premium material to ensure its service life. Get this tree and it will stay with you for years to come.


    If you are looking for a Christmas tree like this, do not hesitate to place an order!


    • Separated sections are space-saving for storage
    • The hinged design provides convenience for fast setup
    • Mixed PE and PVC branches make the tree as natural as a real plant
    • 6 feet evergreen Christmas tree brings a natural atmosphere to your home
    • 892 branch tips endow the tree with a dense and full appearance
    • A durable and sturdy folding metal base is included in the package
    • Color: Green
    • Material: New PVC, New PE, metal
    • Overall dimension: 4.6' x 6'(D X H)
    • Number of tips: 892
    • Number of sections: 3
    • Net weight: 23lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Christmas tree
    • 1 x Metal Stand
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


This is my first artificial conifer tree and i am completely satisfied to date. The tree was easy to assemble and fluff. I really like the realistic PE branch tips. Initially, I thought that the number of branches and tip was a bit low, but once positioned and fluffed out, I think the appearance is good. Finally, the price was excellent when comparted to the Wayfair price of about $40 more for the same tree.


It was easy to assemble. Looks good. The bottom layer has bolts to tighten it but the meddle and top layer does not tighten. It looks real good, the color and texture looks and almost feels real. It does take a little bit of time to fluff the limbs to make them look good but it is no big deal. Over all I am very happy and I'm sure I will enjoy this tree for many years.


This is a beautiful tree. It wasn't difficult to assemble but it took awhile to open up all the branches to fan it out, otherwise I really love this tree.


I’m 5 ft 4 and this 6ft tree comes to my nose. This is in the stand. My daughter put cement blocks under it. Not worth 139.00. I bought it in July. Just opened the box and put out together a week ago. Also pieces of the branches fall off. I would not purchase again. Wished I had opened it sooner, I would have returned


It's a very beautiful tree. It look real and the shape is really pleasant. I can't wait to add the lights and the ornaments. I'll add more pictures later on.


I bought this for the coming Christmas, it is not hard to set up and looks very good.


I love this tree! Very easy to assemble! It’s sturdy enough to withstand my cat so that says a lot! Some reviews said it wasn’t full enough but I disagree! It’s just like a real tree with different lengths of branches, not a triangle that you can’t hang ornaments on. Also, some reviews have talked about the smell…it’s smells like a artificial tree…not unpleasant at all! Im not sure what they expected. Anyway, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and will enjoy this tree for years to come! Worth every penny!


This tree is AWESOME!! I was hesitant to order because the price was so low I was worried it’d look cheap but it’s GORGEOUS!!! Huge and full and easy to set up!!! And the price point is amazing!! It’s prettier than $300 trees I’ve seen in stores!!


It is so easy to assemble. And it looks so much better than most of the very plastic-looking trees we had seen at some big-box store. We are very happy withthe purchase.


I just assembled the tree this week for Christmas. There are 3 parts and you just need to attach the pole to the other, and let the branch to stretch and get puffy, very easy.
I like the little white color at the end of branches, that makes it more like a winter.
Better than my previous one!


I just assembled the tree this week for Christmas. There are 3 parts and you just need to attach the pole to the other, and let the branch to stretch and get puffy, very easy.


My daughter came in and thought I had bought a real tree. Truly a beautiful tree! It does not stand very tall so I was able to decorate it and add the angel without needing a stool. It is perfect for my needs. I like to use SEED lights, so I did not want a pre-lit tree. This tree was assembled in less than an hour and it is sturdy and full and needed no reinforcement. It will also need no watering and the mess of lost needles is a thing of the past. Only thing missing is the smell....will pick up a pine scented candle!


It will hold a start on top, my family and I love this tree. The heavy ornaments will need to be hung carefully. We hung some heavy ones on it this year by supporting the ornament with the branches below it.


The reviews were on the money. I did see one reviewer mention the tree doesn’t have white tips. Mine doesn’t either. It’s ok though still beautiful tree regardless. And it did take about and hour to fluff it. But it’s super easy to assemble and stand is sturdy. Great price too. The tree is wide. I like how I can decorate branches on the inside of the tree as well. It’s really well made and designed nicely. I’m sure when people come over they will think it’s real. Which is nice because a real tree is awesome to have but fake of course is better because you can enjoy it longer and no mess. I’m very happy with it.


We moved early this year and had to sell our old Christmas Tree. This time I knew what I was looking for : 6ft tree, wide and quality made.


Have purchased for 2 months just opened last night for the Coming Christmas decorations, the ideal dimensions that I wanted, looks pretty nice and in good shape, I got a white one for last year, so just want to change a new one for this year, easily to be assembled all by myself.


Was not sure what to expect with just 3 reviews and no pictures but I’m IN LOVE. This is my first pre-lit tree and I’m never going back! Buy this tree!


The size of the Christmas tree isperfect and practical for my house. I really like the fake decorations upon it because it makes it look much more realistic like a tree just from outside.


overall satisfied!We had been looking for a perfect sized Christmas tree to inspire the first holiday in our new house for 6months already。Finally we chose it。My two kids can not wait to see when it delivered。It was so easy to assemble and seems to be sturdy。Because it needs time to fluff all the branches ,so we have not put the ornaments on yet。My family is in love with this tree and we decided have this in the living room。