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  • 31" Adjustable Fitness Aerobic Step with Riser
  • 31" Adjustable Fitness Aerobic Step with Riser
  • 31" Adjustable Fitness Aerobic Step with Riser
  • 31" Adjustable Fitness Aerobic Step with Riser
  • 31" Adjustable Fitness Aerobic Step with Riser
  • 31" Adjustable Fitness Aerobic Step with Riser
  • 31" Adjustable Fitness Aerobic Step with Riser
  • 31" Adjustable Fitness Aerobic Step with Riser
  • 31" Adjustable Fitness Aerobic Step with Riser
  • 31" Adjustable Fitness Aerobic Step with Riser
  • 31" Adjustable Fitness Aerobic Step with Riser
  • 31" Adjustable Fitness Aerobic Step with Riser
  • 31" Adjustable Fitness Aerobic Step with Riser
  • 31" Adjustable Fitness Aerobic Step with Riser
31" Adjustable Fitness Aerobic Step with Riser

31" Adjustable Fitness Aerobic Step with Riser

This stepper is highly recommended when you want to keep fit and enjoy your professional aerobic step exercise.

Overall Rating:
122 Reviews
Item No: 54197268
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Key Features
  • 30" Adjustable Aerobic Stepper: 30" adjustable aerobic steeper will help you work on your coordination as you improve your cardiovascular fitness. The aerobic step can be used to target your hamstrings with alternating lunges and also help you to strengthen your chest and back by pushups.
  • High-Denisty ABS Material: Constructed of ABS material. Feature with impact resistance, top and supports up to 550 lbs, this aerobic stepper also great for workout classes and regular home use, you can work out anywhere in your home, office or take it with you to your friends' home!
  • Height Free Adjustment: Challenge your workout with 3 settings of adjustable height (4", 6", 8"). Up to 8" of adjustable height for level changes. Free assembly and disassembly. You can raise or lower the height according to self requirements.
  • Anti-slip Design: Aerobic stepper design with honetcomb black technology surface, Better skid resistance compare with others. Also comes with four nonskid feet on each riser to prevent it from sliding during exercise and scratching floors.
  • Versatile Stepper Platform: Provides excellent traction on any floor, each riser size: 11.8" x 3.9" x 2" (L x W x H).Use it in the comfort of your own home or take it with you to your next outdoor, aerobics class.
  • Brand new and good quality.
  • Durable platform
  • Convenient for storage
  • Lightweight and easy to carry and assemble
  • Optional for regular home use and work out classes
  • Perfect for indoor and our door use
  • Provides excellent traction on any floor
  • Shock absorbing, non-stick, non-slip surface
  • Up to 8’’ height adjustment to change levels easily
    • Color: Black & gray, red signal
    • Material: ABS
    • Platform size: 31" x 10.5 x 3.5" (L x W x H)
    • Adjustable height: 4"- 6"- 8"
    • Each riser size: 12" x 4" x 2" (L x W x H)
    • Weight capacity: 550 lbs
    • Unit weight: 8.8 lbs
    • Package includes: 1 x Platform, 2 pairs of risers
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Good product.


a great step for the price, easy to move around (light), and very sturdy when used for cardio workouts. I love that the risers are stored underneath the step so you don't clutter your space with extra equipment when you're not using it. The risers are also very easy to attach/detach.


Since I am doing my workout at home or outside by my own, I am trying to get all equipments I need. This step is lightweigh and I can carry it outside easily. On the other hand, it is sturdy enough. I jump on that several times in my each daily workout and I feel quite safe. The three hight level it has is so cool and I can adjust it fast and easily between my workouts based on the exercise. Overall satisfied.


Sturdy. Helps with strengthening the knees and legs.


Sturdy and easy to assemble. The only negative was the underside is very sharp. I accidently scraped the skin off the top of my foot. Must wear sneakers or shoes. Not sure if there was a warning.


Very happy with the purchase. Very sturdy for stepping or using for support.


Its light enough to carry and I like that I can make it as low or high as I want it to be


Great for in house or Personal gym. Great quality perfect size no complaint


This stair stepper is fantastic its very easy to maintain cleanliness extremely sturdy and can hold my weight I weigh approximately 160 lb.... I would highly recommend this for someone whos just looking to workout at home. Its perfect for the bedroom perfect while watching a 30minute television show.....anyways would highly recommend this product.


Great product but will be nice to have instructions or a manual plus a workout guide to help out with exercises


Works as it should


Easy to assemble and is a great workout!


Excellent product!


i bought this step just for my boy’s pee pee training. it’s very sturdy and non-slippery and safe for my baby. it’s adjustable stairs fit my baby’s height. couple weeks ago i bought a potty trainer that the baby had to sit on it my baby just didn’t wanna do that. he just wanna standing up for peeing. this step is just great and lightweight when my boy finished he will remove the step and put on the wall.


My stepper is great low-impact aerobic workouts. It is light and strong in design and allows me to adjust the height levels to increase the intensity of my workouts. It was also very easy to assemble.


helps really get the job of building leg strength improved!


We used this for a step-up to a really tall bed. Very sturdy!! My husband weighs over 350 lbs, and it's definately done a WONDERFUL job of supporting him!! Definitely would recommend! I am looking forward to adding another one for my side of the bed soon!! ;)


This is a great set of steps. Very durable and sturdy when not on a slippery surface. I can take these anywhere and fit in my car just fine. The height is perfect for me, I am 5'3.



The step is great and does it’s job for the most part. My main issue is that it slides a lot more than I was expecting.


I love using it when working out


I am using this product to climb into my bed. Beds are taller than ever and we need all the help we can get. And it is perfect for this.


My wife uses this for her work out and loves it.


I bought this for a Beachbody program and it works great with a better price tag!


Durable and comes apart easy for storage


Exactly what I was looking for, thank you!


Purchased for my daughter who is into exercising big time. She loves it and has had no problems at all with it!


Ordered the one riser...too short for disabled daughter to get in New SUV..this is perfect


Yes its great. Inexpensive alterative to much costlier ones that do the same thing. I like putting a pad on top and doing dumbbell chest presses to get better workouts.


Exactly what I wanted!


Great alternative to a plyo box, for the workouts that I do. Much cheaper.


I'd give it 5 stars but it seems a little longer than necessary. Otherwise, very satisfied.


My boyfriend loves this.. gets a good workout.


It's great for other exercises like dead lifts and squats.


Nice price. Easy to use. Helping me already


Light weight but sturdy and durable with good traction.


I needed this for is exactly what I wanted...the extra pieces don't stay in place when stored, so I have to store them elsewhere...everything else is great.


I bought this stepper to help strengthen my right leg following hip replacement surgery. The fact that I could start at 4” and increase as my leg strengthen was key. Works great!!




Love it for what I need


Exactly what I needed to help start a excersize program. Was happy when it arrived and now it helps me excersize when I get home at 11pm and dont feel like going for a walk in the dark


Great product, would highly recommend


Works perfect with a handicap cart.


Exactly what I needed for physical therapy.


Very useful! You can also perform a number of leg oriented exercises with this.


The price was good on this. Haven't figured out how to "store" the extra risers but again, for the cost and the adaptability of height, this is solid product that does the job.


I have been using this for years and love it--but one huge problem. We need to be able to buy more risers.


I use it all the time with workouts at home.


Wife loves it. She assembled it herself and its been flawless!


Exactly what I was looking for. It's very sturdy, but lightweight and easy to tuck away when I'm not using it.


Great for strengthening thigh muscles that lift you up.


I like it a lot


Ease to assemble. Fast service


It certainly serves the purpose but it is more narrow than I expected. To take the extensions off is a little difficult, but I like it and it is good for what I needed.


Got for a great price , stores great , and just overall good product


It does the job! Length is good. If the width had been 2" wider I would've given it 5 stars. Am very satisfied!


Works for us just fine. A little hard to take additions off but at least they are tight. All in all a good product.


I enjoyed this item. I like the wide size.


Wider platform and adjustability made this perfect for our needs!


Work out needed at home and very easy to store.


Seems to hold together fine


This step is just perfect. I wanted something to keep in my bedroom for when I'm doing nothing, to give me a bit of a push. It fits perfectly at the end of my bed. I just just up and down the step while folding wash. (Have to get exercise in where you can.) The step is very sturdy. I've stood on it, jumped on it, and everything else possible to test it. It comes with 2 risers to add some height to make it more challenging. I have only used it with both risers on. The step is just as sturdy with them on, and it is with them off.


love it




This is what I was looking for. Gave it a 4 star because it is hard to snap the risers on and off. Also I can’t figure out how to place the risers I am not using under the stepper


Works as advertised.




Could be a bit more hearty in the center.


Very helpful for my mom to use to step up into my SUV.


I use this step to rest my feet under my desk to create an ergonomic work environment. I am vertically challenged and this works great. The one issue is that it slides on a carpet so I place a rug mat under it to hold it in place.


Does the job, but I wish there was a way to securely affix the unused steps under the base until they are needed.


Works perfectly for my needs. There have been no defects or issues adjusting the height; it stores easy enough. I don't use it overly much a few times a week for veriest exercises.


Excellent. Arrived super fast!


Love it!


It just was what I expected!


Got the step stool to get into my high new bed. Put the extension on the bottom and can flip into bed.


Great price and durable enough for light use.


Works great. Sturdy. Good price.


This is perfect for exercising bad knees. I love how easy to raise the height and lower. Room for wide stance. Light weight so perfect for older generations.


using this product as an adjustable step for our camper. strong and light for travel


Good quality, value and sturdy!


Added to my home gym. Very durable.




I am a very large woman (over 250) and this is sturdy enough to hold me and works great. I can use it without feeling like it is caving in.


Great product no problems


Good quality, easy to work with and arrived as described.


I like this product. It's not as easy to change the steps as the traditional stepper, however I really like that they lock in more sturdily.I also like that they store in the back of the stepper when not in use for more efficient storage.And it's less expensive then the traditional one.I use this for body pump,Very satisfied


Very sturdy.


got this so my sister n law could get in my truck easy works well




Good quality and value


This is great, it was easy to assemble, very durable plastic.


This is a sturdy step riser. Exactly what you want In something like this. I love that you can adjust so easily. The highest setting is perfect for me.A great value.


Solid and sturdy!


Love ?? it !! Thx !!


Easy assembly and built well. I am 250lbs and use the product with no concerns.


I am kind of old fashioned and like to do step aerobics these days, this step is perfect for me!


This is a sturdy step riser. Exactly what you want In something like this. I love that you can adjust so easily. The highest setting is perfect for me.A great value.


Love it! Use it every day since it arrived.


I love it!!!!The best investment!


great little step. good price.


Easy to use. Multi-purpose use.


Works well, supportive of heavier load. Would like the extra parts to stay more securely tucked index when carrying for storage. All in all a grateful unit.


Sturdy. Good grip. That's basically the main characteristics you need to look for in something like this.




This is the perfect addition to your at home gym or just to pull out from under your bed!


What a great product at a great price! Supplier advertising exactly matches a quality product. Order status and delivery was prompt and the product is great! I ordered 2 of these and use the max height supports with each leg so I can squat lower with kettle bell squats as I cannot perform regular barbell squats (previous low back issues). Highly recommend product for step aerobics as well very sturdy as advertised.


Very sturdy Not easy to change heights,


This aerobic stepper is very easy to adjust to different heights which makes it very versatile. It is well made and sturdy.


It's nice and strong. So far good


The price was right for such an adjustable step platform - going from just 4" high to 6" and then 8" - very easy to adjust back and forth. I am also using it as a step to climb up into my bed, which is raised quite high.


Stepper is sturdy and like that it has extra legs for height adjustment. Surface could be a little wider


Good and sturdy.


Like it! Great price great service from seller


Excellent product


Sturdy material


A great aide for an elderly person to get into bed.


Price was right, item sturdy and quick delivery!


Sturdy and easy to keep clean. Exercise booklet helpful. Easy to store on its side.


Good design -- sturdy.


I bought these because we have a bowflex in our home gym and my legs are too short to get a firm grip on the ground when I am using it. The step fits beneath the bench and around the bowflex supports great, making all my exercises less difficult so that I am able to concentrate on form more.