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  • 55-Quarts Portable Thermoelectric Electric Car Cooler Refrigerator for Beverage
  • 55-Quarts Portable Thermoelectric Electric Car Cooler Refrigerator for Beverage
  • 55-Quarts Portable Thermoelectric Electric Car Cooler Refrigerator for Beverage
  • 55-Quarts Portable Thermoelectric Electric Car Cooler Refrigerator for Beverage
  • 55-Quarts Portable Thermoelectric Electric Car Cooler Refrigerator for Beverage
  • 55-Quarts Portable Thermoelectric Electric Car Cooler Refrigerator for Beverage
  • 55-Quarts Portable Thermoelectric Electric Car Cooler Refrigerator for Beverage
  • 55-Quarts Portable Thermoelectric Electric Car Cooler Refrigerator for Beverage
  • 55-Quarts Portable Thermoelectric Electric Car Cooler Refrigerator for Beverage
  • 55-Quarts Portable Thermoelectric Electric Car Cooler Refrigerator for Beverage
55-Quarts Portable Thermoelectric Electric Car Cooler Refrigerator for Beverage

55-Quarts Portable Thermoelectric Electric Car Cooler Refrigerator for Beverage

This is a powerful and portable refrigerator that can be used at home or in traveling.

Overall Rating:
114 Reviews
Item No: 60371458
CAD $499.00

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55-Quarts Portable Thermoelectric Electric Car Cooler Refrigerator for Beverage 55-Quarts Portable Thermoelectric Electric Car Cooler Refrigerator for Beverage
55-Quarts Portable Thermoelectric Electric Car Cooler Refrigerator for Beverage 55-Quarts Portable Thermoelectric Electric Car Cooler Refrigerator for Beverage 55-Quarts Portable Thermoelectric Electric Car Cooler Refrigerator for Beverage 55-Quarts Portable Thermoelectric Electric Car Cooler Refrigerator for Beverage
Key Features

● Super Capacity: This 52-liter compact refrigerator is ideal for storing drinks and beer. It can also be used to store medicines or cosmetics.
● Quick Cooling: This energy-efficient refrigerator USES compressor cooling technology that allows temperatures to cool quickly from -4 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 minutes. It can save energy while ensuring rapid cooling.
● Sturdy and Durable: This portable refrigerator is made of high-quality ABS material and shock-resistant, which ensures that your food is perfectly stored even on bumpy mountain roads.
● Battery Protection and Low Noise: High, medium and low three different battery protection levels can meet your different needs and ensure safety. In addition, the noise emitted by the refrigerator during operation is below 45 decibels, which will not disturb you.
● Easy to Use: The refrigerator comes with an LED display and digital temperature controls so you can conveniently adjust the temperature. The refrigerator is small and light, and it has a handle so you can move it easily.


    This is a powerful and portable refrigerator that can be used at home or in traveling.


    It keeps drinks and snacks at a safe and cool temperature. A 12 V/24 V DC vehicle outlet adapter is included for on-the-road use. A 110-240 V AC home outlet adapter is also included. It can make sure that your drinks are icy and your cosmetic and medicines are in constant temperature. Its 54 quarts capacity provides enough space for drinks and snacks.


    An interior shelf tray makes sure everything is organized. Don't hesitate to buy one to enjoy the cool!


    • Sturdy and durable ABS shell for long-term use
    • Ideal for many occasions like home, vehicles, camping, fishing and so on
    • 12 V/24 V vehicle outlet for on-the-road use and 110-240 V home outlet adapter for home use
    • Different levels for battery protection meets different needs
    • LCD display and conveniently digitized temperature adjustment
    • ECO mode for energy-saving and max mode for fast cooling
    • The shockproof design makes the refrigerator withstand a hard environment
    • Low noise running provides a quiet environment
    • 52 liters/55 quarts large capacity provides enough space for your drinks
    • Color: White and gray
    • Overall dimension: 27.5" x 14" x 21"
    • Voltage: 12 V/24 V (DC), 110-240 V (AC)
    • Rated power: 50 W
    • Capacity: 52 liters/54 quarts
    • Weight: 36 lbs
    • Cooling range: -68°F ---50°F
    • Energy consumption: 0.16 kwh/24 hrs
    • Refrigerating system: Compressor
    • Refrigerating medium: R134 a/40 g
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Refrigerator
    • 1 x DC power cord
    • 1 x AC adapter
    • 1 x Manual
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Lid is warped and doesn’t close anymore. This thing has been super cool, and has kept my food and drinks inside my van nice and cool (even can freeze). The problem I have now is the LID IS WARPED and doesn’t close. So unless I want to run it constantly, then I can’t use it. Are replacement lids available.


The unit was larger than expected. Controls are simple and easy to use. Seems to work very well. Have not had it long enough to have any problems and have no reason to expect any.


use on our boat as an extra freezer/fridge, love it, Good on house battery, keeps items just as you want, veggies to frozen. Would recommend to use on boats etc.


I've been pretty happy with this fridge. It has lasted over 3 years now with no real issues. There were a couple of times it reset and basically didn't return to normal temperature due to the Goal Zero battery bank I was running it off of. I don't think it was the refrigerator's fault. I have not had any issues since I moved it from my pick up truck to my van conversion where I have a much more robust battery bank. Temperature regulation is not the best. It will make things too cold if they are on the bottom. It seems to have broad swings between cycles, but not so much as to cause big problems. Access on this sort of top loader is a challenge since some things get a little buried. I wish the warmer compartment where I put things like butter and cheese and salad was a little bigger. All said I am pretty happy with what I initially thought was a risky purchase compared to an ARB or Dometic.


Great small space refrigerator and keeps everything at right temp


Product temperature never got colder than 68 degrees. Tried everything suggested with no success.


Only used this in freezer mode so can’t advise on anything but that . I can tell you that I received my mule deer packaged from butcher shop in Casper Wyoming. They did a great job packaging but was no where near frozen as their turn around time was very fast and I was leaving ASAP. Long story short was completely frozen by time I got back to N.Y. Perfect size for a whole deer but not much else after that. Gonna need a bigger one next trip so I can pull an antelope tag as well


This Costway electric fridge is plenty big enough for the two of us. We built a box to house it and added a cubby on the front for easy-access storage while driving: sunglasses, quarters, snacks, you get it… Complete with an adjustable cupholder on either side and a custom cushion that attaches over the top so Pepperoni has somewhere to sit while he watches us like a hawk as we fill up gas


I purchased this portable fridge for my office to store food and drinks. Since I love ice cold drinks, this mini fridge will help keep snacks and drinks accessible at my side and keep them chilled.


works reasonably well. Not well insulated warm weather runs continuously. Camping running on vehicles two deep cycle batteries runs about 6 hours. Glad I had a 2000 amp jumper to start truck. Now using indoors on solar energy from inverters 110 ac. Same problems. Huge ele. Sucking device.


Bought this as my first camping fridge, took a chance based on the reviews. I have it in the Smittybilt travel bag. Fit and finish seem good. Has a quality feel. The side handles are metal. The controls work great. Came with a quality 120V AC adapter and a 12V DC cord. I bought a spare 12V cord and fitted the end with 45A Anderson connectors to connect with my rear cargo power more positively than the standard cigarette lighter plug. Pulls around 2-2.5 Amps in standard mode. Used it for two months continuously in my garage in the freezer mode to store meat. Didn't skip a beat. Used on a 5 day camping trip as a fridge, set it at 36 degrees to allow for the temperature fluctuations. Outside temps in the 90s to the high 40s. Consumed about 420 watt-hours each day in standard mode. Have it running off a 50Ah battery and a solar panel. I've read that ecomode cycles the compressor too often and leads to early failure, so to extend the life of the unit I only run it in standard mode. It still sips power. So far I'm really happy.


ZERO.... from OneIs a piece of caca...mierda.I'm very very Dissatisfied,This unit is Not what you want,Don't do it!!I just told you..Good Luck.


Liked this product but the cover latch broke after a few months and haven’t been able to find a replacement. Does a nice job of keeping my refreshments cold.


I wasn't expecting much for the price, but it exceeded my expectations.It performed well on my recent cross country trip. It was a little noisy but not really too bad,got used to it quickly as I slept next to it. I think it's a good value, you could buy 3 to 4 of thesefor the price of some big brands.


Great product cools fast not heavy. Only. Incern is AC cord is loose fitting into transformer. Falls out or disconnects easily. Contacted customer support to see if this was a faulty AC cord. I have not recieved any reply as of the date of this review. Approx 2weeks and waiting for reply.Otherwise great product at an affordable price. Works super with off grid lithium battery on DC voltage.


lid needs more insulation , overall works well


I like it for the price to the others. I have taken this refrigerator off road in my truck for a week and it's still working like a champ.


I've used for a few weeks now, nonstop. I am using the provided 120V AC to 12V DC Adapter. Unit uses ~50w-60w when running. It cools very well and will actually freeze if you set temp. low enough. We will see how long it works.1 star off for latching device which works, but may not stand the test of time.


Not used long term yet, but unit will cool cans in 30 minutes to 40 degrees starting at 80 degrees.


We used the cooler during a coast-to-coast trip in the US, it worked perfectly! It's great advantage that it can be plugged into a power spot at home.The car was parking in the parking lots under the sun for hours, and still the cooler kept being cold.Highly recommended


Just far very impressed with everything about this freezer.havnt actually used it yet . letting it rest after shipping.ill update with more after use.


It keeps my stuff cold


Great value. This has worked out great for us. Went from a 75 qt cooler and happy to have made the change. Fits nicely in the truck and keeps everything cold.


 This has been perfect for us. It takes a few times to get the exact temp you need for your liking and the items you’re packing. We ran this off a second battery. Perfect for more ice trips and soggy food.


Great purchase! My husband and I lived in a converted van for 6 months and the Costway cooler saved our lives!!! We were able to run it 24/7 just with our solar panel system. The price is really affordable and the quality is great. We were able to fit groceries for a week and sometimes even a little more, it’s not huge but have enough space. One thing I can’t review about it is the freezer option because we never tried but the temperature control worked great every time we adjusted. I read reviews where people complained about the noise but I totally disagreed, it’s not silent but it’s also not noisy at all!!!! Anyways, we have no regrets about it.


Bought for my husband for his truck. The money he's saved on preparing his own food rather than buying fast food has already paid for it.


Works fine.


This portable refrigerator was a great purchase. I have had it 4 plus months now, it's been plugged into my camper or my house continuously and works very well. I was a little wary about buying this as it is about half the price of better know brands. I watched a few reviews on YouTube and read a few online, all pretty positive, and took a chance. I use this refrigerator everyday and it works great. It is very portable and works on 120 volt or 12 volt. My only complaint, and it is minor, is that when it is unplugged or the power goes off, it defaults to 32 degrees when power comes back, like when I turn off the camper then start it up again. I often forget to reset the temperature and things inside do freeze. I am very happy with this device and may buy another to use as a freezer in my camper.


I bought 2 for camping this summer. One of ours will not cool down. It is staying around 74. Any ideas what to do to repair it?


I’m very happy with this. My father has a dometic cool and this is very comparable. His is a little wider but mine is a little taller. The dometic might be thicker for insulation but so far not noticeable. It cools off fast and is very quiet.The pictures are the two side by side. The costway is on the left.


Received this for use on our boat while we travel the ICW. Seems to work just fine I read in another review to get the Smittybilt transit bag. It fits perfectly and seems to offer a little bit of insulation and some protection from bumps. A word of caution, it does require some heavy wiring between the power source and the unit so be prepared for some installation challenges as the freezer will shut itself off if it is not receiving enough power.


used for over 5 weeks on a trailer on and off road. never missed a beat and still working flawlessly. owned for 4 months but trip certainly put it though its paces. 113 deg to 45 deg outside. fridge was in a small aluminum (vented) box to protect from rain but nothing else. great little fridge.


Love this cooler. We bought it to do a cross-country road trip and it will work perfectly.


I've been using it for several months now with out a hitch. I think I'll buy another one except a little smaller for my jeep.


We purchased this freezer to take with us on a long camping trip so that we could take extra frozen items. It works great, doesn't take up too much room in our 5th wheel & it isn't too heavy. Would highly recommend this freezer


This was actually a big surprise I wasn’t expecting much. But I love my costway 54. It runs continually on my boat and never lets me down. Keeps food as good as a home refrigerator. I for one am impressed.


I bought this for camping. I wanted a cooler that I didn't have to worry about ice. I didn't have to worry about it being in the elements, power outages (I have a goal zero battery for back up), etc.. This mainly stayed in the tent/trailer we have. I have also used this in the house for power outages. The only draw back, I see, is while 54 quarts, it is mostly vertical storage, where you have to move items around to find what you need. I did by the other brands travel bag, mention in other's post, to protect it in travel. I would say, if you are going on a long trip in the car, and have a DC plug in the back of the car, this is great travel cooler. I would recommend to the Yeti/Ice alternative. If you are planning on going off the grid without solar/generator/power pack, this is not your cooler.Note: We do not abuse this cooler. I am not sure it could handle numerous lid slams or drops. So if you also need something extremely rugged, this might not be your cooler.


I wanted something besides always buying ice for the cooler, food always ending up wet from melting ice etc. Searched for portable refrigerators on here and found this one. Never heard of the brand before and for the money I was skeptical. After reading through reviews I had enough confidence to order it. So glad I did! You dial up what temp you want and it's there. Plenty of room, looks like good quality to me. I've only had it for a month and a half but its been running solid the whole time as I use it while out on the road. Glad I rolled the dice on this one.


Using in my van conversion. Works excellent. Good amount of space for one. Kepps about 3 days worth of meals and a couple of cool drinks. Power use is efficient and the frisge itself is sturdy and well built. Would absolutely recommend vs the more expensive brands


Met all expectations. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it cooled down.


This is a great refrigerator doesn't take much energy at all


The best feature of the portable refrigerator/freezer is the convenience of use, and the ability for operation in my truck or the cabin I rented (with 120V AC). No need for a power inverter. The refrigerator is equipped with this feature as well to connect to my powerpoint (12V DC). Overall, it is a good system for traveling in hot weather with food and drinks to keep cold. I would purchase the Mini Fridge again if need be.


Love the cost vs value on this model. I have been using this freezer for 3 months on a 12-volt system and it has been flawless!


Great value for money. I’ve been running this in my bedroom for 2 months now with no issues. Holds temp very well. Took it on a overland trip and just sipped electricity. Setting temp is the only issue I had as the instructions are not the best.


Much better than I expected. Very good bargain for the money. Very good job cooling and refrigerating. I am very pleased.


However, the unit will keep a refrigerator temperature regardless of the power source. Very handy for transporting perishables on a trip to the lake or the beach.


I've had mine for close to a year now. I do extreme off roading trips, beach trips, etc....This thing is set up in the bed of my Toyota Tacoma, I use a Jackery power supply and solar panel to charge it and use these as a combination with my on board Toyota Inverter. It only pulls maybe 4 amps when it's cooling. Keeps all of my things cold! I went down too low and froze all of my be careful. I'm about to put in a slide so that it will be easier to get in and out of it when in the bed of my truck. When the Kids aren't with me, it stays in the cab of my truck with the rear seats folded down.This is a great buy. I have buddies with Dometic, and ARB, and they all perform well!!! This was a third of the cost, and I'm on a budget. So I gave it a go. If this does fail at any point, I will update with that...but for now, it gets 5 stars because it's performed flawlessley on all of my off roading trips.


This is perfect for my needs while driving on very long trips. You can use it as a refrigerator or a freezer. It got down to 4° when I set it to the lowest setting. I am really pleased with it so far. It would be nice if it had wheels and an extendable handle for transport on future models.


Used for summer camping in Florida. Saved from buying 2 bags of ice a day.


Purchased for my conversion van


Tends to operate colder than setting. Will hold ice for weeks without thawing, is very energy efficient with solar panel & deep cycle battery.


Nice product. Good quality very quiet. Fast shipping


Upon setting up, with nothing in it, it cooled remarkably fast (10 minutes) to the 28 degree Celsius I set the temperature setting to. I like that it runs on 12 volt DC, so I can run it off my solar battery array in case of city power outage. It is a very quiet unit also, and I almost couldn't tell it was running, even during compress cycles. I'd recommend, and buy again if needed.


Freezing cold drinks... low amp draw even over a 3 day weekend when my truck sits idle. Lightweight and well built. I love it. No more lifting a heavy YETI cooler and messing with ice and pouring out water not to mention getting your stuff dripping wet. I use this one in my Tractor-trailer. Thinking of getting one for my pontoon. A little pricey but I think worth the $$$.


This refrigerator has exceeded my expectations. It seems to be very high quality built. I was actually quite surprised with feel of it for the price. I have it set to 40° and it does go down to 35 and up to 43 so it does fluctuate. The fluctuations of temperature are probably the only thing that I feel like could be improved but it does keep things cold and it is quiet. I have no complaints at all. I drive a semi in the oil fields. I'm in a Kenworth w900 and it fits well in the truck. It has a lot more room than the upright refrigerators that can be bought for a truck and those end up costing 2 or 3 times more. It has only been a couple of weeks since I have owned this, but, so far at least, I am completely satisfied with my purchase!


Excellent quality for the price,


Perfect, no more ice needed for camping


So great for us that live far from stores


Huge improvement on thermo electric coolers. Roomy, easily organized.


It arrived with all the parts in working order and cooled down to 32˚ using the AC adapter. It did seem to fluctuate between 27˚ and 35˚ for the two hours I left it plugged in.The instructions for changing the unit of measurement for temperature and running mode were misleading, below are the provided instructions, then what I found to work for mine, there may have been a firmware update since previous posters noticed the same issue.From the instructions:When you press the "SET" buttons, it switches the display between ˚C and ˚F.Press the button "SET" to enter the economic running mode; the ECO indicator green LED light will be on. Press the button again: the unit will enter the maximum running mode (HH) MAX indicator red LED light will be on.What worked:To change the unit of measurement for temperature, press the "SET" button until "F" or "C" is displayed, then wait ~5sec for the setting to apply. The display will go back to the current temp when the unit of measurement for temperature is set.To change the running mode to ECO or MAX, press the "SET" button until "ECO" or "HH" is displayed, then wait ~5sec for the setting to apply. The display will go back to the current temp when the mode is set.I hope to test this out next week when the yeti 400 arrives and I can install them both in the car.


Camping fridge in stealth SUV running off single 100 watt poly Renogy solar panel with mppt controller. Maintains setting of 40 degrees in enclosed SUV at 120+ degrees no problem (week-long test).


Great product run it off my solar generator and works great


From 63 to 33 degrees in 30 minutes. Amazing and convenient. I leave running in my van on Eco mode and have have zero issues with battery. Tho I do have a house battery which I charge every few days.


Bought this for my brother and he loves it


Arrived early. Works just as expected. No problems, I love it!


Works great out to the middle of no where


Very good, just what I was looking for.


Worked great on 4 day off road trip, going again in mid May with it


I purchased 2 of these units in Sept. 2018. One I use as a freezer and the other a fridge. They had worked flawlessly until the 5th month. The unit I used as a freezer would intermittently Stop and give a code of ERR1 or ERR4. Needless to say if I were away from the vehicle hiking or any other activity I would sometimes return With the freezer off giving a code. I found keeping the freezer set at 12f would keep all my frozen items meats, Ice Cream etc.. Just right. The intermittent loss of power would of course increases temp and cause crystallization of the food items when temps when the err was reset and temps were decreased. Became very annoying so I switched roles of the 2 fridges. and the once freezer is now a fridge and so far has been maintaining the fridge temps ok. No issue with the once fridge now freezer as of yet. Back home now and Have them plugged in AC adapters. Going to see if I have any further issues.


Best priced mini fridge on the market. Keeps everything nice and cold.




I like it very much but the 12 volt cord doesn't connect correctly, so unable to use it through a cigarette lighter without an adapter.


Very energy efficent for our camper van


good quality


Amazing for my camping trip.


Exellent cooler works really good quality and finishing is greatI fantastic buy for our camping trip


Bought this product with relatively low expectations. I had researched the Dometic and ARB lines and, while very nice, were way out of my price range. I took a flyer and bought the Costway. Took it on a 5 day overland trip through Big Bend National Park. By overland, I mean serious bouncing around off-road for over 250 miles. The fridge passed with flying colors. It kept all the beer and food right on temperature. I set the protection circuit for High so it wouldn't drain the battery. I was very impressed that, even over 12 hours of sitting without the engine on, this fridge barely used any of my battery to keep the contents cold. One thing to note: the ARB plug WILL work with this fridge. That plug is absolutely necessary for serious offroading as it has a threaded lock to the power receiver. This means the plug doesn't come undone when bouncing around. The compressor is really quiet. I wouldn't sleep next to it. But, it isn't distracting in the cabin when driving or even parked. I do wish it had the ability to transmit it's status via bluetooth to an app like the ARB. But, it's completely understandable it doesn't since it is $400+ less expensive.Is this the best fridge out there? No. Is it going to last 10 years+ like ARBs and Dometics? I doubt it, but not sure. Is it worth the money? Yes. Will I trust it on my 2 week Utah overland trip in May? Absolutely.Here is a bit of advice for anyone planning on using this fridge to overland: get a locking fridge slide (I got the Dometic) as it makes accessing the fridge easier, get the ARB Fridge wiring kit and the ARB power cord.


So far so good just as good as the one from the higher-end corporations I'm totally happy and yes man is it chilly inside when it chills down I hope this thing lasts forever this is a cool little refrigerator


This frig is better then I expected for 1/2 the price of comperable portable compressor coolers that sip energy. I also own the SS63 ABR which is slightly better made but I paid 3x the cost of this Costway. The removable basket is a good size to easily take to the kitchen to pack before leaving. From my solar controller it looks as if it consumes 3 watts when running and it runs 35% each hour at 65F day time temps. That's on average 1amp per hour. My 100amp solar suitcase charged the battery up in about two hours in the morning in the desert last week February. I tried the Econo and regular settings didn't change the current draw meaningfully. In fact it appeared the Econo setting used 10% more which doesn't make sense. The quality is high enough that I don't think it will fail like some mentioned regarding the latch. Of course if you drop any portable frig from a height it's going to crack the plastic. I found the low voltage shut off setting to be too low. The middle setting was perfect. Didn't let you down in middle of the night but the car battery had no problem starting the car in morning. I think this frig could run for two days on a 100amphr house car battery without charging and still start the car. 2x24hrx1amp=48amphrs <50% discharge.I set the temperature at 31F which kept the bottom 4" of basket food frozen and the beer ice cold on top. As the frozen food was eaten I turned up to 32F so Mike wouldn't freeze.If I could change anything it would be nice if the lid would stay open on its own and maybe some tiedown points. Having said that we just came back from some ugly mining trails and the frig didn't move around much in back of our 2017 Rubicon Wrangler. I used the centre console 12V outlet which has power all the time and it worked without incident. It only takes about 1/2hr to precool the frig. Handi to fire up when grocery shopping. In summary you can't go wrong buying this frig.


Works like a charm


I loaded it up in Maine and traveled to Florida and was on the road for 3 days. I put frozen food in it and all was still frozen when I got to Florida. I am happy with the size and it works for me. I hope it has longevity, time will tell.


Was initially skeptical about buying a unknown name cooler but the price was just too good to not give it a fair shot. After purchasing the Costway 54qt cooler and waiting the entire summer in Arizona to leave a review, this is it. It's well worth the money, has not let me down in 115 degree weather, keeps items COLD and will even freeze is you want it to. No ice required. We took this thing to the lake Every weekend in the back of Our Nissan Armada packed with drinks on one side and food on the other. You don't have to worry about anything getting wet from ice which is great. We would sometimes cool our drinks down in the house fridge overnight such as large packs of water just to speed up the cooling process but absolutely not required given enough time just like in your home fridge. This thing sat in the back of the hot SUV all summer and ran perfect. Draws very little power being a compressor fridge it is very efficient. I tested it out and ran it for more than 24 hours in my truck in over 100 degree heat without running the truck. Everything inside was ice cold and the truck still started the next day. With that said, Every car and battery are going to be different. Any longer than that I wouldn't suggest without charging your battery. Very similar design to other products on the market and quality appears to be very similar as well. No issues there. Hope this helps. Will post update 1 year review at that point.


I purchased this for my husband who drives a semi. He has told everybody about how good it works. He can actually freeze stuff.


I like this fridge very much, it's big and efficient.


I bought this portable refrigerator to go in my Jeep Wrangler for overland adventuring. It arrived on time and in good shape. Looks great and seems like a quality build. I plugged the unit in right away using the 12V adaptor in my house to plug into 110. The unit began cooling right away and seemed to hold temperature well. I am in the process of building a Jeep kitchen so I haven't used it on a strictly 12V system yet. I also cannot speak to how it will perform during different temperatures or while on off-the-grid adventures. I am hopeful it will perform to my expectations and will update my review once I have the opportunity to use it in the field. So far my findings are this: it seems to be a great value for the price - especially compared to the equivalent fridge made by ARB, Dometic and Smittybuilt (literally less than half the price) and also appears to be very similar dimensions (if not exact) to the other comparable fridges. In fact, I bought a Smittybuilt thermal case / cover for it and it fits absolutely perfect. Again - so far so good...will update if my findings differ.


Great Product at a Reasonable Price! Very well designed where 3/4 of the internal space is a Freezer, and an excellent one. And the remaining 1/4 of the space is for non freezing uses such as Fruits and Vegetables or Liquid Beverages. And all of this for 35 Watts Power Consumption...AMAZING!!! Love it!!!


I was looking for a low energy fridge for my van/camper. This was the cheapest fridge at the biggest size, because 54 quarts with other brands was much more expensive. When I bought this it only had 5 reviews on amazon, but bought it anyway. Super cool fridge. I have had it about 3 months now and it still works great. In low power mode it consumes about 40watts, and will turn on for maybe 10-15 minutes out of an hour. The only thing I don’t like is if it becomes unplugged the thermostat resets to 32° and things inside freeze. Awesome fridge and much cheaper price than the competitor.


This is just what I was looking for . Works awesome. Absolutely recommend this .


Works great--wonderful purchase.


Purchased this fridge from a different retailer, but it is an awesome unit. Took it for a 7 day trip to Colorado and it performed flawlessly. Ran continuously that entire time situated in the back of the Jeep. Never let us down and kept everything exactly the temp we desired. Some additional thoughts, invest in a good thermometer to know the exact temperature inside the fridge. The unit controls do their best but they aren't exactly accurate. I fine tuned the temp setpoint using an internal thermometer and it was very consistent to hold it. I'll give some credit to my KaliPak 400. This fridge was powered the entire time from the KaliPak, which was being charged by the Jeep only while the engine was on and driving. It was the perfect buffer and usually we would do enough driving during the day to get the battery fully charged and it would hold the fridge completely on its own all night long after we stashed the Jeep for the night. It is exactly the same unit as the Smittybilt 2789 Arctic Fridge, but much less expensive. I even purchased the Smittybilt reflective insulating cover for the Arctic and used it on the Costway. Perfect match. My only complaint is it doesn't remember it's settings if power is lost and unfortunately the default settings weren't good for my use. So every time I had to change power sources I would need to remember to set the controls back like I wanted them. Annoying, but not end of the world. Would it have killed them to pay 50 cents for a tiny EEPROM to remember my settings? Such that any kind of power loss would bring the unit back to the settings I had set. All in all, great fridge, worked flawlessly 24/7 and never let us down. Nothing like keeping milk, eggs, yogurt and sausage perfect even while Jeep was parked in a parking garage for the night.


It works VERY well. I've taken it camping twice And have had no problems. I would buy this again.


As an OTR truck driver, finding a way to keep food cool is a must. I’ve had thermoelectric coolers, small refrigerators, and a YETI. This is by far the best one I’ve owned. I’m very pleased with it and the quality/functionality to cost ratio is wonderful. This is a great quality product priced very reasonable. I would highly recommend this product.


Very good product


Works perfect in my 5th wheel as a secondary freezer, well worth the money and cheaper and larger then the ARB


So far in the short time I've used it, it has performed well. Quick to cool down and maintains temp set point.


I purchased it for my camper van mainly for weekend use. Cools down quickly, is quiet and just overall a great product. The one thing I found is that with my Goal Zero powering the unit, I had to change the battery cut-off setting which is a little switch near the power cord. No issues after that.


It worked well when we tried it out. Wonderful it has precise temp controls We are fixing a van to travel in but is not complete yet so have not gotten to really try it out. I have food allergies so wanted to be able to carry my food without it soiling.


I love it. But had to update my fuses in the truck at one time kept showing error Due to not enough power in my semi truck. But other than that it’s great. Thank u so much. Mario


After wanting a more expensive fridge for years, I finally settled on this less expensive unit hoping it would be as good as those units without the high price tag. I was very happy to find out that it worked great and without complaint. I took a trip over the Rubicon trail that was 3 days of very rough trail sloshing the contents of my vehicle around for hours each day. I was also worried about my battery going dead when left plugged in overnight and was happy to find out that it never even came close. The longest I went with it plugged in but the truck not running was around 20 hours. I got the bag mentioned in another review and i'm happy I did as it makes it easier for moving around. As long as it gives me years of trouble free service I'll be very happy with this fridge.


Arrived ahead of schedule well packaged. Used it for 2 weeks on the boat with heat in the 90s worked very well. Used about half the energy my old box did and the old one never got very cold. The old one used a small plate with fins and a computer fan. Had lots of kids on the boat and they managed to scramble the computer in the in the new Costway frig but I was able to get it working again. I liked the digital thermometer showing the temperature inside the frig. I could always see how well it was cooling. Time will tell about how long it will keep running.


Works great. The smell noted by others when away after first use. Takes about 3 hours to drop down to 40 degrees. The light inside is very helpful.


It works very well,using in a Jeep off-roading,have had to restart from letting vents getting covered up,smitty bilt has a cover for it,good value


Item is well made and comparable to more expensive similar portable refrigerators. Used it once so far and it gets very cold, and even made ice in the lower compartment at the lowest setting. Only thing I thought one side was a freezer and the other side a refrigerator. Not so.. Both sides are the same , but I think the deeper side is a bit colder. Perhaps the bottom may become a freezer and the goods on top will be at refrigerator temps. Have to wait and see.. Big enough for most applications.. Nice unit.


Refrigerator works great.


I had read a previous review that said this couldn't make ice, she had it set at 32 and it just kept things cold. I set it at 32 as she had said but it it froze my veggies and water bottles partly frozen. I turned it and worked better as a refridgerator. I was happy with the performance. I loaded it up and plugged it in at home the night before leaving then plugged it into the car and it did very well. It appears to be well made but time will tell. I am happy with this purchase especially when similar items cost much more. Also want to note I was on some pretty rough trails with this in the back of a 4runner and did not have any issues despite the harsh trail conditions.


The product is nice and seems to work OK. The problem is very limited instructions in skimpy manual. Some switches and features are not explained at all. Emailed vendor for help but no response.


I've been running this in my car for a few weeks now, and so far it's working pretty well. I'm going to start with a few complaints I have though: First is that the temperature displayed if off. I bought two thermostats (one is digital and the other is not) and both read the same, which is a few degrees colder than what the unit says. For example, when the fridge says it's 35 degrees, they read at 30-32 usually. This is evident by the fact that all my water bottles that are on the bottom are frozen, even though I have the unit set for 35. For what it's worth, stuff near the top doesn't freeze. For me, this isn't too big a deal since I like knowing they'll keep the fridge colder a little longer in case it turns off or something, which brings me to my next complaint.. The cables are crap. Sorry to be blunt, but they are. They are very loose in not only the car's 12v plugin, but even the 120v adapter the fridge came with. The slightest movement will separate it enough to cut power. And I mean that literally. It only has to separate from the plug only very slightly, probably less than a millimeter, for it to turn off. I had to knot the cables together and use my car inverter instead in order to not have this happen because I've lost my food twice already because of it. I'm about to buy a roll of duct tape and make the connection semi permanent. Anyway.. My last complaint is that, even with an insulating cover on it, the frudge doesn't hold the temperature well. Even at night, if I leave it off for 20-30 minutes the temperature will go up about 10 degrees. I need to get a deep cycle battery since it won't stay on when the car is off. Even so, 10 degrees within half an hour is bad; especially considering that I keep it full, there are a bunch of frozen bottles inside and it has an insulating cover on it. As for the good, it's good at keeping the food cold when it doesn't unplug itself. I have it right next to me and most of the time I don't even notice it running. But I also have the car running with AC, so yeah. Still very quiet though. It isn't too heavy even when loaded and isn't huge, though I can fit enough in it. So no complaints there. I was looking for something with the right size and capacity and this is perfect.


We were looking for something we could setup to run on DC with Solar and this unit performed well for a full week (continues to work well now). There was a point we received an error after I plugged the DC cord into a cigarette lighter socket, but it was only because the wiring/socket was not setup to handle the current draw, which is minimal by the way. Draw is 0.1A (1.2W) in standby (compressor not running), 3.5A (43W) compressor on high mode, and 2.7A (33W) compressor in economy mode. The unit cooled from 68 degrees F to 38 degrees F in 27 minutes with the compressor on high mode. Once it reached the set temperature, I then set it to the economy mode for cycling. When the unit is full of cold products, we found that it doesn’t cycle too often, thus maintaining the set temperature well. The outside dimensions, including back hinge and front panel, are Height 21 inches, Width 13 inches, and Length 27.5 inches. This is a good size unit that we use in our converted ambulance and pop-up camper. Don’t think that this is something you would place between the front seats of a vehicle, unless you have plenty of room. Measure first, then decide if there is enough space for the unit and outside airflow. There are vents on each side to keep the compressor cool, so be generous with spacing.


Had an upcoming camping trip that was going to span 5 days and didn't want to deal with ice. So I hopped on amazon and looked for 12 volt refrigerators/freezers, and I decided to take a chance on this, which isn't a brand name with as much recognition as Dometic. I have to say, I'm really glad that I did. The price is fantastic for the size and functionality of the fridge. I was shocked at how fast it cooled down to temperature. The pic I attached is the power source I ran it off of - a Goal Zero Yeti 1400. Even without recharging it, I could have run it off of this pack for 3-4 days. With just 1, 100 watt solar panel, I can run this refrigerator indefinitely. When the compressor runs, it only draws about 45 watts. I did have one issue. The AC adapter they sent with it was really cheap and did not work. Normally, I'd give them 4 stars for that. However, I told them my issue and my time constraints, and they gave me 2 choices: ship me a new one, or refund me $50. I took the latter, since I plan to run this on 12 volt full time anyways, and I thought it was a fair and fast solution. They were very responsive. We'll see how it holds up long term, but I think this was a great buy.


Love this little fridge!


just returned from a camping trip have had it sitting in storage for a long time was worried but it did great weel built gasketed top mounted door brite led read out


Works great.....not as much storage area in the freezer as I thought. But it works well for taking frozen foods home. I would recommend this product.


awesome I can take it in the truck or leave it at home. living off grid Arizona hot homestead having the ability to use 12v or 120v is awesome.


Love this little freezer! Works great. And for the price is a excellent option compared to the others..
Large main freezer compartment. I keep bottled water in part of it to drink as it thaws when one camping. Plenty of room for meat (better to freeze it and thaw as needed for freshness!)