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4 Wheels Kids Ride On Pedal Powered Bike Go Kart Racer Car Outdoor Play Toy

This pedal go-kart for boys and girls is suitable for children ages 3 to 8 and for both indoor and outdoor use.

Overall Rating:
42 Reviews
Item No: 20564978
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Key Features

● Automatic Balancing System and Four Wheels for More Stability: This pedal go-kart is designed with an automatic 4-wheel balancing system for better balance and stability. A low gravity center will prevent the kart from flipping over, ensuring your children's safety.
● More Scientific Designs for More Practical Functions: You can steer the wheels to change direction with ease. The wheels are made from rubber material with non-skid textures, which makes them wear resistant and sliding resistant. This go-kart can be used in many places like on hard surfaces, grass, ground, and others. If your child is a sports lover, this gift is a perfect choice for them. In addition, the fully enclosed chain protects your kids from falling out of the kart.
● Authentic Steering Wheel for More Exciting Driving: The 3-point steering wheel gives an authentic driving experience and lets your kids control the pedal speed, making the ride even more exciting.
● Adjustable Bucket Seat for More Comforts: This ergonomic seat is adjustable (forward/backward) to fit different children sizes. Equipped with a high backrest for a comfortable and safe sitting position, it also provides great support for your kids to lean on when they are exhausted and want to take a short break.
● Steel Frame Construction and Anti-slip Pedal Design: Steel frame construction guarantees this go-kart will withstand big loading capacity. In addition, the frame construction ensures its lightweight design. Easy operation of the pedals and the brake allows your children to ride forward or in reverse freely. Moreover, you can stop the kart instantly by using the brake.


    This pedal go-kart for boys and girls is suitable for children ages 3 to 8 and for both indoor and outdoor use.


    It has an automatic balancing system for enhanced balance and stability. Four big rubber wheels with anti-skid textures add more stability and balance to the kart, ensuring the safety of your kids. Good wear resistance makes it durable enough to be used on any hard surface or even on grass, bringing more exciting riding experience for your kids. With this Pedal Go-Kart, your kids will become sports lovers and more attracted to a healthier lifestyle.


    Give your kids a childhood full of fun and adventures, don't hesitate to buy one!


    • Automatic balancing system with four wheels for better balance and stability
    • A low gravity center will prevent the kart from flipping over
    • Wear-resistance rubber wheels with anti-sliding textures
    • Easy operation of the pedals to ride forward or in reverse
    • Ergonomic adjustable seat (2 positions) with a high backrest for additional comfort
    • A fully enclosed chain protects your kids from falling out of the kart
    • The steel frame offers a big load-bearing capacity
    • The 3-point steering wheel for the authentic driving experience
    • Available in 3 colors: green, red and blue
    • Perfect for both outdoor and indoor use
    • Suitable for a variety of surfaces
    • Intended for children age 3 to 8
    Installation guide
    • Color: Red
    • Material of car body:  Iron + PP plastic
    • Material of tires: Rubber( outside) + plastic (inner)
    • Overall size: 41.5"  x 23.2" x 24.4" (L x W x H)
    • Weight capacity: 66 lbs
    • Suitable age: 3+
    • Package includes: 
    • 1 x kids ride on pedal bike
    • 1 x instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


The "nonslip" wheels are not exactly nonslip... they are hard plastic and while they may not really slip, they also don't grip real well. It's a cute pedal car and my kid likes it. But, it's not exactly what I was hoping for. Also definitely not for a taller kid; mine is 7 yrs old and almost 4 feet tall and I will be drilling another set of holes to, hopefully, be able to scoot the seat back a little farther so she will get a little longer use out of it.






It’s a nice go cart it just don’t turn very good


I wouldn’t buy this again or recommend. Didn’t go Good in dirt and hard for my big 3 year old to pedAl ( he can ride a pedal bike no training wheels


I bought it for my friend’s kid birthday gift, for women I only use like 15mints to install it really easy, the boy likes it a lot, he mom told me he drive it every day,this is first car in he’s life,worth the money I spend,quality good too


My kids are absolutely loving this little pedal go kart. My 3, 4, and 8 year old are all able to fit and use it, no problem. The frame is made out of a nice solid metal and is very sturdy. The seat is adjustable, as to meet the position preference of each child. The seat is also wider with a higher back for added comfort. It also features a little gear shift. You can have it so the chain catches and you can pedal and make it go, or you can throw it in neutral. Neutral is perfect for when my kids are either pushing one another on it or are riding down the hill, that way the pedals aren’t spinning like crazy. This go kart also features a hand brake, which my kids absolutely love. It is easy for them to use, and they like the idea of being able to drift. I was slightly worried about the tires, as they are not rubber, but they are holding up extremely well with being used on the road. Overall, this is a fantastic buy, and with the sturdiness of it, we will be able to use it for many years to come.


The kart is cute. Send to be artist and my son is having fun with it. My only complaint are the assembly instructions. Complete garbage.


I bought this product as a giftIt’s easy to assemble


My 3 yr old grandson loves it


It was easy to assemble! It's very sturdy! My Grandson loves it


Grandson loves it


What does sheerness mean?


Grand boys 4 & 6 love these. They ride them on concrete, dirt & gravel hilly terrain. Great exercise. Very sturdy they have had these for few months now and have gone through quite the test and no problems. Very happy with the purchase.


My 7 year old and the neighborhood kids love it!


My lil cousin loved it


Really like this one has more knee room fir when your child starts to grow and can still play on this for that much longer, cause my grandson looooovvvves this!!!


Got for granddaughter, she didnt like it but her brother did, also got one for nephew, he loves it, plan to get one for grandson in Seattle


It's so cool looking.My grandson loves this pedal go cart.It is a good toy to exercise.Very cool, not too large not too small.So happy with purchse.


My grandson loves it.His age is 5.


Very nice Pedal-cart.Looks like so cool! It rides great and its perfect sizing even my 6 year old. Easy to drive, fun. A very nice choose as birthday gift!


This go kart is for my son’ birthday present, and he loves so much. There is no issue when received it. It also has 2 positions to be adjusted that I can adjust the seat to make my kid feel comfortable.Very pleased with purchase!


The quality on this product is unparalleled. It is easy to assemble out of the box, and the directions are clear and concise. There is little room for error when putting this together. It is quite heavy so my suggestion, if you are small like I am, is to have someone with you to move it. My four year old and seven year old can both fit in and ride this for hours. The battery life is quite extensive for a battery powered car, that is holding 90 pounds worth of children. This racer is easy to maneuver, and has two speeds.


my son love it


My son loves it


My Grandson is 8 and loves this Go Kart. It was exactly as shown


My grandson loves it. Thinks it look just like are race car. Easy to steer and easy to stop


Grandson loves his new cart.


We just opened and played with these today! We ordered 3 for all the kids (Twin 5 yr olds and a 3 yr old) They all LOVE them! Seem very durable and go just fast enough for them. The only con is that there is no reverse but once the kids get used to that, I am sure there will be no problem. Already assembled when you get it! Goes really good on hills and grass surprisingly!


Perfect for my 4 year old. I decided on this power wheels not only for the price but for the tires, which had more grip than the rest. It's very roomy, and with the steel frame it should hold up nicely. The lower profile lets it fit in my car easier. It doesn't make sounds or have lights but he doesn't care. Very happy with my purchase. The way it's made I think he will ride it for years.


My child loves it! Won’t stop playing with it!!


Awesome go-cart! I purchased this for my son's 6th birthday and he absolutely loves it. The assembly was easy and the instructions were easy to follow! The construction seems very sturdy and durable. The go-cart is high quality, super fun and entertaining for sure! I highly recommend it!


Made good nice tires easy to put together


My 6 year old son loves it! I have had no problems with the steering wheel like the other reviewers had. The structure of the car is very solid and the child is safe to sit on. And it's very easy to assemble. When the child went out, he liked to drive the go-kart. So cool!


My 5 year old loves it


Adjustable and comfortable seat controllable handbrake and non-slip pedal these character are what I wanted to my son’s birthday gift. Strong solid steel frameAnd non-slip rubber wheels design and enclosed chain case for extra safety! Cool


Very easy to put together


It’s a decent little cart. We got one for each of our two boys. Not incredibly sturdy but the boys have fun with them.


Easy to assemble and my grandson loves it! Very well made!!


Very nice and sturdy. After more than a month my nephew is still enjoying it every day. The only thing is that the chain sometimes falls of.


This was the best gift for my daughter’s 3th birthday!! When she got it, she gave me abig hug and tell me she love it very much!I’m really satisfied with this purchase.


When I was assembling this go kart , my kids all helped me do the work. They can’t wait to ride it!I purchased two so that my 2 kids can play together.