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48 Inch Foosball Table Indoor Soccer Game

The 48" foosball table will be the best way to break this deadlock. It is highly restored to the real football field, the players, which can let you experience the pleasure of a football match.

Overall Rating:
18 Reviews
Item No: 28157946
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Key Features

● Enjoy Wonderful Game Time: Restore real football fields such as 22 well-made players and the green playground. Moreover, manual scorers on each side to allow you to record game scores, making the football match more exciting. Table football can increase your coordination ability and balance.
● Protective Pads and Comfortable Handle: The non-skid handle is ergonomically designed for easy grip and use, minimizing discomfort and avoiding hand slip. The four legs of the foosball table equipped with protective pads will protect your floor.
● Durable and Safe MDF Fiberboard: The soccer foosball game table is made of high-quality and environmentally-friendly MDF fiberboard. 48" foosball table has thickened wooden table legs crossbars on both sides. These features will guarantee your safety and the stability of the table.
● Smooth Playing Surface and Round Edges: The game table's tabletop is bright green which is simulating the color of the lawn. The large and smooth playing field provides more comfortable use and a better gaming experience. Round edges will also avoid injury during playing.
● Suitable for Many Occasions: Available indoors and outdoors, suitable for 2-4 people to play. Ideal for party, family game night. It is also easy to assemble, just follow the step by step instructions and you will assemble them in no time.


    The 48" foosball table will be the best way to break this deadlock. It is highly restored to the real football field, the players, which can let you experience the pleasure of a football match.


    Made of high-quality medium-density fiberboards and stainless steel rods, so it is very robust and stable to use. Non-slip handle and large football field provide you with a better and more realistic game experience.
    Now is the time to have a fun table football match with your friends and family!
    1. Simple Assembly is required with instructions included.
    2. Please make sure all the connections are tightened before using. The foosball table should be kept away from children under three years old.


    If you are looking for a product like that, do not hesitate to buy it!


    • The high-quality medium-density fiberboard and stainless steel rods make it stable
    • The rust-proof and sturdy steel bar sliding bearing for smooth rotation
    • Restore a real football field and players for the best gaming experience
    • Equipped with 22 high-quality players, hitting the ball more powerfully
    • Comfortable, non-slip handles let you control the ball better during the game
    • Large and smooth playing field makes the game more exciting
    • The protective pads of the four legs protect the floor from damage and improve stability
    • Round and smooth desktop edges are safer to use
    • Manual scorers on each side allow you to record game scores at any time
    • The football table is perfect for fun between family, friends, and colleagues
    • Material: MDF + steel
    • Colors: Brown/Beige/Natural
    • Overall dimensions: 48" x 23.5" x 31.5" (L x W x H)
    • Weight: 38 lbs
    • Ball number: 2
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Foosball table
    • 2 x Football
    • 22 x Football player
    • 1 x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


My baby like to play, even she doesn’t know how to. well packaged. easy to setup. put living room when friends come to visit have fun on it.


Easy to assemble even with all the parts. Took 2 hours to put together and very sturdy once assembled. Good value for the price


This was a gift for the grandson. If you have room it is worth the money


I've played foosball ever since middle school and am a huge fan of it. In fact, I don't want to sound arrogant, but I have consistently been a top player against friends and coworkers whenever a table was provided. Sadly, that also meant that it's hard to find players who would want to play with you, and I have to often handicap myself so that I would not land a solid goal from the defensive line each time.


the parts are small and hard to use


Its very well constructed. Bring a lot of fun everyday. Especially during the lockdown.


It’s not fancy, but works well. Instruction is easy to read, a little bit challenge to assemble. My boys are so excited to have them, just want to remind everybody to keep distance when others playing. It is not fun to be hit by sticks. Edges are sharp, so I taped it. Enjoy!


Fun for the whole family


took over an hour plus to set up


 This foosball table has been a great addition in our at home bar. Since staying at home a lot this last year we have tried to make it as much fun as we can in our own home. This table has surely been a lot of entertainment for my husband and I and my kids. It’s a great size because it allows my 5 year old and 12 year old to play also. It’s a good size for in a home. The table is made of durable MDF board and the rods are stainless steel. It is very well made, quality material and looks nice. It has score keepers built into the table that slide easily to change the score. The assembly is easy, it comes with a clear instruction booklet to make it go smoothly. The handles have a groove texture to help hold them. It’s a really fun game for two or more people - I especially think it’s been great for our family of four, we can all play at the same time.


Took my husband about 4 hours to put this together.... once he got it most of it together he realized the instructions sucked lol. Some stuff wasn’t right. After it was finished my children and him played for hours. Laughed and had the best time ever. Few days later the handles were squeaking and making noises. Overall good price but Maybe not the best for hardcore players.


Very sturdy and didn’t take long to build. Very fun with the kids and a nice way for a little competition with friends. Highly recommend.


The whole family like it! I was worried that the table might be small but the fact is it's perfect, and looks very nice in livingroom.


It’s was relatively easy to put together but their were two of us. It may be harder if I were by myself. All the parts and instructions were great! There were even spare parts!


This is a very sturdy and professional game table. It is nothing for the faint of heart to tackle. It took patience and perseverance to assemble. Many many parts, which must be put together precisely in the right order. It does take two people at some points to get it together. But, when it is finished, it is well worth it. Hayneedle had it for a couple hundred less than other places I checked


I purchased this table for my sons (age 4) . We were looking for a combo game table that included pool and foosball and I didn't want to spend too much money on it. I am really pleased with this table. It's really good quality and very sturdy. Doesn't wobble at all. The size is perfect for them.


I purchased this table for my sons (age 4) . We were looking for a combo game table that included pool and foosball and I didn't want to spend too much money on it. I am really pleased with this table. It's really good quality and very sturdy. Doesn't wobble at all. The size is perfect for them.


Got my little foosball table yesterday. Came right on time. It was fun to assemble and only took about 20 min.. All the parts were there and everything fit perfectly. Seems quite sturdy. I am impressed. Can't wait to try it out with my 4 yr.old grandson!


This is definitely a good buy for the price. The assembly was easy. It took a couple of hours. No regrets!


Bought this as a gift for my mother. She had the best time putting it together and is very pleased with her gift. Highly recommend!


Great family entertainment add on! Kids have always been wanting one of these soccer game table at home but due to limited space we had to held off. Finally purchased one earlier this year, we all love it! Pretty easy to put together especially if you have an electric screwdriver. It came with an instruction menu and with the picture in the front it's easy enough to follow. Make sure you put in one side and insert all characters and parts before closing the screws. Great quality; woods are smooth & came with bumpers for the side which will help it last.


 I saw my friend buy a football table in her house. I feel very interesting and goodI also decided to buy this football table for my family as a Christmas present. My family has two sons, four and five, and my nephew, 12. My husband likes to play with children in his spare timeThis table looks very professional. The price is affordable. It looks very solid, just the size and height! The handlebar rotation is very flexible. The players are made of durable plastic and good contrast color. Every time they play, they shoot with great forceThere are too many toys at home. I think it's the best gift for my family, because the whole family likes to play. It's a good investment for adults and children. Because it can give full play to adults and children, and exercise the flexibility of brain and arms


 The foosball table is really fun and entertaining when you don’t want to go outside or when your just bored in general. My children has always enjoyed playing soccer and a foosball table is the best way to go when the weather doesn’t look the best. Overall I would give this foosball table a 10/10 since it’s very entertaining and the kids had fun playing against each other.


Although it took a little longer than expected to assemble it, the outcome is a very sturdy, durable foosball table. It is in perfect size and height for my 2 kids to play with. They had lots of fun playing it. Overall, for this price, it is well worth it.


Sturdy, smooth action. Kind of a pain to put together (specifically screwing each player into the metal arm when the holes weren’t always drilled right).


Great gift for the grandkids! Can't wait to see their faces. Fast delivery too!


My kids have too much fun with them. They love foosball and can play to each other . It is not much difficult to install and quality is just great.


Fast shipping! Came in a huge box but you can not tell what it is so a bonus because it was bought as a xmas gift for our son!


I bought this foosball table for my kids. They love play it everyday. It is quite easy to assemble the table with all the parts included in the package and the instruction is clear. The whole table looks firm. Quite useful and




I cannot believe how nice this foosball table is for how much I spent on it! It’s great quality and it was surprisingly very easy to put together! I can’t wait to spend evenings in my garage playing with this with my wife and kids. Lots of fun!


It came with a big heavy box. Took me couple of hours to put them together. Numerous screws to put in and exhausted. But it was super fun. Didn't find any design flaws e.g. the little man could not reach the ball stuff like that. Both kids and grownup enjoy! Given such a big item I'd say it's worthy every penny I paid


I was searching online for the game table to prepare my coming family events. I found this game table is very nice and it fits my budget. This game table has the design of indoor soccer. This is the best design for many people to play the game at once and ahve fun. This is the game table for the size of 48 inches. We had a great night to get together with family.


Great size and good looking foosball. My kids like it


Received this foosball table for a long time, it is quite stable and sturdy. Frame is solid. It is fun to play it with friends. Easy to assemble and all the hardware are included in the package. This table is definitely worth your money.


This is a present for my grandson’s birthday. He just received it , we are so happy that he loves it so much. It is great for kid to have fun with this table. Quality looks good with this competitive price. It is perfect for playing and have fund at home.


For the cost, this is a good value. My 2 13 yr old daughters and I put it together in about 45 minutes (with some "help" from the 6 year old). Directions are a little lacking, but able to be figured out if you are used to putting things together. We've had it about a month and it seems to be holding up well.


Pretty sturdy set and for the money it serves its purpose. Putting it together is a bit cumbersome as you will need two people and lining up the "field" is tricky. Overall a good purchase


One of the best gifts we ever got our grand daughter.


It's great, my daughter loves it