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12V Kids Electric Ride On Car with Remote Control

This is the fantastic and cool ride on police car which is a perfect gift for your lovely child.

Overall Rating:
87 Reviews
Item No: 74560129
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12V Kids Electric Ride On Car with Remote Control 12V Kids Electric Ride On Car with Remote Control 12V Kids Electric Ride On Car with Remote Control 12V Kids Electric Ride On Car with Remote Control 12V Kids Electric Ride On Car with Remote Control
Key Features

● Two Control Modes: Parental Remote Control Mode: Parent can effortlessly control this toy car by providing remote control, which promotes parent-child interaction. Battery Operate Mode: Powered by a rechargeable battery, this electric police car allows children to control it freely with the steering wheel and the foot pedal inside.
● Safe and Smooth Driving: With the slow start-up design, our ride-on police car can prevent your kids from being scared by excessive acceleration. Furthermore, a spacious seat with a safety belt and independent suspension system creates a stable, smooth and safe driving experience for children. PP materials used in this toy are kids-friendly and harmless for health.
● Best Gift for Children: The kid's ride on police car is an exquisite gift for children, aged 3 to 8 years old, to fulfill their dream of becoming policemen since the siren, flashing lights and police signs make it look like a real police car. Equipped with headlights, music, microphone and volume controller, it will make your baby's ride more enjoyable.
● Easy to Use: You children can easily start the electric police vehicle with the push of a button and control it to move forward, backward or stop. In the meanwhile, the speed can also be conveniently adjusted by a remote controller from 1.8 to3 mph (low, medium, high). It is worth mentioning that two doors with safety locks can be both opened.  
● Warm Tips: There is a specific button to turn police car mode on(siren is on and the warning light is flickering). Speaker is only working under police car mode. Two enjoyment modes: a. connection mode allows you to play the music that you like conveniently. b. Under music mode, your children can choose to listen to built-in music or listen to stories.


    This is the fantastic and cool ride on police car which is a perfect gift for your lovely child.


    Two modes control not only promotes parent-child interaction, but also allows children to play freely. Other than that, our multifunctional kids ride on police vehicle is equipped with headlights, music, microphone and volume controller, which makes children more enjoyable during playing. Its colorful flashing lights, siren and police signs add the sense of being in a real police car, making child be a cute little cop while they are driving it. Most importantly, it is also designed with a lot of safety considerations, such as slow start-up design, doors with safety lock, seat with safety belt and so on.


    If you are looking for the car like that your your kid, don't hesitate to buy it!


    • Two modes control not only promotes parent-child interaction, but also allows children to play freely
    • Best gift for children aged from 3 to 8, simulation police car design to bring real experience to children
    • Scratch resistant wheels with independent suspension system, suitable for kinds of pavement
    • Designed with safety considerations such as slow start-up design, doors with safety lock, seat with safety belt
    • Made of pp material, kids-friendly and durable, having large weight capacity
    • Multifunctional, with headlights, music, microphone and volume controller
    • Easy to control it to move forward, backward or stop, turn left or right, three speed to adjust
    • Color: Black/Pink
    • Material: PP + iron
    • Overall dimension: 43.5" x 27" x 21" (L x W x H)
    • Net weight: 27.5 lbs
    • Weight capacity: 66 lbs
    • Speed range: 1.8 to3 mph (low, medium, high)
    • Charge time: 8-12 hours
    • Operation time: 1-2 hours
    • Battery type: Rechargeable 12 v 4.5 ah
    • Motor type: 30 w x 2
    • Charger type: 12v 500ma
    • Recommended for ages: 3-8 years old
    • Package includes
    • 1 x Kids ride on police car
    • 1 x 2.4 ghz remote control
    • 1 x Charger
    • 1 x Speaker
    • 1 x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


My nephew loves police cars so much that I gave him this toy car for his birthday. He was very excited and immediately began to play. The headlights and battery life are excellent and I think I made the right choice!


Toddler is 2 years so remote would be used most the time. Still easy enough for him to try. He absolutely loved it!


Very reliable and fast enough for 3 year old. Siren is loud. Everything worked. Speaker loud


My son can’t get enough of it. It was very easy to assemble and so far has held up.


It's great, it's going fast, but I've been tracking it all the way to a safe speed, so I'm pretty comfortable. The process of driving can exercise children's concentration, sensitivity, but also exercise brain, eyes, hand and foot coordination. It was a beautiful car with a beautiful light, and my daughter loved it. Buying the car for her as a birthday present seemed like the right choice.


My child's dream is to be a policeman, so I bought this child electric police car for him. The appearance of this product is really cool. My child likes it very much, and its speed is just right. The most important thing is that it is very comfortable and stable to sit on. It is also very safe for children to play on. I suggest businesses launch more color matching. Thank you.


My daughter like the car so much . I don’t know which should I cry or smile when I buy it for her . She ask me bring it in my car when we go out, and bring it to her room when she sleep .It is easy to put together. It’s power is good enough to carry 2 children. My daughter and her cousin have fun when play together. It’s speed is fast enough for my daughter to have fun. It can connect Bluetooth with phone , and play her favorite songs.


It was hard to put together since the wheel would not fit. Then we had an issue with the wheel getting stuck and not moving although the seller was very nice and helped


The design of this electric car is very cool. The interior space is also very large. It can be used as a child. The most important thing is that its seat is comfortable and stable. The child can sit safely. In addition, its speed can be adjusted and it also has an intercom. My children like this electric car very much. Thank you.


We ordered this toy car for our daughter’s bday and she loves it! It comes with features like honking horn, emergency sirens, radio music, walkie-talkie, and flashing lights. The car is quite slow, it would be better if the car could be a little more powerful and speed up a little fastee. Overall we are happy with the purchase and would recommend this toy car.


Easy to assemble. Perfect for a 3 year old to grow into. The doors are a little hard to open (even for adults). The Bluetooth speakers and megaphone are awesome touches and make it fun for adults to enjoy as well


This is an amazing realistic toy, It has realistic sound with speaker, music, so many gadgets and buttons to push. My daughter absolutely loved it. Every single kid that comes over loves it. Plus the remote control makes it even better for under 10 years old children.


Disappointing, right out of the box. The sirens on the windshield do not work, as the connector to plug in is missing. The sound (music, horn, sirens) and even gas pedal periodically stop working and requires us to turn off the car and turn back on. The wires that connect the steering wheel are falling out of the casing, so not sure how long the wheel will work correctly. The speed is very slow, even on the highest speed. Description explains for 3-8 year old but this car fits my 1 year old better than my 3 year old. We have a best choice products jeep and it just feels sturdier, doesn't look cheap or small, and is faster than this car, plus it wasn't nearly as expensive.


It looks cool. It's a big size. I bought it for my friend's son. I believe he can use it until he is 3 or 4 years old. There are lots of different features that can play music that your child likes. I mean, the remote is awesome! The batteries are great. They love them. It's very well designed and doesn't move too fast, so it's very safe.


I got it almost 8 month ago. It still works good. My son drives it every day. Very powerful and the battery last for a very long time.


Not so easy to wire up. Missing a part to complete the assembly.


Very bright colors. My daughter has been into helping people and pretending alot this will definitely make her imaginary games more fun. The plastic holds well although I was expecting the seats to be bigger to fit 2 toddlers but it may be my fault not reading the descriptions closely. It still fits 2 toddlers but it'll be tight. Overall so far 5/5


The remote control makes it easy I love it and the grandson love it.


Nice car with police sound, my son like it so much.


This car looks SUPER cool! I love the pink color. It’s so nice it comes with a remote! My 3 year old isn’t great at driving yet so it’s nice to have that option. . It came mostly put together. The assembly we had to do was quick and easy. It drives really well and holds battery as well as our power wheels. Would def recommend!


The car is super cute! My 3 year loves it! I love using the remote with it as well. I was worried I wouldn't get the car in time for my son's birthday but I sent the seller a message with my concern and next thing I know it was delivered. We have only had the car up and running for a few days now but the battery seems to last and all the lights and sirens work as they should. Great buy for a little police officer!


I bought this police car for my son 3 years old's gift. Parents can use the remote control ro control this car. When the child is older, he can also control the car by himself. The car also has music, three speed, and the sound of a police car.


super cool police ride on car.
big enough for 3 yrs,he loves it, a lot .
The police car has a remote control, which can also be driven by children.
It is also equipped with a walkie-talkie, which is so interesting.
And the doors on both sides can be opened, which is really cool
Not only sirens, but also very nice music.
The only drawback seems to be that the battery is not very good.
The manual says that it needs to be charged for 8-12 hours,
I did,but it only runs for about 10 minutes before it runs out of power.
Hope the battery can be improved。


This is very small. It’s my own fault I should have read description better, however when they say it’s for a 3-8 year old that is false! Buyer beware this is more for a 1-3 year old!


My grandson loves this. My son controls it for him and as he gets older he'll be able to do it himself. Worth every penny


My 3yrs old son loves the ride on car, it was easy to assemble, the battery seems to last long, and easy to operate for my son, highly recommend for everyone


The car has good looking design, lighting, and the siren on. it was easy to put the car together, the only thing took me a while to find out is the battery cable need to be connected to the positive terminal. The remote is pretty easy to use and is helpful. the only thing i wish is the car can go a little faster, but i know is safety concern.


I got this as a first birthday gift. It was easy to put together. Real lights and sirens. Plays music via blue tooth. I got the best gift at the party!


Es muy pequeño


Good quality should last long time


My son loved it is working very well


Overall very happy with it. Had it for about 5 months with lots of use no issue's and no battery problem's. Kids love it flashing lights and the walkie system is fun for them plus allows people to see them better in low light or dark condition's.


Got for my 11mo for Christmas and he loves it. He’ll just sit in it without going anyway. Of course he loves it more when we’re cruising down the road! I can’t wait for him to get old enough to control and steer himself! So fun!!


This was fairly easy to put together. Took my husband and I about an hour. All parts included and came with stickers alrighty on the car (major plus for me!) We live in the backwoods country of Louisiana. We have a gravel driveway, grass and dirt yard. This little car drives perfectly on all! It can go through holes in the ground without a problem and even up and down slight hills with ease! My daughter is 5 years old and 48" tall. Her legs are a little too long, her knees are at the steering wheel. But, that doesn't stop her from driving for hours! Once fully charged, she can drive almost 2 hours on high speed. Although the description stated police car, this did come as a fire and rescue unit with red and blue police lights. If you have a little one wanting car, I HIGHLY recommend this product!


Grandson loves this car. I read the information, but car is a little small for an average four year old.


Christmas gift for children, very easy to assemble, very beautiful, police car speed adjustable, music, and loudspeakers, good quality, real and fun, children love it


Came all scratched up. Cant even put together because the wires to connect the steering wheel aren’t there or stuck under somewhere. ABSOLUTELY WORST ITEM IVE EVER BOUGHT AND I CANT EVEN RETURN IT!? What a scam!






The appearance is very beautiful. The space is also large. Simple and easy to operate. Kids like it very much


It comes with a lot of pieces but was simple and straightforward to put together. One of my favorite parts is that it does not say anywhere on the box what it is so it was easy to hide from my kids.


My son love it and I'm happy I bought it. It's a little bit tricky when assembling the steering wheel, just press it down to be able to see the whole to place the screw. Apart from that, its easily to assemble just follow the instructions.


The directions are incomplete. We had to cut a piece to get it together/design flaw.


Very well built with nice details. The grand children loved it. The sirens and lights are well done. They are loud enough to please the children but not too loud to be a nuisance.


I was going to return this but instead we have a Mechanic in the family who helped us fix it.


The shopping was very pleasant. I thought there were a lot of parts to be assembled when the children's car arrived. Unexpectedly, as long as it is equipped with four wheels, the car said that gravity is still very OK, the two children are very happy.


Perfect fun for my family.


Front lights doesn’t work, but overall it is a great car for my 4 years old


Muy facil d manejar


OUTSTANDING product..... way better than I anticipated, child loves it ..... so entirely easy to assemble wheels and side braces , instructions are a little difficult, but if you take your time


This car is sooo much fun for my daughter she loves playing with it. It keeps her engaged for sometime. Driving this car everyday after she comes home from pre-school is a fun activity for both of us. Maneuvering with remote so easy, my kiddo laughs and giggles the whole time she is in the car. Putting it together was super easy, my husband spent like 20mins assembling it. Is is sturdy car with lots of details like buttons inside that gives like a real car feeling. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun toy.


My son(almost 2y) loves this police car. The instructions with the car could definitely be better but it's good enough. I had a issue with a wire I could not find the plug for and emailed the seller and they got back to me within a couple hours explaining where it goes(with pictures). Overall it's a great toy!


Perfect for my 6 years old boy.


My boy always wanted one of these riding police car. I’ve seen others but I’ve picked this one for a good reason. It has a remote controller where I can walk behind and controlling the car for him. He’s 4 years old and still trying to grasp the idea of steering. It confuses him from time to time. Beside that, the vehicle is more fun because it has many features to entertain the kids while riding. Surprisingly, Bluetooth is one of the features that really stands out for me. It has a handle where I can pull the vehicle with ease when battery is completely drained. It has a small PA system which is mimic the police vehicle 100% but it’s not as loud as I wanted it to be.


Purchased this car for my grandson’s birthday. I liked the fact that it seats 2 kids so my granddaughter can ride with him too. This was a wonderful gift for him. The included instructions made it easy to assemble; about 45 minutes for me. It is very sturdy and drives great in the grass and then up onto the patio. The lights and sirens are a big hit with the kids. They love the music. We also love the remote control with the kids being young you can take control when needed and the ability to buckle them into the seat so they do not fall out. Overall this car was the perfect gift. I would highly recommend..


Our son's love it. Came in a good packaging. The battery last long than we expected. Very reasonable price. Worth to buy.


This was the perfect gift for my grandson! He absolutely loves it. Has siren & music. It was better than expected!!!


It is awesome the kids love it


I love this car! It was easy to assemble and everyone loves to take my son for a ride in it. The only downside was it was missing a few parts that were needed to hold the wheels together, so I had to make do with anything I could to keep it together.


My son loves this however one of the front tires became un-welded after a few times riding it! (Not part of assembly) My son is 3 and it was on low speed whole time!


Works well, kid loves it. Radio works, microphone works, remote control works.


Amazing ride on police car! Perfect for kids of all ages as it comes with a remote even if they can’t reach the pedals! Pretty easy to put together, I did so myself in under an hour! Very durable and well made! So many cool features on this car; lights, siren, radio, usb plug, walkie talkie, and the list goes on! Perfect girly for my niece! She absolutely loves this! Thanks amazon!


Awesome product


Great car, only problem is connecting to the Bluetooth. Apparently the sirens are very loud and sound like the real thing but that doesn’t bother me.


 This police car is awesome. It has so many cool features and details. The lights flash in the front and the back. It has a microphone radio you can talk through. The car is fast. It comes with a remote control so you can drive your just around or stop them if needed while they are driving. This car has everything and is so much fun.


Bad instructions


The remote control police car was the hit of the wedding with two of the cutest little boys as ring security delivering the rings for the ceremony. Riding in the car also kept them entertained


My kids love it and it’s easy to stear with remote


Very good but small for 6 or 7 years old.


Pretty good quality, not very good directions, but it doesn't need much to set up. Our 3 year old loves it.


My grandson loves it...


Very Nice, my son loves it :)


My autistic grandson loved it! Perfect size and parent control was great!!


Our 4 year old grandson loves all the lights, siren and the walkie talkie speaker. Easy to charge and has a great battery life!


I was glad with the quality of this car. It was easier to set than than what I was expected. My kids absolutely loved it. Great for my backyard especially during this time when they can’t really go out as much. Good toy to keep them occupied. I recommend to my sister and she plans to get one too.


Love it




Good product, my kids happy


for a birthday gift for my grandson he absolutely loved it!!!


My little grandson loves his new car. He’s obsessed with Fire Trucks so, this car was a nice surprise for him. Easy to operate and take control with the parent remote.


Buy this electric toy car for kids,it has a beautiful appearance,good performance and durable battery.


Definitely worth the price and my toddlers love it!


Very good, lose one part, but it was send back to me, before the birthday party, children very like the car, thank you!


My nephew loves it!


Very good - Works well - Easy to Assembly


Love it so far. The directions to put it together were less than clear, and I have a bunch of extra parts I dont know what to do with... pics show extra parts.


Very satisfied!