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37 Key Electronic Keyboard Kids Toy Piano

This electronic toy piano has an elegant and cute design, and with a chic pink look that will instantly attract the attention of any girl.

Overall Rating:
29 Reviews
Item No: 76582410
valentine day,love deal,best gift for every honey

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37 Key Electronic Keyboard Kids Toy Piano 37 Key Electronic Keyboard Kids Toy Piano 37 Key Electronic Keyboard Kids Toy Piano 37 Key Electronic Keyboard Kids Toy Piano
Key Features
  • ● The Best Gift for Children: This electronic toy piano is elegant and beautiful in design and its chic look can immediately attract every kid's attention. It is suitable for children over the age of three and can stimulate your child's creativity and interest in music. It is the best gift for your kids!
  • ● Environmentally Friendly Materials: Made from environmentally friendly ABS and PP materials, it is safe and non-toxic, protecting your child's health. The smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain, while the stains can be easily wiped off with an ordinary damp cloth.
  • ● 37 Electronically Tuned Keys: It has 37 electronically tuned keys that give a realistic sound of a piano. Your child can play eight different instrument sounds, such as piano, guitar, violin, etc. Also, your child can switch between eight rhythms, including rock, disco, and samba. With the recording function, you can record your child's work and re-play it whenever you want.
  • ● Microphone and Stool Included: This piano toy package comes with a detachable microphone and a stool. Your child can sing while sitting down and playing music, just like a professional artist does.
  • ● With Multiple Functions: With a training function, your child can play an entire song, simply by following the instructional buttons that light up. Also, the child can adjust the volume of the piano as per their needs, avoiding any hearing damage.

    This electronic toy piano has an elegant and cute design, and with a chic pink look that will instantly attract the attention of any girl.


    Do you want your child to explore its music interests and talents? It is suitable for children over the age of three while stimulating children's creativity and interest in music. Made from environmentally friendly ABS and PP materials, it is safe and non-toxic, protecting your child's health. It has 37 electronically tuned keys that give this toy a realistic piano sound. With multiple instrument settings, rhythms, and sounds, this keyboard and microphone set allows your child to sing while playing. Make your child the biggest musical star in your home!


    It is the best gift for your child, so don't hesitate and buy it!


    • Suitable for children over the age of three.
    • Elegant and modern design with a chic pink color. A perfect gift for your girls!
    • Made from environmentally friendly ABS and PP materials, making it safe and non-toxic.
    • Sturdy construction makes the structure stable and durable.
    • Includes a detachable microphone and a stool.
    • 37 electronically tuned keys for realistic piano sounds.
    • You can choose between eight different instrumental sounds and eight rhythms.
    • Recording and playing functions, with adjustable volume control.
    • There are whistle buttons, vibrato keys, switch keys, demo music keys, etc.
    • Instructional functions will help your children learn how to play songs.
    • MP3 interface, including environmentally friendly MP3 cable.
    • Two power modes: battery mode and direct USB charging mode (including USB cable).
    • The smooth surface is very easy to clean and maintain.
    • Easy to assemble according to the instructions.
    • Material: ABS, PP
    • Color: Pink / Blue
    • Net weight: 35.5 lbs
    • Overall dimension: 22.5" x 11" x 18" (L x W x H)
    • Stool dimension: 8.5" x 8.5" x 7.5" (L x W x H)
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Electronic piano toy
    • 1 x Microphone
    • 1 x Stool
    • 1 x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


A great gift for a 2 1/2/year old who loves music and singing


As advertised


My granddaughter loves it! She is 3 and tries to play with the "learn" seeing.


Nice little piano, good size for my 3 year old. Stool holds her. The learning mode is really cool. Nice features, only complaint is the mic. She has to press mouth up against to pick up voice, but it does work. Very satisfied


Bought this for my grandson for Christmas he loves it! Spent more time on this than any other gift.


My grandchild loves the music that comes out of this!


Our 3 yr. old granddaughter loves to sing & play this piano. She said it was the best gift!


I got this for my 3yr old grandson who loves to play my piano. Hopping it will help teach him to play. He loves it


Toy did not bring a regular screw nor a piece that can open the screw on the cap to place battery. None of my screw driver Or Allen fit


We got this as a gift for our friends’ four year old son since the last time we were at another friend’s house, he had a blast playing on their piano. He seemed like a natural, so I figured this would make a wonderful gift and if he becomes a famous musician one day, then he has us to thank haha! Rather than getting a standard toy keyboard, what I like about this is that it comes as a complete set including a stool and detachable microphone which he can sing into, so it’s like having his own mini piano and studio!


Thats lovely and cute. value of this money.It just like a mini electronic organ. Its sound quality is also good. Its a little unbalanced when placed.But never mind ,it suitable for children age1-3.


Our 2 year old grandson LOVES this piano! It’s fun to watch him play and sing. So glad we purchased it for him!


These are for my Great grandbabies. They will Love it, don't know about the parents, but I think I am the best GG!!!!!


I like this keyboard because it was very easy to assemble. It’s also very easy to carry around the house when my child wants to move it. The buttons on it can change the sound of the keyboard which is fun.


This musical tool is fun and has many features, but the best part is teaching my child to follow the lights on the keyboard so that she can play along...great tool for the value...


It was best and my brother like it too.


I bought it for my great grandson's birthday, he thought it was awesome. He loves playing and singing.


Just what we wanted. My girl loves this and plays with it everyday. She loved hearing herself sing and now can also play on the piano. This is a very nice product!


We are very happy with this product! Very cute with lots of fun musical options.I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a little one. Pleasant experience.


It's so cute looking! So many different beats and sounds.My daughter loves this piano so much. Easy to assemble.I highly recommend.


Lovely musical 3 years old lovers the bright colors.would deffo recommend!




Great piano to play around with. Purchased for niece's birthday present. She likes it and can play for a long time by herself. Great start to get kids to be interested in piano. Great that it comes with a chair.


Nice children loved it


My two year old son loves it very much and plays for an hour or two every day because the piano is so much fun and the microphone can sing with it


This piano is very nice .. very light .. my daughter can move it .. can play a lot of music .. and the microphone my daughter loves .. now my daughter will sit and play for a long time every day .. great ..


The birthday gift for the baby, the baby likes it very much. This keyboard is very good in quality, beautiful in appearance, and the business is very good. Baby loves him.


Gave this to my 3 year old granddaughter for her birthday. She loves it and plays it all the time!!


This electronic keyboard has 37 keys, a built-in microphone , MP3 and dual speakers. Kid can play and play with music easily. The keyboard's teaching mode also has a "bright key" function, and kid can play with the shiny buttons to cultivate interest in music performance. You can play this keyboard for babies over 1 year old. This keyboard has two power modes, which can be powered by battery or usb, which is very suitable for any place. The configured stool is very stable and not easy to fall down. My daughter likes this piano very much.