3L Draft Beer Tower Dispenser with LED Lights

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Key Features

● Transparent Container with Clear Scale: The beverage container is transparent with a precise scale on it, making it easier to see when the drink is finishing and when to add more. Three simple scales are indicating the capacity of one, two and liters for your reference.
● High-Quality Spigot and Steady Flow: The nozzle part of the peg is made of premium metal. It is rustproof ensuring long-lasting performance. The flow is moderate and steady, keeping it from spilling on your clothes. Therefore it is suitable to use in public places.
● Large Capacity and Removable Ice Tube: The capacity of this beverage dispenser is 3L, almost a gallon and about 102 ounces. It’s enough for a party night. There is an ice tube inside so you can keep your drink chilled for a longer time. Additionally, such ice tube prevents your drinks from being diluted by melting ice. It is removable and therefore very easy to clean.  
● Rugged Durable Material without BPA: This beverage dispenser is made of premium and impact resistant ABS and AS material without BPA, which effectively prevents it from breaking easily. Moreover, the black part of the product is made of ABS plastic, and the transparent portion is made of AS plastic.
● LED Light that Changes Color Randomly: This beverage dispenser comes with the LED light that can change color at random order. There is a small red button on the base of the beverage dispenser, which is the switch of the LED light. The energy-efficient LED light brings more fun and relaxed atmosphere.

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MaterialAbs and AS
SizeHeight: 18.5" top diameter: 7.9" base diameter: 9" bottom width: 7.9 "
Packaging size19.7" x 9.8" x 9"
ColorTransparent and black
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This beverage comes with an LED light that changes color.


It will be an excellent choice for household use and commercial use. There is an additional ice tube inside that helps you to cool your beverage and maintain the flavor and taste. It’s removable; thus it is easy to clean. The metal spigot is rustproof and provides a steady flow rate.


If you are looking for a beverage dispensers like this, don't hesitate to buy one!


  • Transparent container with a clear scale for knowing how much beverage is left
  • Three simple scales indicating a capacity of one liter, two liters, and three liters
  • High-quality spigot with rust proof metal nozzle for long-lasting performance
  • Moderate and steady flow keeps it from spilling on your clothes and allows it to be used in public places
  • 3L capacity, nearly a gallon and about 102 ounces; enough for a party night
  • Easy clean removable ice tube inside prevents any dilution with melting ice while still keeping your drinks cool
  • The black part of the product is made of ABS plastic, and the transparent part is made of AS plastic; it is impact resistant without BPA
  • The LED light that changes color


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  • R

    It is easy to clean after use


    I used to see this beer tower in the bar, I like it very much, so I bought it for the usual family gathering, I like its LED lighting design, illuminate the whole beverage body, it seems to have an atmosphere. It is easy to clean after use, and everyone loves it

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  • G

    Great product, other then that.


    does what it suppose to do, but the ice holder top, broke so it doesn't connect to the top anymore. maybe they can make the connecting piece out of metal or a stronger flexible material.

  • C



    Bought this for the family party.... my family loves it and so does all my friends!!!I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  • C



    Bought this for the family party.... my family loves it and so does all my friends!!!I am very satisfied with my purchase.


  • Q:
    I'm currently using this product for our restaurant and we love your product. I was wondering if you happen to sell the faucet/tap part of the beer tower separately. We'd love to keep using your product but the faucet/tap part of the tower seems to break apart easily. We have multiple locations that use the same product and we'd love to know if we could just buy the faucet/tap part. Please let me know of any information. Thank you!

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