4 Pieces 238 Lbs Square Outdoor Patio Market Umbrella Base

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Key Features

● Heavy Duty Structure: The combination of high-quality PE material and excellent blow molding technology, this hard base weight has weather resistance and extremely long service life. Most importantly, four rustproof galvanized pins help secure the panels more stably.
● Filled with Wet Sand: Designed for offset and cantilever umbrellas, this base weight can help you secure your umbrella firmly. Especially when all four base plates are filled with wet sand, it can weigh up to 238 pounds and improve umbrella stability in windy conditions
● Convenient Funnel Included: Each plate of the base weight has a 1.5-inch diameter water injection port to fill with sand or water, and easily empty it through the spout when needed. More, it also has a sand-filling funnel, which can help you greatly increase your efficiency.
● Easy to Move and Connect: Each base plate has a humanized carrying handle that allows you to move it easily. When not in use, just empty the sand and move it to the storage area. Besides, this umbrella base weight comes with four connecting pins for easily assemble.
● 4 User-friendly Panels: Designed for offset umbrellas and cantilever umbrellas; sturdy 4-plate construction is strong and easy to assemble. (Cross base is not included). One plate dimension is 19"x 19"x 3" and overall dimension is 38"x 38" x 3".

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MaterialPE, PVC
Overall dimensions38" x 38" x 3"(L x W x H) 
Each plate dimensions19" x 19" x 3"(L x W x H) 
Net weight18 lbs
The weight of filled with wet sand238 lbs
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If you are still looking for a sturdy and durable base to keep your umbrella more stable. This is the high-strength base weight that holds the umbrella in place perfectly.


Constructed of durable PE material and excellent blow molding technology, it has a very long service life. And the base weight can reach 238 lbs after filling with wet sand to give you stable support. It is worth mentioning that each plate has a large filling spouts, which can facilitate you to fill quickly with funnel. In addition, metal handles make it easy to move and store.Its weather-resistant property allows it to be used all year round, and is perfect for outdoor places such as patio, courtyard and porch.


If you are looking for a durable base like this, do not hesitate to place an order!


  • Made of high quality PE plastic, durable and weatherproof 
  • 4-plate construction ensures stability and robustness
  • Up to 238 lbs when filled with Wet sand
  • The large diameter filling spouts are convenient for rapid filling
  • Perfect for outdoor places such as patio, courtyard and porch
  • Metal handles are designed for easy movement and storage
  • Convenient funnel included for quickly filling
  • Simple black look to match any surrounding decoration
  • The multiple design at the bottom is wear-resistant and non-slip. 
  • Easy to assemble


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    Great Umbrella with enough shade.


    We have been looking for months at these beautiful big umbrellas. Purchased an 11' round cantilevered umbrella. The entire unit is very solid and well-built. The lever used to raise/lower the umbrella slides smoothly. There is a nice locking mechanism on the lever that holds the umbrella in the position you want. Two of my must haves when shopping for an umbrella; rotate from left to right and tilting motion to adjust for the sun position changes throughout the day. Both functions on this umbrella work great and we are so pleased with this purchase. Just be sure and remove all the packing material that is up inside the umbrellas. They come in tons of colors to match anyone's backyard decor. It's well made and was easy to put together. We love it, adds wonderful shade in the hot AZ days. Easy and quick install with great easy to follow directions. All of our guests loved it , so do we !!

  • C

    Enjoy eating in my backyard under this umbrella


    I’ve been looking for ways to eat outside in the backyard with my family and this umbrella works great! The umbrella has a huge amount of coverage for my family to sit under, it's a great way to block out the hot California sun. With the addition that the umbrella is adjustable, my family is able to sit wherever and whenever in our backyard! It’s also a great way to get some fresh air while staying under some shade. It’s a good quality umbrella, very sturdy, and easy to assemble. I don’t have much experience when building anything so the fact this umbrella was put together in no time was surprising. The crank on the umbrella is also easy to use, just as long as you're tall and strong enough to reach and hold the crank. The water filled base holding the umbrella also works well. It has been able to keep the umbrella in its one spot on those very windy days.

  • S

    Good build quality, fill hole too small


    The supplied “funnel” is pointless. And the hole is too small to use a car oil funnel. The hole needs to be slightly larger so it doesn’t take 20 minutes to fill a single square with sand. Once filled they weight a lot and work perfectly.

  • M

    Durable and sturdy, keeps our large umbrella stable


    I am loving this 4 piece weighting system for our offset umbrella. It has proven to be durable and sturdy. It keeps our 10 foot umbrella stable, in open position and closed. We filled the individual portions with water and placed them around the umbrella base and connected them with the steel hooks. Very simple set up. Sand can be used as well, but water seemed efficient for us and quicker! We wanted to use ours right away.

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    Can fit other brands umbrella stands


    The reason I purchased this set of patio umbrella weights is i wanted a solution for our patio deck. We had tried those large cement patio pavers but they were heavy, scratched the wooden deck, and worked difficult to store in our upper shed attic.


  • Q:
    How do you easily remove wet sand from these units? What is their combined weight with just sand or just water?
    Just pour out the wet sand. You can load only water or sand, but if you think it's not heavy enough, fill it with sand first, and then add water until you can't.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    How much sand is required to fill the 4 base pieces?
    It takes about 220 pounds of wet sand to fill the 4 base pieces.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    I need a cross base for this umbrella base - OP70231. It does not come with one. Do you sell the cross base? I cannot find one.
    We are sorry we don't sell it separately.
    Costway representative

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