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  • 4.5 Feet PVC Pre-lit Artificial Hinged Christmas Tree
  • 4.5 Feet PVC Pre-lit Artificial Hinged Christmas Tree
  • 4.5 Feet PVC Pre-lit Artificial Hinged Christmas Tree
  • 4.5 Feet PVC Pre-lit Artificial Hinged Christmas Tree
  • 4.5 Feet PVC Pre-lit Artificial Hinged Christmas Tree
  • 4.5 Feet PVC Pre-lit Artificial Hinged Christmas Tree
  • 4.5 Feet PVC Pre-lit Artificial Hinged Christmas Tree
  • 4.5 Feet PVC Pre-lit Artificial Hinged Christmas Tree
  • 4.5 Feet PVC Pre-lit Artificial Hinged Christmas Tree
4.5 Feet PVC Pre-lit Artificial Hinged Christmas Tree

4.5 Feet PVC Pre-lit Artificial Hinged Christmas Tree

398 Branch tips and 200 led lights make this tree look more full-bodied and genuine. Made of fade-resistant and crush resistant PVC materials, this Christmas tree can be used for a long time.

Overall Rating:
52 Reviews
Item No: 51406728
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Key Features

● Eco-friendly Material: The blades of our Christmas tree is made of high-quality PVC material, which offers the anti-crush capacity to it, lasting a long time. And the 398 branch tips help emulate a real Christmas tree.
● Auto-spread and Close Up Design: All branches will drop to the designed place when the assembly is complete, and it also will close up automatically for storage. Just needs a few steps you can get a beautiful Christmas tree.
● Pre-lit 200 Led Lights: This Christmas tree is decorated with 200 warm white LED lights that add a fantastic festival atmosphere to any home, office, or party.
● Sturdy Metal Stand: High-density iron base provides stability for the tree and keeps the tree planted in an upright position. With the plastic cover on the end of the stand can protect your floor from scratches.
● Eye-catching Design: Thick metal trunk and stand of this Christmas tree make it possible that the tree can stay straight. Standing at 4.5Ft, this hinged Christmas tree is an eye-catching addition to any room during the holiday.


    This is the 4.5 ft pre-lit Christmas tree which is perfect for adding a festive glow to home, office, party, etc.


    398 Branch tips and 200 led lights make this tree look more full-bodied and genuine. Made of fade-resistant and crush resistant PVC materials, this Christmas tree can be used for a long time. The sturdy metal trunk and stand make the Christmas tree stand more straight and stably. Furthermore, our Christmas tree is divided into two sections for easy assembly, disassembly and storage. And it is equipped with a ULl-certified adapter for more safety use.


    This is the 4.5 ft pre-lit Christmas tree. Don't hesitate to buy it. 


    • Brand new and high quality
    • Premium PVC material, eco-friendly and safe
    • Pre-lit 200 LED light provides warm white lighting to your home
    • The sturdy metal base offers great support for Christmas tree
    • Plastic feet covers, protect your floor
    • Perfect for indoor decoration, suitable for home, office, shop, etc
    • Simple green color and 398 branch tips, full-bodied and genuine
    • Create a festive and enjoyable atmosphere
    • Equipped with UL-certified adapter for more safety use
    • Auto-spread close up design, easy for assembling, dismantling and storing
    • Color: As the pictures shown
    • Material: PVC + iron
    • Overall dimensions: Φ2.6' x 4.5' H
    • Voltage: Input: 120 V
    • Output: 29 V
    • Power: 8.4 W
    • Transformer: UL
    • Number of tips: 398 tips
    • Number of light: 200 LED light
    • Net weight: About 7.5 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Pre-lit christmas tree
    • 1 x Stand
    • 1 x Transformer
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Unable to attach bottom section to tree stand.


Used it this past Christmas. Easy to put together, liked that it already had the lights on it. Put it on a table as it is short and it did the job


First Christmas tree in years


Tree is missing a connection. There are only 2 out of 3 plugs. Only 2/3rds of the tree is lit up. Disappointed.


Good looking, fairly sturdy and firm base


Easy to assemble. Tree has a beautiful shape just enough lights , and the size is just perfect


This tree is for all to enjoy.


This tree is perfect. Looks really great, and is sturdy! I bought it for the grand kids (2 and 4 yrs old) to decorate, and they had no problems. Lots of lights, and very full.


Love the different types of branches, made it look and feel real


My first artificial tree. One or two open spots that I filled in with oranaments. Overall I loved the tree


Nice tree for the price looks good nice shape easy to assemble


I am IN LOVE WITH THIS TREE! It was very easy to assemble and it is extremely durable and well made. It looks beautiful in my home and the artificial branches are very easy to move and spread out so you don’t have any of the stem showing. I am SO HAPPY WITH this purchase! BEAUTIFUL! And the value is undeniably unbeatable !!!


the tree is tall and fluffy and the nights works great and it is easy to set up


The tree was easy to assemble. Once all the limbs were pulled apart the tree was full and natural


It was an easy setup and it looks nice!


This tree is so beautiful. It came early and I was so excited to see it up. The lights are Led and very comfortable which is easy on the eyes. Ok, now the bad news. The tree stand ,although made of metal was not very sturdy. Looks like it was a quick weld job. So my advice buy an extra tree stand. Other than that this tree is full, holds heavy ornaments without a problem. Love love this tree.


We got the 7.5ft with pine cones, not very many pinecones I thought it would have more, but they are small and very subtle I like it. The tree comes in four pieces Labeled as A B C & D going from top to bottom part B seems to not be the same tree as part a A C D because it’s much more sparse and I can see through to the trunk where as the other sections are very full so I don’t know if that section was in there by mistake or if it’s actually the correct piece, it all fits together the lights are very nice. it was easy to assemble and good texture. Over all it’s a good tree for the price, only complaint is the one section not seeming as full, I will fix that by adding in a garland to fill it out.


When we first opened the box, we almost did not take the tree out. It looked small and lacking. However, we put it up and reconsidered. It wasn't until we 'fluffed' each branch - separating the clumps that are stuck together in storage - we realized the beauty of the tree. It is very full! We have left the lights on since we purchased it, a couple weeks ago. The are brilliant not overwhelming. The tree is a great size - both height and width. We love our tree!!!!


We love the 9 foot tree! Easy to install and connect the pre-installed lights to each section of the tree. Although the very top supporting piece cracked while installing the last section; which is the tree topper. I had to Jerry rig it once it cracked. It wouldn't support the top section anymore. This supporting circular piece should be of a metal, not plastic.


This tree is absolutely beautiful! Easy to assemble... such an amazing value!


This Christmas trees’s lights are very pretty. I love the colors! We don’t have any decorations but it still looks really pretty.


Awesome tree for the price. Cannot go wrong, trust me.


I have been looking a tree for my new home and I ‘m so gold I went with this tree. It’s easy to assemble and I love the light. Great price and great quality!


Terrific buy! This tree is beautiful, so easy to set up. I took my time seriously fluffing each branch. It's easy and you get the hang of it quickly. Everyone who sees it likes it. Even people who are stauch real Christmas tree buyers. We bought it this year because we moved to an apartment. But now we may decide to use it for years and years.


very nice Christmas tree, decorated with little lights, like little stars, shining among the green pine leaves. Branches can be hung with all kinds of decorations, very suitable for a small family like me


Absolutely wonderful tree. So easy to assembly was delivered early then they said. Would give highest recommendation


Once it's out of the box and fluffed it's a beautiful tree!! Great price for a pre-lit 9' tree. My daughter and I put it together with ease and once we got it lit we were so excited to start decorating!! I will say one of the three screws that helps hold the tree in the stand was stripped, luckily we had another tree stand that worked. Not sure how long it will last, one branch broke as we were fluffing, but we were able to fix it.


This is the fullest, most well-lit tree we’ve ever owned. I have no doubt we’ll be using it for years. The branches do look real unless you’re standing right over it. They get much fuller as the tree ascends. I can attest to the 1384 tips, as a semi-OCD lady, I bent and shaped each one of them. But it was worth it! Even so, the tiers went up in minutes. It probably took an hour to shape it to my liking. TIP: Plug each ending for the lights as you go. In fact, I would plug the first strand at the bottom in at the beginning so you can determine if you skipped a plug as you go up. All in all, this is a beautiful tree at a real value price. arrived earlier than promised. My picture doesn’t do it justice—too much sun.


This tree came with very simple package. But the tree inside looks good. It is easy to assemble, though with limit instructions. It is tall and fluffy, and the lights work fine. The tree is pretty beautiful as expected. With the warm lights, it brings holiday feel to my home. Considering the price, it is a good deal.


 look,what a beautiful Christmas tree ! My son love it. this is very pleasant shopping. I will have a nice Christmas.


Easy to setup and it’s beautiful. I absolutely love it . Very lightweight and durable. It came with led light so I don’t have to buy it separate.


Very beautiful tree.


We got so many compliments on this tree. It was supper easy to put up and it come with lights. Once you trim your tree i promise you will get a ton of compliments.


Loved the changing colors. the prettiest tree around.


Easy to put up, loved the lights, however not as large as I thought


Perfect size, Vibrant lighting.


 I absolutely love this tree! It was so fun to have up for the holidays! The different light settings were great and we didn’t even have to decorate it which was a bonus. It was shorter than I thought but a great tree none the less.


I like the tree


This tree made mu Holidays can not belive the price , just beautiful


Easy setup! Loved the built-in lights.




so pretty and unique


Excellent company! ????????? Love the tree. I have a single strand of small white lights on the tree as well. Sometimes I unplug the tree and just enjoy my white lights. IT'S ALL VERY CONVENIENT! I Don't have to worry with different strands of lights.


Really nice Tree for the price! The colors are beautiful and you don't need to put anything else in it. With the lights on, it's perfect and it looks fool! I would buy a larger on next time.


 We got the 7.5' one and it's gorgeous! It fits our living room so well! It's beautiful and we haven't even decorated it yet!


We plugged it in to make sure the lights work, but we have not put the tree up yet.


This tree was gorgeous especially for the price it exceeded my expectations.


love the tree. the lighting is great for a party. some of the lighting ornaments did not fit on the lightbulb, but that's ok, I simply placed them elsewhere in the tree. the tree stand made the tree look like it was standing at an angle the whole time, that was annoying. aside from all that, cool tree.


Good tree, nice light, easy to set up. Base wasn't the easiest to set up compared to an old one or replaced but wasn't by any means difficult. Ornaments were not easy to snap on at times and a few ended up falling off.


Wow, for 50 bucks, this little tree delivers big time. We wanted a smaller pre-lit tree and this fits the bill much better than I expected. The only reason this is not a 5 star review is the stand, frankly, will only work on a hard or wood floor. I had to get a different stand as the one included is too wimpy.


The tree is nice and sets up easily. The only issue is while it has different settings, every setting has some form of fast blinking and flashing. Makes it look like a rave is going on in the house. As fun as that is I would have preferred even one setting that was toned down a bit on the flashing.


Love this tree!!!