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 5'/6'/7' Multicolor LED Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree

5'/6'/7' Multicolor LED Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree

5'/6'/7' Multicolor LED Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree

Christmas is just around the corner! The Christmas tree is going to give you a warm and nice holiday.

Overall Rating:
12 Reviews
Item No: 21806743 GTIN: 6940350814800

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Key Features

Eco-friendly Material: The blades of the traditional Christmas tree are made of high-quality PVC material, which not only makes the tree look more natural and fuller, it also provides an anti-crush ability to the tree.
Metal Stand: Holiday Christmas tree uses a metal stand instead of a cheap plastic stand and attaches a plastic cover to the end of the stand. Enhance the stability of the Christmas tree with this design.
8 Flash Modes: This Pre-lit Christmas tree has 8 different colorful flash modes, such as combination, waves, sequential, flash, and so on. You can select the right mode by pressing the Adjust button.
Pre-lit Design: This Christmas tree is pre-lit with optical fiber tubes and low voltage LED lights with 6 different colors, these led lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting. Both optical fiber lights keep the lighting open only with the light source, and without the LED light. The pre-lit design saves you time to set up electrical wires, you just need to place your best decorations on the tree.
Easy to Setup: To complete the assembly of this tree, it just takes a few minutes, after placing the branches and the metal stand together, all you need to do is straighten out the branches so that the tree will have the best effect.


    Christmas is just around the corner! The Christmas tree is going to give you a warm and nice holiday.


    The thick blades of Christmas tree are made from eco-friendly PVC material, which makes the tree is absolutely safe even to babies and also add anti-crush capacity to the tree. Decorated with energy saving UL-certified LED lights and fiber optics, this Christmas tree will present changeable colorful lights with 8 light pattern options. Assembly only requires few steps, after putting the tree and metal stand together, all you require to do is to straighten out the branches, so the tree will achieve the best effect.


    Merry Christmas from all Products! Don't hesitate to buy it!


    • Brand new and high quality
    • High classic PVC material makes the branches look more real and more full
    • Solid Metal tree stand can provide more stability
    • Pre-lit with UL-certified LED lights and fiber optics
    • 8 built-in light pattern options: Combination; In waves; Sequential; Slo-Glo; Chasing / Flash; Slow Fade; Twinkle / Flash; Steady on
    • 6 colors of the LED lights
    • Assure safety even you light the tree for a long time
    • No assembly required for the tree, just join the tree to the stand
    • Color: Green
    • Material: PVC, Metal
    • Voltage: input, 120V, AC output, 12V, 500mA
    • Adapter: UL-certified
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Fiber optic Christmas tree
    • 1 x Metal stand
    • 1 x Adapter
    • 5 FT:
    • Overall dimensions(fully spread): 2.8' x 5' (W x H)
    • Item weight: About 10 lbs
    • Number of tips: 180
    • Number of lights: 180
    • 6 FT:
    • Overall dimensions(fully spread): 3.1' x 6' (W x H)
    • Voltage: input, 120V, AC output, 12V, 830 mA
    • Rated power: 10W
    • Item weight: About 15 lbs
    • Number of tips: 230
    • Number of lights: 230
    • 7 FT:
    • Overall dimensions(fully spread): 3.5' x 7' (W x H)
    • Item weight: 20 lbs
    • Number of tips: 280
    • Number of lights: 280
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Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Much comparison went into choosing which tree to order - this one hit the jackpot! We love it so much we light it up all day - it has 6 varied light patterns and branches make a full tree - I like that it has its own stand and even a star at the top. Only 10 minutes to assemble - Ours is the 5 foot which we have set higher on a table which shows off the lights. Well worth the money unless you want to shop for the real thing and spend more.


Love, love, love everything about this tree. Brought box in from porch and had it set up by myself 10 minutes later! So may settings (though a few are definte no's due to the super fast patterns) to fit your mood. 3 pieces; base and 2 branch sections. Limbs fold down easily into a beautifully formed tree. As others have stated, and I was skeptical about, no ornaments necessary.... and it's really okay!... especially if the lights are on. So happy I decided to go for it!


This is a beautiful tree. The prelit lights and fiber optics on the branch leaves are awesome. This really lit up our Christmas. You don't really have to decorate this tree. It's that pretty with just the lights, but we chose to anyway. Don't hesitate to get this tree. It is georgeous, well packaged and high quality!


If you like a very brightly lit tree that does everything but sing Christmas carols,this is for you! Very easy to assemble,looks great when opened up and easy one button operation.The lights on this tree are brilliantly bright,and the fiber-optic branch ends add even more color and light.It has 8 different light settings and will do a fade,strobe,chase,color-by-color change and much more--I'm positive there is a sequence for everybody.The only draw-back for me,was the 3 bolts at the bottom of the stand for sturdiness.I could only get 1 of the 3 to actually tighten to help keep it from wobbling(and I'm a former A.S.E. Certified Automotive mechanic--I know how to start a bolt.) The bolts just will not thread correctly in to the tubing,but 1 is holding mine pretty well.It's still a little wobbly,so if you have little children or animals,you may need to come up with a better way to make it more solid--that's the only reason I gave this tree 4 out of 5 stars.If the bolts threaded in better,I'd give it a 6 out 5 stars if I could.All-in-all,an extremely good value and great looking tree.And,yes--I have recommended this to my family and friends.


Nice tree, i use it two ways. I plug it in during the day time, the leds are super bright and dance all over the place, looks really nice. Second way is to unplug the led lights but leave the fiber pluged in. Its a mellow color tone and looks very good at night time. I might just do that and not plug on the other lights. Star doesnt light up of you unplug the main lights but i did poke some fiber strands up inside the star so it looks neat too. Nice buy imo for the price.


This tree has so many modes from seizure inducing to relaxing. It’s so bright on even the dimmest mode that you can still light up a room. I didn’t even put ornaments on it because it was attention getting on its own. I was a little confused assembling it because I thought it had holes and not just braces at the bottom (that was definitely a duh user error).


I love the tree, but the on and off color change button is at the base of the tree. You have to lay on the floor every time you turn it on to adjust the settings. When you turn it off it resets itself to the default settings. If you are a senior citizen, I wouldn't recommend this for you. If your limber and don't mind resetting it every time than you will enjoy this tree. Its so colorful that you don't need decorations.


I was very surprised by the quality of this tree. It is very full after adjusting the branches. The star on top was a nice suprise that I didn't notice when ordering. Very easy to assemble. The tree is one piece that just screws into the stand. The only downfall is there isn't a mode where all the lights stay on steady. Love it!


I have small children. This tree doesn’t have any weight to it so it has already fallen over multiple times if the kids bump into it. Would not recommend if you have pets. The star on top has broken after a few days and falls. I put mine on a timer but I like the main lights to be still while optics twinkle, every time the tree turns on it is flashing all over like crazy so I have to manually change the setting wish it stayed on the same setting when turning on and off. Otherwise it is a pretty tree. Lights are bright and optics are beautiful. Can’t beat the price.


First year this tree was a success. Hopefully it will work the same after a year in storage. Only down side is every setting has lights that blink very fast at some point in the cycle. Beware for those who have seizure disorders. Otherwise it really is a nice tree.


Pictures don’t do this tree Justice! This tree is absolutely stunning in real life. It’s filled with beautiful bright colorful lights and fiber optic branches. Honestly the nicest tree I’ve ever own at a wonderful price. It’s so easy to assemble and comes with a beautiful star. Tree is very sturdy and has different settings for lights. Comes in a small box that is easy to store. I will be using this tree for years to come thank you !!!! Best purchase !


This tree is well worth the money! Yes, the lights are bright but if you keep them angled upwards, it's just fine. The tree is full, ornaments hang just fine on it, the different light options are wonderful. My kids enjoy turning on Christmas music, putting the lights on a fast mode and dancing next to the tree.