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  • 5-liter Electric LCD Water Boiler and Warmer
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  • 5-liter Electric LCD Water Boiler and Warmer - Gallery View 11 of 11

5-liter Electric LCD Water Boiler and Warmer

This electric thermos pot uses food grade 18/8 stainless steel to make the inner container so that you can rest assured of its safety.
Overall Rating:
87 Reviews
Item No: 24169758
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5-liter Electric LCD Water Boiler and Warmer 5-liter Electric LCD Water Boiler and Warmer
Key Features
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel: The inner container is made of food-grade 18/8 stainless steel which is harmless to human beings and has an excellent heat resistance and heat preservation.
  • LCD display with Night Light Function: The LCD display will show the current water temperature and five stages of temperature(including 40 ℃, 50 ℃, 60 ℃, 85 ℃, 98 ℃). Furthermore, the night light indication design is convenient for you to get water at night
  • 3 Different Water Dispensing Methods: This hot water dispenser has 3 different water dispensing methods. Air pump water outlet & Dispense water outlet & Cup water outlet. The first one can be operated without power.
  • Re-boil Function: Once the touch the re-boil button, the water will be reheated to 212 ℉/ 100 ℃ in minutes. After the heating is completed, the electric Thermo pot will automatically enter the heat preservation state.
  • Timer Function: The electric Thermo pot features a timer function so that if you do not need hot water constantly available, you can make an appointment to set the time for boiling water through pressing the timer button.

    This electric thermos pot uses food-grade 18/8 stainless steel to make the inner container so that you can rest assured of its safety.


    It features an LCD display with night light function for easy operation through which you can know the current water temperature and the display shows five stages of temperature(including 40℃, 50℃, 60℃, 85℃, 98℃). This hot water dispenser is equipped with 3 different water dispensing methods: Air pump water outlet & Dispense water outlet & Cup water outlet. It's worth mentioning that the first one can be operated without power. It has a re-boil function to quickly bring water back to boiling. And the timer function allows water to be heated to the temperature desired at the perfect time when needed.


    The electric thermos pot will bring you a more comfortable and healthy life. Don't hesitate to buy it!


    • Brand new and high quality
    • The modern and classic appearance
    • Excellent heat preservation and durability
    • Food grade stainless steel, harmless to the human being
    • LCD display shows the current water temperature and five stages of temperature
    • Night light indication design, convenient to get water at night
    • 3 different water dispensing methods, one can be operated without power
    • Re-boil function, bring the water back to 212℉/ 100℃ quickly
    • Timer function, make an appointment to set the time for boiling water
    • A glance at the water level will let you know when to refill the water
    • Color: Black and metal silver
    • Main material: PP + iron wire drawing + stainless steel
    • Product size: 9" x 12" x 16"(L x W x D)
    • Capacity: 5.0 liters
    • Rated voltage: 120V
    • Rated power: 680W
    • Frequency: 60hz
    • Net weight: 24.3 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Electric thermos pot
    • 1 x Power cord
    • 1 x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Love love love it! Don’t know how I managed all these years without one! You will wonder how you ever did without one too! So convenient! Boiling water is always ready - you need it much more often than you think!


This hot water dispenser came in a very timely manner and in very protective packaging. It was in pristine condition and started heating the minute I placed water inside and turned it on. It took the water about 15 minutes to come to boiling then held that temp and reboiled very quickly.
I am returning it though, only because it is bigger than I wanted. If I had more cupboard space it would have been great to keep.
The company immediately responded to my request for a refund and I would not hesitate to buy from them again.


Before to use, should use baking soda to wash inside.


i love this one!! It has the temperature i need for my baby formula… i stopped using my baby breeza this one works better!


Tried heating water multiple times but the plastic smell does not go away.


This item was working well for about a little over a year. It was, at the time, the "best bang for my buck" however the buck fell short. It keeps water hot and lots of it, however you have to be careful to not overfill it or there will be hot scalding water all over the floor.


We need to use hot water all the time, for my husband coffee, for both my boys formula, and for my mom tea. This keep water warm at temperature you selected (they have 3 options). Water outlet is also very convenient to operate with one hand. They have 3 functions to make water come out, 1. Use the cup to press under the top, 2. Use one finger to press the button, or 3. Air pump by use your hand press the air on the top (this option is for when no power).


Dont like the smells.


Good hot water


it works well and I haven't had any issues.


This pot has different temperature settings that make it great for different people.


It is easy use.


I bought this In October 2019. My family used it every day for hot water..Coffee.Tea. Noodle.It is still working so far so good. I love it. "easy to use" my flavor " and" value for money.


Good hot water boiler. There was a chemical smell at first but after filling it up with water and pumping it out several times, the smell disappeared.


Amazing! My family drinks tea A LOT. So having hot water ready all the time is perfect. It work great and super convenient


Had this for months now and this thing is absolutely amazing!!!!! Hot water instantly for tea, hot chocolate for the kids and hot water for Ramen. Super recommend this for others that want instant hot water.


Product works as advertised. We fill with water and use continuously for days. Good quality product. Almost missed the power chord taped to packaging and easy to go unnoticed.


Absolutely love it! I've been wanting one of these for a while. After I bought this unit, I bought a similar unit. The new one doesn't have a temperature readout... Simily temperature choices. Knowing that the temp is at 75c or 85c as the water is heating is nice. This way I can choose to pour the water early. (Don't do this if you're under boil advisory)


I've used Zojirushi and other hot water pots since the 1980's. This one does a great job and so far is the best I've used. Different water temps are easy to change, the water level is easy to read and even backlighted to see at night, and there are 3 ways to dispense the hot water. The pump is handy if you want to dispense water with out the cord attached. The cup dispenser is new to me and very convenient. Finally the huge capacity is wonderful. I drink a lot of tea and now only have to fill up the dispenser once a day. Highly recommend


My sister has a similar water heater which allow them to have hot water all the time. We eat a lot of instant food such as instant oatmeal, porridge, and ramen so it’s a hassle to have to boil water on the stove. I didn’t realize when I order this, that 5 liters is actually pretty big. The water heater my sister have is smaller than half the size of this thing, but this is actually a good thing. We go thru a lot of hot water, so having 5 liters really save us from always having to refill. This water heater has 5 temperatures settings: 40, 50, 60, 85, and 98 degree Celsius. Being in the United State, I am used to using Fahrenheit as the standard unit, but I can always do the conversion. I normally just set it at 98-degree setting. I do noticed as another user pointed out that if you don’t use the hot water for a while it will go into safe setting and it will not stay at the temperature you put it at, so you will have to get it to re-boiled. While this is annoying, I think it is better to be safe than sorry. Also if the water haven’t reach the temperature setting, you will not be able to use the automatic dispenser button. You can still use the manual dispenser pump. Another good thing I like about this water heater is that the inside is all metal. I was concern there will be plastic part because normally if there is water gauge for any water heater, there is usually plastic part. Overall, this has been life changing, I haven’t had the need to use my stove to heat up water since I received the water heater. Some user has reported getting rust or calcium build up, I haven’t run into this issue since I used filter water, which the manual recommended. In conclusion, a short list of Pro and Cons:


Got this for my mom who feels like she is healthy right now because of all the hot water she drinks.. she is not tech savvy so this is not easy for her to use. But it’ll take time for her to get use to it. She loves how hot it gets and that it can sit on her counter top unlike buying a big expensive floor water dispenser.


 This water boiler is a pretty big one. We didn’t realize the size after we received it. But it turns out our family of four drink a full tank of water in less than two days so the size now seems quite appropriate. I like the night light function, the volume indicator and the timer function which allow you to turn off the temperature control at night. Overall a solid build with useful functions. The only down side is that the temperature doesn’t seem to be very accurate, plus it minus 10 degrees most of the time when we used a bbq thermometer to test it. Not a big deal though.


Wish they had an on off switch and an accurate thermostat. Otherwise very good product, heats up pretty quick.


 This water boiler is the best for parties. I used it for the tea and coffee station. It is simple to use, and no leaks or drips.It says ot hold 5 liters but in fact it hold just about 6 liters. Its light weight and durable.The water takes approx 12 minutes to boil to 100 degrees.I did have to boil water a few time to get the factory smell out. But thats not a problem.Overall I highly recommend this water boiler.


 I drink instant milk coffee every morning and my family uses boiling water throughout the day using the hot water from a hot water pot. Over years of use, my 4L hot water pot has hard water scales. The inner pot discolored and the seal is no longer tight. I am surprised by the quality of this new hot water pot. The inside is stainless steel and the outside looks very nice with clean stainless steel like fingerprint resistant material, similar to the modern design of stainless steel refrigerator. I rarely use the manual pump but it would be useful if there is a power outage. I like the large volume of 5 liters on this new one and the large window clearly showing the water level. Pricewise, this hot water pot is a rare but good buy for its large volume, many features, and clean design.


I was tired of cooking water EVERY morning and sometimes in between hours just for a cup of water! I didn’t want to splurge and thought this price was very reasonable. It holds 5 liters of water which last me about 4 to 5 days. No more waking up just to boil water, yay! There’s about 5 options of how hot or warm you want the water to be and it’ll keep that temperature unless you change it.There’s also a lock feature which is very important for those who have kids in the house. In order to release the water, you need to hold down button which is another great feature so you won’t ever overflow your cup. I absolutely love the stainless steel finish. It keep my kitchen looking modern and sleek .


 Very convenient in cold season. Large container is enough for whole day. I always set the temperature at 60. So i can drink warm water anytime.


Great water heater I bought to have I start hot water for tea.Things I like about it:1. It was easy to set up. Filled up with water, plugged in and set the temperature I want, and it stays hot.2. It looks upscale. The value is great for the price I paid.3. The size is huge so I do not have to fill up often. This is a bigger size Capacity than others I’ve seen.Overall I’m happy with it.


If you use a lot of boiling/heated water throughout the day in your kitchen, this is the product for you. At first we thought the capacity was too large for a home but after one day’s use we realized how often we heated water in our previous pot. Finding a nook for it was another issue but decided just to keep it on the center island for easy access. Great product, efficient heating, easy to use and clean!


This electric kettle is really easy to use. It's big and can keep warm and can be used in a restaurant. have to make tea every day and burn it once a day. Moreover, the outer shell is easy to clean, and the door can be controlled to open. Children will not open it randomly. It is safe and really easy to use.


I love this tea pot! My family and I drink tea often and this is great to have. It holds enough water to last for at least two days before we have to fill it again. It also has a keep warm setting so we can have hot water whenever we need it.


Is good product and the size what I want.


The 5 liter capacity of this unit was a bonus compared to most of the other hot water pots that have only 3 or 4 liter capacity. It is well built and stylish with a metal finish. There is also a manual dispense if you don't want to use electric.


I had to take a chance but it worked out nicely for my family demands for hot water.


The product is of good quality.Most Asian families have one. I have two new born baby, It can control the temperature , large volume is very suitable for my family.


Great for family with kids and older people like warm or hot water. I was thinking to purchase a zojirushi brand but that was much more expensive than I expected after research for a while I find this costwaty water boiler and warmer. With same amount of storage you paying at least 50 dollars less. The function of both boiler is about the same, just because zojirushi is name brand. This is my baby registry item I can keep the water temperature the way I like in order to get my baby formula ready in a second.


 Alot larger than expected but super happy with it, this also shipped fast and with no damage. Cute little blue light turns on when in use LOVE that as well. Hot cocoa for the kids and tea is coming back to this house. Strange to say water tastes better boiled then microwaved.


It has good thermal insulation performance and is easy to use. It keeps the amount of water by pressing the switch. There is a function lock to prevent children from accidentally touching the switch. The design is excellent.


This hot water machine has large capacity. Great for my business use. It's very simple to use.Keeps water HOT. READY FOR MY COFFEE AND TEA.


Superb thx I used already 2 years all is perfect


It comes much bigger than I had expected. But fit under my cabinet perfectly. Solid build. Takes 30 minutes to boil the whole pot. 5 temperature settings are more than enough. I use 85c most of the time. The exterior is stainless steel. Shiny and easy to clean. But you can feel it is warm when there is hot water in it.


Perfect for the insane amount of tea drunk in my household. Seems fairly energy efficient, no rust or mold after several months of constant use.


very good...easy to use


Good to use


Great Product. Easy to heat and use.


Looooove this product!!!!One of my favorites, period.


Product is as advertised. The temperature setting feature is very helpful!


This is the only mini dispenser I can find online that can keep the water at 40, 50 Celcius. Also with a very reasonable price. Works great just like the description. It has a plastic odor at the beginning as mentioned in the manual, but it fades away after 3 weeks of usage. My only complaint is that I have to manually press the reboil button to stop boiling after refill.


Heats water quickly. Lid opens leisurely and very smoothly when you hit the button on the handle. Auto shut-off working well. One quiet beep when you hit buttons on the base, and 3 quiet beeps when the desired temperature is reached. Also beeps once quietly when you take the kettle off the base or replace it on the base. It does everything you need it to do and more. The adjustable water temp is great for making different Teas and the stay hot feature works great!


Bought to use at office where I can’t boil water for tea. It has a large capacity for water. And multiple temperatures. The product makes it possible to have a cup of tea practically any time. Different temperature settings allow brewing of various types of tea perfectly.


Makes lots of hot water fast and has a good amount of it onhand


A very convenient kettle, with enough capacity just for our use. Good insulation effect. Best of all, it lights up at night when it's dark around it, showing the water level. We can add or change the water at any time


Large volume. Keeps water warm at different settings.Makes your life so much easier. Everyone should have a water warmer!


Little too big compared to my old one so it take a little longer to heat up the water


Got this gift from my daughter. Super convenient. Because of stomach ulcer and keep my stomach warm and comfortable, I have to drink hot water all the time . So This capacity is great, don’t have to refill often. easy to set and use . Adjust the temperature as you desire. It very saves me a lot time and I am so happy my daughter bought this .


Nice hot water broiler machine, it make my life easier. It’s so easy to use and the design is nice. You can tell how much hot water have left and easy to adjust the temperature. So when I need a hot water for my instant noodles just one push away instead I have to cook the hot water before. I like it so much. Nice quality for the value, would recommend.


Now all we gotta do is how to get my prime membership bck


I've been waiting years to buy this I like to be ready for hot water. When I'm ready to make Combs, Kefir water or tea, it's perfect to not have to cook tons of water. It's not chaotic, it doesn't make a fuss, and when I need it, it goes straight. Save me a lot of time and trouble!


My parents live with me currently. And I just found out that my electric water bottle is not working at all and they need it. I researched online and I found this great instant electric hot water dispenser. This nice hot water dispenser provides hot water and warm water.This is the 5-liter hot water dispenser. This hot water dispenser provides five-stage temperature settings. The water dispenser has the safety lock to prevent the accident. Great stainless steel hot water dispenser.


This water boiled and warmer has only one different function with my old one, that is the 5 stage temperature setting function ,It is really really really good, it won't be repeatedly boiled, it will not cause harm to health, when it works ,only a little sound, it not bother me.


winter is coming. I bought this for my baby’s formula. I don’t want my baby drink cold formula in winter, and every time I need hot water I have to boil it and wait. But now I have hot water anytime, it’s really good for family which have baby. Nice.


Works great. Excellent product.


I tried one more time to search for a good product that would fit our budget, There is one unit a bit more versatile, and I might recommend that if you have more to spend or drink very delicate teas. I can set the water temperature.The water dispensed comes out at the right temperature -- hot enough but not scalding. This electric dispensers is easy and reliable.


The appearance of stainless steel is very fashionable. The capacity of 5L is enough for our family of five. The function is very easy to use. It will be better to refill the water if the water tank and the body can be separated, but it still does not affect to give it 5 stars.


Love it. Gets hot really fast.


This is a very nice kettle. It has enough water to meet my daily needs and it cooks very fast. It makes my life easier.


I am so happy with this hot water pot. It has 3 ways to get the water out. I love the dispense button that releases the water so easily. Definitely recommend this product.


I am so happy to have this product. I use it to keep to water at a constant temperature as I need to make baby bottles.


Love everything about this machine! special features you can use the timer while at work or away. makes me tea all day and oatmeal in the morning and very large tank :)


It moves very easily even when it’s full




It functions as expected and described, pleased with the purchase. Hope it lasts.


Very convenient to use, just pour water and choose a temperature, I, as a tea lover, use it every day, it is very convenient to always have ready boiling water for tea brewing,


Got what I expected


I bought this instant electric hot water pot for mom for her birthday. she is big tea drinker. instant boil hot water in pot at gas stove she just need push 1 button. first price is very good and easy to use. It also has a lot of features like temp set, timer, re-boiling and big temperature display on the top. It works very fast 5-liters water only took less than fifteen mins to boil. those boiler always felt hot on the side. this one just feels warm on the side. the vacuum insulation works well. mom loves it. best thing I bought before winter comes.


No complaints works great perfect size for my small kitchen.


This is exactly what I needed.
Very easy to use and heat up the water quickly. The energy saving function is very useful for overnight. Hot water is ready anytime you need.
I have the 3 liter which is just right for me.


This water boiler is amazing. It’s a nice compact size. This is my second Japanese water boiler - what’s great is that you can have boiling water all the time without having to wait for the water to boil. It just holds the water at the correct temperature.


This hot water pot is very good. It has a large volume, so you are less likely to run out of hot water when you have company. The diagonal stripes behind the level indicator makes it easy to see how much water is in the tank. It is easy to adjust temperature, and convenient to see the actual water temperature being displayed on the LCD screen on top. There is a push pump to get the hot water out, if one does not want to use electricity to dispense water (for Sabbath observance, etc). This is a replacement for a Tatung 4L pot that we happily used for >3 years. So far we like it even more.


Heats water quickly. Two step to water release adds to safety. The see through window lets you know how full the pot is. It has a nice look.


Good product and cheap price.


Good quality only fifty five dollars.


Good value and it work


One of the best things I've bought in a while. I do not have running hot water in my house and this has solved a LOT of problems. I fill it every day and run it in the morning on the timer. I also like that it has three ways to get the water, cup push, button push, and pump. I get up have coffee water ready and then can clean and wash dishes all day without having to heat it all in the microwave and wait for it. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this beauty. I should have bought this years ago.


The price very good, easy to use, only a things is in a begin smell bad, has boiling water more than three time , a smell is gone now


Really worth the money, I have a 3 liter Zojirushi Pot, I would say this is as good as that one. But much cheaper. The only issue maybe it is using C not F, but I prefer Celsius.


Really worth the money, I have a 3 liter Zojirushi Pot, I would say this is as good as that one. But much cheaper.The only issue maybe it is using C not F, but I prefer Celsius.